Friday, September 29, 2017

Altruistic by Nature

Oh to live a life where the genuine impulses from the Inner Self were easy to discern from the chatter of the Negative Ego!!!!

“Psychologically, your impulses are as vital to your being as your physical organs are.  They are as altruistic, or unselfish, as your physical organs are, and I would like that sentence read several times.  And yet each impulse is suited and tailored directly to the individual who feels it.  Ideally, by following your impulses you would feel the shape, the impulsive shape of your life.  You would not spend time wondering what your purpose was, for it would make itself known to you, as you perceived the direction in which your natural impulses led, and felt yourself exert power in the world through such actions.  Again, impulses are doorways to action, satisfaction, the exertion of natural mental and physical power, the avenue for your private expression – the avenue where your private expression intersects the physical world and impresses it.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 857)

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Exuberant Creative Tension

Richard Feynman received a Nobel Prize in physics by creating what have been known as Feynman Integrals.  These integrals summed up all possible events (quantum states, virtual particles and trajectories) multiplied by a probability function which took account of the wave equation phase differences along each path and for each quantum state transition or possible virtual particle interaction.  These integrals were done over all time and space - i.e. over the entire universe and its probable pasts and futures!  

Luckily for physicists, the huge number of unlikely trajectories tend to cancel out so results can be approximated with quite a bit of accuracy, though sometimes infinities were subtracted to arrive at subatomic masses … something that drove the mathematicians nuts.  These calculations in effect described the “probable choices” of sub atomic particles among the vast number of probable events (possible quantum states, trajectories, etc.).

Using the concepts of the Qabalah, the World of Formation would be the Cosmic World of probable events while the World of Action represents the probable choices of souls, personalities, etc.  Within the World of Action, the Causal Plane would be the collection of possible events for the individual in a shared, world context; while the Astral Plane is the subset of these that are probable choices from which we “pop” our moments of 3D physical experience.

“The motive power of the universe and of each particle or wave or person within it is the magnificent thrust toward creative probabilities, and the tension that exists, the exuberant tension, that exists “between” probable choices and probable events.  This applies to men and molecules, and to all of those hypothetically theorized smaller divisions with which scientists like to amaze themselves.  Divisions or units.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 857)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Impulses and the Informational Nature of Reality

It is interesting, when you read this, to note that modern physics is starting to realize the informational nature of reality!  Now if they can only come to grips with the notion of consciousness underlying this informational reality then science could start to make progress!

Impulses, therefore, provide impetus toward motion, coaxing the physical body and the mental person toward utilization of physical and mental power.

“They help the individual impress the world – that is, to act upon it and within it effectively.  Impulses also open up choices that may not have been consciously available before.  I have often said that the cells precognate, and that at that level the body is aware of vast information, information not consciously known or apprehended.  The universe and everything within it is composed of “information” – information concerning the entire universe is always latent within each and any part of it.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 857)

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Perceiving meaning in our world and in what we do is a natural step in the evolution of human expression in an individual, a step enroute to becoming a fully functioning human being.

Lazaris describes the process something like this.  

We experience a duality, which implies that there are masculine and feminine aspects to the psychic energies that we work with … these energies have nothing to do with gender - gender constraints arise due to the society’s cultural beliefs.  

The two “lowest” energy pairs are the pair Doing-Being, and the pair Will-Imagination.  Doing and Will are the masculine aspect (think football player) while Being and Imagination are the feminine aspect (think cheerleader).  When we are born we start with these two energies.  The problem is that in some cultures (like the one I was raised in) boys are encouraged to express masculine energies and girls are encouraged to express feminine energies; when in fact, a balanced person needs to find both those energies in themselves.  Many failed marriages arose because each person was trying to find the missing energies vicariously through their partner … when in fact, we are meant to awaken them in ourselves.

Once we awaken the “lower" two energy pairs in ourselves, then the sequence of awakening of the “upper” two energy pairs occurs as follows:

(1) meaning (masculine); 
(2) perception (feminine); 
(3) understanding (masculine); and finally, 
(4) conception (feminine).  

With these four energy pairs awakened and balanced within ourselves, then we can function in a state of wisdom and we can fulfill our potential to contribute productively to the fulfillment of the Self, Humanity, Gaia, and on up to All That Is.

