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Be the alchemist

This is extracted from the WingMakers material:

Be the Alchemist

Mark: You’ve said before that what holds true for the Big Picture, holds true for the small picture, in other words, as above so below. Can you speak to that?

James: I’ll give you an example. This is related to the crutches or devices that people rely upon — these are like our personal saviours. We need a device to synchronize our brainwaves, or … or we need special diets or teachers to guide us. Or I must read this or that book to fully understand my soul. No, 

I’ll tell you right now, “no” we don’t. We need to practice the virtues of the heart, and we need to form a partnership with the universe. We do these things without condition. Without seeing results as we define results. We live in balance and in oneness. We develop our ability to orchestrate the virtues of the heart, but more than anything, it comes down to us. To our commitment to practice - our commitment to apply these unconditionally, and not simply talk about them.

For example, let’s say you found a device that synchronized your brain waves. You felt wonderful; you experienced a higher dimension or alternative consciousness. In the back of your mind — after the experience — you realize it’s an unnatural occurrence. It was not generated solely from your efforts. It was not your creation. It was a device. Or, let’s say you could take a pill and it would provide you with ESP or a god experience or a talk with an ET. What does this really do for you?

The long path — the path that’s founded in Source Intelligence, isn’t about saviours. It is about self-responsibility and activation. It is about learning to receive and transmit the ultra-fine frequencies of love in your moment to the best of your abilities, even when you judge yourself a failure, you practice forgiveness and understanding. Do you have the flashy experiences? Maybe not. But I would much rather be an alchemist than an explorer.

Mark: What do mean an alchemist?

James: If your human instrument is fear-based, locked in the rigidity of the left, reptilian brain, you’re more likely to broadcast fear, insecurity and depression — for example. These emotions are a form of energy and, like all energy, they are conserved. In a sense, energy is never created, it is transformed or recycled. I can take energy that is dense and closed, and I can transform it to an energy that is opening to the frequency of love. I can be an alchemist of energy, and instead of trying to turn iron into gold, I turn anger into kindness … or depression into interconnection … or indifference into compassion.

Energy then informs matter. Energy is many things by human standards … it can be physical energy used to produce something like work or to play a sport. It can be emotional energy that deals with love or anger. It can be a mental energy that helps us solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. It can be spiritual energy that activates and sustains our interest in the culture of soul.

These different types of energies have different frequencies. Some are condensed energies that are heavy — in a sense. Some are light. We’ve all felt these different energetic fields in rooms or public spaces or … or nature, and we’ve all felt them within ourselves. Sometimes we’re buoyant and joyful, and the energy — at least emotionally — is light and easy. Other times we’re heavy with disappointment or fear or frustration. We feel these energies. They’re not abstractions to us … or words on paper. They have a visceral reality in our local universe.


Being an alchemist is being able to transform energy. To shift energy. Not to let densities build up and calcify, because these are the things that weigh us down, and make our abilities to be alchemists for ourselves and others more difficult.

Explorers, on the other hand, like to acquire information, knowledge, data, and of course, experiences. This can be wonderful, so I’m not saying this is good or bad, merely that it’s a different path. They are seekers. They seek knowledge so they can experience a state that’s closer to truth … closer to wisdom. This world seems to hide truth so well, many people feel it’s vital that they put a lot of energy into this endeavour; otherwise, truth will slip away from them. I refer to these seekers as explorers. However, behind this acquisition of knowledge gnaws the question: is this really why I came here … why I incarnated? To acquire knowledge? Especially, as I mentioned before, when the knowledge is often contradictory or lacks any grounding in fact or proof.

For some, the answer is “yes.” For many, though, the answer is that they came to be alchemists. They came to experience the transformation of energies. They incarnated to become a receiver and transmitter of these higher energies, and to go about this consciously, courageously … and most important, unconditionally — to their best ability in the moment.

As you can imagine, these are not exclusive paths by any means. People can do both, and very often, the seeker-explorer becomes primarily an alchemist in the latter part of their life. The explorer fills up on all of the various paths, and ultimately realizes that they’re all tributaries to the long path, and the real reason to be alive is to demonstrate the example of an alchemist. Again, it’s all ratios, there’s never a 100% one or the other.


