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The Dream State from Seth's "The Nature of the Psyche" Session 756

Session 756

Your “dreaming” psyche seems to be dreaming only because you do not recognize that particular state of awareness as your own.  The “dreaming” psyche is actually as awake as you are in your normal waking life.  The organization of wakefulness is different, however.  You come into dreaming from a different angle, so to speak.

The “off-center” quality sensed in dream activity, the different viewpoints, the perspective alterations, all can add to a chaotic picture when the dream state is viewed from the waking one.

Centuries ago, in your terms, words and images had a closer relationship – now somewhat tarnished – and this older relationship appears in the dream fabric.  We will use English here as an example.  The great descriptive nature of names, for instance, can give you an indication of the unity of image and word as they appear in your dreams.  Once, a man who tailored clothes was named “Tailor”.  A man who was a robber was called “Robber”.  If you were the son of a man with a certain name, then “son of” was simply added so you had “Robberson”.  Each reader can think of many such examples.

Now, names are not as descriptive.  You may have a dream, however, in which you see a tailor shop.  The tailor may be dancing or dying or getting married.  Later, in waking life, you may discover that a friend of yours, a Mr Taylor, has a party, or dies, or gets married, whatever the case may be; yet you might never connect the dream with the later event because you did not understand the way that words and images can be united in your dreams.

Your waking life is the result of the most precise kind of organization, held competently and with amazing clarity.  While each person views that reality from a slightly different focus, still it occurs within certain ranges or frequencies.  You bring it into clear focus in almost the same way that you adjust your television picture, only in this case not only sound and images are synchronized, but phenomena of far greater complexity.  Following this analogy, everyone sees a slightly different picture of reality, and follows his or her own program – yet all of the “sets” are the same.

When you dream, however, you are to some extent experiencing reality from a different “set” entirely.  Now, when you try to adjust your dreaming set in the same way that you would the waking one, you end up with static and blurred images.  The set itself, however, is quite as effective as the one you use when you are awake, and it has a far greater range.  It can bring in many programs.  When you watch your ordinary television program, perhaps on a Saturday afternoon, you view the program as an observer.  Let me give you an example.

Ruburt and Joseph often watch old Star Trek reruns as they eat their evening meal.  They sit quite comfortably on their living room couch, with dinner on the coffee table, surrounded by all of the dear homey paraphernalia that is familiar to your society.

As they sit thus comfortably ensconced, they observe dramas in which planets explode, and otherworld intelligences rise to challenge or to help the dauntless captain of the good ship Enterprise and the fearless “Spock” – but none of this threatens our friends, Ruburt and Joseph.  They drink their coffee and eat their dessert.

Now:  Your normal waking reality can be compared to a kind of television drama in which you participate directly in all of the dramas presented.  You create them to begin with.  You form your private and joint adventures, and bring them into experience by using your physical apparatus – your body – in a particular way, tuned in to a large programming area in which, however, there are many different stations.  In your terms, these stations come alive.  You are the drama that you experience, and all of your activities seem to revolve about you.  You are also the perceiver.

In the dream state, it is as if you have a still-different television set that is, however, connected with your own.  Using it, you can perceive events not only from your own viewpoint, but from other focuses.  Using that set, you can leap from station to station, so to speak – not simply perceiving, but experiencing what is happening in other times and places.

Events, then, are organized in a different fashion.  Not only can you experience dramas in which you are intimately involved, as in waking life, but your range of activities is multiplied so that you can view events, “from outside” your own usual context.  You can look down at a drama on the one hand, for example, and participate in it as well.

When you are dealing with normal waking reality, you are operating at one level of the many that are native to your psyche.  When you are dreaming, from your viewpoint you are entering other levels of reality quite as native to your psyche, but usually you are still experiencing those events through your current “waking station”.  The dreams that you remember are colored or altered or even censored to a certain extent.  There is no inherent psychological or biological necessity for this.  Your ideas and beliefs, however, about the nature of reality, and sanity, have resulted in such a schism.

Let us return to our friends, Ruburt and Joseph, watching Star Trek as each of you watch your own favorite programs.

Ruburt and Joseph know that Star Trek is not “real”.  Planets can explode on the television screen, and Ruburt will not spill one drop of coffee.  The cozy living room is quite safe from the imaginary catastrophes that are occurring just a few feet from the couch.  Yet in a way the program reflects certain beliefs of your society in general, and so it is like a specialized mass waking dream – real but not real.  For a moment, though, let us change the program to your favorite cops-and-robbers show.  A woman is shot down in the street.  Now this drama becomes “more real”, more immediately probable, and less comfortable.  So watching such a program, you may feel slightly threatened yourself, yet still largely unconcerned.

Some of my friends may not watch such programs at all, but instead look at wholesome sagas, or religious dramas.  A preacher may stand golden-faced, earnest-eyed, extolling the merits of goodness and damning the legions of the devil – and to some of my readers that devil, unseen, never appearing, may nevertheless seem quite real.

You form certain focuses, then.  You will blithely ignore certain televised dangers and sheer good adventure, while others may strike you to the heart as “too real”.  So in your waking and dreaming experiences, you will make the same kind of distinctions.  You will be touched or untouched by waking or dreaming events according to the significance you place upon them.

If you do not like a television program, you can switch to another with a mere flick of the wrist.  If you do not like your own physical experience, you can also change to another, more beneficial station – but only if you recognize the fact that you are the producer.

In the dream state, many people have learned to escape from a bad dream by waking up, or altering the focus of consciousness.  Ruburt and Joseph do not feel threatened, again, by Star Trek.  The program does not make them feel less safe.  When you are in the middle of a frightening physical experience, however, or caught in the throes of a nightmare, then you wish you knew how to “change the station”.

You can often get carried away by a television drama, so that for a moment you forget that it is “not real”, and in your concentration upon it you can momentarily ignore the greater reality about you.

Sometimes you are deliciously frightened by a horror program, for example.  You may feel compelled to see how it comes out, and find yourself unable to go to bed until the horrendous situation is resolved.  All the time you know that salvation is nearby: You can always switch off the program.  If someone watching a gory midnight special suddenly screams or shouts or leaps up from the chair, how comical this seems, because the action is appropriate not to the “real” situation, but geared instead to a pseudo drama.  The yelling and screaming will have absolutely no effect upon the program’s actors, and will alter the drama not one whit.  The appropriate action would be to turn the station off.

In this case, the frightened perceiver knows full well that the terrible events on the screen will not suddenly explode into the living room.  When you become caught in frightening physical events, however, it is equally foolhardy to yell or shout or stamp your feet, because that is not where the action is.  Again, you have only to change the station.  But often you become so engrossed in your life situation that you do not realize the inappropriateness of your response.

In this case you are yourself the programmer, and the true action is not where it appears to be – in the exterior events – but instead in the psyche, where you are writing and performing the drama.  In the dream state, you are writing and performing many such dramas.

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Seth: The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events Session 803

Session 803

Your scientists are beginning to understand man’s physical relationship with nature.  The species is obviously a part of nature and not apart from it.

Environmental questions are being raised about man’s effects upon the world in which he lives.  There is, however, an inner environment that connects all consciousnesses that dwell upon your planet, in whatever form.  This mental or psychic – or in any case nonphysical – environment is ever in a state of flux and motion.  That activity provides you with all exterior phenomena.

Your sense perception, physically speaking, is a result of behavior on the part of organs that seem to you to have no reality outside of their relationship with you.  Those organs are themselves composed of atoms and molecules with their own consciousnesses.  They have, then, their own states of sensation and cognition.  They work for you allowing you to perceive physical reality.

Your ears certainly seem to be permanent appendages, and so do your eyes.  You say: “My eyes are blue,” or “My ears are small”.  The physical matter of those sense organs changes constantly, however, with you none the wiser.  While your body appears quite dependable, solid, [and] steady, you are not aware of the constant interchanges that occur between it and the physical environment.  It does not bother you one whit that the physical substance of your body is made up of completely different atoms and molecules than it was composed of seven years ago, [say], or that your familiar hands are actually innocent of any smallest smidgen of matter that composed them [even in recent times past].

