Thursday, August 31, 2017

Seth advice to Rob concerning his painting

This is interesting advice to Rob Butts as an artist (one of many such pieces of advice given to Rob throughout the Seth sessions).

I particularly like this line:

"All time is simultaneous.  Only the illusion of time on each of your parts keeps you from greeting each other”

The corollary to this is very powerful: that Rob’s painting builds bridges between these incarnations.  

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to do a bit of past and future life “recall” (it’s apparently a thing I do in this lifetime).  Once one starts living the idea of simultaneous lifetimes, then priorities in this lifetime change a bit.  One starts thinking about value fulfillment of the collective of all one’s incarnations instead of just taking a narrowly focused view on the current lifetime.

For example, about 20 years ago I was presented with an opportunity to lead a large Year 2000 program.  At the time, there were no takers and everyone thought Y2K was mission impossible.  I jumped in, seeing it as a chance of a lifetime (actually, a chance of a millennium!).  Later, I spoke with the Transcendors about this and their comments were interesting.  Apparently, the major reason why I was drawn to this opportunity was to the benefit of a lifetime in the future.  Conversely, my ongoing exploration of physics, metaphysics and spirituality in this lifetime is adding to the knowledge of several lifetimes in the ancient past.  What is neat about this … it works both ways:  those lifetimes add to the value fulfillment of this one once those psychic bridges are built!

Enjoy the moment, and think outside time and space!

“Your painting was meant to bring out from the recesses of your being the accumulation of your knowledge in the form of images – not of people you might meet now on the street, but portraits of the residents of the mind.  The residents of the mind are very real.  In a certain fashion, they are your parents more than your parents were, and when you express their realities, they are also expressing yours.  All time is simultaneous.  Only the illusion of time on each of your parts keeps you from greeting each other.  To some extent, when you paint such portraits you are forming psychic bridges between yourself and those other selves: Your own identity as yourself grows.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 834)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A string of pearls

When it comes to understanding what is meant by the identity of an individual, I find that the Lazaris necklace metaphor is helpful.  They suggest that identity is like a string of pearls: each one representing what we “say, think and do” in a given (but different) context.  

For example, I put on a jacket and tie when I go to work.  That is my “work clothes” but it sends a message to my subconscious that I’m now “Business Al” and I then am inclined to say, think and do things that Business Al does.  This isn’t schizophrenia, it’s just a recognition that our behaviour is contextual and to be consciously aware of that aspect of the self.

“I try to strongly state the pristine uniqueness of the individual.  I also say that there are no limitations to the self.  The two statements can appear to be contradictory.  When you are a child, your sense of identity does not include old age in usual experience.  When you are an old person, you do not identify yourself as a child.  Your sense of identity, then, changes physically through the years.  In a way it seems that you add on to yourself through experience, becoming “more than you were before”.  You move in and out of probable selfhoods, while at the same time – usually with the greatest of ease – you maintain an identity of yourself.  The mosaics of consciousness are brilliant to behold.

“When I speak of mosaics, you might think of small segments, shining and of different shapes and sizes.  Yet the mosaics of consciousness are more like lights, radiating through themselves and through a million spectrums.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 834)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Always under construction

If I had to pick an icon for my life it would be the old internet web site under construction icon!  The important point in this Seth quote is to celebrate your successes and to do something about the things that aren’t to your satisfaction.  It’s like driving your car:  you need to recognize the situation, acknowledge that you can do something about it, and if you’re not in a “happy place” don’t get lost in self chastisement but, instead, do something about it!

This reminds me of the following techniques from Lazaris for improving our ability to consciously manifest by processing our raw materials and sharpening our tools (aka consciously driving the “vehicle of life"):

Processing The Raw Materials Of Manifestation

Processing our raw materials involves examining and clarifying our raw materials:  our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, choices and decisions.  The key to this activity is to recognize that our “Now” moments of personal reality are an accurate representation of our raw materials.  An effective way to do this in “Now” time is the following four step technique:

1.Recognize the situation and what it is showing you about your raw materials of manifestation.
2.Acknowledge that this moment reflects your own attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions;  and, as such, you have the power to change it.
3.If there is something about the “Now” moment that you don’t like, forgive yourself in order to create the space for change.  If your “Now” moment pleases you, feel the joy (this attracts more of the same).
4.If required, change the raw material (e.g. the belief) that is causing difficulty, otherwise, feel the gratitude for a loving, joyful universe.

