Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seth on Apparent Deterioration of Physical Matter

From Session 99 of the Seth Early Sessions:

"Ruburt did anticipate with some correctness part of this evening's subject matter, having to do with apparent deterioration of the quality of matter itself, that composes the physical body. Since you know now that all physical matter is constantly coming into formation, that it is formed by atoms and molecules so instantaneously, and that the atoms and molecules that give form to matter continually appear and disappear, so swiftly that the physical form that they compose appears permanent, then you must realize that there is no reason why physical forms should deteriorate as far as the atoms and molecules that compose them are concerned.

"You are, however, left with the fact that physical matter, while appearing permanent for practicality's sake, nevertheless does exhibit disintegration in varying degrees. Since the cause lies not within that which composes matter in physical terms, then wherein does the cause originate?

"Will it be possible, for example, to eliminate such causes to any astonishing degree, and therefore prolong mankind's individual existence within the physical field? This of course would lead to the further question: To what purpose would such elongation serve, in which direction would it tend? You are also aware that certain physical organisms seem to withstand this final dissolution, or hold it off for a greater period of your time. For this also there are reasons, which we will consider in due time.

"We will begin by examining the cause behind the breaking up of necessary physical patterns so that survival within the world of matter is no longer possible. Now. Existence within the physical field depends upon a focus of psychic energy, in the subconscious construction of that physical organism without which material survival is not possible.

"You may refer here to past sessions dealing with the mechanisms involved. Existence within any field of reality necessitates intensive focus within that field. It involves something like a sleight of hand trick, played by one part of the whole self upon another part. As an actor in a drama goes along with certain acts and gestures that make the play necessary, while at the same time he realizes that the play is a play, he must still focus his attention upon the lines spoken, and use the props available.

"In much the same manner, existence within the physical universe involves the most intense self-hypnotic trance, where attention becomes riveted and focused along certain lines while other realities are of necessity closed out of one's perception and comprehension for a certain while.

"No play can go on forever. Individual focus cannot be intensely maintained indefinitely. Neither can the vibrant, almost fanatical focus of the self within the limitations of one field continue indefinitely.

... "Energy cannot be imprisoned for long within one form. The individual whole self, by its very nature, will not restrain itself indefinitely to the particular set of necessities and perceptions necessary for survival within any one given field of reality.

"It changes its focus, grows restive, adopts new forms in line with existence-necessities that exist within other fields. There is nothing inherent within the composition of matter as you conceive of matter to bring about a natural downfall, or natural inevitable disintegration.

"Since matter does disintegrate, or seems to, you take it for granted that this dissolution is inherent within it, but this is not the case. The focus of energy that organizes the physical body weakens, strays; the trance state, strongest at what you call early adulthood, begins to lose its hold even as in childhood it has not yet attained its full depth.

"The similarity here may not be easy for you to perceive, because of the diverse emotions with which you view childhood and old age. Nevertheless the child, to an unrealized degree, is free of the environmental necessities of his existence. Even while he moulds and is moulded by his environment, a part of his psyche is still uninvolved. His subconscious, on an uppermost personal level, is concerned with infantile fears of course.

"Yet on a deeper level he still retains hold upon other existences, so much so that he even yearns subconsciously for those past realities, which mean safety, since their problems have already been solved. He is unbound emotionally and psychically by physical time, even while his physical body ticks with physical minutes.

"By adulthood the trance, the intense focus, is most strongly upon him. It is after this period that the trance little by little weakens its hold. By the period you call old age the inner attention is already escaping. The strong focus of psychic energy needed to maintain the splendid physical image-organization is no longer given. The conscious ego with which you are familiar cries out its bewilderment, for has it not always sensed immortality?

"But the outer ego as you know is that portion of the whole self that is given over to the maintenance of physical manipulations, and it perceives only through those physical equipments, those outer senses. It sees its dominion in jeopardy and rises up in arms. It, the ego, is that small portion of the whole self which the whole self has allowed to be completely, or almost completely, bewitched by the self-hypnotic trance. It is that portion which believes implicitly in the given specifications of the hypnotist, and as such it will be last to leave the trance.

... During that period you refer to as old age, once again emotionally and psychologically the individual is less bound by physical time. He no longer, that is the whole self no longer, makes available sufficient psychic energy however for the maintenance of the physical organism.

"This accounts for the disintegration. There is much more that must be said along these lines, and in time we will go into further discussion. However, the main focus of the whole self has already begun to stray, and the energies used in necessary pattern organization for the physical plane are already being returned, taken from their attention to physical matters, and becoming more attuned to the whole self from which they were originally delegated.

"Now. A more complicated, involved, intricate physical organization, such as man, necessitates on the part of the whole self a tremendous outlay of energy for maintenance of the psychic-physical structural relationship.

"There is not only a physical survival at stake, but also a highly delicate balance to be maintained. Since man is aware subconsciously of a heritage for which he ever seeks, and yet which for many reasons he cannot grasp while in the physical state, he must know and not know, and there is a strain here that no fish or bird or worm experiences.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seth on Disease

Here is a quote form Session 98 of Seth's Early Sessions about disease:

"A disease of course is not brought about at any particular point in time, but is latent, and merely becomes perceivable enough to cause danger at what approximates a particular point in time. Psychologically there exists within a given individual the latent leaning toward a multitudinous variety of so-called diseases, these tendencies being picked up through early conditioning and environment.