You perceive your body as solid.  Again, the very senses that make such a deduction are the result of the behavior of atoms and molecules literally coming together to form the organs, filling a pattern of flesh.  All other objects that you perceive are formed in their own way in the same fashion.

The physical world that you recognize is made up of invisible patterns.  These patterns are “plastic”, in that while they exist, their final form is a matter of probabilities directed by consciousness.  Your senses perceive these patterns in their own ways.  The patterns themselves can be “activated” in innumerable fashions.  There is something out there to observe.

Your sense apparatus determines what form that something will take, however.  The mass world rises up before your eyes, but your eyes are part of that mass world.  You cannot see your thoughts, so you do not realize that they have shape and form, even as, say, clouds do.  There are currents of thought as there are currents of air, and the mental patterns of men’s feelings and thoughts rise up like flames from a fire, or steam from hot water, to fall like ashes or like rain.

All elements of the interior invisible environment work together, and they form the temporal weather patterns that are exteriorized mental states, presenting you locally and en masse, then, with a physical version of man’s emotional states.

The physical planet is obviously also ever-changing while it is operationally or realistically or pragmatically relatively stable.  The physical matter of the planet is composed of literally infinite hordes of consciousnesses – each experiencing its own reality while adding to the overall cooperative venture.

Natural disasters represent an understandably prejudiced concept, in which the vast creative rejuvenating elements important to planetary life, and therefore to mankind, are ignored.  The stability of the planet rests upon such changes and alterations, even as the body’s stability is dependent upon, say, the birth and death of the cells.

It is quite obvious that people must die – not only because otherwise you would overpopulate your world into extinction, but because the nature of consciousness requires new experience, challenge, and accomplishment.  This is everywhere apparent in nature itself.  If there were no death, you would have to invent it – for the context of that selfhood would be as limited as the experience of a great sculptor given but one hunk of stone.

The sculptor’s creation is pragmatically realistic, in that it exists as an object, and can be quite legitimately perceived, as can your world.  The sculptor’s statue, however, comes from the inner environment, the patterns of probabilities.  These patterns are not themselves inactive.  They are possessed by the desire to be-actualized.  Behind all realities there are mental states.  These always seek form, though again there are other forms than those you recognize.

A chair is a chair for your purposes.  As Ruburt speaks for me he sits in one.  As you read this book you most probably lounge on a chair or couch or bench – all quite sturdy and real.  The atoms and molecules within those chairs and couches are quite alert, though you do not grant them the quality of life.  When children play ring-around-the-rosy, they form living circles in the air.  In that game they enjoy the motion of their bodies, but they do not identify with those swirling circles.  The atoms and molecules that make up a chair play a different kind of ring-around-the-rosy, and are involved in constant motion, forming a certain pattern that you perceive as a chair.

The differences in motion are so divergent that to you the chair, like your body, appears permanent.  The atoms and molecules, like the children, enjoy their motion – solidly sketched in space from your perspective, however, with no “idea” that you consider that motion a chair, or so use it.

You perceive the atoms’ activity in that fashion.  [Nevertheless] the agreement takes place at mental levels, and is never completely “set”, though it appears to be.  No one perceives the same chair [all of the time], though perhaps a given chair will seem to be “the same one” seen from different angles.

The dance of the atoms and molecules is continuous in your area.  In greater terms, any given chair is never the same chair.  All of this must be taken into consideration when we discuss mass events.

The scientist probing the brain of an idiot or a genius will find only the physical matter of the brain itself.

Not one idea will be discovered residing in the brain cells.  You can try to convey an idea, you can feel its effects, but you cannot see it as you can the chair.  Only a fool would say that ideas were nonexistent, however, or deny their importance.

You cannot find any given dream location, either, within the brain itself.  The solid matter of your world is the result of the play of your senses upon an inner dimension of activity that exists as legitimately, and yet as tantalizingly hidden, as an idea or a dream location.

It is easy for you to see that seeds bring forth the fruit of the earth, each [of] their own kind.  No seed is identical to any other, yet generally speaking there are species that serve to unite them.  You do not mistake an orange for a grape.  In the same way ideas or thoughts form general patterns, bringing forth in your world certain kinds of events.  In this respect your thoughts and feelings “seed” physical reality, bringing forth materializations.

You operate quite nicely politically, living in villages, townships, countries, states, and so forth, each with certain customs and local ordinances.  These in no way affect the land itself.  They are designations for practical purposes, and they imply organization of intent or affiliation at one level.  They are political patterns, invisible but highly effective.  There are, however, far more vigorous invisible mental patterns, into which the thoughts and feelings of mankind are organized – or, naturally, organize themselves.

Each person’s thoughts flow into that formation, forming part of the earth’s psychic atmosphere.  From that atmosphere flows the natural earthly patterns from which your seasons emerge with all of their variety and effects.  You are never victims of natural disasters, though it may seem that you are, for you have your hand in forming them.  You are creatively involved in the earth’s cycles.  No one can be born for you, or die for you, and yet no birth or death is really an isolated event, but one in which the entire planet participates.  In personal terms, again, each species is concerned not only with survival but with the quality of its life and experience.

In those terms, natural disasters ultimately end up righting a condition that earlier blighted the desired quality of life, so that adjustments were made.

The “victims” choose to participate in those conditions at spiritual, psychological, and biological levels.  Many of those who are counted among the fatalities might otherwise die of extended illnesses, for example.  At cellular levels such knowledge is available, and in one way or another imparted, often in dreams, to the individual.  Conscious comprehension need not follow, for many people know such things, and pretend not to know them at the same time.

Others have finished with their challenges; they want to die and are looking for an excuse – a face-saving device.  However, those who choose such deaths want to die in terms of drama, in the middle of their activities, and are in a strange way filled with the exultant inner knowledge of life’s strength even at the point of death.  At last they identify with the power of nature that seemingly destroyed them.

That identification often brings about in death – but not always – an added acceleration of consciousness, and involves such individuals in a kind of “group death experience”, where all of the victims more or less embark into another level of reality “at the same time”.

Those people were aware just beneath consciousness of the possibilities of such an event long before the disaster occurred, and could until the last moment choose to avoid the encounter.  Animals know of weather conditions ahead of time, as old tales say.  The perception is a biological part of your heritage also.  The body is prepared, though consciously it seems you are ignorant.

There are innumerable relationships that exist between the interior environment of the body and the weather patterns.  The ancient feelings of identification with storms are quite valid, and in that respect the “realism” of feelings is far superior to the realism of logic.  When a person feels a part of a storm, those feelings speak a literal truth.  Logic deals with exterior conditions, with cause-and-effect relationships.  Intuitions deal with immediate experience of the most intimate nature, with subjective motions and activities that in your terms move far quicker than the speed of light, and with simultaneous events that your cause-and-effect level is far too slow to perceive.

In that regard also, the activities of the inner environment are too fast for you to follow intellectually.  Your intuitions, however, can give you clues to such behavior.  A country is responsible for its own droughts, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes – and for its own harvests and rich display of products, its industry and cultural achievements, and each of these elements is related to each other.

If the quality of life that is considered spiritually and biologically necessary fails, then adjustments occur.  A political problem might be altered by a natural disaster if political means fail.  On the other hand, the rousing creative energies of the people will emerge.

Excellence will show itself through the arts, cultural creativity, technological or sociological accomplishments.  The species tries to fulfill its great capacities.  Each physical body in its own way is like the world.  It has its own defenses and abilities, and each portion of it strives for a quality of existence that will bring to the smallest parts of it the spiritual and biological fulfillment of its own nature.

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Seth: The Nature of the Psyche - Session 755

Session 755

When I use the term “psyche”, many of you will immediately wonder about my definition.

Any word, simply by being thought, written or spoken, immediately implies a specification.  In your daily reality it is very handy to distinguish one thing from another by giving each item a name.  When you are dealing with subjective experience, however, definitions can often serve to limit rather than express a given experience.  Obviously the psyche is not a thing.  It does not have a beginning or ending.  It cannot be seen or touched in normal terms.  It is useless, therefore, to attempt any description of it through usual vocabulary, for your language primarily allows you to identify physical rather than nonphysical experience.

