Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dream Images

From Session 191 of "Seth Early Sessions Book 4

"Dream images are in a most vital manner extensions of the self.  They are projected from the self, extending outward indeed like branches from a tree.  Yet they are individual, and have an amount of freedoms as even leaves do.  And as branches are composed of all those elements that make up the whole tree, so indeed dream images are composed of those elements that make up the personality.

“It is obvious that dream images are not responsible to the ego, however.  While they contain within them compositions that are also seen in the physical self, these properties appear in different percentages.  As leaves bring vital nutrients to the tree trunk, so also do dream images bring nourishment to the personality.

“As leaves drop from the tree, so finally do dream images depart from close connection with the personality.  Yet a psychic connection is always maintained to some degree.  Dream images are often images which cannot be created for various reasons within physical reality at any particular time.  Dream images may appear later however as physical images.

“There are seasonal variations, temperature variations, electromagnetic and chemical reactions that all influence the production and efficiency of dream images, and that also influence the effect of dream images upon the individual.  There is also, as I mentioned, a close relationship existing between dream images and other materializations, that are not ordinarily regular physical occurrences.

“Since the individual creates his own physical image to begin with, then there is nothing so strange about his creation of a pseudophysical body which is not so closely dependent upon the physical system.  Again, however, such a pseudobody has electromagnetic and chemical connections that originate in the more usual physical image.  In your field of activity this sort of connection must always exist.

“The field that connects the personality to this kind of pseudoimage is actually formed by extensions of psychic energy.  Imagine it, the field, if you will, as a thin but sturdy thread that connects the pseudoimage with the original image.  There are some limitations here then as to range.  These are not basic limitations, but have to do with the individual’s ability to so extend himself.  Many dreams involve such roamings on the part of the personality while it is within this sort of pseudo image.

“Much training and practice would be necessary before it would be possible for the personality to be aware of such journeys on a conscious, egotistical level.  For like a man walking a tightrope in his sleep, sudden awareness of such a feat could be disastrous, for the delicate balance necessary is not dependent upon egotistical awareness; and such awareness, without warning, could be highly detrimental.”