As you learn to trust your natural impulses, they introduce you to your individual sense of power, so that you realize that your own actions do have meaning, that you do affect events, and that you can see some definite signs that you are achieving good ends.  The idealized goal isn’t as remote, then, because it is being expressed.  Even if that expression is by means of steps, you can point toward it as an accomplishment.  Previously we distrusted our own impulses to such an extent that they often appeared in very distorted form.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 855)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Impulses and Choice

Thanks to the culture I was raised in, the religions I was subjected too, and the whole idea of good and evil … I (like most people) have been taught to not trust my impulses.  Rather, there are cultural overlays, psychological baggage we call “The Shadow” that is a vestige of our childhood, cultural norms, etc. that block the “still small voice of the soul”.  That voice is the carrier of the “impulses” that Seth is talking about.

I think the key to life is to find that “still small voice” and to recognize the (negative) ego, shadow, and cultural overlays that blind us to our Inner Communication.  

I think the most transformative experience in my “spiritual journey” was working with the Lazaris material called “The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self”.  The Lazaris process consisted of a small book and three 45 minute meditations which took over a month for me to do, but it was an eye-watering experience that opened the door to my “Inner Self” (as Seth would call it).  The “goal” in the process was to awaken “communion with the Higher Self” (communion is communication and union combined) - i.e. to put oneself back in balance (i.e. to balance the outer, physical sensations, thoughts, etc. with the inner sensations, feelings, gestalts, etc.).  

I believe that when we collectively (aka humanity) chose to jump into duality like this (with physical bodies) we thought that we’d have a balanced awareness and that we wouldn’t be blinded by our physical perceptions and our brain.  The metaphor I like to use is the following: the body is like a space suit that allows us to physically live in an alien (aka physical) world.  The problem was that the radio wasn’t as loud as the local perceptions so we rapidly lost communication with the “mother ship” and have been swept up in a raw survival situation on Earth.  This reminds me of the beginning of the movie “The Martian” where Mark Watney is stranded on Mars, fighting for his life, and feels the extreme urgency of communicating with Earth. 

I guess we all have a bit of Mark Watney in us!

“Through your mundane conscious choices, you affect all of the events of your world, so that the mass world is the result of multitudinous individual choices.  You could not make choices at all if you did not feel impulses to do this or that, so that choices usually involve you in making decisions between various impulses.  Impulses are urges toward action.  Some are conscious and some are not.  Each cell of your body feels the impulse toward action, response, and communication.  You have been taught not to trust your impulses.  Now impulses, however, help you to develop events of natural power.  Impulses in children teach them to develop their muscles and minds [each] in their own unique manner.  And as you will see, those impulses of a private nature are nevertheless also based upon the greater situation of the species and the planet, so that “ideally” the fulfillment of the individual would automatically lead to the better good of the species.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 855)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Probabilities Imply Free Will

After doing graduate studies in relativistic quantum field theory in the early 70’s, I spent the next half dozen years wondering if we really had free will and choice.  In true naive budding physicist fashion, I was wondering if the only reason that we didn’t have an equation describing everything in the universe (including human behaviour) was because it was too long and too big to write … after all the universe was only 14.5 billion years old!  This bothered me quite a lot.  

I remember reading “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” and other books of that genre in the late 70’s and this, eventually, got me into metaphysics and the discovery of channeled sources like Seth, Lazaris, Cayce, Metatron … and the list goes on.  

Even now I struggle a bit with this because if all probabilities exist … then what choice is there for me other than the choice of which probability to manifest in this moment with this physical body?  

My conundrum is that for every choice and decision that I make, there is a complete spectrum of probabilities created ranging from “Good Al” to “Evil Al” choices and they all exist no matter which one I manifest!

The bottom line:  I’m still in a quandary, but that is the fun of the journey!

“Both men and molecules dwell in a field of probabilities, and their paths are not determined.  The vast reality of probabilities makes the existence of free will possible.  If probabilities did not exist, and if you were not to some degree aware of probable actions and events, not only could you not choose between them, but you would not of course have any feelings of choice.  You would be unaware of the entire issue.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 855)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Real Questions Science Should Be Asking

Each of these questions is so profound …. yet “science” plays in a sandbox of beliefs of its own creation.

“It is not to say that you cannot understand the nature of the universe to some extent, but the answers lie in the natures of your own minds, in the processes of individual creativity, in studies that ask questions like: “Where did this thought come from?  Where does it go?  What effect does it have upon myself or others?  How do I know how to dream, when I have never been taught to do so?  How do I speak without understanding the mechanisms?  Why do I feel that I have an eternal reality, when it is obvious that I was physically born and will physically die?””