"This does not mean that the individual will necessarily fall ill to many of them, but it does mean that the physical structure has weak points that reflect, or are a result of, an inability along the lines of physical construction, that in turn result from an imperfection in manipulation.

"Inner pockets of fear hold back needed energy, creating these weak points in the physical body. Efficiency may be developed through understanding, and through the efficient use of psychic energy. The deficiency is not in the matter itself, but is projected upon it.

"Needed energy is held back in the fist of fear, and not used for fullest repair within the physical body. When the fear is activated it, the fear, drains more energy from the physical construction, contracting, the fear being like a short-circuit mechanism; and indeed definite electrical forces are here activated.

"These can be measured. With this occurs a chemical overexertion, an attempt chemically to make up for loss of energy in a specific area. The body's defences, with oftentimes insufficient energy at their command, attempt to hold the fort and make repairs, until the needed energy is again available.

"A rather involved process here occurs. When it is understood that man creates not only matter but his own physical image as well, greater attention will be given so that early fear patterns of such extent will not develop."

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The following are two perspectives on Impeccability, one from Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks and the second from Metatron channeled by Tyberonn:
“What we feel from most physical beings who are using the word "want" is a yearning, a desire that is currently unfulfilled. When we use the word "want" we mean it as an object of attention to which I want to focus, a desire that I give my undivided, undiluted, not contradicted attention to, so that the Energy that creates worlds can flow through me toward that desire.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Silver Spring, MD on Saturday, April 19th, 1997 # 45”
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn 
“Crystalline Impeccability:  Dancing With Stars
16 April 2011
Greetings Beloved ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you, one and all, respectfully and knowingly. I greet each of you, individually within the exact moment in which you read these living words in the vibratory essence of the eternal NOW.  I embrace you in love. 
As the heralded Ascension draws nigh, all around you is opening. The nature of your divine Star seed is expanded into Earth realms, indeed you are dancing with the Stars. The Stars of hope, love and impeccability.
Dear Ones,  we of the Angelic Realm are here to support you, to offer insights of guidance, but it is up to each of you in sojourns of polarity and duality, to master your challenges. These are your avenue of learning, and it is incumbent for each of you to face and solve your problems. We assist you by putting you in touch with your own power. Our purpose is not to solve them for you, or to come between you and your own freedom of discernment and choice by giving you "answers," even to the most complex of challenges.
Our purpose is to reinforce your own strength, for ultimately the vast divinity  of your Being is not only well equipped to help you find fulfillment, but totally desirous of doing so . And Dear Human, in this process you will discover your higher nature of wisdom, understanding, exuberance, and peace. No one, not even an Angel, can do this for you. In impeccability you will achieve every self designed task before you.

Beloved, we  offer in this moment the integral energy of our Light Beingness, of that crystalline essence of which we are. We offer you in pure love the guidance of our wisdom for your discernment. Masters, we ask of you simply to be fully present in your hearts and minds. Discern what we say, for you are a God in process. Take what resonates of that we offer for it is presented to you in deepest respect and love.

Star Dancing: Expanding in Love

The star dance of your life is to expand in love. But the love we speak of is not merely the emotion that you humans tend to think of as love, but rather the extraordinary magnificent energy and science of what may be termed expansive unconditional love. In this context love is indeed a science, a vast field that is composed of a very complex vibrational resonance .

So let us further define a key component of love resonance as it relates to your growth...and that is the impeccability of actuated divine will. Will as translated into action is the driver of your search for spiritual growth. Impeccability then is the distillation of your present experiences and knowledge, into the wisdom of action.
Accepting the Challenge
While it is true that your thoughts create the reality you experience in duality, you in higher aspect thoughtfully and carefully compose and create the challenges that you face. These have great purpose.  Whether you truly believe it or not, you write your own tests. So while 'positive thinking' is a key frequency, positive thinking is meant to help you approach your life lessons and does not circumvent the learning process itself. You cannot just ignore or wish away the growth lessons you script for yourself in order to expand. That is because your chosen set ups are in most cases outside, beyond  the ability of the duality aspect of ego-brain to remove or will away. You will face them, because you have in divine self, willed it from higher perspective.
We assure you that there is nothing more stimulating, more worthy of actualization, than your manifested  desire to evolve, to change for the better. That is indeed each of your lifetime missions. It is not enough to meditate, or to visualize the  desired goal being accomplished   if you do not to act upon the inner voice , the drive from which your meditations and visualizations  arise.
Intent, focus and meditation must absolutely be teamed with action.Becoming impeccable, and eventually achieving your enlightenment does not mean, as some religions indirectly imply, that you are suddenly in a blissful state of oblivion, or in some distant state of nirvana. Masters, we tell you that you are as much a part of a nirvana now as you ever will be, you simply need discover it within you.

There will indeed be cycles within your emotional state, that is part of being human. There will be times in which you feel apathetic and depressed. Not only the problems you face, but even certain astronomical gravities can be the source of such despair, on their own. All of these must be faced, and can be surmounted.
So be aware that 'Nirvana', in your vernacular, is achieved attitudinally, and not through avoidance, ignorance or escape, but through impeccable confrontation of the reality projection that surrounds you.
Earth experience, duality mastery is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths of duality, and one commonly misunderstood. The study and mastery of life requires work. You can't simply put the text book under your pillow and sleep on it, it must be read and understood a page at a time. Moment by moment.
So then your full understanding and accepting that your life is a construction of 'set ups' that you planned in order to enable your spiritual growth is an even greater truth. You see when you accept this noble truth, you have the opportunity to transcend it. That you term 'destiny' is in truth the situations you preplanned for your life lesson. And Dears Ones, that very self scripted 'destiny', in your such terms, will assist you to both face your challenges and then manifest  your desires, but not because you protest what you do not like. In order to experience the light of your desire, you must ignite the passion that will free it from the stronghold where it has been closely guarded. The greatest path is to accept the challenge of self purification by being a living example of your own light rather than protesting the darkness that still exists within the world in 3d, a choosing to insulate yourself from it.