Sharpening The Tools Of Manifestation

Desire, imagination and expectancy are the tools we use to manifest our “Now” moments.  Due to the Law of Attraction, the universe (the Be-Er) always gives us what we want, but it may not be what we ask for.  This is because, we often have a misalignment between our wanting and asking.  For example, we may ask to win a lottery;  however, if what we really want is to show that we aren’t deserving, aren’t worthy, or to prove to ourselves that metaphysics doesn’t work;  then we’ll never win the lottery since the universe responds to our intent.  Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) goes further stating that, for example, “Expectation is a focus with a vibration that permits the receiving of what you’re focused upon - and, you expect things, both wanted and unwanted” (Excerpted from the workshop in Tampa, FL on Saturday, January 8th, 2005 #68).

Therefore, prior to consciously using the tools to manifest something in your reality, it is useful to answer the following seven questions before proceeding:

• 1.What do I want?
• 2.Why do I want it?
• 3.Why don’t I want it?  Up to now, this has been more powerful than the desire to have whatever it is.
• 4.What does my past say about this?
• 5.What do my fears say about this?
• 6.What do I really desire?
• 7.What do I honestly expect?

There are also meditative techniques, affirmations and other techniques that can be used to consciously change our raw materials and to hone our manifestation tools. 

“In those areas of life where you are satisfied, give yourselves credit, and in those areas where you are not, remind yourselves that you are involved in a learning process; you are daring enough to accept the responsibility for your actions.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Waking Up

When we read today’s Seth about 40 years after it was dictated, we can see the almost runaway fascination with technology that is evolving in what we think of as “advanced” societies.  There are more and more distractions which pull us into the vortex of automation, mass media, artificial intelligence and artificial reality.  It’s ironic that we are developing virtual (aka artificial) realities when we already live in an illusion!

Technology isn’t evil, it’s just a phase that humanity is exploring.  The Transcendors said years ago that the internet is a precursor (a technology crutch) that could lead to a reawakening of our human telepathic senses that we’ve been trained to ignore.  In many ways, we’re like children playing with children’s toys and playing (deadly) games of war … eventually we wake up!

“As a species, you have developed what can almost be called a secondary nature – a world of technology in which you also now have your existence, and complicated social structures have emerged from it.  To develop that kind of structure necessitated a division between subjective and objective worlds.  Now, however, it is highly important that you realize your position, and accomplish the manipulation of consciousness that will allow you to take true conscious responsibility for your actions and your experience.

“You can “come awake” from your normal waking state, and that is the natural next step for consciousness to follow – one for which your biology has already equipped you.  Indeed, each person does attain that recognition now and then.  It brings triumphs and challenges as well.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

You are the initiator of your perceived events

In a duality where the assumption of subject and object has dominion, it’s easy to identify anything that is “not I’ to be an external object and thus not within my personal control.  To make matters worse, advertising and the media at large makes us believe that we are pretty much helpless, while science teaches us that we’re an infinitesimal meaningless random outcome of molecular chaos … which of course makes room for faith-based religion to step in and to preach an all-powerful God that can save us for eternity … or damn us for eternity!

The belief system is so bizarre that it’s almost comical, but it’s actually very sad and unfortunately it’s really burned into our brains.  This belief system is the root cause for much of the strife and misfortune around us.  Of course, we chose to be here now in whatever form and context that we find ourselves in.  Perhaps it was professional curiosity that brought us here now, or maybe it was a desire to see if we could bring light and love into seeming chaos.  

I don’t know the reason; but, I do know that what I perceive in my world is a probability that I chose at very deep levels out of an infinite set of possibilities (many of which I can’t even imagine).  Each moment presents me with the answers I’m seeking encoded in the language of molecules and time and space.

It’s also good to know that reality is holographic (as described by Lazaris) … which means that even though I’m only aware of a tiny 3D snapshot of a multidimensional event of infinite extent, that snapshot contains enough information about the totality of myself and the event that I can find true value fulfillment.

Today’s Seth is something we’ve talked a lot about.  It’s probably the best reason for really managing your feelings and emotional response to things … since these magnetically attract reinforcing events (as described in the preceding quote).  

“As long as you believe that either good events or bad ones are meted out by a personified God as the reward or punishment for your actions, or on the other hand that events are largely meaningless, chaotic, subjective knots in the tangled web of an accidental Darwinian world, then you cannot consciously understand your own creativity, or play the role in the universe that you are capable of playing as individuals or as a species.  You will instead live in a world where events happen to you, in which you must do sacrifice to the gods of one kind or another, or see yourselves as victims of an uncaring nature.

