Friday, June 30, 2017

Thoughts and feelings

The Transcendors (channelled by Rik Thurston) had said that we live in a "third dimensional reality" which is in the form of a duality hosted by Gaia with three spatial dimensions and one time dimension.  A "first dimensional reality" is pure feeling.  A "second dimensional reality" is pure thought.  A "third dimensional reality" is the synergy of thought and feeling. 

As Seth, various other channels, and even particle physicists have said, our 3-D linear time based reality is one instance out of an unlimited number of realities of various dimensions (note dimensions refer to space while "dimensional" refers to a property of the underlying consciousness).  Furthermore, we have chosen the simplest of all 3-D representations - a duality - based on subject-object, me-not me, 1 and 0, black and white, etc. 

When one considers the vast, unlimited range of dimensional consciousness; the possible multiple dimensions of time, space, and whatever; and potential logical systems more complex than our two-valued logic ... one comes to the conclusion that we are experiencing the simplest, non-trivial, non-boring reality possible.  No wonder we can never understand life or "God" and no wonder we can never manifest our conception of a potential Utopian dream.

The bottom line is we are here to master the art of creating with both thought and feeling consciously.  We are doing it all anyway, but we aren't aware of how we are doing it. 

"You live in a physical community, but you live first of all in a community of thoughts and feelings.  These trigger your physical actions.  They directly affect the behavior of your body.
"... The quality of life is important above all.
"... The world of thought and feelings may be invisible, and yet it activates all physical systems with which you are acquainted."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Make the most of each moment - for yourself and humanity

Today's Seth quote provides a much more believable explanation of the diversity of life on this planet and the fundamental nature of cooperation among species which is so essential for long term survival.  It's about the quality of the experience and not "survival of the fittest".  When you think in terms of multiple universes, unlimited time, and free will ... it seems obvious that individuals and species will be drawn to the most rewarding experiences that resonate with their consciousness and energy.  People, like species, exit a plane or incarnation when they're done or bored ... then they move on, ad infinitum.  It's our destiny, our job, in this life to make the most of each moment.  We're here to express our vitality with love and exuberance.

Make each moment count ... for yourself, humanity and the planet!  Enjoy!

"There has been great discussion in past years about the survival of the fittest, in Darwinian terms, but little emphasis is placed upon the quality of life, or of survival itself; or in human terms, [there has been] little probing into the question of what makes life worthwhile.  Quite simply, if life is not worthwhile, no species will have a reason to continue.
"Civilizations are literally social species.  They die when they see no reason to live, yet they seed other civilizations.  Your private mental states en masse bring about the mass cultural stance of your civilization.  To some extent, then, the survival of your civilization is quite literally dependent upon the condition of each individual; and that condition is initially a spiritual, psychic state that gives birth to the physical organism.  That organism is intimately connected to the natural biological state of each other person, and to each other living thing, or entity, however minute.
"Despite all "realistic" pragmatic tales to the contrary, the natural state of life itself is one of joy, acquiescence with itself - a state in which action is effective, and the power to act is a natural right."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seth on vaccination

Today's Seth makes a lot of sense ... more sense than the polarized pro-vaccination/anti-vaccination extremist fights we see in the media.  It always seemed funny to me that people who have been vaccinated are afraid to meet someone who isn't ... doesn't that mean that they believe the vaccination won't work?  So much for logic in political debates.  Ultimately it's all about belief ... YCYOR!

"In the case of any given disease this procedure might work quite well for those who believe in it.  It is, however, the belief, and not the procedure, that works.
"I am not recommending that you abandon the procedure when it obviously works for so many - yet you should understand why it brings about the desired result.
"Such medical technology is highly specific, however.  You cannot be inoculated with the desire to live, or with the zest, delight, or contentment of the healthy animal.  If you have decided to die, protected from one disease in such a manner, you will promptly come down with another, or have an accident.  The immunization, while specifically effective, may only reinforce prior beliefs about the body's ineffectiveness.  It may appear that left alone the body would surely develop whatever disease might be "fashionable" at the time, so that the specific victory might result in the ultimate defeat as far as your beliefs are concerned."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The significance of epidemics

Today's Seth speaks to the underlying significance of epidemics as feedback from the species that, as a group, we're making poor choices and holding debilitating beliefs.  If you look at the health statistics for the United States, for example, there is rampant obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.  ... not to mention shootings.  Seth's message about this would be pretty clear ... the belief system is toxic and so is the environment. 

