Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Infinite Varieties Of Matter, Projection Into Other Probable Systems

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 487

Infinite Varieties Of Matter, Projection Into Other Probable Systems

On two occasions since our last session, near contact was made.  (With my probable self and Dr. Pietra in another more advanced reality.)  What happened was a very momentary merging on deeper-than-conscious levels.

… His controls are not good.  He is actually between various probable systems, in which however each of you have an interest.  It is as if you were, say, distant cousins.  Oddly enough your neighborhood, with a rather high saturation of doctors, is a help here.  Perhaps I should mention that in your terms he is an older man.

He has more time for such experiments now than he did when he was younger.  This particular probable system, generally speaking, exists within the same space framework as your own.  Now you know of positive and negative matter.  There are also other kinds of matter forming other systems of reality, invisible to your eyes, as is negative matter.

There are in fact infinite varieties of matter, existing in what you would call one space framework.  Using the physical senses, you can of course never perceive the existence of these other systems.  Advanced training with the inner senses can lead to such explorations however.  Your friend is more advanced – his system is more advanced than yours in this respect.

In the same way that thoughts can be sent through space, so individual consciousness can be sent through systems, using various methods.  As a seed can fly through the air enclosed in a sheath, you see, so can individual consciousness travel through systems.  But it must be protected.  Certain drugs can protect it.

Now they are like time capsules, cutting down stimuli for certain intervals, and then injecting stimulants as destination points are reached.  The process is highly involved.  The injections are made into the physical being, affecting therefore the physical brain.  Consciousness projects in an out of body experience.  The physical brain is cushioned against shock because in this case consciousness travels at such a fast pace that ordinary contact between it and the body would be severed.

Certain injections, given to the brain, actually help consciousness outside of the brain, and act as nourishment.  This is simply one way that is being used however.

The drug allows for regulated periods of highly intensified consciousness, operating at peak levels, with all of the mental faculties accelerated.  Between these periods however there are periods of unconsciousness.  These are of a protective nature.  During the periods of unconsciousness the drugs injected into the brain give increased nourishment to those areas of the physical brain that are involved in such ejections of consciousness.  Therefore even though your probable self is within reaching distance, so to speak, he is sometimes involved in such blackout-nourishment periods.

In your time the periods of high conscious activity would run approximately for three days, followed by a day and a half to four days of inactivity, according to the circumstances.  This involves a transfer of conscious energy from a home system to an alien one, and certain more or less automatic changes must be made from system to system, involving the use of brain waves; certain patterns being normal in different systems.  There are other brain patterns for example than those discovered by your scientists.  The brain patterns simply reflect the kind of mental or psychic activity, and other kinds of activity will give you different patterns.

The drugs also help in changing the patterns when it is necessary.  If the brain patterns were not changed on entering and leaving a system, then theoretically at least the consciousness could become trapped within any given system.  Acceleration or de-acceleration, you see, but mentally.

The drugs also insure that consciousness will not come back to the physical brain too quickly, to shock the system.  There are methods by which the relative behavior and condition of the travelling consciousness is monitored at the other end.  In case of any severe dangers the consciousness will be pulled back, but this is highly dangerous.

In this case the sleep-nourishment period is activated as a cushion.  There have been no such difficulties however in the case of your probable self.  Now, you may try to range about, as you have before sleep.  Thinking of medical drawings you have done may be of benefit.

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Multidimensional Personality

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 486

The Multidimensional Personality

I have told you that portions of your personality exist in other realities.  Other portions of the self are focused within different dimensions than you own.  If you can, imagine a huge building with many rooms, each room entirely different from the other.  The environment, the methods of perception, the reality system within each room is unique.

The building shares some common passageways, however, as well as a common cellar and attic … There are devices within each room that enable a dweller in one room to communicate with those in other rooms.  But the guests are so engrossed by the wonders of their own quarters within this strange hotel that many of them do little investigating.

Sometimes in their sleep they sleepwalk and come upon the passageways, and meet, but in the morning they do not remember.  Now their maintenance is provided for.  The hotel is beautifully equipped, and all pains are taken to insure their comfort and survival.  Each guest has a peculiar and unique uniform, suitable for his own room environment, and no other.  And every care is taken that it is kept in good repair.

