Wednesday, January 30, 2019

No such thing as disease

This is another Seth quote that we know is right intellectually, but is really hard to live given the steady barrage of Big Pharma ads!

“It may also strike you, my readers, as quite shocking when I tell you that there is no such thing, basically, as disease.  There are instead only processes.  What you think of as disease is instead the result of an exaggeration or overextension of perfectly normal body processes.  You are not attacked by viruses, for instance, for all kinds of viruses exist normally in the body.  There are no killer viruses, then, but viruses that go beyond their usual bounds.  We will have more to say about such issues later on in the book – for I hope to show you how certain feelings and beliefs do indeed promote health, while others promote an unfortunate extension or exaggeration of perfectly normal bodily processes, or viral activity.
“This means, of course, that you do not fall victim to a disease, or catch a virus, but that for one reason or another your own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs lead you to seek bouts of illness.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 28, 1984)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Inborn predispositions to life

“When you are born, you possess a group of attitudes toward yourself and toward life.  These allow you to grow with the greatest possible impetus into childhood.  They are also important in every period of your life.  You can see the results in life all about you, though in animals or plants these are experienced as a matter of feelings rather than, say, as thoughts or attitudes. …

“Even as infants, then, you are predisposed naturally toward certain feelings, thoughts and attitudes that are meant to insure your healthy survival and emergence into adulthood.  These are actually composed of inbred psychological information as necessary and vital to your life as the data transmitted by your genes and chromosomes. Indeed, these inbred, inner psychological predispositions are all-important if the information carried by your genes and chromosomes is to be faithfully followed.

“It is difficult to translate such biological and psychological material into the words of any language, even though these inbred psychological prerequisites form kind of language of their own.  It is a language that promotes growth, exuberance and fulfillment, and stimulates the entire organism of the body – signalling the proper responses that are required for health and growth.

“1. I am an excellent creature, a valuable part of the universe in which I exist.

“2. My existence enriches all other portions of life, even as my own being is enhanced by the rest of creation.

“3. It is good, natural, and safe for me to grow and develop and use my abilities, and by so doing I also enrich all other portions of life.

“4. Next: I am eternally couched and supported by the universe of which I am a part, and I exist whether or not that existence is physically expressed.

“5. Next: By nature, I am a good deserving creature, and all of life’s elements and parts are also of good intent.

“6. And next: All of my imperfections, and all of the imperfections of other creatures, are redeemed in the greater scheme of the universe in which I have my being.

“Those attitudes are inbred in the smallest microscopic portions of the body – a part of each atom and cell and organ, and they serve to trigger all of the body’s responses that promote growth and fulfillment.  Infants are not born with an inbred fear of their environment, or of other creatures.  They are instead immersed in feelings of well-being, vitality, and exuberance.  They take it for granted that their needs will be met, and that the universe is well-disposed toward them.  They feel a part of their environment.

“The inborn leanings and attitudes that we have been discussing should ideally remain with you for the rest of your life, leading you to express your abilities, and finding fulfillment as your knowledge expands through experience.  The same feelings and beliefs should also ideally help you die with a sense of safety, support and assurance.  While these inbred psychological supports never leave you entirely, they are often diminished by beliefs encountered later in life, that serve to undermine the individual’s sense of safety and well-being.”

(The Way Toward Health,Session January 26, 1984)

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Cause of close-up vision loss

“It’s your version of worrying that desired effects may not be brought into the present – that is, will not come into your close vision.  When you feel that way, close your eyes, if only for a moment, reassure yourself that you can trust your vision – mental and physical – and that indeed your goals will be brought into clear focus.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 17, 1984)

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Healthy Attitude - Exuberance

“If any of you, my readers, are in poor health, or generally unhappy, no one is asking you to pretend that those conditions do not exist.  I hope to show you that even those unfortunate situations were created out of a misdirected good intent.  In this book, we will keep reminding you, however, that exuberance and high spirits are a natural part of your heritage.
“We also hope to allow you to recapture those feelings, if you have lost them, and to give other ways of keeping those emotions fresh and intact. Readers will benefit in various fashions, according to their own conditions and intents, but every reader will benefit to some degree or another – and each reader will become acquainted with those inner springs of vitality and well-being that are so important in human experience.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 17, 1984)

Friday, January 25, 2019

Rhythms of Consciousness

We humans are "clocked" at about 50 or so perceptions per second. That means that we manifest our complete body and its perceived reality out of pure conscious energy into physical matter, moment by moment, and make it look like it's happening a 50th of a second between moments.