“While still preserving the integrity of physical events as you understand them, [each of] you must alter the focus of your attention to some extent, so that you begin to perceive the connections between your subjective reality at any given time, and those events that you perceive at any given time.  You are the initiator of those events.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Flow of Feelings

Feelings are like electric currents … they generate a magnetic attraction to probabilities that have a similar current of feelings or which can complete the flow of energy.  Beliefs and thoughts are more like electric charges …. attracting probabilities that conform to the beliefs we hold (which, by the way, aren’t necessarily the beliefs that we consciously think we hold!!).  

As we imagine future probabilities we can feel the flow of feelings/emotions linked to each possibility we imagine.  

A simple rule of thumb: the possibility with the most emotional energy associated with it is currently the most strongly attracted possibility.  If it’s not to your liking … do something in the present to change the probability of that unwanted future possibility.  

I suppose if you’re a Buddhist you just let go of emotional attachment and float in the breeze like a flag and say “whatever”!

Feelings and emotions really are like a current of energy flowing through the psyche and the body.  This flow has to move for if it is blocked it becomes an explosive flood which bursts forth in explosive behaviour.  A really beautiful aspect of this is that if Love is expressed and allowed to flow freely, it grows, generating more and more loving moments and deeper loving feelings.  Now that’s LIVING!

“Even those of you who intellectually agree that you form your own reality find it difficult to accept emotionally in certain areas.  You are, of course, literally hypnotized into believing that your feelings arise in response to events.  Your feelings, however, cause the events you perceive.  Secondarily, you do of course then react to those events.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Friday, August 25, 2017

Expanding multidimensional universe

No wonder astronomers have determined that the universe appears to be expanding!  That measured expansion is just a shadow of the immensity of the expansion that Seth is talking about.  

It’s hard to picture all of a person’s thoughts and imaginings in one lifetime, let alone all people over all time and space in the universe … not to mention all other life forms and sentient beings over all time and space!  

No wonder we create religions with very simple black and white ideas (to be taken on faith) and a few rules to (hopefully) help people get along among themselves and with their planet without out getting lost in the seeming chaos and totality of a multidimensional universe.  

Imagine also the vast awareness of your Higher Self … the consciousness of you that sees the whole picture!!!!

“In a way, the world is like a multidimensional, exotic plant growing in space and time, each thought, dream, imaginative encounter, hope or fear, growing naturally into its own bloom – a plant of incredible variety, never for a moment the same, in which the smallest root, leaf, stem, or flower has a part to play and is connected with the whole.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

An exercise in YCYOR

This is a great exercise!  Oddly enough, it’s what we do every moment without conscious awareness.

The bottom line is: "your subjective world causes your physical experience” … in other words You Create Your Own Reality (YCYOR)!

“For an exercise, then, imagine for a while that the subjective world of your thoughts, feelings, inner images and fantasies represent the “rockbed reality” from which individual physical events emerge.  Look at the world for a change from the inside out, so to speak.  Imagine that physical experience is somehow the materialization of your own subjective reality.  Forget what you have learned about reactions and stimuli.  Ignore for a time everything you have believed and see your thoughts as the real events.  Try to view normal physical occurrences as the concrete physical reactions in space and time to your own feelings and beliefs.  For indeed your subjective world causes your physical experience.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Today’s Seth points to the fact that reality follows our imagination and emotion while we are conditioned to think it’s the other way around.  This is like driving your car by looking through the rear window.  No wonder our lives often seem to go off the rails!

Lazaris has said that the tools of manifestation are:  desire, imagination and expectation.  Expectation is the belief that what we desire and imagine can actually manifest … something we’re often conditioned not to believe in!  Each moment of manifestation is a physical representation of our:  attitudes and beliefs, thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions (collectively referred to as the raw materials of manifestation).  

Seth’s quote shows the primacy of these tools and raw materials.  It also shows that we’ve been conditioned to see causality (cause and effect) and reality backwards:  i.e. we take our 3D, linear time, dualistic representations called moments of physical experience to be what is real.  True enlightenment is undoing that conditioning.

