Sunday, February 26, 2012

Psychic Expansion and the Dream/Physical Connection

The following extract from Seth's Session 178 (Volume 4 of the Early Sessions) is advice given to Jane (Ruburt) and Rob (Joseph) which has great relevance to us all:

Psychic Expansion

"He (Ruburt) must remember however in his psychological time experiments that to focus outward, within and through the universe, is to expand and focus inward simultaneously. He must seek the expansion before he seeks the results or effects of the expansion.

"It would help if he let himself go in the same way that he does when he works on his poetry. It will indeed be beneficial for you both to suggest to your subconscious that it enable you to develop your psychic abilities, and then consciously forget the matter.

"Ruburt does allow himself this freedom, until he begins to brood about it. We will begin slowly to further develop his abilities in our sessions. We may even ourselves initiate such a program.

"I am not primarily concerned with effects, as you know. They can be beneficial however from several viewpoints, and they can also give Ruburt confidence. Any such effects however will happen within the framework of our sessions, and we must always work in an atmosphere of mutual integrity."

Dream and Physical Connections

"The connections between the dreaming self and the waking self, and between the dream universe and the physical universe, exist on chemical, electromagnetic and psychic levels.

"They are completely interwoven. Effects in one are reflected in the other[s]. As you have already supposed Joseph, suggestions received during the sleeping state are often carried out by the waking personality."

... "Suggestions made by the waking personality are also carried out by the sleeping self. The characteristics of the sleeping personality therefore partially determine the physical existence of the waking self. Solutions to problems are sought and received and worked for in the dream state. The physical environment is directly affected then by the activities of the dreaming self.

"Abilities unused by the waking personality are utilized in the dream state. A study of dream activities will often allow the waking personality to recognize abilities of which it is not aware, to discover talents that are not being used. Such a study can be most beneficial in allowing the personality to utilize all of its capabilities. There is no doubt that the whole self is a composite formed by the various aspects of the personality as it is seen in the waking and dream states, and at other levels of operation.

"There are levels of which we have not yet spoken. The repository of potentiality however is contained within those layers that are not conscious. As a rule the ego chooses those elements from this repository which it feels will be most beneficial in dealing with physical reality.

"In many instances however, because of environment and other influences, the ego accepts few of the abilities available, and therefore hampers the full development of personality. Of necessity the ego discards more than it accepts, and this is why Ruburt runs into difficulties when he becomes too egotistically concerned.

"In actuality the ego itself definitely benefits by allowing greater flexibility. It does become more active, and to some degree more permissive under such conditions, but the flexibility involved adds to its strength in the beneficial ways.

"Ego concern is a very jealous concern, and it is directly connected to the personality's concept of survival necessities within the physical universe. The ego that is overly fearful for survival will allow little potential to show itself unless that potential is directly connected with physical survival. Actually what happens here is that the ego sells the personality short, out of fear, and denies those very abilities that are needed, and in practical terms.

"The ego that ignores too many of the possibilities of the inner self is soon in dire difficulty, and is forced to realize that it has been considering survival in a very limited light.

"For the personality in such circumstances will shrivel up, and ultimately the physical self will die ahead of its time, and despite all emergency efforts made by the ego, unless it makes the necessary effort. Survival within the physical universe, as within all others, is determined by the full development of potential.

"The greatest possible development allows the greatest possible security, for such development shows itself physically and in all other manners. The entire gestalt simply works better and more efficiently and more joyfully, from the smallest cell to the most organized aspects of personality.

"You may find it helpful, and certainly fascinating, to study your own dreams, looking at them for the purpose of searching in their framework for abilities of which the ego is not aware.

"Your own talents have worked for the survival of your personality, Joseph. They have given you a strength that you would not possess if your ego had not allowed them to emerge. You may not think of your artistic abilities as serving any practical purpose, insofar as survival is concerned, and yet they have been your main security, and in very practical ways.

"Without a sense of joy and inner accomplishment and development of potential, the personality will not only fail to flourish, but the inner self will refuse to maintain the physical structure adequately. This is extremely important. Superficial measures will not fool the inner self.

"We will discuss for some sessions the nature of dreams, practically speaking, from many viewpoints. Other suggestions will be given for general benefit. I hope in the future to make these points clear enough so that you will be able to discover definite connections where you have not before, that will tie in waking and dreaming situations with rather surprising results.

"By far the most immediately helpful suggestions have to do with dream therapy, with problem solving, and the search for abilities as shown within the dream state.

"The energy used in constructing dreams is every bit as intense as the energy used in the waking state, but there is no depletion because the sleeping self uses energy more naturally, realizing that it is available, and being more free in its operation.

"The energy is used in a more diffused manner however, than in the waking state. It does not have to be focused in one main direction only. It is as intense, but it has a wider radius. There is no strain involved.

"This is one of the reasons why health suggestions given immediately before sleep are so effective. Incidentally, they are excellent practice. Expectation can also aid you. In this case suggestions should be given leading to dreams in which a desired situation is accomplished. The dream will then increase and activate your own expectations. And as you know, the expectations themselves have much to do with whether or not any given situation will occur. Further detailed discussions will be held on all of these points, before these matters are covered."