Friday, December 31, 2010

Creation of the Universe

The following is an extract from Lazaris' Sirius Connection Workbook (which I highly recommend!).  It describes metaphorically the birth of this Universe.  In my previous blog from Session 58 of the Seth material, I had the image of our Inner Ego blowing bubbles to create the Outer Egos in a particular plane (here our Earthly Plane).  Lazaris uses the same metaphor to describe the birth of this Universe.  In Lazaris' metaphor the Goddess creates a partner (God) which then together manifests All-That-Is.

“Your universe, as we have suggested many times, as we've suggested already this morning, is but one universe among many. It is relatively a small universe — not to suggest that you should feel badly … {laughter} … for despite the consensus reality that bigger is better, despite the male-dominating energy and the comparative energies that say "bigger is better," your universe, though relatively small, is not at all diminished by its size.

“Now we know the word universe by its definition means the totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space. We know that it is thought of as "all" and that therefore there can only be one. Yet, by experience and by fact, yours is but one among many dimensional and non-dimensional universes. Yours is a universe by a truer definition: It is that which is versus (turning into) uni (one). Universe.

“And it is mostly space, as you know. And it is mostly outer space as you call it. Before anything, your universe is space. Space. What about before space?

“To understand the Vortex of Sirius and the Sirius Connection, realize that before your universe existed, before it was even conceived, there was nothing. First space had to be created. As with any dimensional creation, first comes space.

“We have suggested that the Goddess energy — the original energy that creates itself without space or time — first creates God. No, we do not mean the God of religious text and doctrine Eastern or Western — not that God that so frequently comes to mind when the word is said or thought. We speak of the genuine article, if you will. We speak of the more-real God that to most remains unknown.

“The Goddess first creates God. She first gives birth to God, if you will, from her womb. The egg of new form, fertilized by the new spark of Her Light, gives birth to that energy — spaceless energy — that is God.

“Why? So that together Goddess and God can continuously create — give birth to — All That Is. Together. Together, we would suggest, because the Goddess has no desire to be the singular authority. She has no desire to have singular supremacy or to be singularly supreme. She has no desire to be absolute. She does want to work together. She always does.

“In the context of your language, and thus in the context of your time, the Goddess first created God so that God with Goddess could create All That Is. The Goddess created the spaceless-space, and then She created the manifestation of the formless-form, if you will, of God.

“She could have gone on and created all space and all manifestation to fill that space. She could have done that on her own and by Herself. But She did not want to.

Instead, as we say, She wanted to do it together. As She desired (and desires still), God and Goddess together gave birth to All That Is. It happened and is always happening. It always will. Out of this "was, is, and will be" a synergy emerges. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. God/Goddess/All That Is is that whole.

“Feminine energy never wants to be singular or supreme. That's something that masculine energy, in its dominating principle, cannot grok. … {laughter} … Whether expressed in the male form or the female form, that dominating masculine energy just cannot … "What do you mean she doesn't want to be supreme or singular? Of course, she does. Everybody does. That's the way the world works."

“Dominating masculine energy just cannot grok … "Wait a minute … ." Startled and stunned, such dominating energy cannot grok it. Even so, feminine energy, genuine feminine — the whole of feminine energy — has no desire to do it alone.

“The Goddess has no desire to be the singular authority, to be the one and only God, who loves you and who will kill you if you don't believe it … {laughter} … who is all-powerful, but cannot seem to reach you if you slip the slightest bit so that you could be totally dominated and controlled by the Devil. … {laughter} … The Goddess has no such desire. She wants to work together.

“She begins all her creation by creating space. To create your universe, a universe of free will, first she had to create space. And so in the fabric, if you will, in the fabric of nothing, through a tiny opening, She blew a bubble. … Now we're talking figuratively here, please! … {laughter} … We're talking poetically, because there are no words to describe what we're attempting to describe … {laughter} …

“Out of nothing, She created a bubble through a tiny tear, if you will, through a tiny rip. … She created space. She created a vastness that is beyond anything you can imagine or believe, beyond anything that you can conceive. She created a mighty and majestic vastness that seems as if it is everything — as if it is all that is. It seems as if there could be nothing more.

