Saturday, October 23, 2010

Space Travel

In Session 45 Seth makes the following prediction about the future of space travel:

"Space travel, in your terms, will develop in a seemingly extravagant and startling fashion, only to be dumped as such when your scientists discover that space as you know it is a distortion, and that journeying from one so-called galaxy to another is done by divesting the physical body from camouflage.  The vehicle of so-called space travel is mental and psychic mobility, in terms of psychic transformation of energy, enabling spontaneous and instantaneous mobility through the spacious present..

The camouflage that Seth refers to is the physical body and its senses that seem so real to us in the present moment.  What is hard to imagine, is that all spacetime moments/locations are here and now in what Seth describes as the "spacious present".  Once we drop this dream of the "third dimensional" physical body and enter the associated "fourth dimensional" reality, our intent and focus can take us to any spacetime moment-place.  Quantum mechanical systems already do sensing all possibilities before manifesting here and and now.

The Transcendors have also talked about space travel by extraterrestrials.  The Pleiedians, for example, have the ability to hold more than one thought in focus at one time (something we can't do fully yet).  When the Pleiedians travel across spacetime the "navigator" sits in a seat in the space ship and dons a special helmet to amplify his mind functions and which controls the space ship.  In his mind he holds a very detailed image of the space ship (and everything in it) in its current location as well as a detailed image of the same space ship at the time and place that he wants to go to.  He then overlays the two and space ship images pops across across time and space into the spacetime location of his destination. 

So much for travelling at sub-light speed (a limitation of our "third dimensional" camouflage reality) for thousands, millions or even billions of years while consuming untold amounts of fuel to visit remote parts of this galaxy or other galaxies.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Futility of Science

This quote for Seth's session 45 poignantly points out the futility of science using physical equipment to probe what is real...the "Inner Universe":

“Concentrating upon your own camouflage universe, you are able to distinguish only the distortive pattern, and from this patter you deduce your ideas of cause and effect, past, present and future, and ideas of an expanding universe that bloats. Consciousness takes up no space nor is it enclosed by time, as you know time. The camouflage patterns that seem to enclose consciousness are temporary, for short term only, and for limited but necessary purpose.

“Any investigation of the basic inner universe, which is the only real universe, must be done as much as possible from a point outside your own distortions, but the only way open for you to escape the distortions of your own physical universe is to journey inward. To get outside your own universe, you must travel inward, and this represents the only perspective free of distortive elements, from which valid experimentation can be carried on. Your so-called scientific, so-called objective experiments can continue for an eternity, but they only probe further and further with camouflage instruments into a camouflage universe.

“The subconscious, it is true, has elements of its own distortions, but these are easier to escape than the tons of distortive camouflage atmosphere that weigh your scientific experiments down.

“You cannot have so-called objective experiments when you are surrounded by, and dealing with, and intertwined with, the elements of the camouflage universe. You are, or scientists are, working within what may be described as one small cube within literally millions of somewhat similar though different cubes, the cubes all representing various camouflage universes.

“If they were ever lucky enough to pierce through their own cube, which is doubtful, they would merely discover the cube nearest to them, without ever imagining that there were literally numberless such cubes. A small portion of the spacious present appears in your cube but you see it in camouflage terms of continuity, in camouflage waves of past, present and future.

“Like rats in mazes, with luck you could theoretically travel from one cube or maze to another, though practically this is impossible. But even if your experiments gave you knowledge of many of these camouflage cube universes, you would learn little of the basic uncamouflaged inner universe, where all such divisions disappear.

“Any scientific personage of your generation will immediately panic at such suggestions as I am making. You are so taken up with your precious camouflage patters, and so unfamiliar with the inner propulsion behind all such materializations, that it will be a while before any headway is made.

“Einstein traveled within, and trusted, his own intuitions, and used his inner senses. He would have discovered much more had he been able to trust his intuitions even more, and able to leave more of the so-called scientific proof to his theories to lesser men, to give himself more inner freedom.”

Ocean Metaphor

Many sources have used an ocean metaphor to describe the state of underlying oneness in our "Inner Universe".  Here is an extract from the Seth's session 45 which I found to be a particularly inspiring version of that metaphor:

“The value climate of psychological reality can be likened to an ocean in which all consciousness has its being. There are multitudinous levels that can be plunged into with various life forms, diverse and alien, but nevertheless interconnected and dependent one upon the other. I like the ocean analogy because you get the idea of continuous flow and motion without apparent division.

“As temperatures in various depths of ocean change, and as even the colour of the water and of the flora and fauna change, so too in our value climate there are quality changes, and senses equipped to project and perceive the changes. There are distortions because of the limitations of the outer senses, but the inner senses do not distort. The inner senses inhabit directly the atmosphere of our value climate; and they see through the evervarying camouflage patterns, and the flux and flow of apparent change. In our sessions to some small degree you plunge into this ocean of value climate, and to the extent that you are able to divest yourselves of the clothes of camouflage, to that extent can you truly be aware of this climate.

“What is required is more than a divesting of the clothes however. To plunge into this ocean you also leave the physical body at the shore. It will be there when you get back. Your camouflage patterns can be likened to the patterns cast by sun and shadow upon the ever-moving waves. As long as you keep the pattern in mind, you create it, and it is there. If you turn your head away for a moment and then look quickly back you can see only the wave. Your camouflage and your world is created by conscious focusing and unconscious concentration. Only by turning your head away for a moment can you see what is beneath the seemingly solid pattern. By plunging into our ocean of value climate you can dive beneath your camouflage system and look up to see it, relatively foundationless, floating above you, moved, formed and directed by the shifting illusions caused by the wind of will, and the force of subconscious concentration and demand.
“Yet even these camouflage patterns must follow the basic rules of the inner universe, and reflect them even if in a distortive manner. So does value expansion become reincarnation and evolution and growth. So are all the other basic laws of the inner universe followed on every plane, and reflected from the most minute to the most gigantic spectrum.”

