Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cousins in Consciousness

It seems to me, that with greater and greater numbers of humans living in man-made cities and with the growth in technologies such as augmented reality, TV, video games, headphones, etc. humans have become more and more isolated from the consciousness of nature ... from our "cousins in consciousness".  

Perhaps the key to climate control isn't so much technology as a reconnection with our "cousins in consciousness" who share this planet with us!

There are psychological patterns, therefore, that completely escape your notice because they do not follow the conventions that you have established.  These combine what you diversify, so that you have hidden psychological values or psychological beings that combine the properties of the environment and the properties of selfhood in other combinations than those you know.
“They would seem to be the spirits of nature, as you would be more or less bound to interpret them from your viewpoint.  They would certainly be psychological relatives, but with their own time schemes, languages, and psychological affiliations.  These do exist along with the kinds of consciousness that you recognize within the structure of physical life.  When you dream, however, you often come in contact with these cousins of consciousness.  It is not simply that they communicate with you, or you with them, so much as it is that in sleep the conventional properties that you have learned are somewhat loosened and abandoned.
"At one time, then, you were more open in a fashion to the kinds of consciousness that you admitted into your circle of reality. At one time, in those terms, you did not draw the lines as finely as you do now.  Instead you included such cousins of consciousness into your midst, accepting a kind of comradeship – for to some extent at least you could see the different versions of humanity that resulted from a change of focus, an adjacent affiliation of humanized energy with the environment. Quite simply, you felt that in certain terms you had other brothers and sisters in the world that were like you but unlike you, that put together the contents of the universe in their own fashions. Such species, of course, can nowhere appear within the dictates of evolution or be perceived as realities except under those conditions when you relax your usual conventions of perception and behavior.
“Nevertheless, encounters between you occur frequently – in the dream state as stated, in alterations of your usual focus, and in your arts, where you are less arbitrary in your definitions.”
(Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment Vol 2Session 938)

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