Unfortunately, we don't see physical reality as the feedback system that it is (at both the individual and group level).  So, instead of correcting the social issues, we look to technology to "fix" us and our bodies. 

This approach is pretty tangible proof that our reality is kindergarten in the overall school of elegant creation!

Have fun, create a beautiful loving day!!!

"There are also even deeper biological connections with the heart of nature.  You are biological creatures.  Your proud human consciousness rests on the vast "unconscious" integrity of your physical being.  In that regard your consciousness is as natural as your toe.  In terms of the species' integrity, your mental states are, then, highly important.  Despair or apathy is a biological "enemy".  Social conditions, political states, economic policies, and even religious philosophical frameworks that foster such mental states, bring about a biological retaliation.  They act life fire applied to a plant.
"The epidemics then serve many purposes - warning that certain conditions will not be tolerated.  There is a biological outrage that will be continually expressed until the conditions are changed."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

Monday, June 26, 2017


Today's Seth talks some more about epidemics and the impact of despair at the individual and the group level.  One only has to look at the news to see some of the desperate situations large groups are subjected too, either through terrorism, or wars, climate change, failed economies ... and the list goes on.  It's amazing that we don't see more epidemics given the potential for mass despair in many areas of the world.

"The environment in which an outbreak occurs points at the political, sociological, and economic conditions that have evolved, causing such disorder.  Often such outbreaks take place after ineffective political or social action - that is, after some unified mass social protest - has failed, or is considered hopeless.  They often occur also in wartime on the part of a populace [that] is against a given war in which [its] country is involved.
"Initially there is a psychic contagion: Despair moves faster than a mosquito, or any outward carrier of a given disease.  The mental state brings about the activation of a virus that is, in those terms, passive.
"Despair may seem passive only because it feels that exterior action is hopeless - but its fires rage inwardly, and that kind of contagion can leap from bed to bed and from heart to heart.  It touches those, however, who are in the same state only, and to some extent it brings about an acceleration in which something can indeed be done in terms of group action."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Illness and epidemics

Today's Seth shows another dimension of that mantra "You Create Your Own Reality" or YCYOR for short. 

We've been conditioned to believe that illness happens to us, that viruses cause illness, that genetics determines our fate, etc.  While it may look like that in an objective reality where technology is king, this is not in fact the case. 

I recall reading a story from the time that the theory that illness was caused by bacteria and viruses was created.  Apparently, there was a scientist who drank a glass of water infected with plague or something like that and showed no ill effects ... to prove that his theory, that large populations of a certain bacteria or virus were indicators of a pre-existing illness, and that illness was not caused by these pathogens.  As we know, he was outvoted by "scientists".  But, basically, Seth tells us that this "rebel" scientists was, in fact, correct.

Have a healthy, happy, loving day.

"Many viruses inherently capable of causing death, in normal conditions contribute to the overall health of the body, existing side by side as it were with other viruses, each contributing quite necessary activities that maintain bodily equilibrium.
"If [certain viruses] are triggered, however, to higher activity or overproduction by mental states, they then become "deadly".  Physically they may be passed on in whatever manner is peculiar to a specific strain.  Literally, individual mental problems of sufficient severity emerge as social, mass disease.
"The environment in which an outbreak occurs points at the political, sociological, and economic conditions that have evolved, causing such disorder."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 802)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We choose to be born, we choose to die, we choose everything in between ... choose well

We often get swept up in our illusion and believe that reality happens to us.  We believe in duality where there is a me and an everything else which is separate from that me and out of its direct control.  We totally forget that we chose to be here, we chose every detail for our launch into this epoch ... time, place, parents, even our name ... and similarly we choose how and when we exit (aka die) and wake up to our Real Self.  As Edgar Cayce has said, life is the experience of our choices ... from start to finish and everything in between.