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 855)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Playgrounds in the Universe

When we reflect on the vastness of the psychic gestalt that we call our universe … the little 3D picture that we project to ourselves of the vast multidimensionality of the universe … it’s easy to see that there are playgrounds of agreement for collective experience.  For example, atomic consciousness is nothing like our brain … yet what we know as quantum mechanics and atomic forces are the rules of the game played by psychic structures we see as subatomic and atomic particles and by their families that we call atoms and molecules.

Every time I see pictures of the seemingly bizarre lifeforms that exist at immense depths in the ocean, I try to imagine life in their reality, in their playground.  Similarly, when I see a spot of light in a Hubble picture I try to imagine the vast psychic gestalt that it represents and what it’s playground (or rules of the game) “feels” like.

“… your universe … has meaning, coherence and order not only because of those realities that are obvious to you, and that appear, but also because of those inner realities that are “unspoken”, or hidden.  I am not speaking merely of hidden variables, in scientific terms, nor am I saying that the universe is an illusion, but a psychological reality in which “objectivity” is the result of psychological creativity.

“It is not just that your view of reality is relative to your position within the universe, but that the universe itself is different according to your position within it, and that spiritual or psychological rules apply.  The universe deals with different kinds of order, perceptions, and organizations, each dependent upon the others, yet each separate in its own domain.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 855)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Living, Loving Universe

Modern physics is largely reductionist and materialist … i.e. physics tries to understand a building by looking at its bricks and knows nothing of the architect or engineer that designed it.  Even worse than that, particle physics is a lot like trying to understand an orange by putting in a closed, dark room and firing a machine gun at it and looking at the bullet marks on the wall!  No wonder we can’t remotely grasp our world, let alone the universe, as a conscious, living psychological gestalt.  

Our 3D pictures that we draw and call “physical reality” are superficial, simplistic representations of the profound complexity of a living, loving universe.  What’s even more ironic, we write theories describing forces complete with almost insolvable mathematical equations and call that understanding.  Those theories and equations are really attempts to “reverse engineer” the Divine Intelligence of the universe.  If one recognizes that ultimately the Source (aka God) is Love, then we can see that our descriptions of matter and forces are really attempts to quantify the loving relationships of psychic structures within the universe.  

No wonder Seth points out that the universe is beyond our conception!

“The universe is – and you can pick your terms – a spiritual or mental or psychological manifestation, and not, in your usual vocabulary, an objective manifestation.

“There is presently no science, religion, or psychology that comes close to even approaching a conceptual framework that could explain, or even indirectly describe, the dimensions of that kind of universe.  Its properties are psychological, following the logic of the psyche, and all of the physical properties that you understand are reflections of those deeper issues.  Again, each atom and molecule – and any particle that you can imagine – possesses, and would possess, a consciousness.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 855)

Monday, September 18, 2017

War is demeaning as a species

Well said Seth!!!!!

I think it was Lazaris that said that peace is not the absence of war, but a state where the thought of war never even comes to mind.  Hopefully we get there!

“Women make a grave error when they try to prove their “equality” with men by showing that they can enter the armed forces, or go into combat as well as any man.  War always makes you less as a species than you could be.  Women have shown uncommon good sense in not going to war, and uncommon bad sense by sending their sons and lovers to war.  Again: To kill for the sake of peace only makes you better killers, both sides are fanatical to the extent that they are involved.  I am quite aware that often war seems to be your only practical course, because of the set of beliefs that are, relatively speaking, worldwide.  Until you change those beliefs, war will seem to have some practical value – a value which is highly deceptive, and quite false.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 854)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Winds and Waters of Change

The following is a very poignant and timely message from Metatron channeled by Tyberonn:

The Winds & Waters of Change

The Eclipse Effect & Review of Global Warming 
 & Understanding DisastersExpanded & Updated

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Copyrights Reserved 2017

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We welcome each of you in a vector of unconditional love.

We speak today on a very timely & important topic, that of natural disasters. We understand the deep trauma and sorrow, as well as the great pain and misery that accompanies all such catastrophic events, as has occurred with the hurricanes, forest fires, super tornadoes and earthquakes over recent years. A very recent super-storm has occurred in the Caribbean, Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico, with cataclysmic landfalls occurring in the Caribbean islands, Texas and Louisiana. A devastating earthquake also occurred in Mexico, measuring over 8.1 on the Richter scale.