Each room of course is so arranged that it has within it the illusion of many rooms.  He is given tasks and each room, again, has been planned so that within it all methods of learning are available that the guest will need to perform his task.  On our rather bulky analogy the guests are all portions of the inner self, who is the unseen attendant who maintains the building.

Now it is often difficult to see yourself clearly, and your situation, because you seem so close to it.  It is quite possible however when you know how to use one of these passageways and look at yourself and your situation from a different viewpoint, to see it in greater perspective and from outside your particular room – to see it perhaps more clearly in its entirety.

You can do this quite alone.  It is easier however if you have the help of one of the guests in another room who is more used to the passageways, someone who has been investigating a while longer.

Following our analogy, you will be his guest and from his rooms look down into your own with some greater objectivity.  This is possible, feasible, since you are all portions, in our analogy, of this same inner self who maintains all of the rooms.  While each of you are egotistically focused within your own reality, the deeper layers of the self are aware of the “family” relationship.

There is another portion of your whole inner self, another more advanced.  I mentioned earlier that in one probability system you were a doctor who painted as a hobby.  His name is Pietra.  In psychological time or simply when you are still, close your eyes and imagine your physical universe as one room in our analogy, and his as another with a passageway between.  Tell yourself that you would like to travel through that passageway, and that he will be there to help you do so.

You may be interested in hearing some information about him, for he is working with art, painting, in terms of therapy.  He is not only working with patients and using art as a therapy for them, not only having them paint as therapy, you see, but he is also working on the idea that some paintings in themselves have a healing effect.

All of his interest in painting is used as a supplement to his interest in medicine.  Certain paintings can capture the psychic energy of others, and certain paintings can release the psychic abilities and healing abilities of the viewer.  The painter’s intent is embedded in his medium and in his painting.

Not only this however, but certain colors as you know have their own soothing or inflaming qualities.  Now.  I have told you something about this other portion of yourself so that you will be able to relate to him and see how your interests merge.  Think of him when you are thinking of the room and the passageway and ask that you meet him there.

He is a man of some psychological insights also, and he is like you enough so that he can understand many of your attitudes easily, and unlike you enough so that he can see you much more clearly.  You should be able to go with him, and from his vantage point observe your own reality and situation, to see you and Ruburt and your lives for yourself from this different vantage point.  You should find it exciting and most instructive.

The other portion of yourself will also view his reality from your vantage point, and your ideas will stimulate his own, and both of you will gain from the encounter.

Now there is no reason why this cannot be conscious on your part, although portions may take place in the dream state.  He will also be able to help you in the use of healing energy.  Some few encounters may occur in which he shows you the various ways that paintings can also be used as healing agents.

I repeat: some of this can be conscious, if you use a psychological-time framework.  You should be able to see him rather clearly.  In his reality he is embarking upon a series of experiments that will lead him to you, if he proceeds properly.

His experiments involve drugs of much greater precision and stability than any that are known in your environment.  The drugs enable him to isolate certain portions of himself, of his psyche, and to send the isolated portions on journeys of investigation.

The drugs not only help him but they also have the effect of emphasizing his presence on his journeys, of concentrating his essence, isolating and focusing those portions of his psyche.  Therefore they will help make him more observable in sense terms to you.

You must be looking for him however.  He knows of your hypothetical existence.  He believes he has such a probable self, and is endeavoring to visit this probable universe.  He has no idea however that you might be told of his visits, or that you might be planning to meet him.  He has been working on the drug himself along with two others.

He will be perfectly able to manipulate in his own system while he is gone.  Your state of mind and the receptivity will be communicated to him and serve as a beckoning area that he will recognize.  The sympathetic, and to some degree similar, aspects of your personalities serve to open up clear channels between you.  The passageway you see is of course not physical, and yet molecular structure is to some extent involved.

Now Ruburt was correct in the impression he gave during your break, and this other portion of your personality also has a sister.

You should see him visually either entirely objectified, or in an unusually vivid inner image.  But more than this there should be an inner word communication between you that will actually be of telepathic origin.  He is also visually oriented you understand.

He may be able to show you images from his own reality.  He should be able to take you there in a projection, and from that point you should be able to look down into your own system, and in a series of flashes to see your life and Ruburt’s with greater clarity.

