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More from Elias Session 3074

Here is an interesting response to a question about Elias's motivations and the Great Shift currently underway:

"KEN G.: Does this ever occur? Are there ever people who… Or for example, yourself, who have disengaged and now returning to communicate… Do some individuals... What was your experience? (Laughter) How did you decide to come back and aid?

ELIAS: That would be very similar to what we have been discussing, a genuine passion that is being expressed in relation to myself. The outcome is unimportant. The process is all important. The engagement of all of you is important. How you respond to it is your choice. What you do in relation to the information that I offer from this perspective, is also unimportant. What is important is that it is my passion and the involvement in the expression of that passion and the curiosity of a source event, a master source event, which has rarely been expressed and accomplished in physical realms. And therefore there is a genuine curiosity as to how it accomplishes and how you will choose to configure it. And offering information from a different perspective to be helpful, but without an agenda and without a goal, for it is your choice whether you receive it or not.

In that, time is very different in some non-physical areas of consciousness. In some areas, there is no time. But in those areas of consciousness non-physically in which there is time, it is configured very differently and is much more pliable. And therefore at my disengagement from this reality, engaging that choice is not that you become unaware of any physical reality. And at that point of remembrance of death, and therefore the point of recognition of non-physical reality, there is an opportunity to generate a choice in a myriad of directions. And it is merely dependent upon the very same as what we are discussing and what you are moving into in physical focus. It is a choice of passion and curiosity and interest.

In this, as I have expressed many times in relation to this shift, there are many aspects of this shift that you are accomplishing that, for the most part within physical realms, within physical realities, has not been accomplished to this point, for you are thinning those veils of separation so tremendously that what your objective is in this shift is to be expressing within physical focus much more in likeness to how you express outside of physical focus, but maintaining a physical reality.

You are not creating utopia, as I have expressed. You are not creating paradise. You are creating an immensely expanded awareness to be experiencing physical reality, but from the perspective of a much grander awareness that is much more likened to non-physical awareness, within the construct of a physical reality.

I have expressed many times, you have explored this physical reality for millennia, thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years. And beyond your exploration of physical reality in this blink of thousands and thousands of years of this physical reality of your planet of your universe, you have expressed many, many, many, many more thousands of years in other blinks exploring in very similar capacity to this blink. You are bored. You have developed beyond the confines of this physical reality and this is the reason you chose to be inserting this master source event, this shift, into your reality and altering your reality and the construct of it considerably. Not entirely changing it - maintaining the base elements of your belief systems, of your base elements of sexuality and emotion, the physical expression - you are not changing that, but you are changing considerable more aspects in how you engage that design in a very different capacity now."

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Elias Quotes from Oct 22nd 2011

Some Extracts from Elias Session 3024 (October 22nd, 2011):

"The formula for creating is very simple. And this is the basis of your genuine self. And the formula includes three components: you project energy, you reflect energy, and you either react to the reflection or you choose in relation to the reflection. This is the formula. This is the basis of your genuine self. This is the other belief system, creation and your universe. For all of your universe has sprung from each of you, individually, differently, in configuration, similar, but not all the same. And each expression of your universe has been projected long before you see it by what you projected in energy first."

"Now; you can approach this formula from one end or from the other end - the beauty of this formula. You can approach this formula from the end to the beginning or from the beginning to the end. You can pay attention to your reactions and evaluate what you are reacting to in the reflection and thereby begin to evaluate what you were projecting that created that reflection. Or you can approach the formula from the other direction and you can pay attention to what you are doing, and therefore what you are projecting, and therefore not be surprised by the reflection, and choose what you do in relation to the reflection.

There are two components of paying attention to what type of energy you are projecting. It is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing and what you are feeling in the moment. Not either of those exclusively. If you are only paying attention to what you are feeling you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. If you are only paying attention to what you are doing, once again, you are likely to offer yourself misinformation. It is only the combination of these two expressions that offers you accurate information in relation to what your energy is doing.

Now; there are also two aspects to what you are feeling. There is the what you are feeling now in this moment in relation to what you are doing physically. And what is the underlying feeling? What is the ongoing feeling that may be occurring? This is directly related to associations."