“Your world and everything in it exists first in the imagination, then.  You have been taught to focus all of your attention upon physical events, so that they carry the authenticity of reality for you.  Thoughts, feelings, or beliefs appear for you.  Thoughts, feelings, or beliefs appear to be secondary, subjective – or somehow not real – and they seem to rise in response to an already established field of physical data.

“You usually think, for example, that your feelings about a given event are primarily reactions to the event itself.  It seldom occurs to you that the feelings themselves might be primary, and that the particular event was somehow a response to your emotions, rather than the other way around.  The all-important matter of your focus is largely responsible for your interpretation of any event.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 830)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


It is quite a journey we’re embarked upon, as described by Seth.  We tend to get distracted by the daily details of life and media so that we lose sight of the Grand Experiment in Consciousness that we’re embarked upon.  

According to the Transcendors, Earth reality is a tough one because we have a duality with such huge emotional extremes … both positive and negative.  Other realities are less so.  For example, the Sirians (according to the Transcendors) only know positive and find our negativity incomprehensible. Pleiadeans, on the other hand, are more like Spock in Star Trek: they have a duality but without the emotional extremes of Earth.

The concept of Ideals is an important one.  Edgar Cayce described Ideals as a kind of psychological navigation aid … like the North Star was for early seafarers.  These voyagers used the North Star as a reference but they knew full well that they would never reach the North Star.  Plato also talked of our physical reality as a kind of shadowy representation of ideal moments and forms that are imperfectly cast into physicality.  Seth certainly hints at our sense of imperfection in this quote as well!

“You are a part of nature that has learned to make choices, a part of nature that naturally and automatically produces dreams and beliefs about which you often organize your reality.  There are many effects which you do not like, but you possess a unique kind of consciousness, in which each individual has a hand in the overall formation of a world reality, and you are participating at a level of existence in which you are learning how to transform the imaginative realm of possibilities into a more or less specific, physically experienced world.

“In a way you choose from an infinite, endless, incomputable number of ideas, and sculpt these into the physical fragments that compose normal experience.  You do this in such a way that the timeless events are experienced in time, and so that they mix and merge to conform to the dimensions of your reality.  Along the way there are accomplishments that are as precious as any creatures of any kind could produce.  There are also great failures – but these are failures only in comparison with the glittering inner knowledge of the imagination that holds for you those ideals against which you judge your acts.

“Those ideals are present in each individual.  They are natural inclinations toward growth and fulfillment.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829)    

Monday, August 21, 2017


This is a beautiful description of the grace and power within each of us in this moment ... and the debilitating effect of rigidly held, limiting beliefs.  

The seduction of limiting beliefs is that we get comfortable in our linear, dualistic belief system.  The problem with that comfort is that ultimately it leads to frustration and tension because All That Is isn’t that simple and life is meant to be a growth experience.  

Imagine a lobster who is afraid to shed its shell each year … that’s got to hurt after a while because he’s meant to grow and expand.  Similarly, rigidly held belief frameworks imprison the spirit and suck the life out of the moments of physical experience that we are meant to enjoy.  After all, we are the very “finger” of All That Is touching this moment!

“In each person the imaginative world, its force and power, merges into historical reality.  In each person, the ultimate and unassailable and unquenchable power of All That Is is individualized, and dwells in time.  Man’s imagination can carry him into those other realms – but when he tries to squeeze those truths into frameworks too small, he distorts and bends inner realities so that they become jagged dogmas.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829)

Sunday, August 20, 2017


Imagination (and intuition) are bridges between physical reality (Framework 1) and the Inner World of Framework 2 from which our physical reality moments arise.  

From one perspective, we dream (or imagine) our individual and collective physical experience.  From another perspective we “colour” our physical experience with our imagination.  

The power of idea and the force of imagination are highly visible in mainstream media, advertising, political rhetoric, movies, TV, etc.  It looks to me like human kind is struggling to find a way to constructively use imagination given the power of the communication networks that have been developed over the last century or so.  We need to imagine a future where humankind is successful … the world needs more of that!

“Again, man directs his existence through the use of his imagination – a feat that does distinguish him from the animals.  What connects people and separates them is the power of idea and the force of imagination.  Patriotism, family loyalty, political affiliations – the ideas behind these have the greatest practical applications in your world.  You project yourselves into time like children through freely imagining your growth.  You instantly color physical experience and nature itself with the tints of your unique imaginative processes.  Unless you think quite consistently – and deeply – the importance of the imagination quite escapes you, and yet it literally forms the world that you experience and the mass world in which you live.”