I am not saying that words cannot be used to describe the psyche, but they cannot define it.  It is futile to question: “What is the difference between my psyche and my soul, my entity and my greater being?” for all of these are terms used in an effort to express the greater portions of your own experience that you sense within yourself.  Your use of language may make you impatient for definitions, however.  Hopefully this book will allow you some intimate awareness, some definite experience, that will acquaint you with the nature of your own psyche, and then you will see that its reality escapes all definitions, defies all categorizing, and shoves aside with exuberant creativity all attempts to wrap it up in a neat package.

When you begin a physical journey, you feel yourself distinct from the land through which you travel.  No matter how far you journey – on a motorcycle, in a car or plane, or on foot – by bicycle or camel, or truck or vessel, still you are the wanderer, and the land or ocean or desert is the environment through which you roam.  When you begin your travels into your own psyche, however, everything changes.  You are still the wanderer, the journeyman or journey-woman – but you are also the vehicle and the environment.  You form the roads, your method of travel, the hills or mountains or oceans, as well as the hills, farms, and villages of the self, or of the psyche, as you go along.

When in colonial times men and women traveled westward across the continent of North America, many of them took it on faith that the land did indeed continue beyond – for example – towering mountains.  When you travel as pioneers through your own reality, you create each blade of grass, each inch of land, each sunset and sunrise, each oasis, friendly cabin or enemy encounter as you go along.

Now if you are looking for simple definitions to explain the psyche, I will be of no help.  If you want to experience the splendid creativity of your own being, however, then I will use methods that will arouse your greatest adventuresomeness, your boldest faith in yourself, and I will paint pictures of your psyche that will lead you to experience even its broadest reaches, if you so desire.  The psyche, then, is not a known land.  It is not simply an alien land, to which or through which you can travel.  It is not a completed or nearly complete subjective universe already there for you to explore.  It is, instead, an ever-forming state of being, in which your present sense of existence resides.  You create it and it creates you.

It creates in physical terms that you recognize.  On the other hand, you create physical time for your psyche, for without you there would be no experience of the seasons, their coming and their passing.

There would be no experience of what Ruburt calls “the dear privacy of the moment”, so if one portion of your being wants to rise above the solitary march of the moments, other parts of your psyche rush, delighted, into that particular time-focus that is your own.  As you now desire to understand the timeless, infinite dimensions of your own greater existence, so “even now” multitudinous elements of that nonearthly identity just as eagerly explore the dimensions of earthbeing and creaturehood.

Earlier I mentioned some odd effects that might occur if you tried to take your watch or other timepiece into other levels of reality.  Now, when you try to interpret your selfhood in other kinds of existence, the same surprises or distortions or alterations can seem to occur.  When you attempt to understand your psyche, and define it in terms of time, then it seems that the idea of reincarnation makes sense.  You think, “Of course.  My psyche lives many lives physically, one after the other.  If my present experience is dictated by that in my childhood, then surely; my current life is a result of earlier ones.”  And so you try to define the psyche in terms of time, and in so doing you limit your understanding and even your experience of it.

Let us try another analogy: You are an artist in the throes of inspiration.  There is before you a canvas, and you are working in all areas of it at once.  In your terms each part of the canvas could be a time period – say, a given century.  You are trying to keep some kind of overall balance and purpose in mind, so when you make one brushstroke in any particular portion of this canvas, all the relationships within the entire area can change.  No brushstroke is ever really wiped out, however, in this mysterious canvas of our analogy, but remains, further altering all the relationships at its particular level.

These magical brushstrokes, however, are not simple representations on a flat surface, but alive, carrying within themselves all of the artist’s intent, but focused through the characteristics of each individual stroke.

If the artist paints a doorway, all of the sensed perspectives within it open, and add further dimensions of reality.  Since this is our analogy, we can stretch it as far as we like – far further than any artist could stretch his canvas.  Therefore, there is no need to limit ourselves.  The canvas itself can change size and shape as the artist works.  The people in the artist’s painting are not simple representations either – to stare back at him with forever-fixed glassy eyes, or ostentatious smiles dressed in their best Sunday clothes.  Instead, they can confront the artist and talk back.  They can turn sideways in the painting and look at their companions, observe their environment, and even look out of the dimensions of the painting itself and question the artist.

Now the psyche in our analogy is both the painting and the artist, for the artist finds that all of the elements within the painting are portions of himself.  More, as he looks about, our artist discovers that he is literally surrounded by other paintings that he is also producing.  As he looks closer, he discovers that there is a still-greater masterpiece in which he appears as an artist creating the very same paintings that he begins to recognize.

Our artist then realizes that all of the people he painted are also painting their own pictures, and moving about in their own realities in a way that even he cannot perceive.

In a flash of insight it occurs to him that he also has been painted – that there is another artist behind him from whom his own creativity springs, and he also begins to look out of the frame.

Now:  If you are confused, that is fine – for it means that already we have broken through conventional ideas.  Anything that I say following this analogy will seem comparatively simple, for by now it must appear at least that you have little hope of discovering your own greater dimensions.

Again, rather than trying to define the psyche, I will try to incite your imagination so that you can leap beyond what you have been told you are, to some kind of direct experience.  To some extent this book itself provides its own demonstration.  I call Jane Roberts “Ruburt” simply because the name designates another portion of her reality, while she identifies herself as Jane.  She writes her own books and carries on as each of you do in life’s ordinary context.  She has her own unique likes and dislikes, characteristics and abilities; her own time and space slot as each of you do.  She is one living portrait of the psyche, independent in her own context, and in the environment as given.

Now I come from another portion of reality’s picture, from another dimension of the psyche in which your existence can be observed, as you might look upon a normal painting.

In those terms, I am outside of your “frame” of reference.  My perspective cannot be contained in your own painting of reality.  I write my books, but because my primary focus is in a reality that “is larger than your own”, I cannot appear as myself fully within your reference.

So Ruburt’s subjective perspective opens up because of his desire and interest, and discloses my own.  He opens up a door in himself that leads to other levels of his being, but a being that cannot be completely expressed in your world.  That existence is mine, expressed in my experience at another level of reality, so I must write my books through Ruburt.  Doors in the psyche are different from simple openings that lead from one room to another, so my books only show a glimpse of my own existence.  You all have such psychological doors, however, that lead into dimensionally greater areas of the psyche, so to some extent or another I speak for those other aspects of yourselves that do not appear in your daily context.

Beyond what I recognize as my own existence, there are others.  To some extent I share in their experience – to a far greater extent, for example, than Ruburt shares in mine.

On some relatively few occasions, for example, Ruburt has been able to contact what he calls “Seth Two”.  That level of reality, however, is even further divorced from your own.  It represents an even greater extension of the psyche, in your terms.  There is a much closer relationship, in that I recognize my own identity as a distinct portion of Seth Two’s existence, where Ruburt feels little correspondence.  In a manner of speaking, Seth Two’s reality includes my own, yet I am aware of my contribution to “his” experience.

In the same way, each of my readers has a connection with the same level of psychic reality.  In greater terms, all of this is happening at once.  Ruburt is contributing and forming a certain portion of my experience, even as I am contributing to his.  Your identities are not something already completed.  Your most minute action, thought, and dream adds to the reality of your psyche, no matter how grand or austere the psyche may appear to you when you think of it as a hypothetical term.

… Largely, the writing of this book occurs in a “no-time, or out-of-time context”.  Physically, however, Ruburt and Joseph take many hours in its production.  They have moved to a new house.  Ruburt, as usual, is smoking as I speak.  His foot rests upon a coffee table, as he moves back and forth in his rocking chair.  It is nearing midnight as I speak.  Earlier, a great thunderstorm raged, its reverberations seeming to crack the sky.  Now it is quiet, with only the drone of Ruburt’s new refrigerator sounding like the deep purr of some mechanical animal.