Masters, by accepting that you are here to face challenges, then you can more robustly create the energy needed to face them. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life can be difficult no longer scares you, rather it motivates the spiritual warrior into resolve.
The greatest issue you have in accepting ultimate ownership and responsibility for your actions  lies in the core desire to avoid the pain of the consequences of that behaviour.  But we tell you that it is the confrontational courage of  impeccably solving problems that provides and indeed nurtures meaningful growth in your life.

Facing your problems is the serendipitous cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure, or better said between growth and stagnation.  Problems call forth your best effort to resolve and refine courage and wisdom within the impeccable seeker.
It is categorically because of stressful predicaments and obstructions that you grow mentally and spiritually. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving life-puzzles and 'set-ups' that you learn the greater meaning of the science of love.  Dear Hearts, the candid fact is that some of your most poignant accomplishments and indeed greatest growths are spawned when you are placed in the troubling crossroads of conundrum. Your greatest trials and revelations take place in times when you are outside of your 'comfort zone', feeing bewildered, unfulfilled, or even in a state of agonizing despair.  For it is in such moments, propelled by your discomfort that you are compelled to burst out of the confining cages and seek a better more spiritually satisfying way of life.
Impeccability - The State of Grace
What then is impeccability?  We are not understating the base premise, when we define impeccability  simply  as ' always trying your best'. But to remain impeccable requires more effort as the scope of your gained wisdom and consciousness expands. The greater your consciousness, the more you 'know' . The more you know, the greater the responsibility to live accordingly.

You are in the process of expanding your vibratory awareness, of becoming a conscious participant with the soul. You are becoming what your soul is, discovering your greater identity.

Dear Ones, when you grow spiritually, it is because you have opened to seek growth and are taking action, working to achieve it.

Impeccability involves  the deliberate extension of your Beingness into evolution.

Impeccability puts you in the state of grace. Impeccability does not infer that you have achieved enlightenment or have learned all you need to learn. Rather it means you are on the only track, the right pathway to get there.

So we will define Impeccability in two layers, two phase formats:

1)  Conditional Impeccability: This is when the entity is not highly advanced, yet working toward mastery . Doing ones best. Utilizing knowledge to the best of ones ability to do the right thing, even when there may be ignorance and innocent  misconceptions. By that we mean you truly believe what you are doing is the right course, even if it is not the full or expansive truth . All of you go through such phases. In this phase if you make a mistake, it is an honest mistake, in which you genuinely believed you were doing what you felt is right.

2)  Mastery Impeccability: This is the phases of the soul in human existence that is on the cusp of Mastery. One highly advanced, and walking the talk. Having no inner conflict between what one believes to be the right path, and what one actuates.
Both phases activate what you may term as an accelerated state of grace. Grace is assistance from the Divine Self to help the outcome of situations when one is trying their best. It may be thought of as the 'Guardian Angel', because in many cases that is exactly what a Guardian Angel is, your Divine Self serendipitously intervening in situations to assist you on your path.
If we were to redefine what you religious texts consider as sin, it would not be in terms of the commandments, rather it would be: "knowledge not utilized".  Taking actions you know to be incorrect, actions in conflict to your highest beliefs. 
Wisdom Is Within

All of you desire wisdom greater than your own. Seek and you will find, and Masters you can find it 'hidden' inside you. And sadly that is oft the last place you look. It takes work.  You see the divine interface between God and man is within what your academics term the as the subconscious.

Even your religious texts tell you that God is within you, that you are a spark of the Divine. The subconscious mind, or 'back brain' in your terms, is the part of you  that is God. The portion of your greater self that contains the knowledge of 'All That Is', the part of you that contains the Akashic Records, the soul memory of everything.

Since the subconscious is the Divine Mind within you,  the goal of spiritual growth is achieved by entering into that sacred  'Garden of Wisdom'.  It is entered by quieting the ego mind. Meditation has ever been the gateway. It is the key to quieting the personality-ego narration and allowing the 'Voice of the Divine Soul' to be heard. We say again, effort is required. There are no short cuts.  The re-attainment of God-ness is the purpose of your  individual existence on the polarity plane. You are born that you might become, as a conscious individual, a physical expression of God. A divine expression in Being-ness.

The challenge is your soul quest, your true purpose, and in physical sojourns, the clock is ever ticking. Obtaining Godhood in physicality is achieved on time-release, through immaculate desire that is actuated in the physical realm by merging with the wisdom of the non physical. Time matters.

In polarity the current shifting of paradigms and energies can throw you off centre rather easily in these quickening times.  Your true purpose is often difficult to subjectively define and your understanding and ballast lies juxtaposed between illusion and perceived reality. You may feel you are living in a distortion and that nothing is exactly as it seems. In the process you can become confused and complacent. You can lose track of time.