“Yet beyond this rip, beyond this tear, and beyond this bubble, there are other rips and tears that likewise seem as if … She blew many bubbles.

“This tear, this rip, through which She created the space that is your universe, is what we call the Vortex of the Goddess — the Vortex of Sirius. It speaks to what we call the Sirius Connection. It is the portal, the doorway, through which all energy flows into your universe. It is first the tear itself; it is then all the mystery and mysticism that connects you to that tear and to the bubble that is nothing within nothing — that is shimmering space.

“It is into this still pond that then enter all the seeds of energy, like tiny little ball bearings, like tiny little pebbles, grains of sand, that have been tossed, tossed into this tranquility, into this stillness. All the seeds begin filling the space. These tiny specks of nothing that are raw energy without form begin to fill the space. And they become fertile with possibility and potential. Impregnated, they begin to grow. In this sea of nothing, scattered throughout it, in every part of it, they begin to grow. A universe has begun as one space — one shimmering bubble — and it continues turning and turning in order to turn into one, once again.

“This universe is a shimmering bubble of free will floating in a torus of space-time. It is a shimmering sphere that seems to function as a dimensional hologram.”

Happy New Year!

Becoming an Entity

This extract from Session 58 of the "Early Sessions of the Seth Material" provides insight into options availabe to the Outer Ego after physical death.  One of these options is to become an entity with its own Inner Ego which then gives birth to its own Outer Egos as it cruises the planes of the Cosmos and beyond.  This is an exciting prospect!  The key is to awaken a conscious connection with the Inner Ego and to live this lifetime to its fullest potential (this sounds very much like the Lazaris' material where, instead of Inner Ego, Lazaris refers to Soul, Spirit, Higher Self, etc.).  The advice given to Joseph (Rob Butts) on his path to becoming an entity could be applied to all of us!
“As far as self and notself are concerned, the unit of self is organized, as you know, by the inner ego, which directs the whole energy field. The outer ego directs the manipulation of this gestalt in the physical universe. The outer ego is rather more tied to physical properties, and yet it can directly experience inner reality by a change of focus through aligning itself with the inner ego, focusing its energies with the inner rather than the outer senses. This is by far the most advantageous method of experiencing inner reality, because the outer ego is therefore consciously aware of what has been going on, and can use such knowledge it its own sphere.

“When the inner ego and the outer ego pursue directly opposed viewpoints and different aims and goals, then you run into difficulty. In studying human personality and the psyche, your psychologists have not gone far, nor deeply enough. When a complete barrier, or nearly complete barrier, exists between the inner and outer egos, then the whole self is denied value fulfillment to a large degree. Such a division occurs at various times in history, and is occurring now.

“When the two are in balance and when there is communication between them, then the inner ego can directly communicate with the outer ego, bring to it the necessary enlightenments, and give it, that is give the outer ego the benefit of its own, the inner ego’s own, condensed comprehension and direct participation in the existence of the universe as a whole.

“The outer ego, under such advantageous circumstances, is more nearly able also to communicate its experience in the physical world to the inner self, and hereby to actually help enlarge the inner self, which then directly experiences stimulation and manipulations in the camouflage pattern which is otherwise denied to it.

“The inner self obviously needs the outer ego with its outer senses, in order to permit its own materialization in various camouflage forms. This should not be underrated or forgotten. Without the outer core, the inner self could simply not add to its own value fulfillment through participation in energy-constructs.

“Each existence in any of many camouflage patterns trains and fulfills the inner self to develop the greatest possible fulfillment of its own qualities and characteristics. These inherent qualities and characteristics determine the planes upon which the inner self will exist, and on each plane a certain materialization is necessary. It will vary according to the properties of the plane.

“It is true that the inner self in the last analysis is the durable self. Nevertheless the various outer egos are extremely important, and without them the inner self would be blocked. Nor are these inner abilities as a rule ever left unfulfilled. The outer egos are not gobbled up, so to speak, after a particular existence, but remain in control of those characteristics and abilities which they have been so important in forming and training.

