Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Paranoia of the isolated intellect

This is a great example of You Create Your Own Reality ... future possibilities that you place your attention and emotional energy upon grow and become self-fulfilling.  

Note that it doesn't matter whether you have positive or negative emotional attachment to the possibility of interest ... it's the intensity of the energetic charge and duration of attention that grows that possibility into a probability and a certainty in your personal reality.  It's a bit like watering a garden ... what you water will grow ... so choose flowers not weeds!

Note also that the universe responds to your state of being (your vibration) and not the words that the intellect produces.  One can mouth mantras until the cows come home, but if the energy being projected is neutral or that of disbelief, then nothing will happen.  Be Love and Be Joy then live a life of exuberance!

“The intellect, then can and does form strong paranoid tendencies when it is put in the position of believing that it must solve all personal problems alone – or nearly – and certainly when it is presented with any picture of worldwide predicaments.
“The rational approach, built up around this framework, insists that the best way to solve a problem is to concentrate upon it, to project its effects into the future, to ruminate upon its consequences, “to stare at the bare facts head on”.
“This brings about an atmosphere in which the problem is compounded.  The intellect on its own – so it seems – must deal not only with the problem today, but with its effects in the projected disastrous tomorrows.  This well-intentioned concentration, this determination to solve the problem, this rational approach, then causes an even deeper sense of inadequacy.  The concentration upon the problem brings about a kind of mechanical repetition, a repeated type of hypnotic focus.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative LivingSession Two)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Intellectual knowledge only the tip of the iceberg

“Now when you understand that intellectually, then the intellect can take it for granted that its own information is not all the information you possess.  It can realize that its own knowledge represents the tip of the iceberg.  As you apply that realization to your life you begin to realize furthermore that in practical terms you are indeed supported by a greater body of knowledge than you consciously realize, and by the magical, spontaneous fountain of action that forms your existence.  The intellect can then realize that it does not have to go it all alone: Everything does not have to be reasoned out, even to be understood.
“This information is factual.  I am not saying that I do not use analogies often, or that I am not forced at times into symbolic statements, but when I am I always say so, and even those statements are my best representations of facts too large for your definitions.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living, Session Two)

Monday, October 29, 2018

Intellect arises from the inner magical rationality

This Seth is getting pretty philosophical, so a lot of the ’New Age’ people skip over it because they don’t really want to think.

It is funny though, in a way, that all of our attempts to reverse engineer the psyche (from the ‘outside’ - from physical sensory experience - to the inner reality from which all of this arises) are doomed.  Physics has never been able to explain consciousness or the origin of matter, energy, etc. … rather, physics only attempts to create mathematical models to predict behaviour (i.e. to describe the predictable ticking of a clock but with no idea as to where the clock came from or how it was built).  Similarly, attempts to understand consciousness with the ‘intellect’ are doomed since consciousness gives rise to the material manifestation of time, space, brain and what we know of as ‘intellect’.  

In one of the Seth channellings, he coined the term “dream art scientist” to describe science based on inner (psychic) perceptions.  Alice Bailey did a bit of that when she drew a picture of an electron based upon her altered state of consciousness.  So it would appear that real scientific progress will happen when we lose our fixation on technology, laboratories, etc. and instead start working with our inner consciousness in harmony with the source of our being and start to commune with the sentience of atomic particles, other life forms, the planet we live in, the solar system, etc.

“It seems, because of the definitions you have been taught, that there is only one narrow kind of rationality, and that if you forsake the boundary of that narrow definition, then you become irrational, fanatic, mad, or whatever.
“The thin, cold “rationality” that is recognized as such is instead a fake veneer covering a far deeper spontaneous rationality, and it is the existence of that magical rationality that provides the basis for the intellect to begin with.  The rationality that you accept is then but one small clue as to the spontaneous inner rationality that is a part of each natural person.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session Two)

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Isolation of the Intellect

Seth’s observation that we isolate the intellect and rely totally on it in our society and culture is certainly as obvious today as it was in Jane Roberts’ day.  In fact, it’s getting worse with the pursuit of “machine intelligence” to mimic human intellect.  All of this is because of the denial by “science" that consciousness is pervasive and foundational to physical reality.  

Oh well, humanity apparently needs to explore all possible options before accepting the reality of our human existence.  

Until then, enjoy the dreams, insights, intuition, and creativity that exist in the magical lives that we live.