Dear Ones, your lives, each moment of your physical life is precious, far more so than some of you realize. Far more than most of you utilize. Time is a precious commodity, and it is finite within your duality. Each of you reading these words will at some point in the future transition out of the physical. In your vernacular, you will experience death, you will die. This is a condition of physicality as you know it. Yet so many of you act as though you will live forever. Indeed the soul is eternal, but you will not ever be the same person, the same personality or expression that you are now, in any lifetime or in any other aspect of your beingness.

You are here to learn Dear Ones, you are here to learn the expressions of your own Godliness within duality and indeed duality is a gift. Life is a gift. You are here to learn how to co create for indeed you are co creators of the Universe, of the Cosmos. You are here to achieve Mastery, and so many of you are very close, very near that achievement.
Seize the Day
Masters, until you truly value yourself, you will not be in the grace of impeccability and thus not be motivated to truly value and optimize your time. Unless you place great value on your allotted time, you will not do your 'best' with it.  "Carpe Diem", is translated as "Seize the Day", and this is so appropriate. You must seize each moment!  So many of you, despite your good intentions, allow yourselves to be tranquilized into complacency at certain phases or within certain conditions of your chosen sojourns. Many of you waste time; misuse time and lifetime after lifetime can be squandered.What you do not face, what you do not resolve in any one moment or lifetime, will resurface. You will repeat the set up until you successful solve it, and that is indeed a great truth.
Masters utilizing your time in duality is quintessential, and that is a complex undertaking for it necessitates that you seek impeccability. It requisites love of self, for until you genuinely value yourself, you truly do not value your life and time.  And until you value your time, you will not be compelled to maximize how you spend it.
It is natural Discipline is the basic set of tools to solve life problems.  Without discipline it is difficult for you to have the driver required to focus on the work of solving your problems. Simply stated, you can become immobilized...apathetic, complacent or lazy. On the 'Ladder of Ascension', you are moving up, setting still or moving down.

In third dimensional physics there is a law that states that energy that is highly organized will naturally degrade when not in dynamic state. It is easier by natural law to be in a state of complacency in the physical plane, than to be in an upwardly mobile condition. That is clearly logical. It is the Law of Love that motivates all souls into greater consciousness, and that requires dynamics...work!  Laziness is in a real sense one of your biggest obstacles, because work means swimming against the tide.  Seize the Day!

Perfect Order

Some of you say and feel that "Everything works out as it should, all is in perfect order". But Masters, that concept is something of a is a paradox, and like a face card it is upside down either way you look at it. Do you understand? 

From the higher perspective all is in perfect order, but from the perspective of humankind within duality, it is not! If it were there would be no need for lesson, no need for what you term reincarnation.

One need but take a look around and know that the plight of humankind on the planet Earth is far from being perfect. Indeed it will NOT work out as it should, until you make it so!

This applies in micro and macro. There is much to manage, much to review. All in time, and Masters it will occur. We offer some of the linger issues for review and discernment.
Hidden Ego - Spiritual One-Upmanship

Many of you are leaders and teachers and have worked long and hard to acquire an advanced level of knowledge and spiritual truths. This is admirable. But it leads to a crossroad of decision.  A human on the path of Mastery must avoid the trappings of ego or it will fall in atrocity. A leader must ever honour its soul-voice and follow their internally directed path in order to ascend rather than fall. This is an essential compass for all on the advanced course of Mastery. Without inner 'soul review' and calibration one cannot see the true direction home.

Understand then that with continued advancement comes the need for humility. How many of you have attended metaphysical gatherings only to be somewhat put-off by someone who makes it a point to let you know how far they travel in their dreams, how many great visions and celestial teachers they see in the higher realms; the implication being that they are advanced in mastery, and want to be sure everyone knows it.  

This is an understandable pitfall, but is not the true walk of integrity. Spiritual 'One-Upmanship' is rampant in New Age circles, yet most offenders would not even be aware they are coming across in such a pompous manner.  There are many covert trappings of ego within spiritual circles. No one is exempt. Leaders and teachers who advance to a certain level are particularly susceptible to this trapping of ego, when they begin to achieve a following. Most that have it don't recognize it.  Are you one of these? It happens to most at some point, Dear Ones. Humility is the way of the true spiritual leader, yet it is so easy to blindly fall into self aggrandizement.    

We tell you in love, Dear Ones, that it happens to all of you. It happens in all of your lifetimes, the move and shift day to day, in and out of integrity. Within duality, whether you are a teacher or a student (and all of you are both!), none of you are above it, and that is why it is necessary to recalibrate through the infinite mirror of truth, of self review within the detached observer within self.  There is such a fine line between self love and ego. The paradox is that the former is a necessity of impeccability and the latter is a hindrance to it.

On the path of Mastery you will be forced many times to choose between love and power, and power is very seductive and often well disguised. Pride comes before the fall. Many have risen to great heights in spiritual achievement only to lose it all by becoming blinded by ego.

There are two forms of power, one is used for control, political power, the other is true power, the benevolent power of Love. But as you progress in your awareness, you will find the distinction of power less a case of good and evil and more of a case between love and deceptive concepts of power. It is about more subtle energies. There are energies that desire one movement or direction and there are energies that would necessitate a different and more refined understanding. The challenge remains in putting all the pieces together and this is not an easy task.

Sexual Integrity

True love is a frequency. It is not emotional passion, it is not romance, and it is not sexual, in your terms.  Above duality, in your true essence, you are androgynous, integral, whole and non gendered. Only in the polarity plane of the physical realm does gender orientation occur.  In your present time and plane of existence the physical drive for sexual fertilization is within the current DNA model to preserve the survival of the species. This is neither needed or present in your higher self, above duality.

