Sunday, October 14, 2018

We have believed that life is a struggle

Our physical reality is a moment-by-moment representation of our evolving attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions shaped by our desire, imagination and expectation.  With this understanding, it is easy to see that if we hold a deep rooted belief in struggle, then our "manifestation machine" will dutifully crank out moments of physical experience which include "struggle" in a variety of contexts and creative ways ... until such time as we wake up and change that belief (and the beliefs associated with it).

The belief that life is a struggle was imprinted on our neuronal "wiring" as a child by our culture, our parents, their parents before them, etc. ("nurture") but a belief in struggle is not part of our DNA ("nature") - using Bruce Lipton's use of "nature" and "nurture".  As such, it can be "unlearned" ... and a life of love, abundance and exuberance can be embraced.


“You have lived in a world in which you believed you must struggle to survive – and so you have struggled.
“You have believed that the natural contours of nature were somehow antagonistic to your own existence, so that left in the hands of nature alone you would lose your way.  You have believed that in the very framework of your psychology.  In your experience, therefore, all of these things have largely proven true.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 941)

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