“It is not that you overuse the intellect as a culture, but that you rely upon it to the exclusion of all other faculties in your approach to life.
“The intellect is brilliant, but on its own, now, it is indeed in its way isolated both in time and space in a way that other portions of the personality are not.  When it is overly stressed, with all of the usual frameworks or rationales that go along with it, it can indeed become frightened, paranoid, because it cannot really perceive events until they have already occurred.  It does not know what will happen tomorrow, and since it is overly stressed, its paranoid tendencies can only fear the worst.
“Now those tendencies are not natural to the intellect, but only appear when it is forced to operate in such an isolated fashion – isolated not only in time and space, but psychologically isolated from other portions of the personality that are meant to bring it additional information that it does not possess, and a kind of magical support.”

(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session Two)

Friday, October 26, 2018

Purpose of "assembly-line" time

“The assembly-line time and the beliefs that go along with it have given you many benefits as a society, but it should not be forgotten that the entire framework was initially set up to cut down on impulses, creative thought, or any other activities that would lead to anything but the mindless repetition of one act after another.
“In other words, that entire framework is meant to give you a standardized, mass-produced version of reality.  None of its concepts can rationally be applied to creative endeavors.  The orientation that gives you the creative achievement lies in the opposite direction.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Creativity doesn't fit "Assembly-Line Time"

“Trying to fit the great thrust of creativity into assembly-line time is in itself bound to lead to conflicts, dissatisfactions, and frustrations.  If the proper creative and magical orientation is kept primarily in mind, other things will fall into place.  You do not say to the creative self, “Now it is 7:30.  People are at their assembly lines.  I am at my desk: produce.”
“Assembly-line time does not really value time – only as time can be used for definite prescribed purposes.  In that framework, to enjoy time becomes a weakness or a vice, and both of you to some extent have so considered time.  With creative people strongly gifted, as in your cases, the natural person is very prominent, no matter what you do.  It therefore strongly resents any basically meaningless constraints placed about its experience.  It knows, for example, how to enjoy each day, how to collect creative insights from each and every encounter, how to enrich itself physically through household chores or other activities.  It dislikes being told that it must work thus and so at command of unreasonable restraints.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Magical approach

“… the “magical approach” means that you actually change your methods of dealing with problems, achieving goals, and satisfying means.  You change over to the methods of the natural person.  They are indeed, then, a part of your private experience.  They are not esoteric methods, but you must be convinced that they are the natural methods by which man is meant to handle his problems and approach his challenges.
“I use the word “methods” because you understand it, but actually we are speaking about an approach to life, a magical or natural approach to life that is man’s version of the animal’s natural instinctive behavior in the universe.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Monday, October 22, 2018

Natural time

“I said that the artistic creator operates in the time of the seasons and so forth, in a kind of natural time – but that natural time is far different than you suppose.  Far richer, and it turns inward and outward and backward and forward upon itself.
“Being your own natural and magical self when you dream, you utilize information that is outside of the time context experienced by the so-called rational mind.  The creative abilities operate in the same fashion, appearing within consecutive time, but with the main work done outside of it entirely.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Natural Time and Cultural Time

“There is certainly a kind of natural physical time in your experience, and in the experience of any creature.  It involves the rhythm of the seasons – the days and nights and tides and so forth.  In the light of that kind of physical time, which is involved within earthly biology, there is no basic cultural time.  That is, to this natural rhythm you have culturally added the idea of clocks, moments and hours and so forth, which you have transposed over nature’s rhythms.
“Such a cultural time works well overall for the civilization that concentrates upon partialities, bits and pieces, assembly lines, promptness of appointments, and so forth.  It fits an industrialized society as you understand it.
“The time that any artistic creator is involved with follows earth’s own time, however.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Saturday, October 20, 2018

A different orientation

“The main point is indeed the importance of accepting a different kind of overall orientation – one that is indeed not any secondary adjunct, but a basic part of human nature.  As your own and Ruburt’s notes state, Ruburt’s more clearly, this involves an entirely different relationship of the self you know with time.  You can make your own connections here, as per Ruburt’s camera experience, and your own dreams of late.
“Important misunderstandings involving time have been in large measure responsible for many of Ruburt’s difficulties and also of your own, though they have been of a lesser nature.  All of this involves relating to reality in a more natural, and therefore magical, fashion.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Friday, October 19, 2018

Framework 2 and the Magical Approach

Recall Seth's definition of Framework 2:

The origin of your universe is nonphysical, and each event, however grand or minute, has its birth in the Framework 2 environment. Your physical universe arose from that inner framework, then, and continues to do so.
—Seth, The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 825

Here's today's Seth quote:

“The natural person is indeed the magical person, and you have both to some extent had very recent examples of such activity.  You were, and are, trying to teach yourselves something.  This is somewhat lengthy to unravel, but your behavior and experience, of course, is the result of your beliefs.  Framework 2 has been a rather fascinating but mainly hypothetical framework, in that neither of you have really been able to put it to any perceivable use in your terms. This is not to say it has not been operating.  You have not had the kind of feedback, however, that you want.
“When you were both intensely involved in your projects, just finished, you let much of your inner experience slide, relatively speaking.  The two of you operating together, however, then came up with an idea – an important one – that allows you to interpret the Framework 2 material in your own ways. You had instant feedback – the interplay of a creative nature between the two of you involving your dreams and the camera, and so forth.  You were each struck by the magical ease with which you seemed, certainly, to perceive and act upon information – information that you did not even realize you possessed.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative Living,Session One)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Nature is supernatural

“I hope that this book to some extent or another puts each of you in touch with your own inner psychological motion, your creative breath, so that you are invigorated and sense within your own minds and spirit a new promise, a new intent, and the exhilaration of earthly and spiritual strength.  You dwell in a state of natural grace that is quite alive and vital whether or not science decrees that consciousness possesses its own intent.  Nature is supernatural all the while, of course.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 941)

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Inner yearning for physical & psychic grace

“You may need some time before the old beliefs become less prominent, and finally fall into their proper decay – a decay, incidentally, that does indeed have its own kind of majesty, energy, and beauty. But the inner natural leanings of all of consciousness within the realms of your being now yearn for constructive change, clearer vision, to experience again their inherent sense of corporal spirituality, physical and psychic grace.  They want to sense again the effortless motion that is their natural birthright.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 941)

Monday, October 15, 2018

The inner world of reality

“The inner world of reality, the world of dreams, presents a model of existence in which new energy, vitality, and being is everywhere apparent, ready to come forward to form new transformations, new combinations of energy and desire.
“That inner psychological universe is a psychic gestalt, propelled, formed, sustained or driven by value fulfillment, love and desire, by the loving values that have no limit. The universe does not give up on itself, or on any of its creatures.  It is ruled by a different set of principles, a different set of values, and by inner cooperative exuberance.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 941)

Sunday, October 14, 2018

We have believed that life is a struggle

Our physical reality is a moment-by-moment representation of our evolving attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions shaped by our desire, imagination and expectation.  With this understanding, it is easy to see that if we hold a deep rooted belief in struggle, then our "manifestation machine" will dutifully crank out moments of physical experience which include "struggle" in a variety of contexts and creative ways ... until such time as we wake up and change that belief (and the beliefs associated with it).

The belief that life is a struggle was imprinted on our neuronal "wiring" as a child by our culture, our parents, their parents before them, etc. ("nurture") but a belief in struggle is not part of our DNA ("nature") - using Bruce Lipton's use of "nature" and "nurture".  As such, it can be "unlearned" ... and a life of love, abundance and exuberance can be embraced.


“You have lived in a world in which you believed you must struggle to survive – and so you have struggled.
“You have believed that the natural contours of nature were somehow antagonistic to your own existence, so that left in the hands of nature alone you would lose your way.  You have believed that in the very framework of your psychology.  In your experience, therefore, all of these things have largely proven true.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 941)

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Life is a dream being remembered and created at once

This perspective from Seth is much like the dream metaphor used in "A Course In Miracles" ... but much more playful, exuberant and lacking the heavy overtones of "sin"!

“Your life is one dream that you are remembering.
“You are remembering it and creating it at once, watching it grow from the attention of your own love and knowledge, and as you seem to stand at its center, so you stand at the center of all of your dreams, which then spin themselves seemingly outward.
“Your physical universe began, again, then, from a dreaming center.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 940)

Friday, October 12, 2018

Physical reality is an incredible glowing psychological venture

What a beautiful way to see the world!!!!

“When you stand at your physical doorstep you look inward at an incredible glowing psychological venture.  I am not using symbols in such statements, and hidden within them are important homey clues.  Each spoon that you touch, each flower that you rearrange, each syllable that you speak, each room you attend to, automatically brings you in touch with your natural feeling for the universe – for each object, however homey or mundane, is alive with changes and comprehension.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 940)

Thursday, October 11, 2018


The answers, therefore, lie as close as your own back-door steps, for at the thresholds of your beings you automatically stand in the center of knowledge.  You are never at the periphery of events ...