“The outer ego then remains at the end a controller and director of those strengths which it gathered about itself during its particular existence. But even this is not the end. It, that is it meaning the outer ego, can even continue growth and development after a particular existence, according to its inherent ability and according to its ability to communicate with the basic inner self.

“This is extremely difficult, I should imagine. Nevertheless, even when an inner self has sent out a new outer ego upon a new camouflage venture, the previous ego is still afforded an almost unlimited avenue for development. There are many possibilities for it. It can choose to remain what it is, one ego. It will then remain in a somewhat subordinate position to the inner self, but in now more of a subordinate position that it was earlier.

“It will therefore return once more to the same plane with which it was familiar, where it will meet with new challenges, and develop new abilities that will, however, be of the same basic nature; that is, if we are speaking of your plane, the ego would have new experiences, develop new abilities, perhaps solve old problems, balance out deficiencies, but still be dealing with problems of manipulation and physical construction.

“Most egos do indeed choose this course for a while. For that matter the requirements of your plane itself necessitate the fulfillment of certain developments such as those we have mentioned much earlier, having to do with the experience of a full childhood, motherhood, fatherhood, et cetera. These represent minimum requirements for your plane.

“The ego may also have particular desires of its own along these lines. Now you will see what I am saying. In various reincarnations upon your plane, the ego that reincarnates is the same ego. The information of past lives is retained by that ego’s subconscious, for obvious reasons. But this information can be tapped.

“Theoretically such an ego could continue reincarnating indefinitely in such a fashion, always growing and developing, but always dealing with problems of manipulation and physical construction of energy. This then represents one possibility for growth of any particular ego. There are other possibilities …”

… “Now if there is good communication between the self, that is the inner self and the outer ego, then the ego begins to understand what it is, and also to realize that it has greater capacities than it can realize by continued reincarnations, upon one plane.

“If the ego is exceptional it may take one of two courses.

“It may choose to return to the same plane as a great originator, using knowledge that it receives from the inner self to make lasting and original innovations upon that plane, according to its interests, abilities and capacity. It will therefore become a Buddha, a Christ, a Michelangelo, a hero in one field or another, an ego who changes the physical world completely in untold manners by the mere fact of its existence.

“It then does not reincarnate again upon that plane. However because of its own extraordinary nature, it itself forms with the inner self in an added gestalt, adding to the energy and ability of the inner self; and in a manner which I cannot explain to you, it voluntarily may give up its ego identification to a large degree for the purpose of giving its full energies to the store of the inner self.

“That is one possibility. It is followed by egos who have actually worn out not this energy, which is tremendous, but their desires.

“Other egos choose instead to become entities of their own, in which case this magnificent outer ego becomes in turn an inner ego, which then from its own unfulfilled desires, abilities and initiatives are formed new outer egos which once again seek fulfillment.

“Such an outer ego turned inner ego, has only experienced existence then upon a particular plane. It is therefore filled with impatience as far as existence upon other planes are concerned; and therefore if it developed upon your plane initially, it will not choose to initiate anew there, but will choose other planes of activity.

“It does therefore contain within it the knowledge of its experiences upon your plane, though such an entity can spring from any plane. This of course represents the most extraordinary possibility, and such an entity can, if it is so propelled by its own strength, exist upon a variety of planes, carrying along with it knowledge of all previous planes; and each of its outer egos have the same opportunities. This is important.

“The choice is always made by the particular ego, and we are speaking here of outer egos, remember. Many are content to continue indefinitely along the same plane, having almost endless incarnations and in contact more or less with the inner self.

“Ruburt and myself were offshoots of the same entity, as I have mentioned. I will mention now that we have chosen the same paths. The difference in time is but a camouflage distortion. The entity was a particularly strong one, and many of its egos have made the decision to turn into entities.

“There are certain requirements as you remember that must be met, upon your plane and upon others. Yet an ego, an outer ego, cannot choose to be an entity in any case until its comprehension attains a certain degree. And now, my dear patient Joseph, may I tell you also that you are part of that same entity’ and this is one of the main reasons why I am able to communicate with you both.