Sexuality is another area that is very complex, very confusing for many of you. It is an area that requires impeccability.

Throughout the eons of time there have been many systems of belief, many varied expressions, experiments and modalities within the various cultures across the planet on sexual expression within biology. Some were very inhibited others extremely liberal. The deeper bonds of biological and spiritual love lie at the basis of all personal and cultural relationships, but there is a higher love that transcends well above your cultural and religious programming of sexuality.

Religion and culturally pressed morality standards in your present paradigm, influence a great deal of oppression in terms of sexual expression. The resulting overly specific sexual orientation, then, reflects a firm division in consciousness. It not only separates the male  from the more nurturing emotional impulses, but also can separate the female from her own freedoms to project strength and intellect It effectively formulates a restrictive culture in which mind and heart, strength and nurturing are divorced into polarity via gender.

Intimacy and sexual expression are vehicles for expressing non-physical energy in physical ways. Sexuality can be sacred, or it can be mere lust. When it is a spiritual expression of physicalized soul-union it is experienced as far more than a physical act and is done from higher chakra intent and manifestation. In this instance the vital life-energy expended is amplified, sanctified and returned to the energy field of the participants and increases their vitality and balance. Each records the soul imprint of the other.

This is however, not the case when it is expressed on physical urge alone for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. When sexuality is enacted purely for physical hungers, the vital energy is simply expended, spent, and is not returned to the human energy field. Indeed it some cases, the act when based on selfishness and gratification alone, leaves the electro-magnetic field somewhat ruptured, and energy bleed can occur.
Most humans in your present society have conflicted issues around their sexuality and sexual expression. Sexuality is a format that can merge two souls into blissful unity as one, but it can also express one as One. It is the qualitative aspect of the participants intent that determines the level of specific chakric flow, whether or not it is done in highest elucidation, you see.

It is not ironic, that many of you will achieve the highest balance in your lives, only after your body ceases to produce sexual hormones.

Yet the release of kundalini, of chi through the sexual act is among the most powerful energies available to mankind. It has been used for good and has fallen into wasteful misappropriation. The key is intent.

When there is consensual attraction teamed with caring and mutual respect it can be exquisitely sensual, beautiful, and sacred. It is capable of transporting the spirit to higher realms, companioning the trinity of body, mind and soul.   When this occurs, particularly among members of the same soul guild, there is an energy imprint imparted and a synergistic effect that is extremely beneficial on many levels.
Sexuality is the natural expression of love that flowers between souls. It can be the highest natural expression of love between people, regardless of gender. Yet it can become a source of guilt, a source of control, and a source of bias and judgment. It can become a source of self aggrandizement, and addiction particularly among those of the male gender, because the male drive to reproduction is hardwired, so to speak, in the corporeal. As such it is often misunderstood, and even more often misused.
Relationships should be based on agreement, and the freedom of this expression should be honoured, yet optimally aligned with the higher chakras. Dominance of one over the other is not congruent with true love in relationships of any nature.

High intent within sexuality is extremely beneficial on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. It can be a source of rejuvenation and regeneration. Yet some choose sexual expressions that border on debauchery, manipulation, greed, self-aggrandizement, conquest and a sadly misaligned addiction to physical orgasm.

Without judgment, we tell you that sexual energy is a gift of sublime exquisite energy, and when used in higher intent, offers a glimpse into the sacred orgasmic bliss of the celestial realms. It is life force and should be used wisely, encompassing the body, mind and spirit.

When sexual expression is duly chosen, its responsible unfoldment with highest intent, through heart-sharing and love is an aspect of crystalline impeccability.

Unresolved Energy Blockage 

Masters on the final walk of Mastery, most of your major issues have been dealt with, and we honour you for that. What remains may however be elusive to confront. And it is important to confront any and all unresolved issues and energies.

We say this without judgement. We point this out in order to assist you. For in time all must be dealt with. The more advanced you become, the more difficult it can be to sweep up the last remaining bits of unresolved issues, because they are often well hidden. The unresolved energy, the final issues can become polarized and repelled outside your mental field, forgotten in the residues of many lifetimes. Dear Hearts, take time to  self review in multidimensional, Mer-Ka-Na aspect. Please determine what is left to be worked on.   

Polarity Physics 
Masters, the closer you get to light, and the stronger you attract the dark. Light attracts bugs ! The more you advance, the more criticism you will draw, and that requires wisdom to deal with.

The polarity aspect of the  'Law of Opposite Attraction'  herewith comes into play. From a state of detachment what takes place is electromagnetics. Pure positive energy has the greatest 'magnetic' attraction to negative energy. So as your light shines brighter, the magnetic to polar opposite increases. It can be managed, but you must have the light, humility, the strength and discipline to deflect it.

So dealing with affronts, the  hard energy of jealousy, hatred and anger are an important piece of the puzzle in achieving the Master level of Impeccability. 

How do you deal with this?  Don't take anything personally is perhaps easier said than done, but it is quite true. Your bible talks of turning the other cheek. But this  doesn't mean you apologize when someone steps on your foot. Part of the paradox is indeed standing up for your truth. But it does mean you don't step on the feet of others, intentionally or otherwise. Do you understand?

Standing in your truth is peaceful action. It is a benevolent expression of aggression that allows grace and dignity to be retained on both sides of any conflict or attack. It sends the attacking energy back to its source,  but without malice and with  love. 

