Thursday, November 30, 2017

Conscious Energy

It is difficult for us to think of energy as conscious, certainly from a physics point of view.  

I think the Qabalistic system provides an understandable metaphor for this.  In Lazaris' description of the Qabalah, each moment, each epoch, everything manifests in a sequence:  Essence, Energy, Function, Form.  

This fundamental sequence is reflected in the Four Higher Worlds:  World of Emanation, World of Causation, World of Formation, World of Action.  
  • The World of Emanation is the domain of essence, beyond energy, and beyond form.  It is the World before the concept of concept even existed.  For us, the "fingerprint of our soul" is the hint of the essence that compels our selves into Being.
  • The World of Causation is the world of conscious, structured energy.  This is the world of spirit and archetypal energies.  This is the energy that propels our selves into Being.
  • The World of Formation is the world of mind and conscious interaction.
  • Finally, the World of Action contains the various puddles of manifestation where we jump in and become part of our creation through manifestation.  The World of Action is literally the feedback system to close the “loop of creation”.

Each of these Higher Worlds is the extension of the previous one, starting with the World of Emanation.  

In the World of Action, we’ve not only created an extension (i.e. The World of Action) but we’ve gone one step further and manifested a projection which we know as physical reality.  The problem that we face according to A Course In Miracles is described as the “sin” of believing our projection (manifested physical reality) is actually reality.  It’s a bit like mistaking the image of you or someone else on a computer screen for the actual person!

“All energy is not only aware-ized but the source of all organizations of consciousness, and all physical forms.  These represent frameworks of consciousness.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872)

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Omni Earth

Metatron (channelled by Tyberon) refers to the “Omni-Earth” … the multi-dimensional Earth with all it’s possibilities of all possible moments.  That’s totally mind boggling!  

It is amazing that our Inner Self is so adept at illuminating coherent moments with laser-like precision from the hologram of the probable Earth that we know as physical reality.  This specific hologram that we are illuminating is only one out of the infinite sea of all possibilities over all time and space and over the entire Cosmos.  

The Qabalists got it that each moment of our time-space perception arises out of All That Is … so we literally create our perceived universe in each moment.  Dogen and others got it too when they realized that each moment arises as a complete moment out of the oneness of All That Is. 

It is funny that humankind with all it’s technologies and “science” don’t really come up with new ideas, but rather we generate physical and conceptual metaphors of the unknowable processes that are at the root of our very being.  For example: our computer screens, TV screens, etc. create a complete image 55 times per second from a string of incomprehensible one’s and zero’s using systems tuned to perform that function.  Metaphysically, our “mind system” takes 3D images of that hologram of Earth reality that we’re exploring in this lifetime.  Each screen shot is a moment of creation … similarly each moment of physical perception is a moment of creation.

“You are not just dealing with a one-line development of matter, but of an unimaginable creativity, in which all versions of your physical world exist, each one quite convinced of its physical nature.  There are ramifications quite unspeakable, although in certain states of trance, or with the aid of educated dreaming, you might be able to glimpse the inner complications, the webworks of communications that connect your official earth with other probable ones.  You choose your time and focus in physical reality again and again, and the mind holds an inner comprehension of many seemingly mysterious developments involving the species.

“Even the cells are free enough of time and space to hold an intimate framework of being within the present, while being surrounded by this greater knowledge of what you think of as the earth’s past.  In greater terms, the earth and all of its species are created in each moment.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872)  

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Creationists Are Sort Of Right

This is a really profound and illuminating quotation from Seth.

In one way, it seems really obvious that earth, in all its manifestations over all time, and the cosmos, all happened outside of time and hence "at once" in the spacious present of All That Is.  Our ingrained belief in linear time and duality means that we hop from one time-space possibility to another in the multiverse, making 3D images of these abstract moments and stringing these images in sequence like a movie.  One of the corollaries of this approach is our belief that there has to be a beginning - so we develop theories like the Big Bang and stories of evolution.  We even pretend that we physically grow over a lifetime.

It is really well worth spending time contemplating this reality described here ... by contemplating I don't mean figuring it out logically, rather I mean feeling the reality of this and allowing the insights and gestalts of awareness that arise.