Imagine an electron ... doing the same thing as us but every femtosecond.  Then try to imagine Gaia's rhythms of consciousness.

“As you know, everything alive is consciousness – and even so-called dead matter possesses its own variety of self-awareness.
“In your terms, the rhythm of some kinds of consciousness would seem exceedingly slow, so that a century might pass between one perception and the next. Other variations might seem amazingly quick – the perceptions following each other so swiftly that they would indeed escape your perception entirely; yet in the wondrous marvels of inner nature, all of these rhythms are connected one to the others, and in a matter of speaking – excuse the pun – they each balance each other.
“It is not so much the actual rhythms that are manifested that make the differences in perception, but the absence of certain other rhythms, upon which perceptions ride.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 17, 1984)

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Example of Dementia

My mother died about 14 years go after years of dementia.  It really took off in the late 1999 timeframe when my older sister died … of course, it was up to me to break the news.  Within a year of that, she was in palliative care eventually being unable to speak or move.  The last words she spoke to me were difficult to hear so I asked the Transcendors (channelled by Rik Thurston) what she said.  They said it couldn’t really be translated because she spoke to me in Atlantean … we had lives together in Atlantis and that’s who she saw and where her focus was.

I’ve always understood dementia as being similar to jumping into a swimming pool.  There are those who cannon-ball in and those who sneak in inch by inch.  I got the impression that people with dementia are keeping one foot in this reality and testing the waters before moving on.  That’s pretty much what Seth describes here!.  

“Karina (another patient at the hospital) has that same kind of orientation. At this point in her life, she has actually refused to concentrate upon languages, which would tend to tie her more tightly to the details of the world.  She does “return to the past”, remaking it more to her liking.  Her latest-present is beginning to show signs of a deterioration.  She wants a turning-off point from which to construct other realities, so it is not so much that the latest-present is deteriorating as much as the fact that she is purposely letting her attention wander, and allowing the latest-presents to diminish in strength and vitality.  She will of course construct a new form from which to operate.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Time "Speaks" Worlds not Words

The fact that Jane Roberts was a poet resulted in some of the most poetic descriptions of manifestation, creation and the psyche that I’ve seen … and every word is carefully chosen and has meaning.  As a physicist a bit preoccupied with time, etc. this quote is something I need to put on a wall somewhere.

“When you change the past from each point of the latest-present, you are also changing events at the most microscopic levels.  Your intent has also an electronic reality, therefore.  It is almost as if your thoughts punched the keys of some massive computer, for your thoughts do indeed have a force.  Even as sentences are composed of words, there is no end to the number of sentences that can be spoken – so “time” is composed of an endless variety of electronic languages that can “speak” a million worlds instead of words.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Crop Circles

Here is one of the best explanations for crop circles that I've seen. (R stands for Rita, TGU stands for "The Guys Upstairs" channelled by Frank DeMarco).


Crop Circles 

R: Okay, I’m going to move to some of the questions that came from people who read this last session. There are a series of questions here about crop circles. Who makes them? How are they made? Why are they made? What are they trying to communicate? 

TGU: [pause] The simplest answer – although not the most useful answer – is they’re trying to communicate the magical, indivisible nature of the universe. In other words, these are signs coming forth in 3D without ostensible mechanical or physical means, which by definition tells people that they were made in some other way. So the meta-message is that there’s more to physical life than physical things. Or a better way of looking at it is, physical matter has a seemingly non-physical component to it. You extend into other realms. Those realms in turn extend into yours, and so they can affect it. Your crop circle phenomenon is – how shall we call it? A prayer? A song? An instruction book? A greeting card? A little of each of those. 

Suppose you had two groups of people, races of people, on opposite ends of an ocean, who never saw each other, and who never could see each other because for some reason they couldn’t cross the ocean, and one found a way to communicate with the other, but they had no common language and no common traditions. How would you begin? 