Each of you has an opportunity to stand in impeccability within any conflict. You can deal with conflict, without engaging it. Do you understand? Deal with, face it from a stance of emotional detachment, as the observer, and that is not easy, yet it is the way of the Master. It is how you 'Don't take anything personally' you detach the emotional reaction.

Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you encompass Mastery level Impeccability, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person's truth, you encompass integrity. 

The divine mind is only achieved, only accessed through crystalline Mer-Ka-Na resonance, within crystalline thought waves. Crystalline thought is above emotion, above petty feelings. It is achieved in detachment. It is the crystalline lake of Shambala, of true Nirvana, as smooth as glass, no waves distorting its mirrored visage.


In closing we offer our blessings and gratitude for your seeking.

What is more precious than your  life and its divine purpose?

Your role now and tomorrow is ever  to seek fulfillment, understanding and impeccable unfoldment. Your divine mission  can and will create a beautiful merging of purposeful experiential reality....of dancing in joyous starlight and projecting the rays of that crystalline beauty to all around you.  

There is no ecstasy more supreme than achieving the Divine mind. It is why you are here. You are of the  realm of Creatorship, of Mastery, and you are far closer to its physical manifestation than you know. Dear Ones, YOU created the Ascension, and it is dawning now. We honour you. The heralded time you have dreamed of awaits you Dear Ones.
I am Metatron, and you are beloved.

And so it is.”

Friday, April 15, 2011

Realities and Pyramid Energy Gestalts

From Book 3 of the Seth Early Sessions (Session 95):

"There is no one reality. There are many, in fact infinite, realities. There is no beginning and end. When beginnings and endings are spoken of, the implication is always there, that there must be but one reality, ant that it must have a beginning in time and and ending in time."

... "Realities merge, one into the other. Personalities, or any type of individualized energy, may pass through various realities. The appearance of energy in one form could be said to end in that form were it not for the existence of the spacious present, in which all realities are simultaneous."

... "It is true that the pyramid gestalts of which I have spoken can be said to merge into what you may refer to as a unitary and even sublime being, but this is grossly simplified.

"We shall have a session dealing almost entirely with the nature of energy gestalts, and you will see that while these pyramid energy gestalts do, on the one hand, achieve a unitary character and sublime intelligence, on the other hand they form only an approximation of humanity's concept of a God. This unitary gestalt which we may call, and I prefer it to the word God, the primary energy gestalt.

"This primary energy gestalt may be thought of as straddling all realities, or existing in the infinite realities of which we have spoken. Yet in this prime gestalt that is unitary, there is again an infinite diversity and literally numberless personalities. Nor are these personalities that compose the prime psychic gestalt dependent or submissive to any one dominating personality within the gestalt.

"This material will take some studying. You will perhaps recognize a certain similarity between this concept and the Christian concept of a Trinity, except that the Trinity concept, while hinting at diversity within prime unity, was nevertheless distorted by man's own sense of his own adopted and unfortunate delusion of duality.

"The Trinity concept in your terms was a masculine one, projecting to the one God concept the duality which all mankind feels, but because the theory originated with the male, the duality is expressed in terms of the male viewpoint.

"You have in the Trinity Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Here man attempts to externalize a division he feels within himself, individually. He is a son, and then a father, and always within him he feels that part or inner self which cannot be seen by another, which is neither father nor son, but which is within him while he is father, and while he is son.

"This of course being the Holy Ghost, or rather that which he thought of in such terms. When he attempted to further formulate his God concept he then projected upon it those mysteries of self.

... "As you know, inner data must be perceived through the inner senses. In formulating a theory concerning the primary energy gestalt, the data is distorted by the peculiar set of outer sensory equipment characteristic of any given plane of reality. This is known, that man forms his god in his own image.

"The irony is that in part this image will be true. That is, it will represent one facet of the primary gestalt, but a facet so infinitesimal in the overall reality of the primary gestalt that it distorts beyond all recognition. Only by escaping momentarily from camouflage data can any larger concept be obtained.

"A personality in the primary gestalt is indeed focused upon your present plane of reality, but to suppose that the whole primary gestalt is so focused represents mankind's ego playing with one of its most preposterous proposals.

"The primary energy gestalt did not have a beginning in time, nor will it end in time. It is a result of an expansion, again, in terms of value fulfillment, an expansion that has nothing to do with either time or space as men conceive them.

"The expansion resulted from a contraction of energy, but because of the unique attributes inherent in both value fulfillment and in the spacious present, there simply was not an initial or first contraction or expansion.

"I will not say that there was, simply in order to make the material appear more logical, since only appearances can be made logical because they deal with, that is appearances deal with, data that you are physically equipped to handle.

"You create appearances. You create outer senses to perceive the appearances, and so what you perceive through the outer senses seems logical indeed. But again, there are infinite realities, as vivid, and some indescribably more vivid than your own, but presently you are not focused upon them.

"And since you are not, you do not have the peculiar sets of camouflage perceptors necessary to experience existence within them. Now. Within the same space and time that you at this moment occupy, there are numberless planes of reality. You simply do not have the camouflage equipment to perceive them.

"They, or the inhabitants of such realities, do not perceive your plane of existence for the same reason. This does not mean that any one field or plane is more valid than another. The closest field or plane is that one that you create, that you call the dream world, and that you imagine to be unsubstantial, impermanent, fleeting, having no reality except during your own contact with it.

"It may be thought of in an analogy, as a shadow, in that you create it or project it, but without conscious knowledge. It is a natural consequence of your own existence. But it does not vanish when the ego blots out the inner light from the whole self. Its existence is as permanent as your own.