I gave you this information this evening because he is experimenting now.  I believe that within seven hours he will be within your environment, whether or not you perceive him.

The drug may have the effect of coloring his image, so do not be surprised at such an occurrence – a yellow or purplish tinge.  For various reasons we will not discuss this evening the experiments being conducted now over a period of some weeks, and they will not be tried again until your autumn.  This has to do however with the conductivity of cell structures and your particular atmosphere during these periods.

Now.  There is as I mentioned some natural sympathy between you.

There, is also a loose correspondence in the ways that you use your cellular structure and utilize energy.  He is working from the medical principles you see.  This is a very loose analogy, but he is hoping to shoot himself toward you like an arrow, hoping that those correspondences that he suspects will help draw him to you.  He has made some errors, and your receptive state of mind will give him more leeway.

The receptivity is of a creative nature, you understand as if you were clearing land so that a primitive airplane could land, or setting a beacon in a window.  In other words your state of mind can help guide him to you, much to his surprise and delight and gratitude, for he did not count on that boost.

Your own abilities are quite adequate, with his knowledge, to enable you to project to his reality with his help.  He has no idea that such a thing can be done without the use of drugs.

Now Ruburt may be able to see him.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Expectations, Inner Journeys and our Ideal

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 485

The Power of Expectations

Your friend Leonard’s return has changed the environment to some degree.  It was his belief, quite simply, that brought about the mowing of the lawn.  He is sending constructive telepathic suggestions to the landlady, and they are being received.  She is highly suggestible.

Some of your own attitudes still escape you.  You do not recognize them as negative because they are so familiar that you glide over them.  Some of these operated in your reactions over the raising of the rent.

You must remember, once more, that expectations are the blocks with which you build your reality.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  I merely wanted to point out these matters this evening.

Now.  Take any single event or perception.  I want you to see what forms an environment.  We will take the simple example of the high grass.  Most of the people in your house took it for granted that your landlady would not take care of the place.  She is highly suggestible.  She is also insecure and very on guard against threats of any kind.  Her houses represent security to her.

She has accepted the advice of two men in whom she puts great trust.  At the same time she is afraid that in several instances their advice has been poor.  She dislikes change, and is afraid of it, and does not trust her own judgment.  She is upset when she distrusts the judgment of those in whom she has put her trust.

The resentment felt by the tenants was picked up by her, and felt as a threat.  If everyone moved out she would have to force the issue with her advisers.  Her advisers have told her to raise rents, since they handle her estate and money.  She means well enough but in her insecurity she believes them when they tell her that she would be a fool for not raising rents.  Money does mean security to her.  She has no other and this does play into their hands.

She was very sensitive therefore to telepathic suggestions sent her way by tenants, and felt that they did not like her, highly resented her as the new landlord.  When Leonard returned, all unknowingly he sent out constructive thoughts to which she also reacted; but he loved his lawn and his yard, and in his mind’s eye he saw it the way he wanted it, clearly, and it did become an event.

The event itself was an interaction of thoughts and emotions and images, a group of communications in which actually many people were involved.  She is not a puppet, simply carrying out the telepathic wishes of others.  She also has a love of yards and gardens, and a love of beauty, so that Leonard’s wish met with fertile ground.

There are points of correspondence you see between people that can be used to set up constructive communications and bring about constructive events.  Leonard's planting of the flowers has more than symbolic significance.

He ignored what seemed to be a fact of reality, built his own constructive expectations, and made them the reality.  He expects good things and receives them.  Now he also gives.  At his own level he gives in his relationship with his students, and primarily his turn toward counseling is directed by a desire to help others.  There is no one to whom he wishes ill.

Now in his own mind Ruburt has been highly critical of that neighbor, and so have you at times.  There is one area you see where he (Leonard) is thus far entirely blocked, for he cannot love another person wholeheartedly, nor imagine himself in that position.  This lack is always with him, and it is caused by a particular shallow area in his personality that is not developed.

(“Who are you talking about here?”)

I am speaking now of Leonard.  Now your landlady is in somewhat the same position, and it is for this reason also that a corresponding sympathy is set up between them.  I am trying to give you some insight into how a seemingly trivial event takes place, how telepathy and expectation enter in.  These intertwinings take place all the time, beneath notice.  Any physical event is the result of them.