“The world of the imagination is indeed your contact with your own source.  Its characteristics are the closest to those in Framework 2 that you can presently encounter.”

“Your experience of history, of the days of your life, is invisibly formed by those ideas that exist in imagination only, and then are projected upon the physical world.  This applies to your individual beliefs about yourself and the way you see yourself in your imagination.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 829)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Multidimensional events

It’s fun to imagine the full extent and multidimensionality of each event.  It’s relatively easy to get the idea that Framework 2 has more than three or four dimensions … even our scientists have come to the conclusion that there must be more dimensions, or even that the whole thing is a giant hologram!  We can get a few glimpses in meditation, but the true depth and extent of an event is ultimately unknowable to our current consciousness.

As an example, in the Early Sessions, Rob asked Seth about Quasars and the unbelievable amounts of energy they must produce.  Seth pointed out that what we see as Quasars are just 3D glimpses of massive multidimensional consciousnesses brushing by our universe.  Wow!

“Your ideas of individuality hamper you to a large extent.  To one extent or another, again, each portion of consciousness, while itself, contains [the] potentials of all consciousnesses.  Your private information about the world is not nearly as private as you suppose, therefore, for behind the experience of any one event, each of you possesses information pertaining to other dimensions of the same event that you do not ordinarily perceive.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We have impact

It’s easy to think that we don’t matter …. that we don’t affect the objective world.  This comes about because of our dualistic thought process which tends to objectivize everything that we don’t see as us.  That is the delusion of the illusion we call physical reality.

Seth points out that our underlying intents actually shape the world around us.  As noted in an earlier quote, this shaping is done to ensure a collective win-win … value fulfillment for all the players.

“Your mental life deals with psychological events, obviously, but beneath so-called normal awareness the child grows toward the mental body of events that will compose his or her life.  Those unique intents that characterize each individual exists in Framework 2, then – and with birth those intents immediately begin to impress the physical world of Framework 1.

“Each child’s birth changes the world, obviously, for it sets up an instant psychological momentum that begins to affect action in Framework 1 and Framework 2 alike.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Life Choreography

To our Framework 1 perception, babies seem to be relatively unaware (particularly prior to birth) and throughout life we believe that we have “chance” meetings with significant people and significant events.  In Framework 2, all is known … literally … throughout all space and all time.  For this lifetime we narrow our focus down to probabilities that are of interest to us and probabilities that we could share with loved ones.  With enough alignment of interest, feelings, etc. we jump in to smell the roses, rediscover love, and to experience our personal and collective dramas.  

The Transcendors often used a metaphor of “hanging around in a spiritual bar” to get across the idea that life is a group choice … and is meant to be fun (or not, if we want to see what the absence of fun feels like in a duality).  After this life, we meet up with our buddies at the metaphorical spiritual bar (drinking spirits I suppose) and laugh about our latest adventures while plotting our next exploits.

The Transcendors gave an example of two entities having a pre-life conversation.  Entity A tells B that he wants to experience being murdered.  Entity B agrees to do that because it would be fun.  Sure enough, at a certain point in time Entity A is walking down a dark alley and B leaps out of the shadows, points a gun at him, and fires.  Back in the afterlife at the spiritual bar, Entity A tells B what a rush of excitement that was.  Entity B says, I’d like to try that too, would you do that for me?  Of course Entity A obliges.  Sure enough, in another lifetime, Entity B is walking down a dark alley and A leaps out of the shadows and points a gun at Entity B … only this time, he doesn’t shoot.  Again, during their debriefing at the spiritual bar Entity B says to A, wow what a rush that was!  Entity B got to feel the panic of Entity A then the equal rush of relief when Entity A didn’t shoot.

Life is ultimately about Love and Being … enjoy the ride, you never know what the script was until the debriefing!

“Consciousness forms the genes, and not the other way around, and the about-to-be-born infant is the agency that adds new material through the chromosomal structure.  The child is from birth far more aware of all kinds of physical events than is realized also.  But beside that, the child uses the early years to explore – particularly in the dream state – other kinds of material that suit its own fancies and intents, and it constantly receives a stream of information that is not at all dependent upon its heredity or environment.

