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Seth on Science and Physics 2 (blueprints)

Session 703

The multidimensional aspects of the electron cannot be perceived within your three-dimensional system, using instruments that are already predisposed or prefocused to measure only certain kinds of effects.

While this may sound quite sacrilegious scientifically, it is possible to understand the electron’s nature and greater reality by using certain focuses of consciousness: by probing the electron, for example, with a “laser” [beam] of consciousness finely focused and attuned – and more will be said about this later in the book.  So far in any of your investigations, you have been probing exterior conditions, searching for their interior nature.

To make this clear:  When you dissect an animal, for instance, you are still dealing only with the “inside” of exterior reality, or with another level of outsideness.  In a manner of speaking, when you probe the heavens with your instruments you are doing the same thing.  There is a difference between this and the “withinness” out of which all matter springs.  It is there that the blueprints for reality are found. Let us take a very simple example.

Suppose a scientist found a first orange, and used every instrument available to examine it, but refused to feel it, taste it, smell it, or otherwise to become personally involved with it for fear of losing scientific objectivity.

In sense terms he would learn a little about an orange, though he might be able to isolate its elements, predict where others might be found, theorize about its environment – but the greater “withinness” of the orange is not found any place inside of its skin either.  The seeds are the physical carriers of future oranges, but the blueprints for that reality are what formed the seeds.  In such dilemmas you are always brought back to the question of which came first, and begin another merry chase.  Because you think in terms of consecutive time, it seems that there must have been a first egg, or seed.  The blueprints for reality exist, however, in dimensions without such a time sequence.

Your closest point to the withinness of which I speak is your own consciousness, though you use it as a tool to examine the exterior universe.  But it is basically free of that reality, not confined to the life-and-death saga, and at other levels deals with the blueprints for its own physical existence.

In the entire gestalt from cellular to “self” consciousness, there is a vast field of knowledge – much of it now “unconsciously” available – used to maintain the body’s integrity in space and time.  With the conscious mind as director, there is no reason why much of this knowledge cannot become normally and naturally available.  There is, therefore, a quite valid, vital, real and vastly creative inner reality, and an inward sequence of events from which your present universe and life emerges.  Any true scientist will ultimately have to learn to enter that realm of reality.  So-called objective effects – and your physicists are learning that even in that framework many “facts” are facts only within certain frequencies, or under certain conditions.  You are left with “workable facts” that help you manipulate in your own backyard, but such facts become prejudice when you try to venture beyond your own cosmic neighborhood and find that your preconceived, native ideas do not apply outside of their context.

Because of your attitudes, ideas do not seem as real to you as objects, or as practical.  Thoughts are not given the same validity as rocks or trees or beer cans or automobiles.  In your terms an automobile gets you somewhere.  You do not understand the greater mobility of thought, nor grasp its practical nature.  You make your world, and in an important manner your thoughts are indeed the immediate personal blueprints for it.  When you manipulate objects you feel efficient.  The manipulation of thoughts is far more practical.  Here is a brief example.

Your medical technology may help you “conquer” one disease after another – some in fact caused by that same technology – and you will feel very efficient as you do heart transplants, as you fight one virus after another.  But all of this will do nothing except to allow people to die, perhaps, of other diseases still “unconquered”.  People will die when they are ready to, following inner dictates and dynamics.  A person ready to die will, despite any medication.  A person who wants to live will seize upon the tiniest hope, and respond.  The dynamics of health have nothing to do with inoculations.  They reside in the consciousness of each being.  In your terms they are regulated by emotions, desires, and thoughts.  A true doctor cannot be scientifically objective.  He cannot divorce himself from the reality of his patient.  Instead, usually, the doctor’s words and very methods literally separate the patient from himself or herself.  The malady is seen almost as a thing apart from the patient’s person – but thrust upon it – over which the patient has little control.

The condition is analyzed, the blood is sampled.  It becomes a “blood sample” to the doctor.  The patient may silently shout out, “That is not just a blood sample – it is my blood you are taking.”  But he [or she] is discouraged from identifying with the blood of his physical being, so that even his own blood seems alien.

The blueprints for reality:  In greater terms they reside within you.  In private terms they are part of your being.

To some extent I am suggesting in this book a different approach.  So far the blueprints for reality have been largely unknown.  Your methods make them invisible, so here I am suggesting ways in which the unknown reality can become a known one.  I have mentioned the dream-art scientist and the [true] mental physicist.  I would like to add here the “complete physician”.

The complete physician would be a person who learned to understand the dynamics of being, the soul-body relationship – one who was healthy in his or her own body.  Unhappy people cannot teach you to be happy.  Sick ones cannot teach you to be well.  Psychiatrists have a high suicide rate.  Why do you think they can help you live happily, or add to your vitality?  Physicians are not the healthiest of men by far.  Why do you think they can cure you?