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Five of Seth's Universal Laws

The following is an introduction to five of the Laws of the Inner Universe as described by Seth in session 44:

General Laws of the Inner Universe
(Seth – Session 44)

“Now the so-called laws of your camouflage universe do not apply to the inner universe. They do not even apply to other camouflage planes. However, the laws of the inner universe apply to all camouflage universes, and all consciousness on any plane must follow the basic laws of the inner universe. Some of these basic laws have counterparts known and accepted on various camouflage planes. There are various manifestations of these laws and various names given to them.”
Value Fulfillment

(Seth – Session 44)

“These basic laws are followed on many levels in your universe. We will go into these laws in time. So far I have given you but one, which is value fulfillment.

“In your physical universe this rule is followed as physical growth. The entity follows this rule through the cycle of reincarnations. The species of mankind, and all other species in your universe on your particular horizontal plane, follow this law under the auspices of evolution. On other planes this law is carried through in other manners, but it is never ignored.”

Energy Transformation

(Seth – Session 44)

“The second law of the inner universe is energy transformation. This occurs constantly.

“Energy transformation and value fulfillment, all existing within the spacious present, add up to a durability that is at the same time spontaneous. Energy transformation and value fulfillment add up to a durability that is simultaneous.”


(Seth – Session 44)

“Our third law is spontaneity, and despite all appearances of beginning and end, despite all appearances of death and decay, all consciousness exists in the spacious present, in a spontaneous manner, in simultaneous harmony, and yet within the spacious present there is also durability.”


(Seth – Session 44)

“Durability is our fourth law. Durability within the framework of the spacious present would not exist ere it not for the laws of value fulfillment and energy transformation. These make duration with the spacious present not only possible but necessary.”


(Seth – Session 44)

“Creation is obviously one of the basic laws, which we will call the fifth law.

“In your physical universe this law is followed through idea constructions which become idea approximation of inner reality that are, nevertheless, distorted to a large degree, and make up the various camouflage patterns with which you are familiar.”

Inner Aspects of Our Camouflage Universe

(Seth – Session 44)

“Now, on your particular camouflage universe you are learning energy transformation. And in your case you are learning to transform inner energy by forming it into physical constructions that the plane enables you to manipulate by the formation of particular outer senses for this purpose. You are severely limited as yet in the use of your abilities. When the two laws of value fulfillment and energy transformation are mastered, then duration is a natural consequence.

“What you consider death has no more basic reality than has your idea of time and space. Death really represents a blind spot in your present ability to perceive energy transformation, and even value fulfillment. Death merely represents the termination of your own perception, that is, the termination of your understanding. Your ability here amounts to a complete dwindling of comprehension. Your senses are not equipped to perceive the transformation of energy from one form to another.

“Certainly the birth of a child is really basically just as incomprehensible, but this transformation is projected into, rather than out of, your sphere of understanding. What you call death is merely the transformation of your own energy onto a sphere that cannot be perceived by the outer senses. I hope that I have made this material plain enough for your plane.”

(Seth – Session 44)

“You will see also how the inner senses are equipped to perceive basic inner realities of the inner universe, in much the same manner that your outer senses are equipped to manipulate within your camouflage universe.

“This material is actually not nearly as difficult to understand as it may seem. Intuitively you should pick up much of it. The intuitions are not bound by the so-called laws of logic, and cause and effect. They do not take time as you know it into consideration, therefore they are not bound by continuity or limited to communication of words or even thoughts, strung out one after another.

The intuitions are able to accept conceptual reality to some degree. They can feel the content and validity of a concept, where the brain itself may fall short.”

(Seth – Session 44)

“Remember however our universe that fulfills itself yet takes up no space, and our imaginary painting in which distance appears even further in the background, while never touching the back of the painting, and this may give you some intuitive understanding of our spacious present that has duration, and yet takes up no space.

“Contradictions, or rather apparent contradictions in terms will arise only out of a false conception on your part, mostly as a result of the erroneous cause-and-effect system. Obviously cause and effect has only limited application even on your own plane and in your own camouflage universe.

“If cause and effect were an absolute law, then continuity would also have to be an absolute law, and all or any evidences of clairvoyance, or viewing the future, would be absolutely impossible, even in your universe, and this simply is not so. It is only because there is basically no cause and effect, but merely apparent cause and effect, and no past, present and future, that clairvoyance is possible in your universe.

“And while awareness of clairvoyance is fairly rare, it does exist; and though watered down in most instances, is a natural method of warning individuals of happenings with which their own outer senses would not be familiar. It is a natural method of protecting the individual by giving him an inner knowledge of events. Without constant clairvoyance on the part of every man and woman, existence on your plane would involve such inner, psychological insecurity that it would be completely unbearable.

“Individuals are always warned of disasters, so that the organism can prepare itself ahead of time. The day of death is known. Consciously such knowledge is not given to the ego for obvious reasons, but every organism, through its inner senses, is equipped with subconscious knowledge of personal disasters, deaths, and so forth, the personality itself deciding beforehand what it considers disastrous; and the members of the species as a whole know in advance of their wars. As telepathy operates constantly at a subconscious level, as a basis for all language and communication, so clairvoyance operates continually so that the physical organism can prepare itself to face its challenges.

“The inner senses also convey the knowledge that death is merely an energy transformation, and your almost numberless religions merely represent idea symbols that attempt to make this knowledge plain to the ego. That they deal with distortions and camouflage material is not to be wondered at. They have managed in some way to make this inner knowledge a part of the ego-understanding of the species.”