We chose to be here when humankind and Gaia starts the process of waking up.  It pays to remember that and to make beautiful choices along the way that help us all have a more elegant ride

"It is not understood that before life an individual decides to live.  A self is not simply the accidental personification of the body's biological mechanism.  Each person born desires to be born.  He dies when that desire no longer operates.  No epidemic or illness or natural disaster - or stray bullet from a murderer's gun - will kill a person who does not want to die.
"... This does not mean that such individuals make a conscious decision to die, in your terms: But such decisions are often semiconscious."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 801)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Self Outgrows the Flesh

In many ways, we're in Kindergarten in terms of dualistic, linear reality manufacturing.  Basically, we're using stick figures and thick crayons to portray the vastness and delightful complexity of All That Is.

There's so much more out there, but first we need to get a grip on this basic level of manifestation and own the implications of our actions before we're ready to graduate and move on.  In the meantime, life's moments really are about the subjective experience of our reality and to see the underlying love, vitality and exuberance in everything around us.

It's important for Kindergarten to function that we graduate and move on.  It's also important for us to put down our crayons and explore the universe. 

So much for Ray Kurzweil and his attempts to "hack" the body to achieve immortality in flesh ... that's a bit like having an unlimited supply of crayons in Kindergarten!

"Dying is a biological necessity, not only for the individual, but to insure the continued vitality of the species.  Dying is a spiritual and psychological necessity, for after a while the exuberant, ever-renewed energies of the spirit can no longer be translated into flesh.
"Inherently, each individual knows that he or she must die physically in order to survive spiritually and psychically.  The self outgrows the flesh."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 801)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Roses or Thorns

Today's Seth quote is from The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events.  In many ways, it reminds me of Edgar Cayce's statement that life is the experience of our choices.

Enjoy roses ... thorns are overrated!

“You cannot begin to understand the nature of mass events of any kind unless you consider the even greater framework in which they have their existence.

“A person’s private experience happens in the context of his psychological and biological status, and basically cannot be separated from his religious and philosophical beliefs and sentiments, and his cultural environment and political framework.

“All of the issues form together to make a trellis of behavior.  Thorns or roses may grow therein.  That is, the individual will grow outward toward the world, encountering and forming a practical experience, traveling outward from his center in almost vine-like fashion, forming from the fabric of physical reality a conglomeration of pleasant or aesthetic, and unpleasant or prickly events.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 801)

Monday, June 19, 2017

How to find your psyche

Today's Seth really makes the point that if you want to know yourself, know the moment. 

Each moment is an expression of that Self that we're all seeking, expressed in symbolic terms and in a context of our choosing.  On one hand it seems obvious, on the other hand it seems way too simple.  Of course, we get blinders and filters installed throughout our life by our thoughts and cultural surroundings ... so knowing the Self really requires cleaning house in order to get a clearer perception of the wonder of Our Being!

Taste the coffee, smell the roses .... and LOVE! 

"You cannot find your psyche by thinking of it as a separate thing, like a fine jewel in an eternal closet.  You can only experience its strength and vitality by exploring the subjective reality that is your own, for it will lead you unerringly to that greater source of being that transcends both space and time."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Seek Exuberance

If we had to pick a single word as a mantra to hold in each moment of life, it would be “exuberance".  I think that word best expresses the absolute creative joy and love of All That Is.  The true state of All That Is is unknowable from our conscious perspective and our Inner Self spends an eternity in its exploration (though it never left being one with All That Is).  What a beautiful journey.

I picture Seth now as the most interesting man in the world (a beer commercial) who sums up by saying “Stay thirsty my friends!”  Seth would instead say “Stay exuberant my friends”.

“You are a portion of All That Is; therefore, the universe leans in your direction.  It gives.  It rings with vitality.  Then forsake beliefs that tell you otherwise.  Seek within yourself – each of you – those feelings of exuberance that you have, even if they are only occasional, and encourage those events or thoughts that bring them about.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Today’s Seth shows the importance of desire and being here now. 

Over the years I logged a bit of time at a couple Buddhist temples and there it often seems that the object of meditation is to eliminate desire … part of Buddha’s eight-fold way (or something like that) recipe for non attachment.  

Today's Seth quote speaks to the importance of desire and having a healthy lust for living in each moment in the Cosmic scheme of things.

Enjoy your moments!