Now in your framework of beliefs the psychiatrists and the doctors are helpful.  They know more than you do about the techniques upon which you all agree.  While the society accepts these techniques, then you are to some extent dependent upon them, and you had better think twice before you let them go.  But in greater, more vital issues, the sick doctor does not know as much about health as an “uneducated, untrained”, but healthy person – and I am speaking in quite practical terms.  The person who is healthy understands the dynamics of health.  In your framework it seems that his or her understanding can be of little practical value to you if you are, for instance, unhealthy.  But a true medical profession would be, literally, a health profession.  It would seek out people who were healthy and learn from them how to promote health, and not how to diagram disease.

This is on the most surface level, however.  A true healing, or health profession, would deal intimately with the powers of the psyche in healing the body, and with the interrelationship among the desires, beliefs, and activities of the conscious mind and its effects upon the cellular behavior.

The “unknown” reality.  Unknown or not, it is what you are working with.

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Seth on Science and Physics

Unknown Reality Volume 1

Session 702

Ultimately your use of instruments and your preoccupation with them as tools to study the greater nature of reality, will teach you one important lesson:  The instruments are useful only in measuring the level of reality in which they themselves exist.

They help you interpret the universe in horizontal terms, so to speak.  In studying the deeper realities within and “behind” that universe, the instruments are not only useless but misleading.  I am not suggesting that their use is futile, however – merely pointing out the limitations inherently involved.

So-called objective science gives you a picture, a model, that has served well enough in its own fashion, enabling you to travel to the moon, for example, and to advance in a technology that for a time you set your hearts upon.  In the framework of objective science as it now exists, however, even the technology will come up against a stone wall.  Even as a means, objective science is only helpful for a while, because it will constantly run up against deeper inner realities that are necessarily shunted aside and ignored simply because of its method and attitude.  No objective science or splendid technology alone will keep even one man or woman alive, for example, if that individual has decided to leave the flesh, or finds no joy in daily life.

A loving technology, again, would always add to the qualitative and spiritual deepening of experience.  The inner order of existence and true science go together.  The true scientist is not afraid of identifying with the reality he chooses to study.  He knows that only then can he dare to begin to understand nature.  There are many unofficial scientists, true ones in that regard, unknown in this age.  Many are quite ordinary people in exterior terms, with other professions.  Yet it is no accident that greater discoveries are often made by “amateurs” – those who are relatively free from official dogmas, released from the pressure to get ahead in a given field – those whose creativity flows freely and naturally in those areas of their natural interest.

Without an identification with the land, the planet and the seasons, all of your technology will not help you understand the earth, or even use it effectively, much less fully.  Without an identification with the race as a whole, no technology can save the race.  Unless man also identifies himself with the other kinds of life with which he shares the world, no technology will ever help him understand his experience.  I am speaking in very practical terms.  Gadgets will, ultimately, teach you nothing about the dimensions of your own consciousness.  When you use them even to attain alterations of consciousness, you are programming yourselves, stepping apart from yourselves.

Such gadgets can be useful only if they show you that such alterations are naturally possible.  Otherwise, with your ideas of applied science and technology, the gadgets will be the pivoting point, and the ideas of manipulation will be stressed.  In other words, unless the ideas behind objective science are altered, then gadget-produced altered states will almost certainly be used to manipulate, rather than free, consciousness.

I am not making a prediction here.  I am simply pointing out one probability that exists.  There have indeed been civilizations upon your planet that understood as well as you, and without your kind of technology, the workings of the planets, the positioning of stars – people who even foresaw “later” global changes.  They used mental physics.  There were men before you who journeyed to the moon, and who brought back data quite as “scientific” and pertinent.  There were those who understood the “origin” of your solar system far better than you.  Some of these civilizations did not need spaceships.  Instead, highly trained men combining the abilities of dream-art scientists and mental physicists cooperated in journeys not only through time but through space.  There are ancient maps drawn from a 200-mile-or-more vantage point – these meticulously completed on return from such journeys.

There were sketches of atoms and molecules, also drawn after trained men and women learned the art of identifying with such phenomena.  There are significances hidden in the archives of many archaeological stores that are not recognized by you because you have not made the proper connections – and in some cases you have not advanced sufficiently to understand the information.

The particular thrust and direction of your own science have been directly opposed to the development of such inner sciences, however, so that to some extent each step in the one direction has thus far taken you further from the other.  Yet all sciences are based on the desire for knowledge, and so there are intersections that occur even in the most diverse of paths; and you are at such an intersection.