"Such considerations should naturally spark within you far vaster and yet far more intimate insights – insights in whose light the hazy rhetoric of prepackaged knowledge begins to disappear.  As it does, so the speakers within each of you can rise to the surface of ordinary consciousness without being considered blabbermouths or mad men and women, or fools, without having to distort their information simply to bring it to your attention.  The speakers are those inner voices that first taught you physical languages.  You could be equally correct in calling them the voices of electrons or the voices of the gods, for each is a representation of All That Is, overflowing like a fountain both with knowledge and with love.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 940)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

We are always at the centre of all realities

We cannot fully imagine the immensity, complexity, and vastness of our Being ... since we stand at the centre of all realities and knowledge! All existences intersect at our centre ... each of us is  part of them as each existence is part of us.

We are each quite literally the creative "finger tip" of All That Is operating in the timeless "spacious present" of creation.

“The answers, therefore, lie as close as your own back-door steps, for at the thresholds of your beings you automatically stand in the center of knowledge.  You are never at the periphery of events.
“Regardless of your circumstances, your condition in life, your training or your aptitudes, at your own threshold you stand at the center of all realities – for at your center all existences intersect.  You are everywhere part of them, and they are of you. Each portion of the universe carries the knowledge of all other parts, and each point of a reality is that reality’s center.  You are, then, centered in the universe.
“Again, even your dreams and thoughts go out to help form new worlds.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 940)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Complicated methods are not required

“I have not given you complicated methods concerning out-of-body travel, and yet all of our books, by changing your attitudes, will help you bring about changes in yourselves that will automatically enhance such activities.  They will begin to take their natural places within your world.  No methods will help you otherwise.
“I do not want you to think that the answers to your questions lie prepackaged in the dream state, either, relatively inaccessible except to those who possess unique talents or some secretive knowledge of the world of the occult.  Many people, long before the time of printing or reading, learned to read nature very well, to observe the seasons, to feel out “the seasons of the soul”.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 940)

Monday, October 8, 2018

Life Clouds

Here is the entire session on "Life Clouds" from Volume 2 of "Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfillment".  This is fun to read before bed time or before launching on an open-ended meditation.


Session 939

Joseph (Rob) used the term today in a discussion, and it is an excellent description of the way in which your universe was “initially” seeded. 

Understand, however, that the term “dream cloud” would serve as well.  [Yet] it is an evocative reference to the way that All That Is packaged itself in the formation of its numberless realities.  Such life clouds “still” exist.  Each seed of life, of living, contains within itself its own protective coating, its own placenta of necessary nourishment and environmental circumstances, its own system and branches of probabilities.

Those branches of probabilities act like remote sensors, seeking out those conditions that will be suited to the seed’s best value fulfillment and development.  In the simplest of terms, the life clouds will send forth their contents where circumstances best meet their own requirements.  On the other hand, the life clouds can seed their own worlds completely.  Space itself already speaks of a creation “begun”, for no matter how empty space may seem to be it simply appears like a vast cathedral, or tent or pyramid of form, for the moment perhaps vacant inside, with walls so distant that they go unperceived.

Probabilities may be swirling everywhere, yet remain of course unperceived in any given instant, so that you might in this odd strange analogy hear a dim brief whirr, as in the whirling of winds, and think it unimportant – while what you heard instead was an entire world of probabilities speed past where you stood.

Your own entire structure of life, therefore, with its acute and precise definitions in the package of reality, is a living life cloud that may or may not be perceived in other realities.  That cloud contains within it ever-freshening sources of new creativity.  When you dream or sleep or think, you automatically add to other dimensions of a life cloud or dream cloud that emerge from the very actions of your own subjective motions.

Even infinity is being everywhere expressed in each moment, for infinity itself is not something apart from what the universe is.  As the universe is a portion of infinity’s creativity, in that light there are new species appearing all of the time, whether or not your own situation allows you to perceive that emergence.  You yourselves may be portions of that emergence.  From your threshold or focus you would be relatively unaware of your own motion on a new time threshold – for to the beings on that threshold you would have already arrived, while to you in your present their existence would at best be theoretical, as if they were future selves.  From your standpoint, they would be, of course.

At other levels your dreams mix and intertwine not only with those of your contemporaries, but with those of all times and places, living or dead in your terms.  Each universe – such as the one you know – serves as a small colony of existence, and is infinite within the characteristics of its own nature.

Some of this evening’s material will only have meaning to you in the dream state, for that matter, and the words of the book may stir some of those meanings into your attention.  Each portion of all such life clouds seeks value fulfillment, again, but that term itself is woefully inadequate to express the nature of life’s diversity, purpose, or meaning.

This purpose or meaning does not exist apart from your own existence, however.  You are a part of life’s meaning and purpose – but those purposes, “coming from” the source of your own being, are too great to be expressed or described within the structure of your personhood as you understand it.  Such understanding is often experienced or sensed, however, sometimes as you are listening to music or when you are deeply stirred by emotion, and when you do not place a great distance between it and yourself.