“The greater sweep of the seasons represents the reaches of your soul.  You will not attain spirituality by turning your eyes away from nature, or by trying to disentangle yourself from it.  You will not “glimpse eternal life” by attempting to deny the life that you have now – for that life is your own unique path, and provides its own clues for you to follow.

“All That Is vibrates with desire.  The denial of desire will bring you only listlessness.  Those who deny desire are the most smitten by it.  Each of your lives are miniature and yet gigantic episodes, mortal and immortal at once, providing experiences that you form meaningfully, opening up dimensions of reality available to no one else, for no one can view existence from your standpoint.  No one can be you but you.  There are communications at other levels, but your experience of existence is completely original, to be treasured.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Being in your own reality

A little known thing about manifestation is that the issues that you came to experience most are always closest to you physically.  This is important, and is the basis of Seth's comment. 

It is important for each of us to fully experience our own physical "Now" moments.  This is the base from which our thoughts and feelings radiate to influence the course of humanity and the planet Gaia.  It is also the base from which we create new possibilities (for us and the world) and the base from which we select each and every "Now" moment. 

So, it is vitally important to stay grounded in our personal reality and to own the fact that we chose this experience.  Taste the coffee, smell the roses, love the moment exuberantly!

"Despite all appearances, conditions of an exterior nature do not cause wars, or poverty, or disease, or any of the unfortunate circumstances apparent in the world.  Your beliefs form your reality.  Your thoughts generate practical experience.  When these change, conditions will change.  To add your own energy, focus, and concentration to dire circumstances in other portions of the world does not help, but adds to such situations.
"To close your eyes to them in an ignorant fashion, to wash your hands of them, so to speak, is equally short-sighted.  To pretend such situations do not exist, out of fear of them, will only bring the feared reality closer.  It is far better to situate yourself firmly in your own reality, acknowledge it as your own, encourage your strength and creativity, and from that vantage point view those areas of the world or of your own society that need constructive help.  Purposefully in your own life, in your daily dialogues with others, in your relationships through your groups or clubs, reinforce as well as you can the strength and abilities of others.  That reinforcement will add to the personal power of all other individuals with whom those people come in contact."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Always look at the bright side of life ...

The subject (above) is a line from a song from Monty Python's Life of Brian ... sung by Brian and the other guys as they're hanging from their respective crosses at the end of the movie.  It kind of sums up Seth's idea here.  It's a basic principle of manifestation. 

The universe responds to what you place your attention on (without passing judgement).  Actually, it resonates with the feeling tone that you're radiating and you're underlying intent, not the words that you may be saying. 

Physical reality is a Cosmic feedback system for beginners in the art of creation ... hence it's no surprise that if you hold feelings, beliefs, etc. focused around "bad" things, then "bad" things appear in your reality or the reality of those who you know or read about.  Again, this is easy to say, but often hard to do because our physical reality perception machine (aka the body) comes equipped with powerful chemical messages called emotions and a linear 3D brain that is wired from birth to prepare for the worst (a survival instinct). 

Luckily, we can have moments of love and joy that override the brain wiring and recalibrate us to becoming more of the "godlet" that we have potential to be!

"You form your own reality.  That reality contributes to the experience of others, but each of you possesses a unique, original stance in space and time that is yours alone in quite practical terms, regardless of time's relative existence.
"Only when you operate from your own stance can you help others to the best of your ability.  To anticipate danger, or to imaginatively take on the troubles of others robs you of the very energy with which you could help them.  I am not saying, therefore, to turn your eyes from the unfortunate conditions of the world.  Practical help is needed in all areas of the human life.  Yet it is far better, and more practical ultimately, to concentrate upon the beneficial elements of civilization - far better to organize your thoughts in areas of accomplishment than to make mental lists of man's deficiencies and lacks."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 800)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Be Here Now

One of my favourite authors is Ram Dass ... one of Timothy Leary's compatriots who went to India (instead of prison) to see how good acid was by offering it to gurus.  They all said the same thing .. this stuff is pretty good but you don't need it and it will get in the way.  Eventually he met a guru and the stories of this man and the profound love of his protégés was enlightening and an inspiration.  "Be Here Now" was the title of Ram Dass's best known book ... "Still Here" was pretty good too!  Anyway, I find this Seth quote reminds me of Ram Dass!

