Friday, May 22, 2020

Seth Distance Healing Exercise


Distance Healing Exercise

(An Alpha session for the woman with multiple sclerosis.) 

Now I will shortly leave you, but before I do there is something I would like you to try. First of all, listen to my voice. Use it. Attach your own energy to it also. Let the sound of its energy rouse you from your own sleeping. Let it then rouse your own energy, lift you from your sleep. Energy is not only eternal but limitless. There is no limit to the energy that is available to you. Therefore, you do not have to worry that what energy you use is, therefore, denied you in the future so open up the doors within yourselves. 

Imagine, if you must, that you have backdoors through which this energy emerges, fresh from the fountains of the universe. Now imagine this universe, imagine this energy connecting; focused, vital and strong. Close your eyes and imagine it in this room. Imagine all the energy that is available to you, here now, connected and send it outward to the woman in question. Send it through space and time easily through the vehicle of my voice. Use my voice, therefore, as a vehicle upon which unending energy can rise and let that power then of vitality and life and strength enter the body and spirit and mind of the woman and fill her with the feeling of vital life and give her the knowledge of herself that she now so desperately requires. Feel that energy glide as easily through the air as air currents; as naturally and as easily as the wind that feels both night and day. Feel it then fill her frame with vitality and strength and know that you have a part in this, and that through the part that you are playing are you also being filled with therapeutic energies and with vitalities that will rejuvenate your spirit and your mind. 

And leave this place then in joy and freedom and exaltation and know that you have helped another, and that through opening the doors of energy are you then filled with it and ever replenished and that through giving do you receive. And I bid you then to return to this place and this room.

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