"When you generate experiences in that time framework before you have developed attachments, you carry those associations with you. And they are very easily triggered. And they are triggered considerably, repeatedly, throughout your lifetime. And the one most significant manner in which they are triggered, for the most part the only manner in which they are triggered, is through one of your senses. Any of your senses. Your senses are continuously inputting information every minute of your existence, regardless of whether you are waking or sleeping, your senses are always inputting information. And that information triggers these surface memories. Once again, regardless of whether you recall objectively those memories or not, they are being triggered. In this, they influence you in how you create whatever you are creating in your reality. In this, this is that aspect of the formula, the two parts of what you feel. There is what you feel now in relation to what you are doing now, but also the inclusion of what you are feeling in relation to old associations that are very present.

Therefore, evaluating what type of energy you are projecting is a matter of paying attention to what you are doing outwardly and what you are doing inwardly. What you are doing inwardly is what you are feeling and what you are engaging, not necessarily what you are thinking. For in relation to feelings, thinking can be very distorted. Thinking is a translating mechanism. In translating it always seeks information to translate. If it has no new information it will seek out old information to translate and repeat it. Therefore, it may not be accurate in relation to what you are actually doing.

But the feelings are very real and they may not be overt or extreme. They may be very subtle, but they are present, and they exist. Paying attention to these feelings is an important part to evaluate what type of energy you are generating in the moment and therefore, what you are affecting in your reality, what you are creating.

Another factor in this, which is a part of expressing from genuine self, is the dropping of this expression of separation that you automatically express between what is outside of you and what is within you. There is no separation between what you project and what you reflect. Therefore, there is also no separation between what is outside of you and what you are doing inside of you. This is another significant change and can be very challenging for you are very accustomed to viewing whatever is outside of you as being outside of you and different and not the same as what is inside of you. And it is not different. It is merely the physical projection of what you are doing, what you are expressing, and whatever you directly engage in your reality, regardless of what it is. This room that you are presently occupying, for each one of you, before you stepped into this room you already projected energy to configure it and you personalized it. You placed your signature upon it. Therefore, it reflects precisely in every minute detail, to every thread in the rug, to every grain in the wood, to every aspect of the room, you personally configured in detail in creating that reflection of what you have projected.

Now; in like manner, surrounding this room that you occupy, that you have personally each created, there are many other structures, other buildings, other configurations of manifestations. You are aware of them. They exist. Whether you are paying attention to them or not, they exist. But in a manner of speaking, figuratively, they are somewhat of a blur. They exist, but they are periphery, for you are not personally engaging them. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be entirely detailed. You may in your reality create the fa├žade of a building and not necessarily project the detailed energy of what is included inside of the building. It exists in your reality, but it is not as detailed as what you are actually physically engaging.

But that physical manifestation, such as this room, was created before you even arrived. You already projected the energy whether you incorporate a thinking idea of its appearance, or not, it matters not. You so effectively and efficiently projected that energy to create the room, the building, in every minute detail, that when you enter it, it is all formed. And it matters not whether you are personally engaging an aspect of your reality in a physical location, or a picture, or a song. It matters not. You are personally engaging that in the moment, and therefore you have created its history. You have created its configuration. What, how it appears. What occurs with it. You have created all of it. There is no separation between what is outside of you and what is inside of you.

Yes, you interact with other individuals, and you are all interconnected, and you each generate your own choices, and you do not create other individuals’ realities, but you do create the image of every other individual within this room. You aren’t creating them, but you are creating your own image of them, your version of them. And yes, they are interacting with you. But you have projected, already, an energy to specifically include those specific particular individuals in your interaction in each moment rather than fifty other individuals. You have specifically drawn those particular individuals to be interacting with. You can choose between billions of individuals. You have chosen these, each one. You have projected an energy and attracted, or drawn like a magnet, those energies that match and those are the other individuals present. In all of their differences, in all of their expressions, in all of their different forms, they each match what you projected, and therefore they are present for you drew them.

There is not one aspect of your reality that you have not already projected before you even engage it. This is creation. This is how it operates. This is how it functions. This is what you do without even thinking. You do it automatically, easily. It is not difficult. Did you think to yourselves of every individual in this room and visualize every single form? No. Was it effort for you to create all of these different individuals? Was it an effort to construct the building? No. You merely did it. And I hear so very often how difficult it is to create my reality! (Laughter) You do it continuously with no thought and no effort. And how difficult it is to create what I want in my reality (with mock anguish). Use your own examples. How easy is it for you to create what you do not want? You create that very easily and very powerfully. At times you may even be miserable in relation to what you do not want that you created with no effort and no thinking. And you can create what you do want as easily and with as little thinking. It is merely a matter of being aware of what you are doing and paying attention to what you are expressing. That is the key."