Your own science has led you to its logical conclusion.  It is not enough, and some suspect that its methods and attitudes have a built-in disadvantage.  Physicists are going beyond themselves, so to speak, where even their own instruments cannot follow and where all rules do not apply.  Even the prophet Einstein did not lead them far enough.  You cannot stand apart from a reality and do any more than present diagrams of it.  You will not understand its living heart or its nature.

The behavior of electrons, for example, will elude your technological knowledge – for in deepest terms what you will “perceive” will be a fa├žade, an appearance or illusion.  So far, within the rules of the game, you have been able to make your “facts” about electrons work.  To follow their multidimensional activity however is another matter – a pun – and you need, if you will forgive me, a speedier means.

The blueprints for reality lie even beneath the electron’s activity.  As long as you think in terms of [subatomic] particles, you are basically off the track – or even when you think in terms of waves.  The idea of interrelated fields comes closer, of course, yet even here you are simply changing one kind of term for one like it, only slightly different.  In all of these cases you are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and its gestalt formations and manifestations.  Until you perceive the innate consciousness behind any “visible” or “invisible” manifestations, then, you put a definite barrier to your own knowledge.

… In as simple a language as possible, and to some extent in your terms, the electron’s spin determines time “sequences” from your viewpoint.  In those terms, then, a reversed spin is a reversed time motion.  There is much you cannot observe.  There is much that is extremely difficult to explain, simply because your verbal structure alone presupposes certain assumptions.  Electrons, however, spin in many directions at once, an effect impossible for you to perceive.  You can only theorize about it.  There are “electromagnetic momentums thus achieved and maintained”, certain stabilities that operate and maintain their own integrity, though these may not be “equal” at all portions of the spin.  There are equalities set up “between” the inequalities.

Time, in your terms then, is spinning newly backward as surely as it is spinning newly into the future.  And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.

There are, nevertheless, unequal thrusts in all directions, though “equalities” can be ascertained by concentrating only upon certain portions of the spin.

Session Notes

1. … Seth from the 45th session:  “Any investigation of the basic inner universe, which is the only real universe, must be done as much as possible from a point outside your own distortions … To get outside your own universe, you must travel inward … Your so-called scientific, so-called objective experiments can continue for an eternity, but they will only probe further and further with camouflage [physical] instruments into a camouflage universe … The subconscious, it is true has elements of its own distortions, but these are easier to escape than the tons of distortive camouflage atmosphere that weigh your scientific experiments down”.

3. Four little notes, the last two of which are added later from Volume 2 of “Unknown” Reality:

See Chapter 15 of Seth Speaks for Seth’s material on the art and technology of the ancient civilization of Lumina (as well as his references to those that came before and after it).  Even now, he tells us, the Lumanians’ attributes are incorporated in our own heritage.

Seth discusses some “species of consciousness” starting at 11:08 in Session 692, Volume 1.

From the 715th session in Section 4 of Volume 2: “There are civilizations of the psyche, and only by learning about these will you discover the truth about the ‘lost’ civilizations of your planet – for each such physical culture coincided with and emerged from a corresponding portion of the psyche that you even now possess.”

From the 742nd session in Section 6: “Atlantis is a land that you want to inhabit, appearing in your literature, your dreams, and your fantasies, serving as an impetus for development … It carries also, however, the imprint of your fears, for the tales say that Atlantis was destroyed.  You place it in your past while it exists in your future.  Not the destruction alone, but the entire pattern seen through the framework of your beliefs.  Beside this, however, many civilizations have come and gone in somewhat the same manner, and the “myth” [of Atlantis] is based somewhat then on physical fact in your terms.”

4. In the 40th session for April 1, 1964, Seth had something to say about the challenges space travel will present to our own civilization: “… you are severely hampered as far as space travel is concerned, by the time elements involved … In your terms it will simply take you too long to get where you want to go.  Scientists will begin to look for easier methods.  They are even now being forced to consider the possibilities of telepathy as a means of communication, and they will be forced further and further along these lines.

“It is very possible that you might end up in what you intend as a space venture only to discover that you have ‘travelled’ to another plane [probability].  But at first you will not know the difference.”

And from the 45th session, 20 days later: “… your present theory of the expanding universe is in error.  Space travel will be dumped when your scientists discover that space as you know it is a distortion, and that journeying from one so-called galaxy to another is done through divesting the physical body of camouflage [matter].  The vehicle of so-called space travel is mental and psychic mobility, in terms of psychic transformations of energy …”

6. Seth, in the 681st session: “Atoms can move in more directions than one at once.” In Note 7 for that session I wrote that as an artist my intuitional reaction to that statement was to associate the multidirectional ability of the atom with Seth’s notions of simultaneous time and probabilities.  Since electrons are the particles or processes moving about the nucleus of the atom, I now make the same association for them.  Thus, according to Seth, we have a most complicated and profound dance of units or essences – behavior not really amenable to translation in words.