Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dream Image Construction

From Session 189 of Volume 4 of Seth's Early Sessions

Dream Image Construction

"We will go more deeply into a discussion of the ways and means by which both dream images and other materializations are constructed.  For there are various balances, or rather various delicate imbalances, which must be maintained;  and there are differences also in the makeup of dream images, which are usually seen only by the dreamer, and some other more physical materializations which may be created by the semi-waking self, and under certain circumstances seen by others.

"Nerve patterns are indeed very important here, and mechanisms of metabolism.  An understanding of the methods used by the dreamer to construct dream images will, however, allow you to understand more clearly those other constructions.  The chemical percentages are important here;  that is, the chemical percentages vary from those found in the body during what you call normal states of consciousness.

"Dream images are composed in part as a result of chemical excesses that are built up normally by the organism in the waking state.  Physical materializations are built up by bringing about this condition of excessive chemical action.

"It is true that a state can be produced in which such materializations can occur, by artificially producing the chemical imbalance necessary.  However, success by this method may or may not occur.

"This material will be most helpful in our own sessions, since when we are finished with it you will understand to some degree those conditions which may be advantageous and those which are not.

"The electrical composition of the air is important, as you have read, and the periods of even temperature and fair weather are excellent for our purposes.

"The evening hours are best, and it was for this reason that I chose them.  By this hour there is apt to be a stability of electromagnetic properties, though of course this is not always the case.  Since all things have an electrical and chemical reality, the food that you eat is also important, and it is for this reason that I made certain suggestions concerning your diet.

"These suggestions, as you know, were far from extreme.  The exercises that I suggested Ruburt (Jane) take also aid him in utilizing negative ions.  Each individual has various ways in which he or she characteristically handles the protoplastic elements of which the physical being is composed.

"The protoplasm is not entirely physical, however, but in a basic manner is a meeting ground between physical matter and inner vitality.  Therefore the characteristic ways used by any given personality, in connection with his or her physical image, will also be used in the construction of dream images.

"The dream images are indeed extensions, not only of the psychic or inner self, but a definite extension of the electromagnetic and chemical properties that operate through the physical self.  It is indeed as if extensions of nerve endings reached out in self-expansion, making new connections, and this is indeed what occurs in the creation of dream images.

"I have a few side notes here.

"One.  Interruptions in themselves will not bother us once a session is under way.  You may follow whatever course you personally prefer, as circumstances warrant.

"As far as Ruburt (Jane) is concerned, uncertainty as to whether or not a session will be held, is disturbing.  There will be some circumstances when conditions are not of the best, however, when interruptions may bother.  But generally we are beyond such disturbances.

"You have noticed, I am sure, that at times visitors to a session are of definite value, for the psychic energy is pooled, and can be of value.  The emotional impetus, when it is present, is also of benefit.  Now in the same manner you can use and collect such energy when you are in a group, as in your Saturday evening excursions.

"There is actually a quite natural and most effective manner of psychic refreshment, and most particularly when the conscious mind is somewhat diverted, as by music and so forth.  The intuitions act well under such circumstances, and these intuitions are stored subconsciously, and will show themselves in your work.

"There is indeed a knack required here.  Primitive peoples us it all unknowing.  Unfortunately, in civilized conditions it sometimes needs relearning.  All methods of gaining and renewing energy are important, in ordinary living and in our sessions.

"Ruburt (Jane) picked up energy in this way this afternoon, quite spontaneously, and without conscious consideration.

"There will be more said concerning this matter, since the same sort of mechanism is involved in the construction of materializations, in sessions such as this one, and in the construction of dream images.

"A discrimination, preferably a spontaneous and subconscious discrimination, is necessary, but it may be consciously diverted if undue conscious direction is not allowed to rule with a heavy hand.  You may consciously give the suggestion to yourself, that you will constructively use such energy, for example, but then the matter should be forgotten and left alone.

"The suggestion itself, psychologically, also prevents you from simply being swept away, willy-nilly, by the collective energy.  You must understand that use of such energy does in no way suggest monopolizing it.  You do not deprive others.  Your own actions continue to produce additional energy.  This method of utilizing energy is also used in the creation of dream images.  The form of the images is not an illusion.  You simply have form without mass, to all practical purposes, and there is no contradiction in that statement.

"Mass and form may seem synonymous, but they are not.  Mass is not dependent upon weight.  We may say however that dream images have a density which is formed of electrical intensities, that are partially the result of chemical actions."

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dream Realtiy

From Session 188 of Volume 4 of Seth's Early Sessions:

"There are indeed connections between what is called ectoplasm and the composition of dream images.  They are not the same thing, but they are closely allied.  What is called the astral body is also composed of some of the same components.

"It goes without saying that dream images certainly have form to the dreamer, even as physical objects have form.  The astral body also has a form.  These forms do not take up space in the way that physical objects do.  There is less density, but there is still observable form.  The images that appear in dreams exist as forms in another dimension.  They are free of the necessity to follow physical rules of time and growth.  They are constructed more immediately and directly and spontaneously than are physical objects.

"There must be a connection however with the physical organism, and the connection, the physical connection, is both electrical and chemical.  The connection between what you might call materializations, and the physical organism, are also electrical and chemical.  The same applies to the connection between the astral body and the physical body.

"Dream images are indeed, in density, between the tangible nature of physical objects and intangible reality that is entirely independent of physical matter.  The dream reality cannot be entirely disconnected from the material universe because of its connections with human personality.  There is a dependence here.

"The dream images however are projections sent out, so to speak, by the personality, and many astral projections occur within the dream state of which the waking personality is unaware.  In this case the projection is simply of a kind that allows manipulation back and forth between two realities.  The dreamer who dreams he was in Paris may well have been there.

"Dream images, not astral projections, operate within certain electrical limits, limits that form the boundaries of the dream universe.  Dream images are nevertheless almost fibrous projections, almost a thinned-out composition, more plastic basically than physical matter, but composed of a number of the same properties.  For again there must be this connection between the nature of dreams and the matter of physical reality.

"We will use an analogy for its excellent implications.  It is as if the personality in sleep projected out of himself bits of himself, of his own physical matter, thinned out, stretched into an amazing plasticity;  plastic properties that can change instantly from one form to another.  He goes out with these portions of himself, but because of the nature of reality projections cannot be recalled.

"Dreams are a continuous process.

"You create them both waking and sleeping, although you are not aware of them in the waking state.  You constantly project and constantly emit energy in meaningful patterns on as many layers of activity as possible.

"These are quite legitimate realities that continue in their own fashion, even though you are no longer concerned with them.  They remain connected to you, that is to the personality, however, and are a part of the overall reality of the self.  You partake of their energy.

"Oftentimes you send out dream images within a dream framework from your own nerve centers.  These then work out problems for you, and the answer is given to you subconsciously."