This is the situation of those on the other side – or no, let’s clarify that. When we say “on the other side,” they’re in another dimension, they’re not on our side in the way that we are. You know how we say we look at everything that’s in the physical as earth, whether it’s in Alpha Centauri or here? Well, it’s also whether it’s here in what you look at as four dimensions, or whether it’s here in what they look at as five dimensions, or three dimensions, or six. In other words there’s only one earth, but there are all kinds of earths superimposed at different frequencies. This is another frequency of the earth. What they can do is manipulate the frequency of the wheat in their dimension, which has the effect of manipulating it in this dimension. You may have read how crop circles are partially formed by the grain growing parallel to the ground rather than at right angles. In other words, they make a right angle on their own stems, without being damaged, or injured. 

Well, there’s no way to do that in three dimensions. But in another dimension, you just turn it. And if you turn it in that dimension, that’s what happens down in three. It’s quite simple on their side. The [pause] message is that you will have these symbols appearing in more and more unlikely places including on the sides of cliffs. All right? And when they appear on the sides of cliffs it’s going to be more difficult for guys to say it was two men and a board in the middle of the night. 

That’s one reason it will appear on the sides of cliffs. But they will appear and then disappear. And when crop circles appear, there’s residue, you know. They don’t go away exactly. But when people have gotten sufficiently accustomed to the crop circles that they actually forget that they were new and magical, then a new manifestation will appear, because one of the important things that’s being said is that it’s new and magical. 

So that’s the greeting card element. There is an attempt also to convey information, and some of the easiest ways to convey information is to say that “we are as intelligent as you are.” So when you have a crop circle that looks like a Mandelbrot set, they’re saying, “we know what Mandelbrot sets are”! This tells people on this end who are sufficiently mathematically advanced, “all right, these people must be at least this much advanced.” They didn’t write e=mc squared, or H2O, but they said “okay, we know this. So if you can recognize this, bingo, you know where we are.” 

Now you may very well ask where this is leading to. And the answer to that will seem to have nothing to do with crop circles, because the answer to that is again, the extension of your consciousness into other realms, into other parts of yourselves, to extend your effective consciousness further. When you do that, you’ll be in contact with the people that are making the crop circles. The crop circles by themselves, although they’re beautiful, are not the end result, they’re the means. When a ship sends a semaphore signal, looking at the beauty of the flags fluttering in the wind is not the point of the exercise. It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, but it would be better to read the signal. [laughs] And in this case, many people will believe that they’re reading the meaning in the symbols themselves, and that’s all right, but be skeptical of people’s explanations. It’s easier to come up with an explanation than to have the right explanation. But the underlying purpose should be self-evident now. They are designed to stretch your way of thinking so that they will stretch your effective consciousness so that you will become more aware of what you are, which, in its own turn, connects you with previously unsuspected facets of the universe. 

If you’re listening to that sentence carefully, you understand that “facets of the universe” is the same as saying “facets of yourself.” Because at that point you’re stretching over to our side of the equation, in which we’re all one. The more you stretch your perceptions and your everyday consciousness, the more it leads you to see things more our way. That’s the fundamental change that’s happening in your time. And we will say this, somewhat flatly. Every mysterious circumstance that you see in your lives has that same purpose, to lead you to stretch your consciousness and to stretch your awareness, to bring you closer to experiencing and living being both an individual and part of one. It’s never been done for a long, long time on earth. 

R: I’m aware of this stretching dimension, but I’m finding that, although one can say “all right, I can stretch my imagination to the point where I can see something else in what seems like our space and time,” I don’t know what to do with that. It sounds like you’re saying that the process itself is the achievement, not the interpretation of that phenomenon. 

TGU: More or less. You build muscles and flex them, not for the sake of moving the barbells up and down, but for the sake of another purpose later. UFOs, or crop circles, or other things, stretch your ideas about the limits that you’ve set around your own universe, but then as you get a little familiar with that, the stretching goes further and further. The more you look at them, the more you question. So they remain mysterious, and they actually get more mysterious the more you know about them, because you have more detail, and that’s part of their purpose. We don’t mean to say that they have no purpose on their own and their only purpose is to confuse you into waking up. However, that is a purpose. A purpose.  

