Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Time "Speaks" Worlds not Words

The fact that Jane Roberts was a poet resulted in some of the most poetic descriptions of manifestation, creation and the psyche that I’ve seen … and every word is carefully chosen and has meaning.  As a physicist a bit preoccupied with time, etc. this quote is something I need to put on a wall somewhere.

“When you change the past from each point of the latest-present, you are also changing events at the most microscopic levels.  Your intent has also an electronic reality, therefore.  It is almost as if your thoughts punched the keys of some massive computer, for your thoughts do indeed have a force.  Even as sentences are composed of words, there is no end to the number of sentences that can be spoken – so “time” is composed of an endless variety of electronic languages that can “speak” a million worlds instead of words.”
(The Way Toward Health,Session January 13, 1984)

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