“This particular set of circumstances does not happen often. I have wanted to make this clear for quite a while but you would not have understood it much earlier. You and Ruburt both must use all your abilities to the utmost. You will find more energy at your disposal as you use it for this purpose. This is extremely important since this is the existence in which you are to make your largest contribution.”

… “You Joseph, must paint, using all your powers, instilling into your work all you have learned now and in previous lives, of human understanding, ability, capacity, and failure; and you must make an effort to have your work seen. You must send it out, and in this you will find birth.

“You will help to create something in the hearts of men that will not be there until they see your work. This is your commitment. This is the time for it. If you are to be an entity, as you have chosen to be, then this is your opportunity, and this is your last reincarnation upon this earth. You need power, strength, determination, joyous spontaneity in your working hours.

“You also need to influence personally those people in the outside world with whom you come in daily contact, and to extend yourself in using your full abilities of understanding and creativeness in your outside contacts. You need also to expand in the direction in which you are going, in terms of these sessions and psychological time.

“There is a delicate balance to be maintained, but energy will come to you. You must still make a more passionate oath of involvement with the world at large, and identification with everything within it, and of it, for you have sometimes shrunk from this. But from this passionate oath of involvement will be wrung the final intense isolation and comprehension from which your best work will come. There must be, with discipline, a passionate joyfulness and spontaneity.

“There must be both involvement that springs partly from the acknowledgment of human vulnerability, but also from the acknowledgment of human potentiality; this if your deepest capacities are to be realized, and if your work is to achieve its true mastery and power.

“I cannot stress too deeply this mixture of spontaneity, joyfulness and involvement with discipline, isolation and determination. In your case the involvement, the necessity for using your abilities in the outside world, also are extremely beneficial. You have no idea of the effect of your own personality upon others when you do not hold back.”

… “You should also use your abilities as best you can in your outside occupation. There is no saying “Now I will use my abilities and now I will not.” They must be used or they will not be fulfilled. The use broadens them and adds to them.”

Monday, December 27, 2010

Emotional Energy and Weather

In this extract from Seth Session 56 (The Early Sessions of the Seth Material, Book 2), Seth describes the effects of discharge of emotional energy on the climate and how war is a means humanity uses to discharge aggresive energy.  With an ever increasing global population and increasing poverty and privation, Seth shows how this can result in increasing war, destruction and adverse climate changes on Earth.  This session provides a graphich example of oneness by showing how there is a constant interchange of energy between what we see as self and notself.
“My earlier remark that the weather affects your moods even as your moods affect the weather, is an important one. There is very much here to be explained.

“Your weather indeed can be with some truth compared to loosely formed, mainly unconstructed energy, in many ways unbridled and uncontrolled by strong centralization of either subconscious or conscious control. The individual, for example, can to some extent for the purposes of our discussion be considered as elements or energy under psychic centralized control. On your plane you are in closed space, so to speak, physical elements formed into a purposeful gestalt.

“Much other energy however, while observing certain inner rules, is not so directed and can be brought under the dominance therefore of purposeful directed gestalts. This of course occurs nevertheless on a subconscious level, representing a spilling over of emotional and psychic energy from self into what is usually considered notself’ and there are, constantly, effects that happen, a flowing back and forth of energy in this way.

“We will study these effects in a most detailed fashion at a later time because of their importance. This may sound unbelievable to you; nevertheless the same effects that cause emotional outbursts also cause physical storms. The basis is the same. The manifestation is different. The particles of air being themselves composed of molecular structures having, as all molecules do, a generalized subconsciousness, and in condensed form a comprehension of the inner laws of the universe, are also then psychic as well as physical structures, as you should by now understand.

“Those that do not presently combine to form a complicated strong identity-pattern nevertheless still maintain the need for value fulfillment. By helping to form into charged emotional patterns, they share in a certain kind of awareness fulfillment otherwise denied to them.

“In their own way they become what we will call pure emotional constructions, forming patterns that operate through emotional impetus that is received from and transmitted by individuals who thereby discharge and yet direct excesses of emotional energy, which the various personalities can no longer hold within the personal domain.