“On these other levels the child knows, for example, of its contemporaries born at about the same time.  Each person’s “individual” life plan fits in somewhere with that of his or her contemporaries.  Those plans are communicated one to the other, and probabilities instantly are set into motion in Framework 2.  To some degree or another calculations are made so that, for instance, individual A will meet individual B at a marketplace 30 years later – if this fits in with the intents of both parties.  There will be certain cornerstone encounters in each person’s life that are set up as strong probabilities, or as plans to be grown into.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 827)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Everything is conscious ... and loving

It’s difficult to really get it that everything is consciousness and that everything is working to the fulfillment of everything else. Seth has said that many times before and that the underlying “system" is wired for win-win … otherwise life and earth would have been extinguished eons ago.  

Even the relatively simple idea that Gaia, our planet Earth, is an alive, conscious being is one of those easy to say but hard to live concepts.  I remember once in a group meditation my mind wandered and I wondered what the Sun’s gravity feels like to Earth.  The rush of feelings was astounding … the conscious connection that we describe with mathematical formulae was an eye watering experience of immense, vibrant love between Gaia and Sol.  That experience happened years ago and I’ve never forgot it … I’ve also never seen the equations of physics the same since!!!!

For me it’s fun to imagine in mediation the “vast psychological objects’ that appear as vast physical objects or sweeping mass events.  Closer to home, to be outside in nature and to feel the consciousness of life around you can be energizing … and to feel the consciousness of clouds, wind and waves really opens up the senses and awakens the feeling of grace and magic that is always around us.

“Obviously there are objects of all sizes, durability, and weight.  There are also “vast psychological objects”, then, sweeping mass events, for example, in which whole countries might be involved.  There are also mass natural events of varying degrees, as say, the flooding of large areas.  Such events involve psychological configurations on the part of all those involved, so that the inner individual patterns of those lives touched by each such event have in one way or another a common purpose that at the same time serves the overall reality on a natural planetary basis.  In order to endure, the planet itself must be involved in constant change and instability.  I know it is difficult to comprehend, but every object that you perceive – grass or rock or stone – even ocean waves or clouds – any physical phenomenon – has its own invisible consciousness, its own intent and emotional coloration.  Each is also endowed with patterns toward growth and fulfillment – not at the expense of the rest of nature, but to the contrary, so that every other element of nature may also be completed.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wired for Win-Win

Today’s Seth is a good one in that it reminds us that we, individually and collectively, are wired for individual fulfillment and fulfillment collectively as humanity, Gaia, etc.  

It often doesn’t seem that way because we’re so narrowly focused in time and space.  

Also, we tend to misuse thinking by moving our thought processes to past events or anticipated future events.  Elias has pointed out that thought was meant to translate sensed communication (from the physical senses as well as imagination and intuition from the Inner Self).  When we place our attention on thoughts about the past memories, the thought machine generates sensory input by recreating emotions from the past (called looping) which then sends bogus information to the Inner Self about the present (because we’re not actually paying attention to the present since we’re paying attention to our thoughts about the past or future).  This process gets in the way of the innate state of grace that surrounds our being.  

I suppose that is why people often say: “Let go and let God” … that “God” is the Inner Self in communion with the collective … after all we are “godlets” as John Van Auken often says!

Feel the moment and enjoy the moment … it’s our path to fulfillment!

“At birth, each person is automatically equipped with the capacity toward natural growth that will most completely satisfy its own abilities – not at the expense of others, but in an overall context in which the fulfillment of each individual assures the fulfillment of each other individual.

“In those terms there is “an ideal” psychological pattern to which you are yourself intimately connected.  The inner ego constantly moves you in that direction.  On the other hand, that pattern is not rigid, but flexible enough to take advantage of changing circumstances, even as a plant will turn toward the sun though you move it from room to room while the sunlight varies its directions.  The inner ego does not exist in time as you do, however, so it relies upon your assessment of situations with which your reasoning is equipped to cope.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Brain as Symbol for Framework 2 Functioning

When I read the following Seth quote, it reminds me of the way the brain functions.  The brain is a sea of trillions of neurons each doing a dance to the tune of changing electrical and chemical energies.  Each neuron has hundreds of synapses that probe neighbouring neurons; chemical receptors of all kinds on the walls of the neuron cells; and within, microtubules linking the chemical environment to the quantum realm. Out of this seething chaos comes our ordered, logical thought processes, our structured perceptions and our associative memory - in some ways the brain is a symbolic representation of Framework 2 functions.

