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Time, Reincarnation, and All That Is

Here is today’s mind-blowing Seth extract … best pondered over a glass of wine!


SESSION, MAY 4, 1971

Time, Reincarnation, and All That Is

… I will tell you that reincarnation, in its own way, is also a parable.  The other word is a fable or a tale.  It seems very difficult for you to understand the fact that you live in many realities at one time, simultaneously, and since the time scheme seems to be such a reality to you, the multidimensional aspects of your own consciousness are explained in those terms.

You form your reality.  You form, therefore, the generation in which you seem presently to have your existence.  The years 1741, 20 BC and 5000 AD all exist now, and so those personalities that you have been, in your terms, or may be, in your terms, are already a part of your multidimensional existence.

Now, karma does not operate in terms of cause and effect though it seems to you that it must.  Instead, you see, all your acts now affect all of your other reincarnational selves both, in your terms, past and present.  Now, you have settled upon one mathematical system to follow in your universe.  Along with it you have settled upon one line of reality.  This you endorse as reality, and anything outside of it does not have your stamp of approval, so therefore, it seems to you that it cannot exist, in your terms.

([Ron:] “Is the All That Is already at where it is going?  I am trapped by the concept of time, but I had the idea of development in reality.”)

But you must not think in terms of one line of development for creativity goes out in all directions, and All That Is having within itself the nature of all creativity cannot be static, cannot end and will always continue to create new development.

([Ron:] “You say All That Is is not static.  What is the meaning of movement outside of the concept of time?”)

I hate to tell you this, and I cannot follow through in one evening’s session, but the idea of movement and the idea of time are not at all connected in reality.  There is motion that has nothing to do with time and nothing to do with movement through space.  There is motion that exists only in terms of what I call value fulfillment.

([Ron:] “Has All That Is reached the final state of its motion?”)

There is no final state of motion, and it is only because of your present position that it seems to you that there must be such a point.

([Ron:] “Then if there is no final state, you can’t say that All That Is is now.”)

All That Is is now, yet within All That Is, are all potentials for development even now, simultaneously, being expressed and each action causes another action, in your terms now, without end.  There is no pinnacle of creativity.  There is, instead, an infinity of development and creativity.  And do not try, at this point, to intellectually understand the concepts for it will seem contradictory.  In your language it is, indeed, and yet the inner self and the intuitive self will be able to leap that seeming gap but you cannot force it to do so.

([Ron:] “All That Is is continually expanding and yet it is now?”)

All That Is is more than the sum of its parts.  The intuitive self, being a part of All That Is, understands this when you leave it alone.

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