The following article by James Mahu (originator of the Wingmakers material) is a fitting description of the kind of counsel Edgar Cayce gave.  This is what I like about the Wingmakers material … the focus on heart-centred action in each moment.

Have a beautiful day.


By James:

There is so much information in the public domain that pertains to the spiritual realms, some of it is reinforcing and resonant, but most of it is splitting and separating the consciousness of humanity. For example, today I received a letter from a young man in Sao Paulo, a partial quote follows:

"What is happening? What is it all about? This theories. This prophecies. Hollow Earth, Shamballa, Agartha, Astral Travel, Channelings, Telepathy, Nibiru, Annunaki, The Mayan Calendar, Planet X, Ashtar, The Armageddon. I'm sorry but, i don't know if i'm the only one, but i'm really lost. I Don't know what to do. Which way i should go? What should i believe? What can i do? I'm so lost. Seriously. I'm so lost."

Now, this person is only 18 years old, so he has less life experience than some, but you can hear the confusion and frustration in his voice, and his sentiments speak for thousands, if not millions, of others. The list he cites could have been ten times longer, but the point remains:

How do any of us — in the face of the separation that exists in our philosophical realm — find agreement in belief? And not only agreement, but, more importantly, a sense of confidence that we are on the right path, the path of enlightenment, and not further confusion or the distraction of half truths.

We all have access to the Living Truth within us, and yet we remain tethered to our doubts and fear-based living. This is the mirrored reflection of the spread of consciousness, that, as a collective thing, is not coherent and therefore it is not aligned to the Living Truth. Today a thousand, no, a hundred thousand writers speak their truth and share it, but the resulting picture of "truth" is a blurry mosaic that casts doubt on the human mind's ability to define truth, let alone a path into enlightenment.

Does this mean that humanity requires a saviour? Does it show evidence that the spiritual realm, as an object of knowledge, is unknowable? No, not in my opinion, but it does suggest that the six heart virtues and their everyday application and expression is a far better route to forming a spiritual purpose than the framing of words in a philosophical soup. Too much is made of the word choice instead of the behaviour choice. It is through the latter that we define our truth, and this is the living truth that flows from the innermost worlds of our existence into the outermost worlds of our five senses and physical body.

We are here to be of service, and this applies to each and every one of us. Our service contribution is the energetic transmission contained in our expression of the six heart virtues, and our ability to achieve and sustain personal coherence in our daily affairs and relationships. This is the real value in the spiritual life because the behaviour choice, but rather bonds with behaviours. And it injects meaningfulness into the smallest moments of our life.

Our media and popular culture make the focus of life a quest for glamour and prestige and power and money. We are seduced by these things because they are burned so deeply into our psyche that it is near impossible to resist. But even those few who achieve these things feel lost, perhaps even more so as a result of their achievement. The thing that we desire most is meaning through the expression of our deepest purpose — not our passion, but our purpose.

So you see it does not matter if people draw from their own well and bring forward the powerful truths that live within them, because even these so-called truths, if they seek expression only in words have a shelf life of usefulness of one moment, which, as I'm sure you'll agree, is exceedingly brief. But the expression in the behaviours of appreciation, compassion, humility, forgiveness, understanding, and valour, these leave an energetic "fragrance" that lasts forever because it entangles and resonates with the Universal Field, and Spirit reapplies this energy to the betterment of the planet and all who live upon her. In short, we need more people who apply the six heart virtues even in the most insignificant corners of their life.

I don't say this lightly, either. I am well aware that it is not easy to outflow compassion to someone who just gave you the finger after cutting you off on the highway. It is not easy to understand why there is so much hatred surfacing between religious organizations or governments or members of the human family. It is not easy to forgive someone who wrongs you intentionally. But this is what is required of those who will assist the human family to become unified and coherent so it may knock upon the door of the Grand Portal, seeking entry into the fifth dimension as a coherent collective and not simply as a group — large as it may be — of individuals.

I hope my responses provide some measure of understanding to your questions.

From my world to yours,

Friday, June 19, 2020

Seth on Earth Reality

Seth: "The fact is that your plane originated because enough entities needed certain types of experience to warrant such a creation, and they set about forming it through the process of evolution. That I believe you understand. The smallest minute first portion represented the will and vitality of all the entities that would ever dwell upon the earth that would come after.                                  