A few weeks ago, an unusual Total Solar eclipse swept across North America....with the 'disasters' in its wake. Total eclipses have always been recognized within ancient societies as having a strong influence on the telluric energies, tectonics & gravitational forces of the planet. All such astronomical events including eclipses, solstices & equinoxes are influencing the purging and upshifting of the earth.

Let us be clear, these are not meant as retributions.

We will emphasize throughout this message, that humanity in higher aspect, are collectively & individually involved in the experiences of that termed natural disasters. No one passes over, nor experiences loss without having scripted the experience within self. The reasons are myriad. All of you, have or will, in one sojourn or another, choose this experience.

Disasters and loss can serve to bring an acceptance, a firm awakening to the higher priorities of life. Those who pass over choose to do so, those who experience loss of homes and material possessions, choose to do so.

In most cases, when survivors lose home and possessions, they acquire a profound life-changing realization of what truly matters. Most express a deep prolific gratitude for their survival, and make a concerted effort to make better use of their remaining lives. Survivors help one another, express previously unexpressed love for friends, family & strangers. It is less ironic than may initially seem, that loss brings new appreciation, new understanding.

Time of Shift

Being human at this time of shift on the Earth is extremely difficult for so many, and we ask all of you to offer your prayers to those that are experiencing agonizing loss. We of the angelic realm are ever with you. And as we have shared, the earth changes; winds, storms, fires, tsunamis & such will continue.

Although there was a tragic loss of lives and devastation to the land and structures, these catastrophes are not meant as any retribution.  Masters, we tell you that what is taking place must transpire. It is a requisite realignment. It is the earth shifting, transiting into new energy....and indeed the sort of occurrences will continue on a regional scale across the planet.

All of these incidents are related to global warming. But we tell you that global warming is not the result of human 'industrial' activity. Although many of you are quick to take the blame for temperature increase, we assure you what is occurring is the result of increased spin in the earth's inner core. Do not misunderstand us, it is vitally important for humanity to be responsible stewards of the magnificent planet earth& all her kingdoms which houses your species... but what is occurring in terms of warming would still be taking place even if you were a non-industrialized campestral society.

Many humans feel the phenomenon of global warming is to be feared and stopped. This is not the case. The melting of the polar ice caps and such is not only appropriate, it is necessary. Global warming is one of the major mechanisms of energetic planetary shift and these processes bring about the very evolution of vibratory upshift. This process will continue.

The planet receives the energies of the sun, melting the ice caps, as it were, releasing, evaporating that which has been encoded within the water formation of ice- crystals, removing old patterns. The new codes being received  travel through the living waters and thus influence all the fields of energy of the earth, attaching and activating all that touches upon them  as well.  In this way, planetary & human evolution, consciousness and such begins to move more quickly forward into the resonance of the 'New Planet Earth'.

Moving Into 12-D Crystalline Resonance

Humanity are now especially aware, truly keenly aware of the ongoing planetary shifts. Dynamic changes are taking place on a regular basis, and have been 'quickening' for over two decades.  Yet few of you truly are at peace with it. We wish to re-emphasize a key understanding: and so we tell you again that these metastasis are not only appropriate, but are the necessary mechanisms which enable the Earth, and mankind to release the' old energy' and shift upward into the new '12-D' crystalline patterning.

These hurricanes & earthquakes are designed to clear and up shift the vibrations of the planet as are the other dynamic -earth occurrences that so often are misunderstood. So we ask you to recognize that the ongoing increased activity of super hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis amid the purposed and natural cycle of the ongoing global warming. Indeed, the super hurricanes are not to be feared or stopped. This is not the case. Mankind must realize &accept that these events indeed are quite necessary for the evolution. The evolution you call Planetary Ascension simply cannot manifest in the 'old ' energy frequencies. And we do understand that releasing the 'fear' is not an easy thing to do, for it is a natural reaction ingrained in your survival instincts.

The clearances from the hurricanes & earthquakes and such directly influence, powerfully affect the conscious fields of energy of the living earth.  These events release trapped energy held within all power-nodes of the planet, allowing for the dissolution , making way for the rebooting of the planet. These processes delete & dissolve negative energies, and indeed this process of purging opens space for realigning power-points such that all that touches upon the earth is refreshed, recoded as well. In this way a new consciousness, a truly New Earth begins to move forward.

Humanity & Energy of Change

We say again, we truly feel your pain at these losses, and we honor you so much for holding the energy of change throughout the hardships you are enduring. We truly do understand the sadness of duality realms. We encircle you in love through these times of transition. But understand that everything happening is by choice, and the courageous, sacred choice that humanity has made, is to Ascend.