"In that, this aspect of this present wave — creation and the universe — you are the universe and you are continuously creating. And you shall be creating very differently very soon. You are stepping your toes into your ocean, embarking upon the new journey to traverse the ocean. But all you have engaged thus far are your toes and you have an immense, vast expanse in front of you to explore. And in that exploration it is important to know what you are setting into. What is the new adventure? And the new adventure is expressing creation and how you develop your universe. What will it be? How will it be configured? How will it be expressed? What new stars will you discover? What new nebulas? And what new expressions in interaction with each other in recognition of your interconnectedness, which becomes not a threat any longer, but an expression to be embraced and appreciated for it is support. For the more you embrace that interconnectedness the more you bring to you supportiveness and you are not alone."

Quotes From Sessions 175, 176 and 177

Some quotes from Sessions 175, 176 and 177 of Seth's Early Sessions:

Session 175

"I have spoken often concerning the importance of changing focus, altering the direction of consciousness. This does not involve a change in consciousness itself, merely a change in the direction in which consciousness is focused. This ability is obviously not only inherent within the human race, but it is used constantly in your ordinary life to some degree. Usually however this involves a rather surface change of focus, as your attentions are directed first upon specific physical areas, and then switched to other specific physical areas.

"This does not involve however a change of focus in depth. A change to a different level entirely occurs when the individual switches focus from physical reality to other realities. In the dream state obviously we have an example of such change. One of the main reasons why this is possible within the dream state, rather than in the waking state, is that survival necessities have usually been satisfied.

"Such a change of focus demands a concentration in one area to the exclusion, as a rule, of other areas. In the waking state you are usually not aware of your dreaming existence. In your dreaming existence your physical environment is replaced by your dream environment. You react to both environments whenever you are concentrated within them. Our study of the dream state will take us into many other discussions, for you will learn much about the nature of uncamouflaged reality.

"There are several ways that will allow you to change the focus of your own awareness when you choose. I am speaking now of a change regarding depth and levels."

Session 176

"For if each personality is an energy gestalt, then also each family group is also an energy gestalt. The actions and interactions form its characteristics and nature."

"For like does indeed attract like. If you hate, you will be hated. You will attract hate."

"Love is always a protection, in a quite literal manner; in a biological and electromagnetic and chemical and psychic manner."

Session 177

"The inner ego directs all activities which are deeply subjective. The outer ego as you know deals with the manipulation of the self in the physical environment. You must remember that the whole self is more than the sum of its parts; and also, since it is action, it is never the same. It is therefore impossible at any moment to pinpoint the personality. Therefore the whole self is not only the sum of the personality as you know it in your time, it is also the sum of what it has been and what it shall be. For as I have explained action is simultaneous, and time as you think of it is caused by your own physical perception.

"Therefore, in the dream state communication is possible between all portions of the self. The personality appears in its truest state if it seems, in dreams, that you are free of space and time. It is indeed because the basic self is free of space and time. If you appear to hear voices out of the past, if you seem to see into the future, it is because the dream state is a more or less faithful approximation of a basic reality in which your time and space simply do not exist."

A Few Useful Techniques

From Session 177 of Seth's Early Sessions:

Directing the Subconscious

... "You may give directions to your subconscious when you are in your normal waking state, and it will follow them. You may for example suggest before sleeping that the next day, while you are involved in your working situation, the subconscious will be involved in working out designs for you for your projects.

"This will give you the satisfaction of making the time twice as valuable. You can indeed suggest to the subconscious that it carry on in such a manner regardless of your conscious concern. As a result the ego can apply itself to the job at hand while the subconscious works for you and your inner purposes. This is very practical, and works without much difficulty.

"You may give any such suggestions and they will be followed. Do not however strain yourself trying to figure out whether or not the suggestions are being followed. Give them, then turn your attention to other matters. You may obviously also direct your subconscious to react only to constructive suggestions from any source. This is in fact an excellent habit to cultivate.

"There are many ways in which you can use these tricks to your advantage. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that one simple psychic manipulation can save you much difficulty. It sounds more difficult than it is."

Changing the Focus of Attention

"You can learn ... to change the focus of your attention within seconds. Practice is all that is required, but the practice itself will show results. When you fear any difficulty with your particular physical problem, you can immediately turn your awareness away. This is no Pollyanna gibberish.

"As soon as your focus of awareness is switched the physical symptoms will vanish. It requires a knack, but it is simpler than it sounds, and you can master it. This only requires that you give suggestions to your subconscious. Tell it that it knows how to perform this manipulation, and suggest that it do so the next time you are in difficulty."