“Framework 2 combines order and spontaneity, but its order is of another kind.  It is a circular, associative, “naturally ordering process”, in which spontaneity automatically exists in the overall order that will best fulfill the potentials of consciousness.”
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Hold Positive Thoughts and Feelings

I love the fact that the universe is wired for constructive developments!  

Positive thoughts are sometimes likened to a light … a light which dispels darkness.  Darkness, on the other hand, is incapable of smothering light.

At times, when we look at world events through the lens of our media, it’s easy to get depressed and to think that mankind is doomed.  Seth rightly points out that, if that were indeed the case, humanity wouldn’t be here now. The best thing we can do to influence the world situation and our local environment is to think of positive possibilities and to radiate joy and love.  It’s really a lot of fun doing that because all the while you feel full of vitality in the process.  

The universe (i.e. Framework 2) really responds to the vibration (aka feelings) that we hold, more than to the words that we speak.  We can repeat all the “right" mantras but if we hold an inner feeling of failure, or negativity, the mantra has no energy  behind it to attract what we are asking for. Instead, we attract the failure that we feel.  Holding a positive viewpoint and joyfully and confidently feeling that joy is the key.  

Lazaris has said that our "tools of manifestations" are desire, imagination and expectation.  Desire is the energy that propels us toward our imagined future while expectation is the firm belief that conscious manifestation works.  You can see that negative feelings result in an underlying negative desire, along with imagined negative futures and plus a firm expectation that the negative future is our unchangeable destiny.  Holding positive thoughts and feelings is a "triple whammy!" attracting positive outcomes.  

Our logical brains (in Framework 1) are very limited (relative to the freedom of mind and spirit in Framework 2) in terms of its range of perception and scope.  It is no surprise then that most of our thoughts about events can turn negative … a result of the human brain being wired for survival in Framework 1 and, thus, it is generally better at imagining negative outcomes.  Consequently, if we focus on “logical" outcomes in Framework 1 (the world of words and physical reality) we can get hypnotized into seeing impending gloom and doom.  Framework 1 will then faithfully reproduce that outcome because it appears to our psyche in Framework 2 that that is what we really want (what we desire, imagine and expect).

The domain of mind and the universe (aka Framework 2) contains all possibilities over all space and all time in a living gestalt of conscious energy ... now that is the ultimate "Big Picture".  Genuinely feeling our innate state of grace ... a state of gratitude, love and joy ... enables our psyche to attract joy-filled, fulfilling events into our awareness ... i.e. to deliver magic (magic is anything that we can't logically foresee with our limited brains!).

Feel our intrinsic state of grace in every moment and let Framework 2 do its magic!

“Thoughts have what we will for now term electromagnetic properties.  In those terms, your thoughts mix and match with others in Framework 2, creating mass patterns that form the overall psychological basis behind world events.  Again, however, Framework 2 is not neutral, but automatically inclined toward what we will here term good or constructive developments.  It is a growth medium.  Constructive or “positive” feelings or thoughts are more easily materialized than “negative” ones, because they are in keeping with Framework 2’s characteristics.

“If that were not the case, your own species would not have existed as long as it has.” 

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Events are Multidimensional

I like Seth’s comparison between a table … which is really a seething mass of quantum particles appearing to be organized by our perception into a table … and the parallel with events.  

I like to use a movie projector metaphor to describe Edgar Cayce's manifestations process “spirit is the life, mind is the builder, the physical is the result”.  This works for Seth’s description too.  What we know as physical perception is actually a pattern of light  (like images on a screen), or Framework 1.  This pattern of light is maintained by a continuous flow of light (energy) from the projector (Framework 2).

“You can look at an object like a table and see its definitions in space.  To some extent you are too close to psychological events to perceive them in the same fashion, of course, yet usual experience seems to have a starting point and a conclusion.  Instead, experienced events usually involve only surface perceptions.  You observe a table’s surface as smooth and solid, even though you realize it is composed of atoms and molecules full of motions.

“In the same way, you experience a birthday party, an automobile accident, a bridge game, or any psychological event as psychologically solid, with a smooth experienced surface that holds together in space and time.  Such events, however, consist of indivisible “particles” and faster-than-light perceptions that never show.  In other words, they contain psychic components that flow from Framework 2 into Framework 1.

“Any event, therefore has an invisible thickness, a multidimensional basis.” 