Every soul whose physical life ends in such events, makes the choice to do so in free will and in higher purpose. We  also tell you that while difficult, such events bring people together, and truly bring out the best in humanity, pulling together to help one another. And this aspect of unity was indeed seen in the areas of the Caribbean, Florida Texas and Louisiana hurricanes.  Now, although the cleansing shift aspect of that termed as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes & tsunamis are natural occurrences requisite for the planet, these in the recent circumstance, also have an effect of re-prioritization.

We have shared with you information regarding the upshift and cleansing of the earth in seeking balance and preparing for change. However, many of you do not realize that there are also very intricate relationships that exist between the psychological environment of the human collective thought-flow, and ensuing weather affects & climatic patterns. We tell you that people's collective thoughts can & do indeed play a key role. Humanity's collective feelings, thoughts & emotions absolutely flow into & thus influence to varying degrees, the 'consciousness' field of the Living Earth.

 Indeed, it is from the consciousness field of the earth's natural patterns that all of your annual seasons and weather affects emerge. Accordingly humanity collectively can and do, play a role in the formation & effect of that which you consider to be 'natural disasters'....especially in times of polarization and fear.

Polarization & Rebalance

In this way, natural disasters oft ultimately end up 'correcting' an existing or emerging imbalance, and form  conditions that may bring greater realization of life's true purpose, that of truly, unconditionally assisting & loving one another.

When striking polarization occurs within the human field, it creates a frequencial imbalance, and such divisional attitudinal imbalances are capable of mal-effecting the ascension path and obstruct the desired quality & higher goals of life. In this way, natural disasters, often create a scenario which alter priorities, up-shifts collective thinking in manners that bring about a higher good, and enable a need for unity, of mutual caring and assistance in the face of the tempest.

It is true that when humans suffer great loss in a devastating disaster, as excruciating & painful as it is, the survivors overwhelmingly express their gratitude at still being alive. For such traumatic events bring a sense of renewed priority, an understanding of the 'gift of life'. And in most cases, live their lives with a renewed sense of harmony and love toward one another and a great and greater understanding that changes them for the better. 

The physical planet that you recognize is highly conscious, indeed more conscious than is humanity at the current time. The Living Earth is attuned to the needs, resonance  and vibratory energy patterns  of human thought, and is aligned to the ascension path of humanity in the ''New Earth'.
Make no mistake, the natural climatic patterns of cleansing are not only requisite, they also contain vast imprintable geo-patterns & codes. These patterns are "fluid," in that while they exist, their final expression is often a format of possibility and probabilities, imprinted & directed by consciousness. The patterns themselves can be "activated" in specific mannerisms & affects.

J Tyberonn Question to Metatron: We understand from the information given over the past years, that these are necessary for the Ascension. Can you expand on this?

AA-Metatron:  Hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, floods, et cetera, are ever and always, necessary to the balancing & well-being of the earth. Accordingly, both electromagnetic balancing of the planet, as well as mankind's succinct purposes are 'naturally' served when such events occur. The earth is ever dynamic. You must understand that the balancing of the living planet is a continual 'natural' process. The equilibrium shifting that has always occurred will continue to occur as needed, it is an ongoing process.

But in the present time, these storms and also serve to further awaken humanity to greater truth, higher purpose. For it is within the difficult experiential arena of disasters and catastrophes that human life is for an enduring time, drastically altered.

Just as your physical human body & 'auric' body make necessary adjustments according to external and internal experiences and forces, so does the body of the living planet Earth make shifts for balance.
To some extent mankind's collective attitudes, desires and emotions effectively blend & merge with the physical aspects of nature so that such storms or disasters in certain circumstances, are as much the result of psychological activity as they are of physical weather conditions.  

Disasters provide a rather drastic, societal shock. This immediate chaotic confrontation disrupts habitual, institutionalized patterns of behavior and quickly renders people to react in the 'now' and opens people to more amenable actions of assistance &  survival. The affect can bring social, political and personal change.

Emotional influence as a 'Human Event'

Mankind in mass consider storms, hurricanes, rain, earthquakes etc, as natural events, yet you do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same terms. We tell you there is a very real & valid interaction between emotional attitudes and 3d-physical events. 