From Session 177 of Seth's Early Sessions:

"I may say that Buddhism does indeed come closer in essence to reality than other religions. However, the Buddhists either have not gone far enough, or have gone too far, according to your viewpoint.

"If they have gone too far, then they have been so concerned with inner reality that they have become too tolerant of physical disease and disasters. If they have not gone far enough, then they have not followed through sufficiently so that these physical disasters could truly be suffered without pain.

"They have the knowledge to a very large degree, but they have fallen short. It is one thing to realize that all physical matter is camouflage, and they know this. But this camouflage can be most disastrous if it is not manipulated correctly. You are in no position to ignore it. You are in a position to understand it and to use it.

"It is all very well for monks to utilize astral projection. It is all very well for them to skitter through space as if they were on pogo sticks; their knowledge is fundamental and good. The fact remains that millions of human beings who follow and practice Buddhism are told, as many religions tell their followers, "Better worlds are to come, so ignore this agony, and this hunger, and this pain, and the murder in the streets. Be in ecstasy while your belly bloats." This is not human, and it is far less than godly.

"There is a unity and there is a joy and there is an exaltation in all aspects of life and consciousness. It is not to any religion's benefit that people starve. There is nothing wrong with using spiritual knowledge in practical manners.

"Fulfillment, value fulfillment, implies fulfillment of all abilities and all potentials, including quite physical potentials. The pyramid gestalts of which I have spoken have experiences far beyond those of any human being. Yet they are concerned with the least, with the existence of the least among you.

"The fullest potentialities cannot be developed unless the physical aspects are also developed. Your job is to manipulate as well as you can within the physical universe, and to develop within it religious leaders of any denomination. Any leaders who restrict development along one level for the sake of development along other levels, betray their followers."

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The Personality and Its Dreams (2)

From Session 174 of the Seth Early Sessions:

"I cannot stress too strongly the fact that mankind in general is aware of very little outside of physical reality.

"He has managed to organize physical reality because he focuses so intensely within it. His knowledge of other realities is limited however to infrequent glimpses. He perceives bits and pieces of other realities. As long as his perception in this manner is so disorganized and so fragmentary he cannot hope to compose any conception of the total.

"The nearest field of reality outside of the immediately physical one is the area of dreams. This field has been given very little study. It represents in many ways a meeting ground between psychic and physical existence. You realize here that the terms psychic and physical are merely designations used for the sake of convenience

"I have mentioned before that in its own way the dream universe is as permanent as the physical universe. Basically its structure is somewhat the same, in that it is composed of atoms and molecules. These particles however simply exist within a different perspective. The inner logic is much more consistent within the dream universe, and action is permitted greater freedom in several important respects.

"That interrelationship between the waking state and the sleeping state has never been clearly understood. One of the main differences between the waking and sleeping states is merely the almost complete change of focus that is involved. When you are using intellectual methods alone you will necessarily fall short in any study of the dream reality. Man is indeed his intellect, but he is much else besides.

"The intuitions must go hand in hand with the intellect. The intellect is useful in interpreting your data in terms that the ego can understand. The intuitions come close to mankind's source, and it is through the intuitions that information pertaining to the dream reality will come.

"The experience involved in learning to change your own focus of awareness will be most beneficial. It will even add to the beneficial nature of your own dreams. You do not have to sleep to dream. Every individual has had his daydreams, and here you can see more clearly this change of focus. I meant to mention this earlier. Ruburt can request levitation dreams, and he will have them.

"Now. If the basic personality is fairly well balanced, then this existence in the dream reality will reinforce his physical existence. The opposite will also hold true. you are involved in a juggling of realities. The dream reality is simply the nearest reality with which you are concerned outside of your physical preoccupation. It is necessary to see the personality as it operates within both realities if you are interested in viewing the personality as a whole. And even then unless you delve deeply you will fall short.

"Studies of space and distance as they are experienced in dreams will be helpful, and our material will indeed deal with such discussions. For investigation into the nature of space and time as they are experienced within the dream framework, will tell you more about the real nature of space and time than you can ever learn through studying their distorted appearances within physical reality. This will be most important to us.

"In normal memory you recall, obviously, but a slight percentage of your dreams, and usually these are from more surface levels.

"I would suggest that you tell yourselves that you will henceforth be able to remember dreams from the deeper levels of your personality, and you should find that you will be able to do so.