As you read this book, you are also immersed in such intimate physical experiences.  Do not consider them as separated from the greater reality of your being, but as a part of it.  You do not exist outside of your psyche’s being, but within it.  Some of you may have just put children to bed as you read these lines.  Some of you may be sitting at a table.  Some of you may have just gone to the bathroom.  These mundane activities may seem quite divorced from what I am telling you, yet in each simple gesture, and in the most necessary of physical acts, there is the great magical unknowing elegance in which you reside – and in the most ordinary of your motions, there are clues and hints as to the nature of the psyche and its human expression.

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Seth: The Nature of the Psyche

Session 753

As the earth is composed of many environments, so is the psyche.  As there are different continents, islands, mountains, seas, and peninsulas, so the psyche takes various shapes.  If you live in one country, you often consider natives in other areas of the world as foreigners, while of course they see you in the same light.  In those terms, the psyche contains many other levels of reality.  From your point of view these might appear alien, and yet they are as much a part of your psyche as your motherland is a portion of the earth.

Different countries follow different kinds of constitutions, and even within any geographical area there may be various local laws followed by the populace.  For example, if you are driving a car you may discover to your chagrin that the local speed limit in one small town is miles slower than in another.  In the same manner, different portions of the psyche exist with their own local “laws”, their different kinds of “government”.  They each possess their own characteristic geography.

If you are traveling around the world, you have to make frequent time adjustments.  When you travel through the psyche, you will also discover that your own time is automatically squeezed out of shape.  If for a moment you try to imagine that you were able to carry your own time with you on such a journey, all packaged neatly in a wristwatch, then you would be quite amazed at what would happen.

As you approached the boundaries of certain psychic lands, the wristwatch would run backwards.  As you entered other kingdoms of the psyche, your watch would go faster or slower.  Now, if time suddenly ran backward you would notice it.  If it ran faster or slower enough, you would also notice the differences.  If time ran backward very slowly, and according to the conditions, you might not be aware of the difference, because it would take so much “time” to get from the present moment to the one “before” it that you might be struck, instead, simply with the feeling that something was familiar, as if it had happened before.

In other lands of the psyche, however, even stranger events might occur.  The watch itself might change shape, or turn heavy as a rock, or as light as a gas, so that you could not read the time at all.  Or the hands might never move.  Different portions of the psyche are familiar with all of these mentioned occurrences – because the psyche straddles any of the local laws that you recognize as “official”, and has within itself the capacity to deal with an infinite number of reality-experiences.

Now:  Obviously your physical body has capacities that few of you use to full advantage.  But beyond this, the species itself possesses the possibilities for adaptations that allow it to exist and persist in the physical environment under drastically varying circumstances.  Hidden within the corporal biological structure there are latent specializations that would allow the species to continue, and that take into consideration any of the planetary changes that might occur for whatever reasons.

The psyche, however, while being earth-tuned in your experience, also has many other systems of reality “to contend with”.  Each psyche, then, contains within it the potentials, abilities, and powers that are possible, or capable of actualization under any conditions.

The psyche, your psyche, can record and experience time backward, forward, - or sideways through systems of alternate presents – or it can maintain its own integrity in a no-time environment.  The psyche is the creator of time complexes.  Theoretically, the most fleeting moment of your day can be prolonged endlessly.  This would not be a static elongation, however, but a vivid delving into that moment, from which all time as you think of it, past and future and all its probabilities, might emerge.

If you are reading this book, you have already become weary with official concepts.  You have already begun to sense those greater dimensions of your being.  You are ready to step aside from all conventionalized doctrines, and to some extent or another you are impatient to examine and experience the natural flowing nature that is your birthright.  That birthright has long been clothed in symbols and mythologies.

Consciousness forms symbols.  It is not the other way around.  Symbols are great exuberant playthings.  You can build with them as you can with children’s blocks.  You can learn from them, as once you piled alphabet blocks together in a stack at school.  Symbols are as natural to your minds as trees are to the earth.  There is a difference, however, between a story told to children about forests, and a real child in a real woods.  Both the story and woods are “real”.  But in your terms the child entering the real woods becomes involved in its life cycle, treads upon leaves that fell yesterday, rests beneath trees far older than his or her memory, and looks up at night to see a moon that will soon disappear.  Looking at an illustration of the woods may give a child some excellent imaginative experiences, but they will be of a different kind, and the child knows the difference.

If you mistake the symbols for the reality, however, you will program your experience, and you will insist that each forest look like the pictures in your book.  In other words, you will expect your own experiences with various portions of your psyche to be more or less the same.  You will take your local laws with you, and you will try to tell psychic time with a wristwatch.
We will have to use some of your terms, however, particularly in the beginning.  Other terms with which you are familiar, we will squeeze out of all recognition.  The reality of your own being cannot be defined by anyone but you, and then your own definition must be understood as a reference point at best.  The psychologist, the priest, the physicist, the philosopher or the guru, can explain your own psyche to you only insofar as those specialists can forget that they are specialists, and deal directly with the private psyche from which all specializations come.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Seth's "Unknown" Reality, Volume 2, Appendix 12 Extracts


… (From Chapter 20 of Seth Speaks):  “Illness and suffering are not thrust upon you by God, or by All That Is, or by any outside agency.  They are a by-product of the learning process, created by you, in themselves quite neutral … Illness and suffering are the results of the misdirection of creative energy.  They are a part of the creative force, however.  They do not come from a different source than, say, health and vitality.  Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering.  That is its purpose …”

… (From the 23rd session for February 5, 1964):  “Because I say that you actually create the typical camouflage patterns of your own physical universe yourselves, by use of the inner vitality of the universe in the same manner that you form a pattern with your breath on a glass pane, I do not necessarily mean that you are the creators of the universe.  I am merely saying that you are the creators of the physical world as you know it – and herein, my beloved friends, lies a vast tale.”

… “There are verbal difficulties having to do with the definition of life.  Because of the psychological strength of preconceived notions, I have to work around many of your concepts.  Your own kind of conscious mind is splendid and unique.  It causes you, however, to interpret all other kinds of life according to your own specifications and experiences.

“There is no such thing, in your terms, of nonliving matter.  There is simply a point that you recognize as having the characteristics that you have arbitrarily ascribed to life, or living conditions.  For there is no particular point at which life was inserted into nonliving matter.

“If we must speak in terms of continuity, which I regret, then in those terms you could say that life in the physical universe, on your planet “began” spontaneously in a given number of species at the same time.  Words do nearly forsake me, the semantic differences are so vast.  In those terms there was a point where consciousness, through intent, impressed itself into matter.  That “breakthrough” cannot be logically explained, but only compared to, say, an illumination – that is, a light occurring everywhere at once, that became a medium for life as you define it.  It had nothing to do with the propensity of certain kinds of cells to reproduce – [all cells are] imbued with the “drive” for value fulfillment – but with an overall illumination that set the conditions in which life was possible as you think of it; and at that imaginary, hypothetical point, all species became latent.  The inner pulsations of the invisible universe reached certain intensities that “impregnated” the entire physical system simultaneously.  That illumination was everywhere then at every point aware of itself, and of the conditions formed by its presence.

“At the same time, EE units (Electromagnetic Energy units) became manifest.  I have said, for example, that the universe expands as an idea does, and so the visible universe sprang into being in the same manner.  The same energy that gave birth to the universe is, in those terms, still being created.  The EE units contain within themselves the latent knowledge of all of the various species that can emerge under those conditions.  It is according to your relative position.  You can say that it took untold centuries for the EE units to “initially” combine, forming classifications of matter and various species, or you can say that this process happened at once.  In your terms, each species is aware of the condition of each other species, and of the entire environment.  In those terms the environment forms the species and the species form the environment.  There were fully developed men – that is, of full intellect, emotion, and will – living at the same time, in your terms, as those creatures supposed to be man’s evolutionary ancestors.

“[However, as] you begin to question the nature of time itself, then the “when” of the universe is beside the point.  The motion and energy of the universe still comes from within.  I certainly realize that this is hardly a scientific statement – yet the moment that All That Is conceived of a physical system it was invisibly created, endowed with creativity, and bound to emerge [into physical reality].

“There is a design and a designer, but they are so combined, the one within the other, the one within and the one without, that it is impossible to separate them.  The creator is within its creations, and the creations themselves are gifted with creativity.  The world comes to know itself, to discover itself, for the planner left room for divine surprise, and the plan was nowhere foreordained.  Nor is their anywhere within it anything that corresponds to your “survival of the fittest” theories.”