"You know then from past discussions that the dream world as you know it is the result of your awareness of a plane of existence which you help create, and in which you manipulate. In other words, on an unconscious level you here manipulate in another plane of existence entirely, one in which your conscious camouflage ego may not enter.

"It is not part of the particular camouflage necessities on that plane. Now. At other levels you exist and manipulate on other planes, which are consciously unknown to you, planes which are as valid as your own, and in which your existence is also a natural result of your own psychic makeup. I am referring here of course to all individuals.

"This has nothing to do with reincarnation, but involves levels of experience, manipulations in other realities, that are a natural result of the psycho-physical gestalt of a human individual.

"The chemical and electrical construction of the human individual opens other pathways, and requires other activities in other fields than those with which the conscious ego is familiar. The mechanics are not important, but as dreaming is partially caused by chemical poisons that make dreaming a necessity for physical survival, so there are other mechanisms of this kind that are actually doorways, built within and natural to the physical mechanism, that at the same time necessitate experience upon other fields of reality.

"Many purposes are thereby served. You have a focus in many more worlds than you know. One is a conceptual energy force reality which is much more than some theoretical world of ideas, but a reality in which individual energy is used in a constant manipulation of idea or concepts into constructions that, while not physical in your terms, is nevertheless a vivid and actual, concrete field of manipulated and applied force in which matter may be, but is not always an end result.

"This matter does not appear however in your universe, but is outside of it."

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the Beginning

Here is a lengthy quote from Session 95 of the Early Sessions of The Seth Material found in Book 3. It talkes about our mistaken concept of things having a beginning (e.g. a big bang for the universe) and that leads into a fascinating perspective on the personality, free will, and the over-arching universal law of Value Fulfillment. Enjoy!

"Earlier I mentioned that your concept, distorted concept of cause and effect, led to the idea that all things must have a beginning and an end.

"Also I mentioned that the spacious present knows no beginning or end, and that energy, of which everything is composed, can never be withdrawn. Nor can individualized energy ever lose its individuality, nor in a very actual sense can anything which has ever existed go out of existence, but merely change its form.

"Since energy cannot be withdrawn but only change its form, then there can be no ending, but only a contraction such as that which I have earlier explained. And expansion must then follow, the expansion in your terms bringing a new beginning."

... "Energy is self-perpetuating. The universe and all planes and universes of existence, come indeed from what you may call energy, vitality, idea; or ... from a personality essence or psychic gestalt which you may refer to as God if you prefer. And this statement is an extremely simplified version of actuality.

... "Before any universe as you know it, or as I know it, existed, there was first a striving. To make this as simple as possible is difficult, since it has been simplified for me. In ultimate terms, there is and never was a beginning ... This strains the intellect, and so I will say that in your practical terms, of which we have somewhat spoken in the past, there was what you may all refer to as a beginning, when strife and striving and a wish to be formed itself and gathered itself sufficiently together to form a contracted whole in which all possibilities were latent.

"You will ask me, then, the source of the wish to be. You will of course ask me the source of the source, and I will say again that only within the framework of your intense but limited camouflage universe does such a question have any meaning or validity.

... "I must however substitute the word God for energy, but still say that energy always was and always will be.

"It is not to minimize the importance of the intellect that I once again repeat: Inner reality will only be known directly through the inner self, and the inner senses. The intellect must deal and interpret the realities of camouflage existence, this being its purpose.

"There is a constant, ever-enfolding and ever-expanding reality. The pyramids of psychic gestalts of which I have spoken represent in your terms all beginnings and all endings, which again expand into new beginnings and new forms.

"... read the sessions dealing particularly with the laws of the universe, that is with the inner laws of the universe, appreciating then the facts that this universe within all universes is spontaneous while having durability. It would be backtracking to repeat that long discussion, but as the inner universe has as its attributes spontaneity and durability, and as the spacious present is simultaneous while containing with it all pasts and all presents and all futures, and ... understand the meaning of expansion in terms not of time or of space but of value fulfillment, so ... no contradiction occurs with actual reality when I say that there is no beginning and no end.

... "As there is in actuality no beginning or end to a dream, so there is no beginning or end to any reality. A dream does not then begin and end, only your awareness of a dream begins and ends.

"You come into awareness of a dream, and you leave awareness of a dream, but the dreams that you seem to dream tonight have been long in existence, in your terms of time. They seem to begin tonight because you are aware of them tonight, so you think that reality must begin and end.

"You indeed create your own dreams ... Nevertheless, you do not create your own dreams during a specific point in time. The beginnings, to use that distortive term again, the beginnings of dreams reach back into past lives of which you are not aware, and beyond even this the origins are part of a heritage before your planet even existed.

"For every consciousness on your plane, or any other plane, existed simultaneously and in essence even before what you may call the beginning of your world. And what you are yet to be existed then and still exists now; and not as some still unfulfilled possibility, be exists in actuality.

"What you will be, ... , you all are now, not in some misty half-real form, but in the most real sense. You simply are not aware of these selves anymore on a conscious level than you are aware of what you refer to as past selves.

"The material that I have given you concerning the nature of planes will be quite handy here. I have told you that a plane is not necessarily a planet, nor a place, but even a mere focus of awareness. A dream is an awareness of and existence in another plane, whereby the self changes focus to keep in touch with the various portions of itself so that inner communication can be maintained.

"... read the material dealing with the perspective universe, in which the dream is projected into a changing but durable and quite real existence, independent of the dreamer.