Attending to the life that you have with love, beginning “where you are”, will best allow you such a feeling for your own meaning.

What do I mean by such attention?  Attention to the moment as it is presented.  Attention to the table of rich reality as it appears before you.  Attention to the kind of person you are, and to the loving appreciation of your own uniqueness.  To attend to your life in such a fashion brings you into a clearer communication with the inner action of your own existence.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cousins in Consciousness

It seems to me, that with greater and greater numbers of humans living in man-made cities and with the growth in technologies such as augmented reality, TV, video games, headphones, etc. humans have become more and more isolated from the consciousness of nature ... from our "cousins in consciousness".  

Perhaps the key to climate control isn't so much technology as a reconnection with our "cousins in consciousness" who share this planet with us!

There are psychological patterns, therefore, that completely escape your notice because they do not follow the conventions that you have established.  These combine what you diversify, so that you have hidden psychological values or psychological beings that combine the properties of the environment and the properties of selfhood in other combinations than those you know.
“They would seem to be the spirits of nature, as you would be more or less bound to interpret them from your viewpoint.  They would certainly be psychological relatives, but with their own time schemes, languages, and psychological affiliations.  These do exist along with the kinds of consciousness that you recognize within the structure of physical life.  When you dream, however, you often come in contact with these cousins of consciousness.  It is not simply that they communicate with you, or you with them, so much as it is that in sleep the conventional properties that you have learned are somewhat loosened and abandoned.
"At one time, then, you were more open in a fashion to the kinds of consciousness that you admitted into your circle of reality. At one time, in those terms, you did not draw the lines as finely as you do now.  Instead you included such cousins of consciousness into your midst, accepting a kind of comradeship – for to some extent at least you could see the different versions of humanity that resulted from a change of focus, an adjacent affiliation of humanized energy with the environment. Quite simply, you felt that in certain terms you had other brothers and sisters in the world that were like you but unlike you, that put together the contents of the universe in their own fashions. Such species, of course, can nowhere appear within the dictates of evolution or be perceived as realities except under those conditions when you relax your usual conventions of perception and behavior.
“Nevertheless, encounters between you occur frequently – in the dream state as stated, in alterations of your usual focus, and in your arts, where you are less arbitrary in your definitions.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Spirits of nature

“Your numbering of the species is highly capricious. Again, you recognize as alive only those varieties of life that fall within certain ranges of attention.  You objectify and diversify.  The lines drawn between the self and what is nonself, between an organism and its environment, are highly arbitrary on your part.  There are psychological patterns, therefore, that completely escape your notice because they do not follow the conventions that you have established.  These combine what you diversify, so that you have hidden psychological values or psychological beings that combine the properties of the environment and the properties of selfhood in other combinations than those you know.
“They would seem to be the spirits of nature, as you would be more or less bound to interpret them from your viewpoint.  They would certainly be psychological relatives, but with their own time schemes, languages, and psychological affiliations.  These do exist along with the kinds of consciousness that you recognize within the structure of physical life.  When you dream, however, you often come in contact with these cousins of consciousness. It is not simply that they communicate with you, or you with them, so much as it is that in sleep the conventional properties that you have learned are somewhat loosened and abandoned.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The nature of identity is wide ranging

Today's Seth is a real beauty.  It's easy to say words like "all possibilities exist in a multiverse" and things like that ... but it's entirely impossible to grasp the scope and scale of that statement with our limited 3D brain (our 3D linear time based simulation of the our Mind within Gaia).  This is fun launch point for a wide ranging meditation ... or at least a new Star Trek series!

Enjoy the journey!

“You read your consciousness in certain fashions, but it is quite possible to read the consciousness of the world in other ways also.
“If you read it sideways, so to speak, you would still end up with an orderly universe, but one in which the nature of identity would be read completely differently, stressing adjacent subjective communications of a conscious kind that form other kinds of patterns of subjectivity and psychological continuity.  These result in the formation of “personalities” or entities who are aware of their own identities by following different pathways than your own, while also in their way contributing to the formation of your universe even as you do.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We create this version of reality with all of our contemporaries

The Transcendors used the metaphor of a spider web … with new probabilities breaking off from each node in the web.  Lazaris used the metaphor of weaving a tapestry … with this life being one of the threads.

Seth’s quote today shows us that we and all species are busy making this thread, not just following it.  

That’s what YCYOR (You Create Your Own Reality) means.  We aren’t passively following pre-existing threads in a sterile, lonely world.

“You are one conscious version of yourself, creating along with all of your contemporaries the realities of the times. When I use the term “contemporaries”, I refer to all of the species.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)