But then, so was World War II, in a sense. Beyond the battle of free will that went on in terms of “were individuals going to continue to be encouraged or not,” the entire war was, not a wake up call, it was a waking up. [pause] Digression. 

R: Let me just ask if I understood that the energy that’s making these crop circles is another form of the earth. A non-physical earth? 

TGU: No, it’s a physical earth, but it’s not the same dimensions that you’re in. 

R: Another dimension, still physical. 

TGU: Yes. That’s right. 

R: So that the energies from that world are still individual energies who are bringing this about? Or are we now talking about a completely different form of operation here? 

TGU: Suppose we told you that it was yourselves? 

R: [pause] Well, I would say how am I supposed to understand that? 

TGU: It’s an encouragement for you to consider that in this way as well, you extend far beyond what you are typically conscious of. You see? 

R: To other dimensions? 

TGU: Yes, exactly. After all, if from our point of view everything is one, when you carry it over on your end, there are analogies there. You might want to think about it. [pause] All right, how do we say this? Every identity depends upon the viewpoint. We could say that you and your neighbors are all Virginians; all Americans; all inhabitants of earth; all mammals. We could also make divisions at each of those levels, and the divisions would be as real as the unity; it just depends on which way you look.  

Well, you that’s here now, and you in other places, and you in other times, and you in other dimensions – your jobs, should you choose to accept them, are to pull together your awareness of your underlying unity in all this seeming diversity. Now, this is at least a two step process, because first you have to become aware of the diversity. But that’s happening. The next step beyond awareness of the diversity is to become aware of the unity within the diversity. This does not have to be completed by next Wednesday. 

R: [chuckles] Good. [they laugh] I don’t know if I got an answer. Well, I did get an answer, when I was asking how these crop circles come about, what’s the process. You’re saying we’re carrying out the process. 

TGU: You could shine a light upon a surface, and something that lived on that surface would experience the light as something extraneous. That’s a very rough analogy to what they’re doing. They’re manipulating one dimension of their own reality in such a way that it shows on your reality. It’s a simple thing, but difficult to explain. None of the terms are here. If you will concentrate on the fact that the stalks grow at right angles more or less to what they should grow, without being in any way damaged, and take the implication that that means they were drawn through another dimension and turned – and that’s all we can say about that – that’ll give you as much sense as you need, because we can’t explain it – I mean, if we said, “well the mesons interfered with the” you know. [they chuckle] 

R: We wouldn’t understand it any better. 

TGU: No, that’s right. And it’s not a reflection of your intelligence; you don’t have any of the experience. How would you explain to a fish a bicycle? 

R: All right, one of the questions is, “why are they made,” and I can understand what you’ve said about their being made with respect to our information, but what are those individuals who are making them trying to do? 

TGU: Exactly what you’re trying to do. It’s a reciprocal process. 

R: The being in touch with –? 

TGU: Yes. Yes, exactly. And for them to be in touch with you is a stretch, and for you to be in touch with them is a stretch, but if you’re each stretching, it helps. And if you’re sort of touching fingers in the meantime by way of the crop circles, that helps too. Because it [pause] objectifies a possibility, sort of. Gives you something to look at, gives them something to do with their time [they laugh] and in both cases it focuses your attention. Once you get the idea that it is not the crop circle but the question of contacting the maker of the crop circle, then it focuses both of your attentions on something that will show you that it’s not both of you at all. [pause] We could rename the book Paradoxes Are Us, if you wish. [they chuckle] 

R: Well, we made a feeble attempt in this direction, I guess, when we first sent out satellites into outer space, to send along elements from our civilizations in hopes that we would communicate with someone out there who might find them. 

TGU: But look at the difference in your civilization’s assumptions. You sent out a mechanical object, with designs and equations sketched on to it, and thought, someone out there in a different body would look at this piece of information and possibly trace it back to the owner. All of those assumptions packed into that whole project! That it isn’t you out there; that material objects are the only feasible way, or at least the most feasible way, to communicate; that technology is the desired or even the likely interface. You know, there’s a lot of assumptions stacked one after another. That mechanistic approach is as far away from us as you can get, and crop circles are nearly as far away from it as you can get. We take your point. Somebody was thinking about contact. But you see, it isn’t the same, because they were thinking about contacting others. But then, having said that, people who are trying to contact the makers of the crop circles will be thinking of them as other, as well, so, so it’s – 

R: Yes. And they were done by mechanical means, it looks like, at this end, and – 

TGU: Well, we would have thought of it as organic rather than mechanical, but we can see that. All right. It is the manipulation of matter, after all. [yawns] 

R: Mm-hmm. You up to another question, here? 