"Now. I have said that any of you and all of you create a dream universe of validity, actuality, durability, and ... self-determination, in the same manner that the entity projects the reality of its various personalities. As there is no contact between the entity and the ordinary conscious ego, so there is no contact on a conscious level between the self who dreams and the dream world which has its own independent existence.

"And in the same way that the dream world has no beginning or end, neither does the universe with which you are familiar. No energy can be withdrawn, and this includes the energy used in the continuous subconscious construction of the dream world. You continually create it, have always created it. It is a product of your own existence, and you can neither consciously call it into existence nor destroy it.

"We will now come to one main attribute then of all reality, and of that that is as ultimate as anything I know - that energy gestalt which may be called God.

"For a compulsion is here that becomes an attribute, and this compulsion gives its opposite face a human character. For the one main and ultimate attribute or characteristic of this infinite energy is the compulsion to be. This is the driving force, the one main law from which value fulfillment then flows.

... "My dear friends. There are no ends that must be accomplished by any given personality, no ends that must be gained by a personality for the entity.

"There are only various planes of existence in which energy wishes, or may wish, to manifest itself. The entity then projects a personality within that plane of existence, equipping it with whatever camouflage senses, mechanisms, and protections that are necessary for survival on that plane.

"The personality is on its own, with what you may call the power of self-determination and free will. If you had thoroughly remembered our material on value fulfillment, you would know that the only detriment to so-called free will is the built-in necessity for value fulfillment. The personality must gain experience, in other words, on a particular level of existence, on which or within which it operates, and it cannot choose otherwise. It must experience existence on the particular level on which it has been projected.

"No child, no infant commits suicide. It is impossible. The adult who commits suicide has still gained experience to some degree within your plane. This law, the necessity for experience, operates only after complete materialization and orientation within your plane.

"A child is not completely materialized upon your plane, nor is he oriented. A personality may refuse to gain such experience before actual birth upon your plane. This necessity for value fulfillment through experience upon a particular existence plane, is the only detriment, if you wish to think of it that way, to free will.

"Now. No other commands are built-in, no other prohibitions given. But built-in of course into this necessity for experience, is the compulsion toward value-fulfillment, and as you know this does not apply alone to growth, which is in itself a camouflage materialization of value fulfillment along one line only.

"Personalities may indeed become entities. One personality may not be but one personality in your terms, as I have mentioned a man being one personality may be seen in terms of a father, a teacher, an artist, a community member and so forth.

"The father does not negate the reality of, say, the artist. The father does not rob the artist of free will, nor does the entity rob the personality of free will. It is the personality who makes the choices. The entity may not either aid or prevent any choice that the personality may make. The entity may not like any particular choice made by the personality, but he, the entity, cannot change the course that the personality chooses to take.

"If you say that the personality cannot take any choice of which the entity is not aware, then this is true; but it is also true that the entity is utterly incapable of changing that choice made by the personality, even though the entity knows about the choice ahead of time, so to speak.

"With his superior knowledge the entity must leave hands off. His, the entity's, only hope is to allow the personality complete independence, for it is the personality who understands more clearly than he the conditions of the particular plane upon which his existence happens.

"There is here no puppet, and there is no hand that moves the strings. If there were you see, you would indeed have a much more perfect world, but you would not have that one built-in prerequisite: complete as possible existence within all facets, and manipulation within all facets, of a given plane.

"Now. What you call karma has meaning only in basic terms within your particular plane. I do not want to get too complicated. Nevertheless personalities on your plane work out individual problems within that plane through various existences. Here we have also free will, but continuity so to speak of purposes. No purpose is forced upon any personality. He, the personality, adopts in various reincarnations upon your plane those purposes most in keeping with his own needs. ... levels of existence do not necessarily imply higher or lower levels, but concentric levels, even as the layers of the subconscious do not imply upper and lower levels, but are merely terms used for the sake of simplicity."

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Brain as Metaphor for the Inner Self

In the excerpt below from Session 93 of the Seth Early Sessions, Seth describes our Inner Being as being one and yet compartmentalized for efficiency. In our illusion of physical reality (camouflage reality) we have constructed a brain which beautifully symbollizes that structure. Seth also goes on to point out that consciousness isn't a being, rather its the current focus of the Inner Self. This is very Zen!

While the self is whole, it is however compartmentalized for efficiency's sake, but beneath consciousness the doors are open. Again, the conscious self is most necessary. However it cannot be stressed too strongly that consciousness is merely a state of focus, and not a self.

"Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks at any given time.

"That is perhaps the most important sentence of this session, and many others. For the direction of focus of the self does indeed change, and even in your own daily lives you experience the fact that what is conscious today may not be tomorrow.

"The self, in this manner, looks about. The direction in which the self looks is not the self. In dreams the self looks elsewhere, and the "I" is a conscious "I", and the working ability is tremendous. The inner self perceives realities that it observes in many directions, being free from the intense focus within limited directions of camouflage existence.

"It often constructs its dreams in such a way that the symbols within will sift through all areas that are themselves less able to survey large vistas, but whose energies are focused along specific lines.

"Without dreams the whole self would have no way of holding its various manifestations together, and the so-called conscious present personality would soon falter. Imagine if you will now a band of men, some in cars with the high beams of the headlights gleaming, so that some generalized conditions can be seen; and some with low beams showing only the road that the automobiles directly pass. The men can be compared to personified areas of the subconscious, with partial vision of existing conditions.