(During break Jane and I entered into a discussion that was vehement at times, covering various people, subjects, etc.    Seth finally interrupted …)

Now – if you are ready for me – I will tell you.  First of all there is no need feeling resentful.  You knew the rent was going to be raised, and you wanted it raised.  You wanted it raised because you were ready to change your environment, but not ready enough to move on your own, without the additional impetus.

You said often enough to yourself: “I’d move if the rent were raised”.  That is one point.  The raise was meant to be used as an aid.  Now this does not mean that your landlady knew this, but in a way she did, for all of your intentions were subconsciously taken into consideration when such a decision was made.

Leonard will want to buy a house.  When he finds he can afford the rent easily, he will realize he can afford a house easily.  Your lawyer wanted to get out of a bad situation in the front apartment, and the increased rent serves his purpose.  The woman in the back over the garage, the whole family, is also involved.  One daughter is paying the rent.  Other members of the family live there some of the time.  She wants a smaller place so the family cannot visit overnight.  This will giver her an excuse shortly to move.

The two unmarried people on this floor are also involved.  Dick wants the young lady to marry him.  The high cost of keeping the two apartments will be used by both of them as an issue and excuse.  The man on the top floor always feels persecuted; for his own reason she seeks out situations where his feeling is justified.

Now I am giving you an apartment-by-apartment version simply to make my point.  The elderly widow fears living alone now, and hopes her children will take her in.  She hopes the additional rent will help convince them.

The only person who was more or less entirely neutral in the whole affair was the woman above, who had little to do with any decision.  Now this does cover only one issue that you mentioned.  Give us a moment.

The landlady chose, unconsciously, houses in which the deeper needs of her tenants would in one way or another correspond with her own.  This does not exonerate injustices.  Nevertheless the lacks that exist, for example in your landlady, will bring about further lacks, and resentment on your part only hurts you.  Does this answer a few of your questions?


Now I can go into each issue that you mentioned in detail –

(“No, that’s not necessary.”)

-  but each event is formed by those involved in it, for their own reasons, and it is foolish to feel resentful because also the situation serves ends of your own that you may not consciously recognize.  If you can take this for granted then you will be much more at peace; and beside that you will most likely be much more correct in your overall assessment.

There were also reasons why the same thing happened in the medical line, with the offices.  Many of the men involved were imagining how happy they would be in a medical building, and subconsciously hoping for an excuse to move into one.  The people drew the landlord then as much as she drew the houses.  There is always a give and take.  She will discover that without inner security money is no security, and she will discover this without your resentment to help her.

You will say later: “If the rent hadn’t been raised we might have been in that place the rest of our days – who knows?” and laugh, but at times you still feared that that might indeed be the case.

  This material, while it is personal, should give you an excellent example of how ordinary events occur.

ESP Class June 3, 1969

Inner Journeys

  to solve your problems and triumph over your challenges … and the impetus is this: you must not journey into inner reality until you feel secure in physical reality … for you cannot live in two worlds at once unless you are secure in one.  You need a firm groundwork … a groundwork that you can trust.  And then you can travel through these other doors, but you must be able to stand on your two feet in this universe … And then you will go consciously where your body cannot follow … and you will find your answers.  But you must have something secure to hang onto.  Now there is no better reason to solve your problems.

When you are certain that you feel at least reasonably secure, where you are, then we shall take you to where you are not and you will find yourself.  You are already there, but in order to go there, you must start from somewhere.  You must start with, you see, a balance and a degree of security … You must start with confidence.  And if you travel too quickly and too far, you will not have confidence, for in the back of your mind you will think: if I do not feel secure in physical reality, then why should I feel secure here … and you will not have the daring that is necessary, nor will you have the peace of mind … and the peace of mind is the key to the door.

So when you are on the way to solving your situation here, I will give you some new ones to solve … and I will give you a push along the way, and you can count on it … and you can count on it when you tell me that you are making true progress here.  Then I will give you a gigantic push.

  You do not understand the ways in which you project the physical matter of yourself into this room, however.  When you understand that completely and fully, you will no longer be within physical reality.  But that is of little notice.  You will never notice the difference.  In any reality, you create the image that you see.  And the reality that follows this one will seem as physical to you as this … and as real.  But you will have freedoms within it that you do not have now … Not unless at 8 o’clock in the morning you leap from rooftops and fly through the windows to your death.