It was far from a purposeless arrangement. It involved a foresight hardly imaginable, and I repeat that you had your part in the initial reaction, as did every entity who lived or will live upon the earth [...]

[... 9 paragraphs ...]

I will go into this also more deeply later. It is obvious by now that entities on any plane create that plane, and a strong portion of their personalities are similarly constructed to deal with the mechanics of the particular plane.

[... 4 paragraphs ...]

Incidentally, your universe was not created by all entities, but only by the entities that needed a particular kind of experience. The fact that manipulation is important upon your plane is one of the main causes for wars.

[... 3 paragraphs ...]

War does not exist on other planes. It exists on your plane as a byproduct of certain challenges which the creator-entities wished to solve through materialization. I have known that these questions were on your minds."

—TES1 Session 31 March 2, 1964

Monday, June 8, 2020

Probable Selves


Probable Selves

Now, your probable selves are quite real.  They are a part of you.  There is no reason to fear them.  Does an onion fear its skin, or an apple become afraid of its core?  Therefore, explore yourselves with joy and understanding.  There is nothing within you that is so terrible or horrible or sad or misshapen that you dare not face.  And this applies to all of you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Seth on Dreams, Joy and Probable Selves

I particularly like the part about JOY!

SESSION, JULY 13, 1971

We are meeting points of the universe and of experience

… You are channels through which various realities merge and meet and in which transmutations constantly occur. You are yourselves, then, warps in the universe as you think of it. You are meeting places where other realities merge and meet. You are intersections, cosmic intersections, and it is up to you as the conscious selves that you think you are now, to listen and watch and to be aware of these portions of your personality that flow through you and in and out of you, in your terms.

And the time has come for you to experience fresh and new concepts and to find them within yourselves for the miracle of consciousness is your own as it is my own, or Ruburt’s own. You are each the miracles of consciousness, and those miracles occur within you constantly in your terms of time. Therefore, each of you possess within yourselves inroads, or if you prefer outroads, where other portions of reality and other selves merge and reemerge, come and go, materialize, in your terms, and dematerialize. The answers, as you know therefore, are not only within yourself but pass through you automatically if you but realize it and know it. And within yourselves you each possess in miniature all the properties of the universe as you conceive of it at this present time. 

So what it seems to you or to your scientists occurs outside of you, occurs within you, and now. Not theoretically, not merely in intuitive terms, but altogether at once regardless of the concepts that you attach to the experience. This is what I hope not to teach you, but to lead you to understand and experience for yourselves. To understand that you are each at the meeting points of the universe and of experience. And that what you observe does not necessarily come from outside of you but from inside of you. I hope to give you the confidence to grasp the freedom then to explore yourselves, easily, freely and joyfully as one of our friends, the flowers, might suddenly choose to explore itself in all its uniqueness.

([Arnold:] “There isn’t really any outside to us is there? So everything is within us.”) 

There is not, indeed, the outside is within you, and anything you think you see outside originates within. 

… You always create it. You create and form your own reality, but you create and form more realities than you consciously realize. Now it is possible, you see, and you are trying to bring what you think of as your conscious self into some awareness of what these other portions of the inner self are up to so, supposing we call your presently conscious self your immediate self. Will you accept that phrase? All right. So we will say you all have immediate selves which deal with the here and now, in those terms. Now the immediate self can indeed become aware of other portions of your own reality, and it is up to you to bring it into line. To some extent you can do this, not entirely, but intuitively you can make great strides. You may not be able to translate the experience clearly, but you may be able to translate it capably enough so that you realize, so that the immediate self realizes, that it is indeed a part of other experiences.

Now All That Is is as much in middle class America as it is in India. All That Is resides as much in the poor suburbanite who mows his lawn and has his endless mortgage as it does in a guru who sits upon his mat. The anguish and the triumph is in each of you. And do not yourself fall into the stereotype of setting the establishment apart for it is also composed of exalted and anguished individuals.