Although most humans realize the weather affects your emotional moods, very few of you recognize deeply understand that your moods & resulting attitudes can have an absolute effect upon the weather. Although this may seem obscure, even unbelievable to many, you are never unaware victims of natural disasters. Initially it may seem that you are, but on a higher level, you must understand that you have scripted your life events, and accordingly you have willingly had a hand in forming them....for greater good and higher growth. Indeed, your lives are pre-planned in higher self. You are individually, collectively co-creatively involved in all of the earth's events & cycles.  Do you understand?

A Global Event

To no small degree, the increasing polarity and resulting outbursts of violence, have influenced the longevity & intensity of the recent hurricane & flooding experienced in the United States. Do not think it is a punishment specific to a localized region. It is not a punishment, rather an opportunity to raise awareness and change priorities. Nor is it truly regional, it is a global event, in the sense of the worldwide focal attention given by the media. 

What has taken place in the face and aftermath of the disastrous flooding, has provided a unique and optimal opportunity for change, it serves as an awakening. A unifying desire for man to assist fellow man.

If the quality of life that is considered spiritually and biologically necessary fails, then adjustments must occur. Social, political problems can indeed be modified, reshaped and reformed by a natural disaster if political means fail.

Creative Response

Disasters provide a temporary liberation from the status quo in daily life. Worries, aggression, prejudices, inhibitions and anxieties associated with the immediate past and future temporarily are put on hold. That is clearly because disasters literally force people to concentrate their full attention on survival, on the immediate moment-to-moment, needs within the context of the present realities. 

Disasters, in this way, stimulate rousing courage & creative energies of the populace.  In survival emergency mode, humans tend to see one another as fellow humans in need, not categorized by race, religion or economic class. Assistance is rendered based on common need.  Indeed, this is exemplified in the altruistic and heroic actions of so many in the aftermath of the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. People from all parts of the United States, Canada and Mexico came together to offer assistance. Many courageous rescues came not from government agencies or military, but from what your media referred to as the 'Cajun & Cowboy' navy.

Bearded and tattooed, rough and ready individuals highly capable of navigating their boats through raging currents into isolated flooded neighborhoods to heroically rescue the trapped of all ages, religions and races. This action inspired others to play various roles in opening their homes, providing food and blankets to the less fortunate. Do you see the silver lining? 

Do you understand that such noble actions would not have occurred without the setting of the catastrophic floods? 

We tell you that the actions of both the rescuers & rescued have changed the attitudes & focus of millions, not only effecting those in the immediate area, but also the hundreds of millions of souls across the planet who viewed the events on television, internet and other media outlets.

Mankind & Nature

Mankind cannot separate, cannot divorce themselves from nature, nor nature's collective experiential intents. Although at such times you may consider nature, in its violent storming expressions as an adversary, on a higher level you are aware that you collectively played a role in co-creating the enduring trauma of the experience....and that this very trauma brought out a better side of humanity. In this way, you are forced to look for reasons outside of yourselves to explain what seems to be occurring. The belief systems and struggle for survival, upon which you humans base your lives, do indeed condition & culturally program your existence such that you outwardly deny what you inwardly know.

You have made certain divisions because of your cultural programming and beliefs which make this kind of explanation extremely important, but equally difficult to contemplate or truly grasp in higher context. You think of flooding or earthquakes as totally natural events, but you do not consider thoughts or emotions as natural events in the same way....or consider that your fears, prejudices or emotionally charged thoughts played a role in the manifestation of any disaster. And that the disaster itself helped you raise your consciousness into a more aware & indeed noble context.

 Fear & Attitudinal Adjustment

The 'storms and such will continue.  Yet the fear still persists, and that is natural and indeed understandable. Even those of you in so called 'safe-areas' that are not directly affected are subconsciously quite aware of the previous global cataclysms that inundated Atlantis, LeMuria, Rama & beyond.

Four times, Dear Ones, has mankind's existence on the planet been all but removed. So we understand why you fear that the quakes, planetary warming, the volcanic eruptions, the fires & storms, and the potential of magnetic shifts will create yet another 'rebooting', a global cataclysm that eradicates life as you know it. The rebooting will occur, indeed, but we tell you that for now it will be a more gradual shift, depending somewhat on the mass reaction of humanity.

Despite the dramatic histrionics of your news media and cinematographers, there will not be a Global Destruction. Prior to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, there would have been. But you changed that. Kryon, the Magnetic Master has told you 2 decades ago, of the change brought about by the Harmonic Convergence, of how humanity met the required quotient of the 'Light-Measurement'  and thus scripted the Ascension to take place.