“This material is being delivered somewhat deliberately because of its possibly confusing nature. It is however extremely valid and important, and also represents an example of the manner in which surplus emotional energy is discharged and reused. In various ways this happens in many other fields.

“At the risk of telling you too much too soon, let me add further that when the molecular structures of so-called space are relatively emptied of emotional energy, by a process of psychic osmosis so to speak, they will tap the human source. And not only the human source but other animal sources as well.

When you understand that basically all are one, and that in actuality there are no limitations between self and notself, then these facts will not bother you. It also of course works the other way, so that when an individual feels energy-depleted, he does subconsciously, and by the same sort of process, drain off reserves from nonideintity molecular sources.”

… “In many cases people know truths that they do not realize with the intellect. From time immemorial they have felt emotionally recharged from a storm, and this is of course exactly what happens. The process involved is a constant, necessary and beneficial give and take that results in at least some kind of balance.

“The emotional energy taken from individuals by nonidentity molecular structures is of course returned in a recharged and fresh fashion. Identity-forms or personalities simply cannot handle great surpluses of energy at this time. Therefore the process mentioned indeed acts as an important safety valve. This cannot be stressed too much.

“There is an important relationship, then, between emotional energy and physical climate, and I hope to go into this more deeply. Much energy is used by an individual simply in the construction of the material universe on your plane. Excesses over this survival construction are used in various creative aspects, and represent the basics for culture and civilization.

“Your wars are of course excess, poorly controlled emotional energy. In many cases you have been saved from wars by such things as earthquakes, tornadoes of a vast nature, and other physical catastrophes. It is not that your race has an instinct for destruction, although it does have what can really be called an instinct for manipulation. What seems to be a destructive instinct is instead an inability to control emotional energy, and to discharge it in a most effective manner.

“With your growing population it becomes more difficult to discharge this energy in what I would call natural ways’ that is, by letting it spill over into the nonidentity molecular realm. Privation naturally leads to great aggression of feeling. Where there is great privation there will be a cruel climate, but the climate does not cause the privation. The emotional aggression caused by privation caused the climate.

“Weather goes in cycles, not because cycles are inherent in weather patterns, but because emotional cycles are inherent in individuals, and this also will be explained in time.

“Because of the fact that bad weather has often saved man from wars in the very early stages of human development, man misconstrued this to mean that sacrifice to the elements could save him from calamities of this kind. Sacrifice has nothing to do with it. You have heard doubtlessly of emotional contagion, and of emotional climate, and these terms are well named. Energy changes form constantly, and if it is blocked in one direction it will choose another.

“The Indian rain dances worked. Perhaps now you can understand the reason.”

… “Needless to say, the use of energy, and of emotional energy in particular, varies in the male and female on your plane; and both methods of using and discharging energy are necessary to maintain not only psychic and emotional balance, but also to maintain physical balance as far as living things are concerned, and also in the counterbalancing effects within weather and nature as it exists in your physical universe.

“It is necessary upon your plane that physical constructions arrive and depart. The departure is as necessary as the arrival, for without it new arrivals of any kind would not be possible.

“It is no coincidence that man the hunter seems, at least, to destroy. But this destructiveness in itself serves the purposes of creativeness and arrival. Both are merely faces of the same coin. I am not here saying that all destruction is good, by any means. I am saying that the basic structure involving the constant conception of one life form by another serves the purpose of continuing creation.

“When it is followed without the addition of unrestrained and purposely cruel purposes having nothing to do with the basic necessity; arrival and departure then can be seen as the two faces of male and female, each serving the basic purpose of value fulfillment and creation.

… “As all living things on your plane cooperate to form your physical universe, so therefore do they cooperate to form not only your weather cycles, but your climate cycles in terms of ice ages and tropical spells.”

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Like the Wind Blowing Through the Trees

The following extract from Session 55 of the Early Session of the Seth Material gives a remarkable insight into the undbounded nature of the self and the potential within each of us once we leave the dark cave of over-identification with the physical sense perceptions and the perceived physical body, to then step out into the universe to surf the waves of consciousness and cruise the Cosmos:

“Without the determination of the inner ego, cohesion of identity would be impossible. The self as you know it is many things, and contains many more vestibules and rooms than you now imagine. Even the outer ego contains multitudinous chambers and interconnections of which you are unaware.