You can do things with the inner image that you cannot do with the physical image.  But while you are doing them, they appear physical.

In this existence, when you see a picture in your mind, and when there is strong emotion and vivid desire behind it, it will be constructed.  There will be a time lapse within this system, but in other systems there may be no time lapse … and your thought may be instantly transposed into reality.  Therefore, now you must learn the nature of your thoughts and how to handle energy.

(“Because now we have time to do it.”)


(“But between the time of thinking about it now and the time it becomes a reality, other thoughts can come to bear on that idea and change it before it becomes a reality.  Is that so?”)

Then the ideas merge.

(“I see, and form a compromise … composite.”)

Now as a compromise, but not as a composite, I will leave you, but I will give you more information on that topic the next time we meet.

(Summary for Jane:

(“He talked some more about physical matter … an elaboration on the things we’ve talked about during the evening.  The reality on another plane or in another dimension is just as physical as what we experience as physical here … just as real, seems physical to them.  But the freedoms are greater, so that when we think of something on another plane, it happens instantaneously.  Whereas here, there is a time lag between the time we think of something and it results in a created action or object.  In the time lag on this plane, there are other thoughts, projections on the same idea or object; Seth declined to go into their effects on the final idea or object until a later time.

(“By our projecting our thoughts to this finished product, we can influence our health, our future, our position, etc.  We should picture ourselves as being in a state of good health.  Now I would assume that this same thing applies to a station or vocation …”)

But never as a finished product.  For a state of health is not an end product … or an unchanging station in those terms.  It is the ability to effectively handle energy in a constructive way for your own benefit and the benefit of others.  The state of health is a poor term.  You should indeed imagine yourself, therefore, able to handle your energy effectively for your own good and the good of others; to imagine yourself as a channel through which the creativity of the universe can express itself.  For when you harbor negative ideas and resentments, then indeed you set up a block and the block causes distortions.  Now you call them illnesses in many instances.  They are distortions.  The energy is being distorted and misused and misshapen.

(“But to want good health or position just for the sake of that is not the end of the line.  That, you are saying, is just the beginning of …”)

It is a beginning, and health is not a static state in any case …

(“We should desire good health because it makes it possible for us to do something else … to serve or perform some other role …”)

You should desire good health because it is a natural state of your being.  You should trust in the innate intelligence of your own being … which produces good health.  Health is a natural state of your being.  Through your physical image the energy of the universe expresses itself.  You as an individualized consciousness are a part of this, and you cannot express yourself fully nor fulfill your purpose as an identity, as an individual, if you are not in good health … for the effects of the body are felt in the mind … and the effects of the mind are felt in the body.  You distort the picture.  Now I did not intend a question and answer service this evening, but I seem to be involved in one.  And some evening I will turn the tables.  And when I ask you questions, I will expect some answers.  And they will not be easy questions … and they will not be general questions.  And I will make you search for the answers … and the answers will form steps upon which you can walk and will serve as foundations within which you can travel within yourselves.  But they will be your answers and not my answers.

… I want to clear up an issue.  If you are in poor health, this does not mean that you are an evil person.  It means that you have a block in that particular area … in which you are unable to utilize energy constructively.  And if you are not at the top of your profession, the same thing applies.  It does not follow that those in excellent health are more blessed than others.  It does mean that in that particular area they are able to utilize energy more effectively.

And theoretically, theoretically, if you are using energy the way you should, you would indeed be at the top of your profession and in excellent health and filled with abundance.  Now various kinds of lacks can show up in many ways … in mental deficiencies … A man or a woman who has strong and definite mental deficiencies … who has strong negative habits … such a person has blocks in those areas.  You may not attain perfection ... I have not attained it.  But it is the ideal toward which we work.

I do not want you to have the attitude, however, or make the implication, that your health or status in any way automatically, and alone, is an indication of your spiritual wealth … or lack of it.

Some of you for example, do well in certain areas and are blocked in others.  We want to get rid of the blocks.  You are working toward this ideal and the ideal is – and you will achieve it – to use all your abilities, all of your capabilities … and in doing this, you will help others automatically.  And you will help the race of which you are a part.  And you will add to the creativity of All That Is … and I said that you would add to it.