Being here now is one of the most difficult life practices.  I meditated for years and went to a Buddhist temple for several years.  What I noticed was the immense, uplifting serenity I felt in a group meditation at a temple ... and how quickly that dissipated when I went out the door.  

"Whatever your scientists think, your body and your consciousness and your universe spring constantly into actualization.  Therefore, through cultivating the clear experience of your own consciousness and being with time and with the moment as you feel it, you can draw upon the greater vitality and power that is available.
"To do this, rely upon your immediate sense data ... That primary sense data, while pinpointed in the present, providing you with the necessary stance in time, still can open up to you the timelessness from which all time emerges, can bring you intuitive intimations, hinting at the true nature of the ever-present coming-to-be of the universe.
"That kind of experience will let you glimpse the larger patterns of man's creativity, and your part in it."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 799)

Monday, June 12, 2017

From Apprentice to Genius

I love this Seth quote and the idea of being a creative genius in apprenticeship. 

When we kick in the human  brain and logic, things generally get bad because we seem to be wired to think of all potential difficulties, dwell on them, and then watch them manifest.  That's why we're apprentices I guess. 

We also have a very rudimentary (3D, linear time, duality, true-false logic system, etc.) manifestation playground which in itself can never ever completely work but which is like making stick figure drawings of things beyond time, space and form ... the abstract feelings and gestalts of awareness that are hints of the vastness of the real reality.

“There are those who make careers of condemning the faults and failings of others, or of the species itself, and because of that attitude man’s great energy and good intent remain invisible.  Man is in the process of becoming.  His works are flawed – but they are the flawed apprentice works of a genius artist in the making, whose failures are indeed momentous and grotesque only in the light of his sensed genius, which ever leads him and directs him onward.

“When you are considering the future in your terms, constructive achievements are as realistic as destructive ones.  In those terms, each year of man’s existence in fact justifies a more optimistic rather than pessimistic view.  You cannot place man’s good intent outside of the physical context, for outside of that context you do not have the creature that you know.  You cannot say that nature is good, but spawned man, which is a cancer upon it, for nature would have better sense.  You cannot say, either that “Nature” will destroy man if he offends her, or that “Nature” has little use for its own species, but only wants to promote “Life” for “Nature” is within each member of each species; and without each member of each species, “Nature” could be nonexistent.

“Because you are natural creatures, within you there is a natural state of being.  That state can be an ever-present reservoir of peace, vitality, and understanding.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 799)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

We Chose This World

Today’s Seth quote is advice to Jane Roberts and her husband Rob Butts.  Like them we didn’t chose holocaust nor did we chose Utopia (world peace).  Instead we chose the struggle of humanity dealing with individual, group, and planetary issues in a context of duality … finding the balance between dark and light, truth and lies, self and other, responsibility and rights, etc.  We found it to be way more interesting to incarnate ourselves as us in this context … rather than read about it in a history book a thousand years from now in another lifetime.  What is interesting is that there really are no logically correct answers and absolutes … instead it’s all about what I call “local optimization”.  As human beings, we try to optimize things that impact us directly in a very narrow and limited domain of time and space.  Each layer of groupings all the way up to nations tend to do the same thing … particularly the U.S. under their current president.

The fundamental issue is that we are not separate but we cannot understand that in our dualistic logic system of true or false, black and white.  Imagine if the cells of our body, which are individuals having a very personal life experience in a collective called the human body … imagine if the cells of our body functioned like we do internationally.  That condition is known as cancer!

“(To Rob Butts:) Since your birth a probability has occurred that you could have followed in which your wars did not happen.  There is another probability in which the Second World War ended in nuclear destruction, and you did not enter that one either.  You chose “this” probable reality in order to ask certain questions about the nature of man – seeing him where he wavered equally between creativity and destruction, knowledge and ignorance; but a point that contained potentials for the most auspicious kinds of development, in your eyes.  The same applies to Ruburt.