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thoughts and Feelings have reality in Framework 2

Our 3rd-dimensional consciousness fundamentally has dimensions of thought and feelings combined in a synergistic way.  In  the psychological domain of Framework 2 this consciousness is very real, creating things like “thought forms”, events, and other flows of conscious energy.  In many respects our physical bodies can be viewed as a thought form.  Note that in Framework 2 thoughts and feelings are more important than objects - because they give rise to objects and other events.

If Framework 2 was likened to a deep ocean, then physical reality (Framework 1) would be like its surface waves.  The flows and movements in the depths of the ocean give rise to patterns of waves on the surface … like the pattern of waves we see as physical reality.

Our Inner Self is creating 3-D physical snapshots forming our body in a spacetime context on earth (with our buddies) and organizing these in such a way as to make it look like time is passing.  I guess this means that each of us is “The Greatest Show on Earth”!

“In simple terms, your body has an invisible counterpart in Framework 2.  During life that counterpart is so connected with your own physical tissues, however, that it can be misleading to say that the two – the visible and invisible bodies – are separate.  In the same way that your thoughts have a reality in Framework 2, and only for the sake of a meaningful analogy, thoughts could be said to be the equivalent, now, of objects; for in Framework 2 thoughts and feelings are far more important even than objects are in physical reality.

“In Framework 2 thoughts instantly form patterns.  They are the “natural elements” in that psychological environment that mix, merge, and combine to form, if you will, the psychological cells, atoms, and molecules that compose events.  In those terms, the physical events that you perceive or experience can be compared to “psychological objects” that appear to exist with a physical concreteness in space and time.  Such events usually seem to begin somewhere in space and time, and clearly end there as well.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Framework 2

Today’s Seth gives a bit of a description of Framework 2.  It’s really mind blowing to think that all possibilities (past, present and future) and all incarnations (past, present, future, on earth and elsewhere) are all there being lived as probabilities in the Inner World.  We just take a snapshot of some of these and call it a life.  The interesting thing is that when we manifest a moment, smell the roses, taste the coffee, etc. - the very act of sensing these moments and making choices changes the space of probabilities and can even create new possibilities.  Now that is real magic!

Framework 2 is sometimes referred to as the Multiverse … the universe of all possibilities.  Metatron refers to the Omni Earth to describe the set of all possibilities surrounding Gaia … this doesn’t just include the present; rather it also includes all pasts, all futures, all people that ever were, will, or could be incarnated, etc.  In terms of the Qabalah, I like to think of the Astral plane as the plane of all probabilities and the Causal plane of all possibilities.  

At any rate, we’re there in Framework 2 having a glorious time making 3D movies that we know of as life!

Have fun!

“You must understand that in a manner of speaking, Framework 2 is on the one hand an invisible version of the physical universe.  On the other hand, however, it is far more than that, for it contains within it probable variations of that universe – from the most cosmic scale, say, down to probable versions of the most minute events of any given physical day.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 826)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


This is a really important Seth quote in terms of understanding the process of manifestation.  What Seth calls Framework 2 I like to think of as the abstract space of all quantum possibilities from which we (along with the atoms and molecules, etc.) "Pop" moments of experience into a shared, 3-D, physical reality.  

At sub-atomic scales, these associations are potential interactions of quanta of fields (e.g. electromagnetism, gravity, and strong and weak nuclear forces).  Even the building blocks of time and space arise out of a sea of all possible interactions between potential quanta of space.  For a really good, and very readable description of this, see Carlo Rovello's book on loop-quantum gravity: "Reality Is Not What It Seems".  The very space that we think exists independent of us arises out of the "Framework 2" sea of all possibilities!

It is important to note that events appear in our private experience "according to directions you have given them through those associations that you form mentally".  This is why "You Create Your Own Reality" (YCYOR)!  To get a better idea of how the brain plays in this manifestation process I suggest you look at the Ramtha material, for example the book "Who Are We Really".

Lazaris tends to draw a distinction between coincidences and serendipities.  Coincidences are quite common and generally don't have a lot of really deep significance or meaning ... they arise in the manner described here by Seth.  Serendipities, on the other hand, arise when "souls are at play"!  They can be life changing!

“Framework 2 deals with associations, so that within it the recognizable events of the physical world can be put together in an infinite number of ways, after which they appear in your private experience according to directions you have given them through those associations that you form mentally.
“The coincidences that seem to happen, the chance encounters, the unexpected events – all of these come into your experience because in one way or another you have attracted them, even though their occurrences might seem to have insurmountable odds against them.  Those odds – those impediments – do not exist in Framework 2.”
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 825)