… “In your terms of history, man appeared in several different ages – not from an animal ancestor in the way generally supposed.  There were men-animals, but they were not your stock.  They did not “lead” to anything.  They were a species in their own right.

“There were animal-men.  The terms are for your convenience.  In some species the animal-like tendencies predominated, in others the manlike tendencies did so: Some were more like men, some more like animals.  The Russian steppes had a particular giant-sized species.  Some also I believe in Spain – that area.

“There is considerable confusion, for that matter, as to the geological ages as they are understood.  Such species existed in many of these ages.  Man, as you think of him, shared the earth with the other creatures just mentioned.  In those terms so-called modern man, with your skull structure and so forth, existed alongside of the creatures now supposed to be his ancestors.

“There was some rivalry among these groups, as well as some cooperation.  Several species, say, of modern man died out.  There was some mating among these groups – that is, among the groups in existence at any given time.

“The brain capacities of your particular species have always been the same … Many of the man-animal groups had their own communities.  To you they may seem to have been limited, yet they combined animal and human characteristics beautifully, and they used tools quite well.  In a manner of speaking they had the earth to themselves for many centuries, in that modern man did not compete with them.

“Both the man-animals and the animal-men were born with stronger instincts.  They did not need long periods of protection as infants, but in an animal fashion were physically more agile at younger ages than, say, the human infant.

“The earth has gone through entire cycles unsuspected by your scientists.  Modern man, then, existed with other manlike species, and appeared in many different places on the earth, and at different ages.

“There were then also animal-man and man-animal civilizations of their kinds, and there were complete civilizations of modern man, existing [long] before the ages now given for, say the birth of writing (in 3100 B.C.)”.

Notes:  Appendix 12


Note 11

… (From Session 681): “In your terms – the phrase is necessary – the moment point, the present, is the point of interaction between all existences and reality.  All probabilities flow through it, though one of your moment points may be experienced as centuries, or as a breath, in other probable realities of which you are a part.” …

… (From Session 683):  “All kinds of time – backward and forward – emerge from the basic unpredictable nature of consciousness, and are due to ‘series’ of significances.”

Note 13

… (From Session 803):  “You perceive your body as solid.  Again, the very senses that make such a deduction are the result of the behavior of atoms and molecules literally coming together to form the organs, filling a pattern of flesh.  All other objects that you perceive are formed in their own way in the same fashion.

“The physical world that you recognize is made up of invisible patterns.  These patterns are ‘plastic’, in that while they exist, their final form is a matter of probabilities directed by consciousness.  Your senses perceive these patterns in their own way.  The patterns themselves can be ‘activated’ in innumerable fashions.  There is something out there to observe.

“Your sense apparatus determines what form that something will take, however.  The mass world rises up before your eyes, but your eyes are part of that mass world.  You cannot see your thoughts, so you do not realize that they have shape and form, even as, say, clouds do.  There are currents of thought as there are currents of air, and the mental patterns of man’s feelings and thoughts rise up like flames from a fire, or steam from hot water, to fall like ashes or like rain.

“… these patterns of probabilities themselves are not inactive.  They are possessed by the desire to be-actualized.  Behind all realities there are mental states.  These always seek form, though again there are other forms than those you recognize.”

A Timely Message from Metatron

Quantum Consciousness & The Nature of Time

Time In - Time Out - The Torus Effect


Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn


Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you all within this precise vector of timeless space.  I embrace you in unconditional love.


Dear Ones, Light is an enigma to you. It exists in succinct units termed photons. Photons have no density, and no charge, and they travel as both particles and waves at 186,000 miles a second. At the 'speed of light' time, as you understand it, disappears.  Photons of light go so fast that time has stopped for them. A photon leaves the surface of a sun or star and races through space for what you perceive as vast light-years, and then illuminates your eye as you gaze upward at the array of heavenly stars. It seems paradoxical to you that the instant the photon left the star and the moment it struck your retina, are the same. No time has passed for it at all. In this way, light permeates your realities and it is time-less, literally.


You are beings of Light, and as we have just shared, light is timeless.


Speed influences the manner in which you experience time flow, but it does not necessarily influence the 'units of consciousness' you experience within time. The faster you move through space actually slows down the movement of time. Space has 3 measures in physical reality: length, width and height. Time and space are connected in a fantastic structure called space-time. The movement of consciousness in time flows through space and thus time becomes a fourth measure forming the space-time. You refer to these as dimensions; they are in this context perhaps better described as measures. In pragmatic terms, linear space-time is the measure of experience that keeps you from encountering everything at once. Quite an overload!  


Let us continue...


The Torus Effect


Time and space are aspects of the same mechanism. Space, in a manner of speaking is congealed time held in a matrixial kinetic format within duality that allows for the separation and program of the purposed programmed illusion of sequential time metrics. Accordingly time is the inverse of space, in dynamic free flow. Both occur though the harmonic flash of consciousness units, through mechanisms of the inward and outward pulse of matter to antimatter and vice-versa via black holes and white holes. This may be termed the 'Harmonic Cycle.' Matter, like light, occurs in spectrums.


The inward-outward Harmonic Flash is not only the point in which space and time merge into a homogenous foam, it is also the rate of consciousness unit perception that strobes attention of awareness into each simultaneous lifetime. This 'micro-flash' occurs at a magical rate approximated at very near what is termed the Planck Number, occurring at 10 to the power of -43 of one second. At this point time and space merge and become nonlinear and the Torus aspect comes into play. Space is inverted, turned back upon itself, and time units float in a nonlinear discontinuous quantumized pool of what you term past, present and future.


In this quantum gestalt, the space-time continuum dissolves, and in a manner of speaking becomes simultaneous 'event' streams, event horizons all co-existing in one integral 'now'. It is an amalgamation, an experiential quantum soup intricately aggregated with every event, every potential and probability from each lifetime. You have heard the song " On a Clear Day You Can See Forever' ...literally this specific 'vectorless' sphere is the clear day of all potential forever's.


But that is only one attribute. It is much much more...


It is also the point from which time holograms are projected, as well as the center from which the harmonic pulse transforms matter spectrums. Matter shifts into antimatter realms and antimatter is downshifted into matter to form physical reality. Both are pulled in and projected out (and vice-versa) in the harmonic flash via black holes & white holes. In physical realms, white holes bring in the energy of consciousness that forms reality, and black holes phase out the energy. It occurs at an unimaginable velocity and it is the means of the 'strobe-effect' of your consciousness stream sequencing into all of your realities, all of your lifetimes.  


In the not too distant future your scientist will make discoveries that lead to theories supporting this process.  There is evidence of it now. It has been noted that electrons in their circulation around the nucleus of the atom seem to 'disappear' for a few microseconds, and although this is surmised to be quantum tunneling, it is actually a phasing in and out of dimensions. It is the 'Torus' effect of the spectrums of the harmonic cycle. It occurs atomically in all matter. All physical matter fluctuates in and out, including your physical world, and of course your physical body.


Such refractive fluctuation also occurs psychologically on a very deep, extremely profound mental level. Your awareness phases between all lifetimes in somewhat the same way. Yet it seems to you that your consciousness in all lifetimes is a seamless streamline. It is an illusion. All lifetimes are in greater aspect simultaneous.


This harmonic pulse is the mechanism of 'simultaneous lifetimes'.  You flash in and out of each lifetime, and are unaware of any absence in any of them. They all seem continual. But we tell you that in far less than the time it takes to snap your fingers, you have had a 'perception unit' of consciousness in every other lifetime. There are no gaps of cognizance, because the awareness rapidly moves in and out.


As an analogy, your earlier (non-digital) films appeared to be unbroken movement, but were actually individual still frames, with undetectable gaps between them. The individual frames (representing separate lifetimes) moved so quickly through the projector light that they appeared as seamless movement. Such it is with your concepts of linear time, except that the undetectable spaces between the separate frames, take you to other ongoing realities, other lifetimes...and the projector light is your consciousness.