“In a way, man is trans-species at this point in probability.  It is a time and a probability in which every bit of help is needed, and your talents, abilities, and prejudices made you both uniquely fitted for such a drama.  At the same time, do not dwell too much upon that world situation, for a concentration upon your own nature and upon the physical nature of your world – the seasons, and so forth – allows you to refresh your own energy, and frees you to take advantage of that clear vision that is so necessary.”

(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)

Friday, June 9, 2017

Each Moment Is Brand New

If you ever read the third book in the Oversoul Seven trilogy, you's see a story really built around this idea. 

Sometimes I get up in the morning purposefully looking for clues as to whether I'm on a different "world line" than when I went to bed.  As Seth points out, you can't tell because these jumps are literally invisible physically.  My only clues are how people behave differently from moment to moment. 

When you remember that our universe blinks in and out of physicality so that, to us, it looks like we sense things about 50 times a second (that's what the brain is tuned to) then it's no surprise that we can "blink" back to a slightly different reality. Since we hold such a strong belief in continuity of space and continuity of linear time, then there is usually no major change from blink to blink. 

What is even more interesting, each new moment comes with a completely consistent set of past "memories" and future probabilities ... so memory doesn't work to spot the change. 

What a neat reality we live in!  Enjoy!

"It seems also that the future must be built upon that one known species or world past.  Often it may simply sound like a figure of speech when I talk about probabilities.  In many ways it may indeed appear to be almost outrageous to consider the possibility that "there is more than one earth", or that there are many earths, each similar enough to be recognizable, yet each different in the most vital respects.
"This particular house exists.  Yet you may open the door on any given day to a probable world from your immediate standpoint, and never know the difference.  This happens all the time, and I mean all the time.
"You move through probabilities without knowing it.  The transitions are literally invisible to you, though they may appear as trace elements in your dreams.  As a diamond has many facets, so does your reality in that regard."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Living Love-In

Seth's message today highlights the fundamental cooperation (at all levels of physical reality) required to create us and the world.  Atoms form molecules out of love and value fulfillment (expanding experience).  Similarly, living cells and material objects are formed by the loving cooperation and sheer joy of molecular attraction.  This goes all the way up to bodies, species, the planet, the solar system, the universe, the Cosmos, All That Is ... everything is a living love-in at greater and greater scope and scale.  This is a way better (and more accurate) understanding of life on earth than Darwin could ever have dreamed of.

Enjoy the experience!

"In other terms, the world comes to know itself, to discover itself, for the Planner left room for divine surprise, and the plan was nowhere foreordained; nor is there anywhere, within it anything that corresponds to your survival-of-the-fittest theories.
"These are creative distortions on your part, directly related to specializations of consciousness that cut you off from the greater concourse existing at other levels between the species and the land.  Again, consciousness everywhere pervades the universe, and is aware of all conditions.  The balance of nature upon your planet is no chance occurrence, but the result of constant, instant computations on the part of each most minute consciousness, whether it forms part of a rock, a person, an animal, a plant.  Each invisibly "holds space together", whatever its station.  This is a cooperative venture."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Where is space, when is time

An underlying theme of the Life of Al has been a quest to understand where space is and when time is and how we put all this stuff together (by the way, this has been an ongoing quest over many lifetimes ... and it likely will never end because it's basically unknowable! ... that makes for a great bucket list!).  That is why I studied theoretical physics and why that morphed into metaphysics for me.  Meditation has helped a lot to get a feel (gestalt of awareness) of how we do all this and to cruise the Cosmos in time and space, but the quest is really unending .. as is All That Is.

"The motion and energy of the universe still come from within.  ...
"Because each hypothetical, conceivable portion of the universe is conscious, the Planner is within the plan itself in the greatest of terms - perhaps basically inconceivable to you.  There is of course no "outside" into which the invisible universe materialized, since all does indeed exist in a mental, or psychic, or spiritual realm quite impossible to describe.  To you your universe seems, now, objective and real, and it seems to you that at one time at least this was not the case, so you ask about its creation and the evolution of the species.  My answer has been couched in the terms in which the question is generally asked.
"While you believe in and experience the passage of time, then such questions will naturally occur to you, and in that fashion.  Within that framework they make sense.  When you begin to question the nature of time itself, then the "when" of the universe is beside the point."
(The Nature of the Psyche, Session 797)