“The important point here is that identity cohesion is projected upon the human physical structure from within, that is, from the inner ego by way of the inner senses. This of course includes the consciousness also, that is inherent in the separate molecules and atoms that compose the cells.

“The physical structure alone is simply not divided from other structures in the manner which you perceive it to be through the use of the outer senses. The outer senses are usually considered mainly as perceptive organs, enabling you to experience reality as it is. My dear friends, I have been waiting to tell you for some time that in a very true sense, the outer senses can be regarded as inhibitors.

“The fact remains that the outer senses induce a conscious focusing along certain limited lines, grouping perceptions and comprehensions in a narrow fashion, and limiting the practical and imaginative range that consciousness might otherwise take. With these sessions you are yourselves broadening the range of your own consciousness, and therefore of your own abilities, with my help.

“Using the outer senses, you are more or less forced to conceive idea groups only within the scope of perceptions received by the outer senses. It is true that use of the outer senses, and full joyful use, is necessary on your plane. Not only necessary but beneficial, and the means toward various kinds of value fulfillments. Nevertheless, their range is severely limited.

“It is as if you were sent into some strange and fascinating meadow, and given only the sense of sight. Imagine what you would miss: the odor of the fresh earth, the sounds, the touch of earth beneath your feet, of sun upon your back; using only the sense of smell, you would also be severely limited.

Yet you are more limited than this by far. It is important for the race of men now to begin to use and experiment with the inner senses, since for the potentialities of humanity to be fully realized, new concepts must arise which cannot arise in the limited scope he now permits himself. Because the cells and molecules in general have consciousness, because they contain within themselves a capsule comprehension of the universe as a whole, and because they contain the ability to form into an almost infinite variety of form, there is a kinship between every atom and molecule, a basic enduring connection, regardless of the separate appearance which is seen using the outer senses.”

… “The boundaries, limitations, extent and vistas of the self are merely arbitrary. In a very true sense each self is infinite, unbounded, connected in a most intimate way to all other things in the universe on your plane; and through the inner senses and the inner ego connected also in a most intimate way to the unknown and unseen inner universe.

“Here we run into something that will be difficult for me to explain to you. Any particular self theoretically could expand his consciousness to contain the universe and everything in it. The closed-in, solitary, isolated self of which you are so proud is, as I have said, an arbitrary formation, containing the core of identity; and you seem to prefer, psychically speaking, to stay at home.”

… “Because of the basic simplicity of the elements in your universe, and for other reasons already mentioned, there is no real boundary neither chemical, electrical, or even psychic, between the self and what is usually considered not self.

“Chemically, in particular, the dependence of the physical body and the self to the planetary environment is obvious. It is known to your scientists that the chemical relationship between the personal physical self, and the chemical environment of the not-self is intimately connected.

“In the same manner that you are dependent upon, say, green plants for your very physical survival, so the interdependence and connections continue in all other fields. The physical construction of your universe, as I have said, is carried on by all life, not just human life. Each psychio-physical pattern of existence does its part in continuing the maintenance, and renewing construction, of the physical universe.

“Man, staying within the core of his arbitrarily designated selfhood, can in truth be compared to early physical man, cowering within his cave. You have learned to venture forth into the physical universe. You have learned to venture forth from an arbitrarily designated selfhood, into an extended environment that knows no space or time. Such a possibility, such a future development in no way involves a denial of self, a dissolving or sweeping away of self, an annihilation of self. Many cavemen doubtlessly feared for their personal survival when the ventured forth upon the earth in daylight.

“They feared that their selves would be annihilated. Such a development as we are considering involves instead an expansion or extension; in the same manner that the expanding universe takes up no space, but expands in terms of value fulfillment, so the expanding consciousness would take up no space, but would also expand in terms of value fulfillment. This is your new frontier, your new challenge.