There are many such in-out points of points of reciprocal refraction, but your physical senses are purposely unaware of them. To experience them all at once would be far too much information!


And this same phenomenon occurs on the physical consciousness spectrum.  The 3d brain (personality-ego) consciousness of each separate lifetime comes alive and awake to its particular individualized existence in the harmonic flash, but in between are other fluctuations in which attention is focused upon succinctly contradistinct schemes of reality; each of these other "lifetimes' jumping to alertness, fully awake and responding, yet each unique personality having no sense of absence. They are absolutely unaware of any gaps or absence, each flash then is like the individual frames of the motion picture and the flashes occur so quickly that linear continuity is perceived by the ego personality brain in each ongoing lifetime, within the individualized framework of each succinct time hologram.


We are aware of how confusing and how incredible this may seem to you. Yet the greater part of you is fully aware of this process. It is a fact of physicality, of physical existence in the polarity realms. Accordingly the greater aspect of each of you is not locked within linear time or physical reality. The divine (subconscious) mind (not the 3d brain) can and does perceive other time epochs and exists in other realities of even greater multi-dimensionality.


In the 'New Earth' of 2013 and beyond, there are changes in place that will allow you greater access to your multidimensional lifetimes, your simultaneous lifetimes occurring in the holograms of time on the Earth-Plane.  This 'Torus Effect' we first brought forward several years ago as it is pertinent for the coming ascension of humanity as taught in the Metatronic Keys. By harmonizing all simultaneous lifetimes, a requisite soul harmony is achieved. The aspects of soul fragmentation are brought into 'Soul-ar' harmonic integrity. This is an essential Metatronic Key...the requisite of harmonizing all sojourns.


Soul Fragmentation


Lifetimes are chosen with specific purpose, and some of these purposes can occur in different frequencies that seem in opposition. Certain lifetimes are dedicated to learning nuances of love as service, others into learning responsible creativity, others for learning how to manage 'power' and strength. In your physical planes there are 144 variations of these, 12 primary aspects with 12 subcategories in each.


It is not uncommon for lifetimes dedicated to learning service to be in frequential opposition to lifetimes in which you learned how to manage power and develop strength. The beliefs held in lifetimes of service may be very psychologically different from beliefs formed in a lifetime dedicated to developing strength. These varying beliefs may have been necessary and appropriate for the benevolent goals of each sojourn, but as each soul approaches completion, a rebooting is required to 'update the files', by removing what no longer serves the higher purpose. Lifetimes of opposing beliefs can become polarized.  This may be termed as soul fragmentation. These need to be harmonized.


You may have developed beliefs in a lifetime of lesser intellect that are limiting to your expanded intelligence in another. And in the lesser lifetime, those beliefs continue to create the reality of that simultaneous sojourn. You may have a lifetime in which a catastrophic tragedy created a great fear, or a sojourn in which you had a strong (false) belief in the existence of 'evil and demons'. Such erroneous unlearned beliefs can interfere with development and seem very real to the senses of the entity in that lifetime specifically because the physical senses will perceive according to beliefs, even if the beliefs are limiting and inaccurate to the greater reality. As such that lifetime will go on creating in a limited paradigm until the soul changes them from the universal seat of power. One can and must transfer learnings from an advanced lifetime into one in seeming contradiction.


As an example it may have served you in a lifetime in a religious order to take poverty vows. You may have developed the belief in a series of lifetimes in the 'cloth' of priesthood or nunnery that 'money is evil' and all material things must be shunned. And now you find yourself in a lifetime where you understand that money is a tool, and that it is not an evil to be avoided. That it can in fact be utilized in higher good. Yet you are unable to manifest it. With the knowledge that all lifetimes are ongoing simultaneously, you may have 10 lifetimes continuing to reject money, and only one or two trying to create it. In the overall flux you are being outvoted 10 to 1. You have the ability in Mer-Ka-Na exploration to go back and up-shift contrary belief into one that fits a greater understanding, a greater truth.


Keep in mind that each lifetime is a new start in many aspects. Regression can occur in certain scenarios. The great Edgar Cayce achieved Mastery in many lifetimes before his incarnation as Edgar Cayce, yet he had a lifetime in America as 'Bainbridge', just prior to his Cayce incarnation in which he was a roguish character.  In a very applicable sense, this serves as an example of the nonlinear aspect of lifetimes. Just as the Golden Age of Atlantis is actually in your future, but has been drawn into your seeming past because you cannot perceive that future epochs influence the present. In the same way you think that all lifetimes have a sequential effect in terms of learning ratios. You cannot imagine that an initial learning experience might occur in a future rather than a past timing, unless you expand your belief to understand that time is NOT linear. Do you understand? We will discuss this in greater detail in part 2 of this channel.


Dear Human, There is no real impermeable division between your soul essences (lifetimes). You have the ability to influence all lifetimes in this moment. In this now. Time separations only seem to be real in the purposed illusions of the duality based physical realm.


That is not to say that the dramatic lessons you learn are not at times quite searingly painful and extremely difficult. Masters if this purposed illusion did not feel real to you, you would not learn in the Law of Cause & Effect. That is why we call your sojourns a 'purposed illusion'. While you are in duality it is very real. But when you in one sojourn learn that all reality is created by belief you can change the beliefs of untoward experiences in other aspectual lifetimes. And when you do this, you are preparing the final Path of your Ascension. It is a quantum is a travel beyond time.


Time Travel


Optimal time navigation occurs in Mer-Ka-Na through a consciousness refined Bio Plasmic field, and while certainly aided in terms of time vector by crystalline apparatus, it is primarily operated by the light-consciousness quotient of the traveler. Many of you time travel in dream state quite often, and therein is the key to how it will be optimally done when you learn to be more lucid in expansive conscious states.


There are indeed Laws of Physics that apply to how time and space are navigated intra-dimensionally.


Eventually mankind will rediscover these laws. And when this takes place, the seeming boundaries between past, present and future will be better understood.  As we have already explained duality experience in the third dimension contains programmed parameters that limit mankind's greater dimensionality perception.  It is indeed these 3d single lens filters that create the linear illusion of sequential unfolding of time. This then  is precisely the reason mankind believes that one moment exists and is gone forever, and the next moment comes and like the one before also evaporates into the great elusive mist of the past. We tell you that everything in and on the Omni-Earth and indeed the Multiverse exists at once, simultaneously. The past, present and future only appear to those who exist within three-dimensional reality. And the programs that separate time-epoch files on the Omni-Earth can be navigated in theta consciousness (not beta).


The Past is Not Fixed


All time is dynamic. The past and future as you 'believe it to be' in truth exists as a series possibilities perceived through electromagnetic receptors held in the crystalline portion of the physical brain and in the nonphysical mind within the ultra violet field.  These are entered via the pineal in coherent theta consciousness. These electromagnetic codings can be changed, and in fact are in constant flux.


You script your destiny, and your destiny is not a linear one-way dynamic. Your creation of your past is just as important as the creation of your present and future. The past then, is quite malleable and no more fixed than your future. Now, your mental process and beliefs create your past, and there are as many valid versions of the past as there are of the future. You select the past as a probability as you do your future.


We tell you that if the next generation were all to be taught from an early age that the Roman Empire ruled the world until the 17th century, indeed that past would become a reality, and evidence would be found to confirm it. Yet it would be a completely different past from which the older generation constructed. But BOTH would be true. Both would be separate yet valid files within the hologramic programs of time.


As humans in duality, many of you accept and understand that present action can change the future, but what you are less willing to accept is that present actions can and do change the past as well.


The past is no more detached or separate from your present than the decisions you make today. Quite the contrary... everything you do effects your past, and you can accordingly remove what you may term traumas and misactions that occurred years ago or lifetimes ago from your present stance. Furthermore, you benefit more than you may realize from making such changes, for the improved 'mental attitude' shift that such changes bring are essential to your forward progress.


The electromagnetic crystallographic portals within the human brain (pineal) enable you to do so. The probable past can be changed, and such changes are far from uncommon. Many such changes do happen spontaneously on a subconscious basis. You can now learn to do this consciously by entering Quantum Consciousness via Mer-Ka-Na.