So we tell you, that the fears of an axial tilt, cataclysmic meteor impact and a disastrous magnetic pole shift, which have been been dramatically projected by naysayers, fear-mongers, in media and movies will not occur. Such fear can be requited. The planetary axis will not tilt in the feared devastating degree, no destructive meteor will crash into the earth, and the magnetic poles will not shift in any global cataclysm.

So we say again that it is in fact humanities 'Light Quotient Measurement' and choice that has determined that there will NOT be a great global cataclysm, a massive destruction on a worldwide arena. Rather the cleansing will be on smaller localized settings, and both the earth & humanity will indeed now move forward in order to graduate to the next level.

Make no mistake, Dear Ones, the changes to allow the clearing will and must continue, and if the masses were to be duly educated and open to the stance and vision of higher good, such appropriate changes could be made much more easily, and sooner rather than later.

Saving the Planet

Many are those who wish to 'save the planet' in your terms. So what is the nature of man's relationship to the living planet?  It would be best if the relationships were to be synchronistic and be aware that a truly harmonic dialogue can take place now between the earth and humankind. Those of you who have spent lifetimes as the Earth-Keepers, the indigenous, the Druid, the Atla-Ra are to take the lead in such communication. Indeed many of you such as the channel are here now specifically to hold the energy of these dialogues, and they are occurring. 

Now, the difficulty with many others who are well intended, is that they are not in-tuned, not of a high enough light quotient to fully accurately understand or accept the true paradigm of the nature of reality.  And so these, while they wish to assist, truly know not how. They believe that to prevent the change or to move it elsewhere is appropriate; better there than here, you see? Not all that wish to assist truly understand the greater good, the higher purpose of those events you term super hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanics, firestorms, earthquakes and tsunamis.

So most simply react in fear to these events, and wish to be free of the anxiety. But to dissolve fear is not the same as understanding the fear and therefore the masses of humankind transmute and actually recreate it. To dissolve or to dissipate events of change is not necessarily of benefit, not to the earth and not to humanity. The difficulty withthose that wish to assist is that they believe they are more academic in their understanding and know better. Yet they omit the divine, they omit the integrity of that termed spirit.  They do not understand or see the perfection in what takes place because there is great difficulty for those of closed minds or narrow vision to comprehend that all is in perfection, that all is in good order. So then they do not add grease to the squeaky wheel, rather, they try to block the cogs which then become still and stuck. And so turning with the wheels of transition becomes that much more difficult, you see? Fear & ignorance is the great culprit of closed minds.

J Tyberonn Question to Metatron : Please restate in greater detail, the higher purpose of the storms & hurricanes?

AA Metatron: As we have said, the purpose is to enlarge the harmonic energies and to expand the frequencial increase and resonance over the water covered areas of the planet, which in fact represent two thirds of the earth's surface. Tornadoes fill that purpose over land. Cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes all have the vortexial spinning and that specific pattern both cleans and steps up energy not just on the surface seas and lands, but feeds it deep into the planet in the spinning vortexial format. The velocities and size carry specific ratios and are dispersed into areas far wider than just the areas that it traverses. They feed into leylines and axialtonal energies to a very great proportion in order that the upshift may reach many more areas & beings. There is a perfection to it, you see?

So what is happening form the greater stance, from the higher perspective is in perfect order. These are accordingly 'perfect storms' in the telluric aspect of that which is the perfect blend of electromagnetic currents. The imperfection that is attributed to it, is truly from the stance of duality, from misunderstanding, from sensationalizing, amplifying & thus magnetizing the fear.

Revisiting the Core Cause of Global Warming

It is an absolute fact that the increased potency of your hurricanes is due to the warming of the waters. And as much as you humans want to assume the responsibility of Global Warming, it is not due primarily to your industrialization. As we have stated, global warming would occur now even if you were a campestral society. But do not misunderstand, environmental pollution from industrial waste and emissions, must be brought under control for the health of humanity and the living kingdoms of your planet.

We tell you again, the primary cause of global warming is the increase in spin of the inner molten core of the earth. The accelerated core spin, increases the mass & temperature of the molten iron-nickel of the core. The heat generated warms the mantle. The higher spin affects the torque ratio between the inner and outer core in the planets center-core interior. These rotate in opposite directions and different speeds. It is the very mechanism of this torque & ratio of torque change that is increasing the flash of your time sequence on your planet. It also augments the volume & mass of the inner core that subsequently increases the ionic discharge you term the Schumann Resonance. These changes are profound in effect, and are involved in the evolution of your planet and transformation of the planetary matrix. The adjustments are ongoing and require 'fine-tuning'.

