Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Outer Ego

From Session 181 in Volume 4 of Seth's Early Sessions:

"The ego skims the topmost surface of reality and experience.

"This is not the result of any inherent egotistical quality. It is true that the ego's responsibility is with the relationship between the self and the physical environment. It must of necessity be focused within the confines of physical reality.

"Nevertheless it is fully capable of perceiving far more than Western man allows it to perceive. Fear and ignorance and superstition quite obviously limit the potentialities of the ego, and therefore to some degree limit even its effectiveness within the physical universe.

"The ego itself in many instances cannot experience directly certain intuitions and psychological experiences, but it can experience them insofar as it can be aware of them on an intellectual basis. When training forces the ego to become too rigid, and to limit its perception of other realities, then the intuitions will not be accepted by the ego because intuitional experience will not fit into the framework of reality as the ego sees it.

"The ego, because of its responsibility, will therefore fight against what it then considers an unknown threat to survival. Struggles are therefore initiated which are entirely unnecessary. We want to bring intuitional comprehension to a point where the ego will accept it."

"It is amazing how man regrets the hours spent in sleep, for he does not realize how hard he works when his ego is unaware."

No Limitations

From Session 180 of Volume 4 of the Seth's Early Sessions:

"The human personality has no limitations except those which it accepts. There are no limits to its development or growth, if it will accept no limits. There are no boundaries to the self except those boundaries which the self arbitrarily creates and perpetuates. There is no veil through which human perception cannot see, except the veil of ignorance which is pulled down by the materialistic ego.

"That which appears empty; such as your space, is empty only for those who will not perceive, who are blind because they fear to perceive that which the ego cannot understand. The ego however is also capable of greater knowledge and potentiality and scope.

"It dwells in the physical universe, but it can indeed also perceive and appreciate other realities. The ego is part of the personality, and as such it can partake of sturdier, heartier, more vivid realities. The personality can dwell, and does dwell, in many worlds at once.

"The inquiring intuitions and the searching self, like summer winds, can travel in small and large spaces, can know of actualities that are more minute than pinheads and more massive than galaxies.

"The power and ability of the human personality, in a most practical manner, can be seen as limited."