Quantum Consciousness


You are Beings of Quantum Consciousness, and as such there are indeed much greater realities that exist beyond your physical perceptions. The physical system in duality is a purposeful illusion. You are dreaming the dream of humanity. You are powerful spiritual beings wearing 'duality plane' filters. You are Divine sparks of Creator source attending the 'University of Earth'. And so you we ask you to contemplate and discern what we share. We ask that you consider the information that we offer.


We wish to tell you that physical lifetimes in duality are a means of extraordinary growth, of exquisite spiritual evolution. You think of humanity in the duality realm as having spiraled downward, and while the density aspects are in that sense a devolution of experiencing cause and effect, the greater truth is that lifetimes are freely chosen here in duality. Duality experience is not a punishment, rather a credentialed course in mastery that you have deliberately chosen. It is not easy, and we honor you for that courage.  And we tell you that you will graduate, you will Ascend....All in Time!


I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.


And so it is...and it is so...


 Copyrights Reserved


Part 2 of Quantum Consciousness


Greetings Masters!


Now, as we continue part two of this interesting topic on Quantum Consciousness and the nature of time, we will speak first of the genesis of time as you know it within your duality sojourns.


In the earlier phases of Atlantis and LeMuria, you were not in the duality school of the earth-plane.


You were present as androgynous 'thought-forms' and manifested at will. You did not reincarnate into physical biological matter. As such you were not in linear measured time.


Genesis of Time


The first earthplane entry experienced by the souls of light that later became humanity was through the Arcturian Star-Gate via the original grid (The Firmament) that provided the non-polarity plane.  Linear space-time did not truly exist in that phase of the 'Omni-Earth'. Experience was a mental projection, a lucid dream of sorts.


This mental plane manifestation began approximately 12 million years ago from your current stance, but an exact timing within the firmament earthplane is speculative as that experiential beginning had no sequential chronology. Both LeMuria and Mu were gestalt composite templates of this existence for hundreds of thousands of years in the firmament projection.


The first true venture into time and space in fully physical incarnations came with the dissolution of the Firmament Grid and the formation & placement of the first Polarity Magnetic Grid approximately 106,000 years ago.




In reference to the Firmament & Polarity Magnetic grids, we wish to briefly explain that grids are the geometric polyhedrons that enable the physical-matter experience. Sacred geometry is the fabric of the Cosmos. Grids encapsulate the Omni-Earth and allow for life expression. In analogy for explanation, think of grids as computer operating systems that contain & allow for programs of life expression. The original grid in non-polarity earth was the firmament. It was a sphere containing 12 concentric spheres. The original grid of duality was an icosahedron grid containing within it all of the 'platonic solids', which are life codes. After the 'Fall of Atlantis' the gravity-magnetic grid, a dodecahedron, became dominant. In 2012 a new grid, the Crystalline Grid came into full operation. It is a double penta-dodecahedron with 144 vertices. It is also called the 'Ascension Grid'. It expanded the earth from 3 to 12 dimensions.  Think of it as 'Windows 2012'. In 2038 a new Firmament will emerge.


Duality - The 1st Eden & University of Polarity-Free Will


The placement of the 1st magnetic grid allowed for polarity-duality, enabling free will expression.


This was the original 'Eden' in which souls were gendered, male and female, and the Laws of Cause and Effect came into play, as the Earth became the 'school of growth' as a means to master physical reality.


So when we speak of simultaneous incarnations of the earth, this is the beginning point of the time holograms that measure your progress as an incarnate human in the reincarnational cycle. You do reincarnate in space-time holograms in order to complete the process. Physical death and reincarnation is the pattern, and while death is quite apparent to you, reincarnation is not.


Understanding the certitude of this process is an important comprehension because one truth opens the door to the next. When your beliefs match the true nature of reality, achieving your purpose in this cycle is far less arduous. What is even harder for many of you to understand is that all lifetimes occur at once.


Your sojourns in duality are simultaneous, and that is an even more important realization because you are nearing the completion of this cycle. In Year Two of the New Earth, multidimensional consciousness is more accessible for a reason. You have the ability and eventual requisite of harmonizing all simultaneous lives.


Four Major Planes


We spoke in part one of this channel about your existence being multidimensional. In terms of your earthplane sojourns this can be divided into 4 major planes in a simplification to make it somewhat easier to visualize. But keep in mind from the greater aspects, these are all one. The four major parts for purposes of explanation are then the physical dimension, mental dimension, dream dimension and antimatter realm, which may be considered the Angelic realm and the source of your plurality core essence.


Only one of these four planes is within what you term as the space-time continuum.


The Enigma


Time and space remain an enigma to man, even within the dawn of the New Earth. Humanity queries time travel and space travel in the present from the aspect of physical laws. You will never reach areas of remote 'space' or hyper-space in fueled rockets. Nor will you effectively travel in time in constructed locomotive apparatus. We tell you it is a frequencial multidimensional 'Torus' concept, and not one contrived from only 3d laws of physics as you currently conceive them .


If you consider that in the Earthplane you are seemingly fixed in linear time and able to move about in space, then the opposite would occur at a specific Torus effect flip into parallel, where you would be somewhat 'fixed' in space and able to move about in time.


Humanity began re-experimenting with teleportation and time travel over eight decades ago, albeit for the wrong reasons.  This was idea was ignited by the works of HG Wells in the era of Tesla and Edison. The infamous event termed the Philadelphia experiment did in fact occur in an effort of warfare technology.  However what occurred is not what your movies and media speculate.  The awry results, while covert, disastrous and misapplied, did reveal stunning revelations regarding magnetic fields, gravity fields, and the potentials of dimensional teleportation and time-space effects. Research into teleportation continued covertly in what you term the Montauk project, albeit largely unsuccessful. 


Teleportation & Time Travel


Time travel has absolutely occurred in both your future and past. Although there are contemporary instances in which people have temporarily passed into different time holograms, there are very few cases where the transition was permanent. Your Admiral Byrd did in fact temporarily view a very real passing into a different time epoch during his infamous polar flight. Most of the flight disappearances that are so publicized over the area you term the Bermuda Triangle were not permanent transferals. Time disruption did briefly occur, but the airplanes did not fully disappear into another epoch of time. The space-time gravity field was breached and this provoked confusion and fear, as well as navigational instrument failure. But true time-space transfer did not occur.  Rather the disappearances were caused by the related instrument malfunctions that led to misdirection and radio silence, and the disappearances were simply crashes into the sea.


Certain of your governments working in classified tandem with covert corporations have already developed crude mechanisms of time travel. These are not on the right path of discovery and not at a truly manageable level. The stress that results on the human 'tempornaut' is considerable, stress-aging the human body approximately 10 years on each journey. At present they are only able to move forward in time about 20 years, and are unable to navigate into the past. In time, when the apparatus utilized is converted from magnetic forces to crystalline bio-plasmic field this will be improved considerably, and time navigation will be deliberate and not by random mishap. However this research will not be allowed to advance effectively until humanities light quota is much higher.


More advanced societies of your Earth, and indeed those termed the benevolent extraterrestrials have been capable of manipulated teleportation through the process of frequencial 'dematerialization' of particulate matter to antimatter and back. There are in fact teleportation bases established and utilized benevolently by the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance (In league with the Ahstar division of the Galactic Federation) beneath the infamous Area 51 in Nevada and in remote subterranean areas of the Grand Canyon. Your government inner factions are aware of these, and there is an ongoing interaction. However the interface is limited and the technology is not fully shared at this time.


Matter spectra harmonic dematerialization was the process used in building the great Pyramids in Egypt.  This then the ability to upshift matter into a field above electromagnetic and gravity influence. The ability to make dense molecules float and swim, and then re-solidify into physical matter. Such teleportation was utilized by the Atlanteans with the technology of the Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian groups. Specialized Phi Crystals combined with specific sound vibrations were used to shift the coherent frequencies of matter from its physical form to its antimatter vibratory quantum-wave state. The transport was then processed through a crystalline coherent 'laser-type' beam conduit by targeting the precise energetic signature of the destination vector.