TGU: Sure.

DeMarco, Frank. The Sphere and the Hologram: Explanations from the Other Side . Hologram Books. Kindle Edition.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Electrons have subjective lives

After studying Seth material for a few years I now look at physics like a social science ... quantum mechanics describes the probable decisions made by large groups of seemingly infinitesimal conscious beings ...

“The electrons themselves have their own subjective lives.  They are also subjective events, therefore, so there is always a correlation between those electrons in your bodies and those in the objects you see about you.  Nevertheless again, subjective continuity itself never falters, in that it is always a part of the world that it perceives, so that you and the world create each other, in those terms.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

Friday, January 18, 2019

Physical Objects are Events

“In somewhat of the same fashion the objects about you are constantly in motion, as you know.  The atoms and molecules are forever moving, and in a way the electrons are the directors of that motion.
“Your focus is so precisely and finely tuned that despite all of that activity, objects appear solid.  Now objects are also events, and perhaps that is the easiest way to understand them. They are highly dependent upon your own subjective focus.  Let that focus falter for a briefest amount of time, and the whole house of cards would come tumbling down, so to speak.
“Remember that you are also objects, and also events, and as physical bodies your organs are composed of atoms and molecules whose motion, again, is directed by the electrons.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

Thursday, January 17, 2019

"Latest Present" - our point of power

“The nature of universal creativity is so remarkable that its true reaches are literally beyond most understanding.  The implications are staggering – so that the affair is almost impossible to explain.
“The past, and every moment of the past, are being constantly changed from the operation point of the present.  In your terms, the present becomes the past, which is again changed at every conceivable point from the latest-present.  Yet through all of this immense, continuous creation, there is always a personal sense of continuity: You never really lose your way in the distance between one moment and the next.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

We change events of the past

This is a very powerful and very interesting Seth quote.

The way I see it, there is a multiverse which is like an infinite collections of all possible space-time reality threads ... stretching from past to future ... and we have the ability to switch threads.  Since each thread has it's own consistent past, therefore we are living/experiencing a new present complete with a different past (which already existed).  So we don't change a past, we just experience a new Now moment which came with it's own past (and probable futures).

Julian Barbour (author of "The End of Time") considered the universe to be a collection of time capsules ... each capsule is a "Now" moment including its associated probable pasts and probable futures emanating from it.  Manifestation is then the process of us experiencing these time capsules and ordering them in time based upon the beliefs that we hold.  This is similar to the thread metaphor.

Lazaris draws a distinction between manifestation and creation.  Manifestation is the process of popping 3D moments into our personal perception selected from a range of probable moments (something like Julian Barbour's metaphor).  Creation, however, is the process of creating totally new possibilities.  Since we have such an ingrained belief in linear time it is impossible for us to understand creation in the spacious present without thinking in term of causality, and linear time.  It's perhaps a little easier for us to imagine preexisting probabilities in a multiverse that we're exploring ... but even that is impossible to fully appreciate.

Have fun with this!

“It is very difficult to explain, because what actually happens is sometimes so directly contrary to what seems to have happened.  You do not simply change, or enlarge, your ideas or beliefs about the past – but you change the events of the past themselves for yourself, and sometimes for other also.
“It might help if you remember that despite appearances all events are basically subjective.  Their “objectivity” happens at a certain point of focus, and as that focus changes, so do the events.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 12, 1984)