“This arbitrary limitation set upon the individual self, is put upon it by its reliance upon the outer senses, as a method of perceiving reality. The outer senses are excellent tools of perception for limited circumstances. However, man has relied upon them so long, and with such cringing dependence, that now they threaten to hamper his own growth and development.

“I have mentioned that the individual cells and molecules, atoms and other basic structures, definitely gain in their formation into the gestalt of a more complicated structure, being able to participate in experiences and value fulfillments that would otherwise not be possible for them in their own simpler isolated form. This is of prime importance.

“The expanding self, ideally, would reach out beyond the arbitrary boundaries it has placed upon itself. Again, there just is not any particular boundary between what is self and what is not self. There are gradations, and that is all. The skin is as much, if not more, a necessary connective as it is a boundary.”

… “The isolated self, as you know it, can indeed be well compared to man’s early caves. In terms of value fulfillment the species expanded its potential tremendously when it left the caves; and so will man also experience the fulfillment of still unglimpsed potentialities when he walks forth from the cave of the arbitrary limited self.”

… “When you realize that the self has no boundaries, then you can begin to make progress. Since consciousness to begin with does not exist in space, then there is no reason why the consciousness cannot so expand beyond its set limitations, and theoretically continue to do so. Such an expansion would give excellent impetus and value experience to those basic components, the cells and molecules, experience that would be retained and utilized. When so-called space travel becomes truly popular, truly practical, it will come along these lines.

“The self will truly utilize the atoms and molecules; the consciousness will travel by this method. The particular physical body will then be known for what it is: a cooperative psychic gestalt, a psychio-physical structure formed together by the inner ego, utilizing atoms and molecules that are in themselves living and conscious.

“We will be deliberate for a moment to get this material through, since I know it is difficult for you. I want to make these points to lead up to the main one. Consciousness comes first, and forms the physical body in ways that I have described. Nevertheless there are no real boundaries that separate self from non-self.

“The outer senses, because they have been so dependently and almost absolutely relied upon, act as blinders, limiting the fields of perception that are possible, and therefore hampering both imagination and intellect in the formation of new concepts.

“Now. Space travel, when it occurs, will utilize expansion of self. Your idea of death is based upon your dependence upon the outer senses. You will learn that it is possible, through no physical act, to relinquish the physical body, expand the self, using atoms and molecules as stepping stones to a given destination, and reforming the physical body at the other end.”

… “This must most certainly sound outlandish to you.”

… “The point of difficulty is your panicky and protective huddling within the core of a limited self, and your fear to set aside the endless doors between self and what seems to be not self, that you yourself have erected.

“In the beginning entry to your plane requires a simple energy unit, a sperm, a simple but potent capsule that contains all the future potentiality. After entry into your plane, the self or identity, the consciousness, without any physical act, can leave the physical body, expand, travel through the medium of atoms and molecules, and completely reassemble.”

… “This seems strange because you do not fully comprehend that the energy, the vitality that is individualized into consciousness forms the physical body; and once it appears on your plane it can leave the body and reassemble itself. It would represent no more in one way to the atoms and molecules through which it passed, than the wind that passes through the treetops.

“But as the wind represents, and it does, motion and excitement to the trees, so would the consciousness, as it rustled through the cells and molecules of so-called space, represent refreshing experience and momentary new satisfactions.

“Fear is all that holds you back. You will most probably work out a physical, technological way of making this possible, before you realize that you could have done it all along.”

… “The combined molecular consciousnesses, retaining identity, form a gestalt consciousness that is the ego, the outer ego, that is in turn utilized by the consciousness of the inner ego. The inner ego being unhampered by the laws of your plane, once having entered your plane at physical birth, can therefore leave the physical body and the reconstruct it.

“Since the conscious ego is composed of the gestalt molecular consciousness, then when it leaves the physical body it takes the molecular consciousness with it, and this molecular consciousness is therefore present to aid in future construction. However, since you must deal with physical laws while dwelling upon the physical plane, you cannot dispense entirely with the physical constructions, but in such extensions of consciousness you must utilize other physical molecules and atoms.

“I have said that this will involve these other molecules and atoms only in so far as a wind blows through the treetops..”