You are only now beginning to see evidence of matter to antimatter in the harmonic cycle. Your current academic studies of fullerenes; allotrope Carbon-60 Spherical fullerenes termed 'Bucky-Balls', reveals that the molecular truncated icosahedrons of fullerenes revert from nano-matter particulate to quantum wave in certain conditions. Your scientists have noted for decades that electrons appear and disappear in atomic orbits. When you discover the physics of such actions you will be on the cusp of understanding and 'rediscovering' the multidimensional science of teleportation. But as stated this will not occur before humanity is at a higher level of consciousness.


Time -Travel Influenced the Path of the 2012 Planetary Ascension


You may be quite surprised that carefully purposed time travel has been an important and major factor in insuring the Ascension. Certain probable realities of your not so distant past had 'past' interventions that allowed for the planetary Ascension to stay on track.  Indeed, far more effort than you may imagine has been made in assuring the New Earth in which you now reside.  We tell you there have been envoys from the future than have come back in various time epoch holograms to insure this, and many of you were part of this.


It may seem like science fiction, but we tell you the defeat of the Spanish Armada (Inquisition) and the defeat of Nazi Germany were two such events that were influenced in outcome by 'back from the future' envoys. Both the Inquisition and Third Reich groups were manifested 'bleed-throughs' of the core energy of the Aryan Sons of Belial of Atlantis.  Had the two referenced outcomes not been influenced, the planet would have taken a vastly different path, and the planetary ascension and unfolding ascension of humanity would have occurred much later in time and in a much different way. The cataclysms that past seers foretold would have occurred between 1998 and 2012. The earth would have tilted on its axis and a complete rebooting and replanting of humanity on the planet would have taken place to allow for a fresh start.


If you are a student of European history, you are aware of the great improbability of the Spanish Armada defeat. German scientists and physicists in all probability would have developed the atomic bomb before 1944. Probable pasts were changed and you were the co-creators of that change. We do understand how difficult this may be for you to accept, but it is indeed a fact that many of you are aware of in higher mind. Indeed some of you are among these envoys now. Many advanced souls are yet among the advanced soul groups that are navigating, in a manner of speaking, the expanded awareness necessary to create the New Earth.


Some of the well-known scientist of the past century including Nicole Tesla & Albert Einstein, were absolutely incarnated from a 'future' era, as were certain writers and visionary artists such as  Stanley Clarke. They, like you, take on the filters of duality, and were not truly 'frontal-brain' aware of this truth.  Tesla became more aware of this later in his lifetime. He corresponded with your Edgar Cayce, and shared that many of his inventions were 'given' to him in the dream state. This was indeed given from a future portion of himself.


The Expansion of the Earth Matrix


In 2012, precisely on the 12-12-12 your Earthplane ascended into 12 dimensions. It is the crystalline coherency transformation of the 'New Earth' matrix. Creativity is amplified, and for many of you, the arc swing of duality is lessened exponentially. This means multidimensional access is enhanced. But it does not mean 3d duality will disappear, rather that tools are now in place that allow those of a certain light quotient to rise consciously into higher dimension.


As we have said, the 'human' Earthplane experience in duality is a credentialed and honored learning process through which many varied Beings of Divine intelligence travel. Before you are 'allowed' by your higher-self into multi-dimensional and parallel systems of reality that are far more complex, vastly more extensive and open, you must first learn to optimally and responsibly master thought-creation energy. You are in the University of Earth for that see firsthand, through physical materialization, the concrete result of your thoughts and emotions.


That is precisely why Time & Space are purposed illusions, and this vivid 'mirage' is so potently programmed by the Divine-Self that you, by necessity, must focus your outer senses on the University of Duality, that termed physical reality. Such 'linear' focus then is engineered, the perception filters that seem to block multi-dimensionality are beneficial in allowing humanity to face and grow through Earthplane experience. But it is the ultimate goal of each of you in the process of mastery, to transcend the filters at the time you achieve sufficient consciousness. Tools are in place in 2013 and beyond in the 'Aquarian Shift' to allow for this process to more readily occur.


When the growth achieves a certain advanced level of 'light-quotient' then, and only then, do you choose to open & bridge into more expansive multi-dimensional perception. This ability is what the 2012 matrix created and 2013 and beyond are about!


But keep in mind that you humans travel in space and time almost every time you sleep. And there is a great balancing effect in the waking and sleeping experiences.


While many of you do not realize this, we tell you that every night, in very deep sleep-dream state, you process daily experience. In this 'sleeping' state your 'higher-self' examines very carefully those experiences you will manifest into your life. You make the selection from an infinite menu of possibility, and create the experience of those that will allow your greatest growth.


Your experiences & limited perceptions of the physical 3d-nature of space and time are to a large degree determined by your neurological structure, and this 'designed' structure serves you well.


The singular linear time-line of your 'chosen' physical experience is the surface path along which your life seems to flow. In a broader truth there are infinite paths both above and below your actualized progress that are part of one inconceivably miraculous network....and you in higher aspect experience all of them.


Your lifetimes on Earth are by grand design, and carry grand purpose. We realize it is not easy. Yet even lifetimes that you consider to be flawed provide tremendous lesson-growth potential.


Creation of Experience


The noble and essential truth is that all souls incarnate on the duality plane of free-will create their own circumstances and experiences within earth dimensions. You are here to learn responsible creation. Many of you accept that you are here for that purpose, but find it hard to believe that you also create your daily life scenario, especially when the events that occur are unpleasant.


We tell you that the very unfolding of the events you experience day by day is determined by your beliefs & attitude and the expectations formed & projected by both. Period!


Both positive and negative attitudes, conscious or not manifest into your reality. If you project a mentality of lack, you create lack. If you dwell on worry and fear you draw them to you.  Thus your beliefs and the projected thoughts that are projected from core belief must be directed consciously in a consistently productive attitude. This takes effort.  Accordingly the great lesson of each life, each soul's journey is to learn how to direct thoughts in deliberated positive directions. Otherwise you will find yourself in a difficult conundrum, a cage of your own construct. You are here to learn responsible creation, and that is a great truth....and when you truly comprehend this, your path becomes more clear.


Process of Changing the Past


Now we have spoken briefly on the concept of changing your past. This is a mental, yet very valid process. Your memory of an event is rarely the actual way it happened. You can theoretically alter your own past as you have known it, and this is a valuable process especially if a past mis-action has caused you great concern and worry. This is especially important if the erroneous action has lowered your self-esteem and thus brought about a negative attitude. To dwell upon this negativity will recreate the negativity in a repeating cycle.


The past exists as does your future in multiple probabilities. An error in your past can in fact be changed by choosing an alternative outcome. One that you carefully deliberate. By changing this past 'memory' in focused mental effort in the 'Now' of the present, you can change not only its effect on you but also upon others involved. There is a great validity to this process, and it is a mental one. But know that mind is the creator.


The process is while seemingly difficult for you to accept, is rather simple:  focally imagine the specific untoward event that happened as being replaced by another event of a better outcome. Intense concentration and emotion must be brought into the visualization. Believe in the process.  If there was a lesson to be learned, digest it and move forward, but do have faith in the change. By doing so you gain what is needed and move forward. And we tell you this 'mental construct' is the building block of the true nature of reality manifestation. The reconstructed event that you create will  be the 'chosen' probable event, recreated in projected mental energy, which in turn forms the 'new past'  and therefore plays a powerful role in preventing the  repetition  of the negative pattern. By confronting and facing the past issue and visualizing the new outcome, you transcend time. We tell you that many of you do this in the dream state, but conscious projection in this process amplifies and accelerates the desired result. 


Belief is the key. As has been said, "Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't, both are true. Mind is the builder!




Masters, When you achieve the knowledge of co-creation in any one lifetime, you have the ability to simultaneously merge this belief, through concerted effort into all lifetimes. To remove negative bleed through of errors, traumas and unproductive beliefs that co-exist in other sojourns. This process is taught in the Metatronic Keys. By moving into theta coherent thought you can enter the 'seat of the soul' and harmonize the energy of all lifetimes.


All in time!


I am Metatron and share with you these Truths.


And so it is.