I did not say you were evil, and never would I say such a thing. When you read the record, you will realize that is not what I said. I said, recognize within yourself those evils that you recognize in others, but I meant only those things that in your own mind you set up as evil for you project those things upon others and make your own reality. Now, the barriers you see do not exist in the children but in yourself. And that is what I want you to understand.



but I have some remarks for our regular students having to do with your dreams. We mentioned sometime ago an experiment. Now the visitors that have been here until this evening had a part to play in that experiment. Other portions of the experiment, however, are concerned with your dream states and those individuals that you are meeting. Besides the associates and friends that you know in your daily waking life, you also have a quite legitimate relationship with people that you do not know as you go about your daily concerns. And you perform work of which you are unaware as you go about your daily way. Now some of you are ready to meet these other associates. They are people living on the face of the earth at this time. People that you have never met physically and probably will never meet, in those terms, but you are involved often as apprentices in joint endeavors and it is time that you become aware to some extent of your relationship. Those that escape you in the dream state. Therefore, I want you to take particular notice of people in your dreams who are strangers to you. You may encounter them in class dreams. You may also encounter them, however, in dreams that seem to have no great meaning. These people cooperate with you as you cooperate with them. You are involved with many activities. Helping people who have died, in your terms, speaking to others who are quite alive, in the dream state, learning to understand and manipulate subjective realities. 

Now there are two main possibilities that can emerge here, and these people can become quite real to you. You have begun to become aware of some of your own reincarnational existences. Because of this you have been able to relate to yourself and to others in a more effective manner and to understand others from a different point of view. Now, however, you should also become aware of other personalities who work with you when your normally conscious ego is quieted. Some of you already have clues.

Now, this requires some study and means that you will have to remember your dreams much more effectively than some of you are doing.  And I am giving you the impetus.  When possible, think of these persons also when you discover them so that in your daily waking life you can receive some more intuitional information as to the kind of work and endeavors in which you are all involved.  We want you to become aware of all of your activities, not simply your conscious ones.  You are using abilities in that work that you are not using as yet in your conscious lives, and I want you to become aware of what these abilities are.  They can also help you deal much more effectively with physical reality and help you understand it far better.  You may find several of you involved in the same work in the dream state.  And so, also, keep track of whatever class members may appear within these dreams.  Then when you are doing well in class, you will be able to relate not only to some reincarnational selves but to the inner self and to its activities and use these activities to enrich your normal daily encounters and to increase the nature and extent of your perceptions.


Now if there is any discipline that I would tell you to adapt, it would be the discipline of joy which is spontaneous and from which, initially, all creativity comes. Within yourselves you understand the meaning of the word joy, then you will find no contradiction.  Sorrow of itself can be negative or positive according to the reasons why you entertain it.  Detachment can be negative or positive according to the reasons that you adopt it.  Joy, faithfully followed, can lead you to the inner vitality that dwells within yourself and, hence, to All That Is.

If you understood and felt the joy within your own being, you would have no need of questions.  You would know without words.  If you would allow yourselves the freedom to meet, not some great teacher, not to run from teacher to teacher, but if you could meet the vitality within one cell, even one molecule of your body, you would have no need for questions.

No one can order you to feel joy.  You cannot order yourselves to feel joy.  It requires freedom.  You can releasee yourselves to the sensation of joy and then follow it.  I saw the yawn, and in the yawn there is joy.  The yawn is a spontaneous expression of the body and within that there is joy.

I expect you to release your energy both in the dream state and the waking state.  I expect that each of you will become more and more aware of your own uniqueness.  Be able to meet and recognize the realities of your own personality.  To appreciate them as if you saw them suddenly appearing before you.  To appreciate yourself as you might another.  To be astonished and amazed with your own individuality.

Probable Selves

([Margie:] “Why this urgency to get to know this other probable system?”)

Because they are yourselves.  Because there is no division between you.  Because it is a part of your own identity.  Because you are learning then to become acquainted with the whole, or in your terms, to become acquainted with the entire reality of the soul as it has meaning to you.

([Margie:] “But there are many probable selves, are there not?”)

There are indeed.  Why should the soul be limited?  The soul is not a thing that you have.  The soul is not the consciousness that you know.  The soul is far beyond the consciousness that you presently experience.  It is only your own ideas of a limited self that make you think in terms of such a closed soul.  There are no closed systems, and there is no end to the growth of the soul.