At present the 'tuning' is not complete, and so there is currently an imbalance within the center of the planet, within the very core, as to how the core spins both clockwise and counterclockwise and so then there must be a balancing upon the earth as well. Otherwise, without such balance the earth cannot truly move into its higher octaves in requisite preparation for the upshift into higher dimensions.

So ironically, the greater truth unrecognized by the masses of humanity is that without such balancing of the electromagnetics, there would be even more earth changes. There would be first an earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado to balance, you see? Then another earthquake, then the hurricane and tornado creating a pattern of its own, which would not be of assistance, not to the earth and not to humanity. In this way, then, there is an anticipatory energy of how electromagnetics move about the planet, circulating about the grid system and then permeating the earth and then balancing within as well. It is not done necessarily to prevent earth changes, but to bring balance where balance is appropriate. The imbalance, left unadjusted, we assure you, would lead to cataclysm on the macro scale. Better then that the micro events occur to bring the balance and in so doing prevent the macro you see.


Masters, we emphasize that every experience each of you experience, you have had a hand in creating. The University of Earth is a purposed illusion, but if it did not seem real, you would not learn. 

Life can be difficult, and that is a great Truth. But it is often in very difficult times that you rise to the occasion, and transcend the past cages & limits. For it is through facing your chosen 'set-ups' that you master the lessons of love offered in the curriculum of duality.

Natural disasters paradoxically bring out the altruistic aspect of humanity, in which mankind become kind men, and neighbors become truly neighborly. The lessons learned in these experiences, while devastating in 3d, also change people for the better, revealing a greater truth, the truth of Love.

I am Metatron, with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service, and we share with you these truths. You are deeply beloved.

And So it Is...And it is So...

Key to happiness - being a Practical Idealist

This is Seth’s recipe for being “Practical Idealist”, someone who is the embodiment of “think globally, act locally”.  

Edgar Cayce spoke of often of having ideals and living them.  In Cayce’s description, ideals guide our life but are not a destination … in the same way that the North Star is used for navigation across the seas, but isn’t the destination.

Every smile, every positive and fulfilling thought and feeling, changes the world.  Have fun lighting up your world and enjoy the ride!

“He feels he has betrayed himself, and he projects the betrayal outward until betrayal is all that he sees in the socio-political world.  Had he begun the work of actualizing his ideas through his own private life, he would not be in such a situation.  The expression of ideals brings about satisfaction, which then of course promotes the further expression of practical idealism.  … When you fulfill your own activities, when you express your personal idealism through acting it out to the best of your ability in your daily life, then you are changing the world for the better.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 850)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Christ Drama

We’ve been so indoctrinated with the Christ story for centuries that it’s taken as fact …. like physical reality is taken as fact.  Seth points out that there really is no difference between this moment and our “official" history …. they are all 3D pictures placed by us in linear time sequence representing individual and collective inner dreams.  This “movie” we know as “history" is one representation (one of many possibilities in a multiverse) of far vaster movements of multidimensional consciousness including humanity as a collective, the planetary consciousness of Gaia, Sol, the Milky Way and beyond the universe. 

What we know as “history” is as much a dream as the current moment!  

I’ve often referred to the Christ drama as “the Jesus intervention”.  After the three destructions of Atlantis (roughly every 25,000 years since 75,000 BC - i.e. every time the Earth passed through the Galactic Plane in it’s slow dance around the Milky Way) humanity needed to prepare itself for ascension (instead of recurring instabilities and destructions).  So the Christ drama was literally dreamed.  This Christ drama, with all it’s variations and distortions, succeeded in causing such a huge shift in human consciousness that ascension could start after the opening of the Sirius Portal (the Harmonic Convergence) and the 2012 passage (Kryon, Metatron, Lazaris and others talk of this).  We should feel very good about this!

“The Christ drama is a case in point, where private and mass dreams were then projected outward into the historical context of time, and then reacted to in such a way that various people became exterior participants – but in a far larger mass dream that was then interpreted in the most literal of physical terms.  Even while it was, it also got the message across, though the inner drama itself was not recalled; and as the dream merged with historical events, and as it was interpreted by so many, its message also became distorted – or rather, it mixed and merged with other such dreams, whose messages were far different.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 844)