Monday, January 14, 2019

Limiting beliefs

“The quality of life is intensely important, and is to a large extent dependent upon a sense of well-being and self-confidence.  While these attributes are expressed in the body, they also exist in the mind, and there are some cumbersome mental beliefs that may severely impede mental and physical well-being. …
“One of the greatest detriments to mental and physical well-being is the unfortunate belief that any unfavorable situation is bound to get worse instead of better.  That concept holds that any illness will worsen, any war will lead to destruction, that any and all known dangers will be encountered, and basically that the end result of mankind’s existence is extinction.  All of those beliefs impede mental and physical health, erode the individual’s sense of joy and natural safety, and force the individual to feel like an unfortunate victim of exterior events that seem to happen despite his own will or intent.
“The ideas I have just mentioned are all prominent in your society, and now and then they return to darken your senses of joy and expectation.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 9, 1984)

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Exuberance, vitality and joy

“Exuberance and a sense of vitality are always present to some degree or another. …
“Exuberance and joy, however, basically have nothing to do with time or age. They may be expressed as vividly and beautifully at the age of 80 as at the age of 8.  For whole segments of the population, however, it seems as if joy and health are fleeting attributes expressed briefly in childhood, and then lost forever.
“There are innumerable ways of reclaiming joy in living, however, and in so doing physical health may be reclaimed by those who have found it lacking in their experience.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 9, 1984)

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The body consciousness is spontaneous

“The main characteristic of bodily consciousness is its spontaneity.  This allows it to work at an incredibly swift rate that could not be handled by the topmost conscious portions of the mind. Its operation is due to an almost instantaneous kind of consciousness, in which what is known is known, with no distance between, say, the knower and the known.
“The act of seeing, and all of the body’s senses, are dependent upon this inner spontaneity.”
(The Way Toward HealthSession January 7, 1984)

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Body Always Seeks Health and Fulfillment

It’s amazing how much our thoughts (ego mind) get in the way of living in a state of grace … individually and collectively!  It’s equally amazing that we don’t always know what is good for us!!! 

“With free will, however, it is not possible for the body consciousness to be given full and clear dominion, for that would deny large areas of choices, and cut off facets of learning.  The main direction and portent, however, of the body consciousness on its own is always toward health, expression, and fulfillment.
“The molecules, and even the smaller aspects of the body act and react, communicate, cooperate with each other, and share each other’s knowledge, so that one particle of the body knows what is happening in all other parts. Thus, the amazing organization usually works in a smooth, natural fashion.  Many body events that you think of in your society as negative – certain viruses, for example – are instead meant as self-corrective devices, even as fever actually promotes health rather than impedes it.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 7, 1984)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Natural Exuberance

As I read stuff like this Seth quote it floors me how great a discrepancy there often is between the state of exuberance in the body and its cells … and our thoughts about the body and the world in general.  It seems to me that mind-body integration really is about the mind enjoying that spontaneous, highly creative state of exuberance that exists in every part of our body and in everything around us ... right down to the smallest sub-atomic particle.  That is living in a true state of grace.

Be exuberant!

“The body consciousness, on its own, is filled with exuberance, vitality, and creativity.
“Each most microscopic portion of the body is conscious, strives toward its own goals of development, and is in communication with all other parts of the body.
“The body consciousness is indeed independent.  To a large degree its own defense mechanisms protect it from the mind’s negative beliefs – at least to a large extent.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 7, 1984)

Monday, January 7, 2019

Trust your natural rhythms

Today’s Seth is important and often difficult due to all the cultural imprinting, social pressures and type “A” conditioned processes to be always “doing” at the expense of “being”!

“… trust the great power of the universe that forms [your] own image, to trust [your] spontaneity, and [your] body’s natural urges toward relaxation, motion, and creativity, as these show themselves in their own rhythms.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative LivingSession Seventeen)

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Earth is Eternal - Just Like Us

“There are as many frontiers as there ever were, and there is no catastrophe that will annihilate consciousness, or put an end to earthly life. When you think in terms of earth’s destruction, or the ending of the world, you are thinking of course of a continuum of time, and of beginnings and endings.  From your viewpoint in space and time, it seems that planets have come and gone, stars collapsed, and when you look outward into space it appears that you look backward into time.  There are great pulsations, however, in existence – pulsations that have nothing to do with time as you understand it, but with intensities.
“In the deepest of terms, the world always was and always will be.  It changes its patterns of activity, it comes and goes, but it is always itself in its comings and goings.”
(The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About The Art Of Creative LivingSession Seventeen)