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Seth coaching session

SESSION, JUNE 15, 1971


Now and I bid you all good evening. I have only a few comments to make, however, but everyone, including our visitors, everyone who comes here comes for a reason simply as you come together in any context for a reason. There is a reason why you have been born into this place and this time as you know it, and granting that, there is also a reason why you have come here to this room as you know it. There are, indeed then, connections between you that you would call past connections but connections that also reach into the future as you conceive of it. You have all met each other either as strong friends or relatives or acquaintances or simply as strangers who passed each other perhaps upon a street in another time and another place. And so there is nothing strange in your coming here. You simply recognize each other, and you come together as old friends have a habit of doing, and you have a great pretense that you have not known each other before, and that the encounter is a new one. And you keep within yourself these memories buried.

Advice on Projection

(To Mark.) Now over here our friend, you are trying too hard and too consciously. Imagine a stream or a breeze and go along with it. You have it in your mind that there is some dam or wall that you must encounter before you are free to leave your body, and such is not the case. Allow your energy to flow freely out from you and you will flow with it.

If you imagine yourself as a part of energy and a part of All That Is and an identity that forms and creates your body, then you know you create it with each breath that you take. And with each portion of your thought and desire you can leave it as freely as a vagabond who can then find peace and joy and contentment in any corner of the universe and reform your body as well with joy and exaltation, and not fear it will disintegrate or disappear while you are gone.

You are overconcentrating upon methods. Think of your purpose, and the methods will take care of themselves.

Advice on ESP

It is not important in the beginning whether or not the information checked for you were involved in the opening of new channels. To insist, therefore, that all the information be perfect, or your material has no value, is of course, a predicament that I hope you will not fall into. Do you follow me? Therefore, check the material for you will not feel happy unless you do, and then apply what I have told you. As you continue, your information will prove more and more checkable in the physical reality to which you presently ascribe, and if you are interested in that area then, indeed, it must to some extent bear a strong relationship to the reality that you know if you request it. If you demand that as part of the validity of what you are getting, then you will receive it, but do not rush. Allow yourself freedom and time.

You are forming the psychological bridge. Use it and allow it to grow. The foundations of it begin in one place and end up in another. It becomes stronger as you continue, and it can be used for various things as you continue. Do not require it to carry too much weight before it is ready to. Give it time, let it grow.

Inner Memories

Now you have been given a small insight into the ways in which your inner memories work. You react to others, not only because of their position and relationship to you in this place and in this time, but because of memories from the past and, in your terms, because of memories from the future. For what you do today affects not only the future, in your terms, but also the past. And the words that you spoke now affect the past as you think of it, for time has open ends. Now if you think of time as a line, I do not only mean that time is open-ended at either side, you see, for time cannot be considered as a single line. Instead it goes out in all directions. The directions of which you can conceive and directions of which you cannot conceive. 

You do not understand the nature of creativity and, therefore, you cannot understand the nature of time. So when I tell you that time has open ends I will presently be satisfied if you understand that you can affect both the past and the future from your present viewpoint, and that is extremely simple. The whole idea is far more complex.


In larger terms, however, you are not only the people that you were but the people that you will be. So you are affected, again only in your terms, by your future reincarnations as well as your past ones. You can, therefore, in your present say something that will change the past. And 5000 years from now you can speak to your present selves and carry a message which you will now, in this moment, understand. 

Now you can open yourselves to this reality or you can deny it. You can open yourselves in dreams and if you prefer, reveries, to these realities or close yourselves to them. You can with your mirror accept these other personalities, search them out and recognize them, or pretend that they do now exist. But this in no way denies the validity of your entire personality. 

Now if you are going to understand human personality or deal with the psychology of being, then you must first of all examine your own being and you cannot examine it as you can a rock. You must become your own vehicle and travel through the realities that lie within yourselves. Travel through your own reactions to each other, and you will find the answers that seem to elude you. Follow minutely, even in class, the reactions that you have one to another, and they will lead you to inner pathways. Do not think: “this could be true, but it is fantasy.” Follow it through and see what you get, and then examine it. The answers never lie outside of yourselves. They do not lie in a Bill. They do not lie in a Seth. The answers lie within Sue and Bette and Mary Ellen and Natalie and Joel. They lie within each one of you.

… let me again remind you that this vitality is your own; that life, physical or nonphysical, is a full vitality that it is not necessarily quiet, that it is not necessarily sedate, and though my voice does not ring with the innocent chatter of children, that that same vitality that fills them fills me and fills each of you. That as you hear it here, feel it within yourselves. Let it rise. Life is not quiet, it is not sedate. All That Is is not some long-haired gentleman with a saintly face. And the soul that each of you believe in is not some quiet distant note far divorced from your own reality. It is a pulse that beats within you and the pupil of your eye and the big toe of your foot and your elbow. It is not necessarily adult. It is not necessarily dignified. It is the force that gives you all life and do not restrain it.

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