"You can also tell yourselves when you wish that you will give special attention to the nature of time and space, as these appear within your dreams. You will discover then upon awakening that many perceptions concerning time and space within the dream state will remain with you.

"As I mentioned, your psychological time experiences will also help you to investigate the nature of time and space to some degree.

"In this sort of investigation instructions then can be given before sleeping, and a portion of the self will indeed continue to work for you in this manner. You can indeed learn much concerning events; but what we are mainly concerned with here is the stuff of dreams, and the framework within which they have their existence.

"For the framework is the same framework in which you have your physical existence. We will make you investigators even in your sleep; and you can see now how your very investigations are bound to change the nature of your dreams themselves. Only in this case nothing will be lost, and much gained. It is unfortunate that medical men who deal with the mind as a specialty have not thought of some of these connections more thoroughly.

"Many problems could be worked out in the dream state. Dependency feelings that are overwhelming could be given freer and safer expression, if the patient had the suggestion given to him that he would dream of himself in dependent positions. He could then behave in the physical environment with greater confidence. He could to some extent have his cake and eat it too.

"For once more, to the basic personality an experience is important according to its vividness or significance on an intimate basis. The personality does not differentiate between a waking or a sleeping experience in any real manner. This also is not clearly understood. Dream therapy could offer great advantages, but here again it could be dangerous in the hands of unscrupulous or rigid personalities.

"The rigidity of a personality is its downfall. We will have some sessions dealing with dream therapy. Through such therapy actions would be allowed greater spontaneity, and channels would not be clogged by impeding actions to any great degree. Dream therapy would actually involve no more than lending a helping hand to a phenomena that already occurs.

"Both psychological and physical illnesses could be largely avoided in such a manner. Rather harmlessly, aggressive tendencies could also be given freedom. The individual involved would experience the aggressiveness, and yet he would hurt no one. Suggestions could even be given so that he learned to understand his own aggressiveness through watching himself in the dream state.

"This is not as farfetched as it might seem. Much seemingly erratic antisocial behavior could be avoided through such dream therapy. I will even say that crimes of the grossest sort could be prevented. The desired but feared actions would not then gather up toward an explosion. The habitual, overly-aggressive or overly-dependent tendencies would not result in habitual aggressive or dependent behavior, for each individual action would be harmlessly expressed.

"If I may indulge in a fantasy, theoretically you could indeed imagine a massive experiment in dream therapy, where wars were fought by the sleeping and not by the waking nations. We will discuss this whole question very thoroughly, as I have been leading up to it for a while.

"I am not suggesting that you substitute dream reality for your so-called waking reality. I am mainly suggesting that the two can reinforce each other to a larger degree than you recognize. Also it is difficult for you to accept the idea that experience within dreams is as vivid and valid a part of the personality as its waking experience.

"The inner ego is quite capable of dealing with both types of experience, and it is of course to this inner ego that your own suggestions will make sense, and be acted upon.

"There are however many considerations here that must be understood.

"We can only begin to discuss them this evening. They are vital and must not be overlooked. When or if, for example, aggressiveness is the problem, then the preliminary suggestion should include a statement that in the dream the aggression will be harmlessly acted out, and not directed against a particular individual.

"The subconscious is quite capable of handling the situation in such a manner. This may seem like a double censure, but it is in all cases the intangible element, the aggressiveness itself, that is important, and not the person or persons toward whom the individual may decide to vent the aggressiveness.

"When the aggressiveness is released, then there will be no need for a victim. We do not want, in other words, to direct an individual to dream about a situation in which he is attacking a particular individual. There are many reasons for this, both telepathic realities which you do not as yet understand, and guilt patterns which would be unavoidable. This again is vital, and we shall discuss such matters to some degree.

"Again, we are not attempting to substitute dream action for physical action, generally speaking. We are talking about specific problems that may arise that need treatment. As far as general practice is concerned, we will deal with our dreams in a much more positive and constructive manner, along the lines of expectation.

"Problem solving will also come under this classification, where solutions are being sought. In our discussion of dependency and aggression I was speaking of potentially dangerous situations, in which an individual shows signs of being unable to cope with these psychological actions through ordinary methods of adaptation. No one can deny that a war fought by dreaming men, at specified times, would be less harmful than a physical war, to return to my flight of fancy.

"There would still be repercussions, however, though less disastrous, that would be unavoidable. For again, basically the personality does not differentiate between a waking and a sleeping experience. The importance of any experience is judged by the personality according to its personal vividness and significance. It is only the ego who makes other distinctions."