“It is as if, then, the earth, with all of its species, existed in complete form as a fully dimensioned cosmic underpainting, which gradually came alive all at once.  Birds did not come from reptiles.  They were always birds.  They expressed a certain kind of consciousness that sought a certain kind of form.  Physically the species appeared – all species appeared – in the same way that you might imagine all of the elements of a highly complicated dream suddenly coming alive with physical properties.  Mental images – in those terms, now – existed that “in a flash of cosmic inspiration” were suddenly endowed with full physical manifestation.
“To that extent, the Bible’s interpretation is correct.  Life was given, was free to develop according to its characteristic conditions.  The planet was prepared, and endowed with life.  Consciousness built the forms, so life existed within consciousness for all eternity.  There was no point in which chemicals or atoms suddenly acquired life, for they always possessed consciousness, which is life’s requirement.
In the terms that you can understand, all species that you are aware of appeared more or less at once, because the mental patterns had peaked.  Their vitality was strong enough to form differentiation and cooperation within the framework of matter.”
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872)

Friday, November 24, 2017

The timeless dream

We literally dream the universe into manifestation!

“Consciousness predates physical forms.  Consciousness predates the physical universe.  Consciousness predates all of its manifestations.

“The impulse to be, in any terms that you can understand, is without beginning or end.  What you have in your physical species are the manifestations of inner species of being, or creative groupings originated by consciousness as material patterns into which consciousness then flows.  In those terms, the world came into being and the species appeared in a completely different framework of activity than is imagined, and one that cannot be scientifically established – particularly within those boundaries with which science has protected itself.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Putting Ourself Back Together

Thanks to our dualistic belief system, things are understood as being “good” or “evil”, “black” or “white”, etc.; when in fact things can be both or neither.  This logical system arises right at birth … when we first feel separation and we first make the assumption that there is an exterior, objective “not self” which is outside of our control.  It is a short hop from that assumption to the whole idea of soul, spirit, and “God” being separate from our physical being.  

That sense of separation grows as we become aware of the gap between our ideals and our physical reality … hence the ideas take hold that we have “fallen” from grace into physicality and that if we screw up in this lifetime we’re doomed to an eternity of suffering.  Because physical reality is a reflection of our beliefs, we start to perceive that humanity itself is doomed.

Life can really start to take on new meaning and joy when we “put ourselves back together”.  Meditation can be a good way to do this (if the practice is not clouded in limiting beliefs), communing with nature can help too.  Ultimately, the feeling of spontaneous exuberance or brain-stopping love (sometimes referred to as ecstasy) is probably the most profound moment of connection that we can sense with the rest of our being and with All That Is.  We each had a lot of those moments as infants, before layers of limiting beliefs were imprinted through culture, religion, education, etc.  

That “inner child” is alive and well in the present and remains another channel of connection with our Inner Self.

“Most of you understand that All That Is is within you, that God is within creation, within physical matter, and that “He” does not simply operate as some cosmic director on the outside of reality.  You must understand that the spiritual self also exists within the physical self in the same fashion.  The inner self is not remote, either – not divorced from your most intimate desires and affairs, but instead communicates through your own smallest gesture, through your smallest idea.

“This sense of division within the self forces you to think that there is a remote, spiritual, wise, intuitive inner self, and a bewildered, put-upon, spiritually ignorant, inferior physical self, which happens to be the one you identify with. Many of you believe, moreover, that the physical self’s very nature is evil, that its impulses, left alone, will run in direct opposition to the good of the physical world and society, and fly in the face of the deeper spiritual truths of inner reality.  The inner self then becomes so idealized and so remote that by contrast the physical self seems only the more ignorant and flawed.  In the face of such beliefs the ideal of psychic development, or astral travel, or spiritual knowledge, or even of sane living, seems so remote as to be impossible.  You must, therefore, begin to celebrate your own beings, to look to your own impulses as being the natural connectors between the physical and the nonphysical self.  Children trusting their impulses learn to walk, and trusting your impulses, you can find yourself again.”
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872).  

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Trust Yourself

Seth’s description here of becoming aware of your impulses and their origins is an aspect of the type of processing that Lazaris speaks of.  Processing in Lazaris’ terms involves becoming consciously aware of the “materials” and “tools” of manifestation and to make conscious choices in line with our ideals.  The “materials” are our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions.  The “tools” are our desires, imagination and expectation.  Seth's recommendation to be aware of our impulses in each moment and to make conscious choices is a fundamental part of processing and a necessary prerequisite for living the life we came to live.

This journey we that call life can be exuberant … listen to the impulses, the whispers of soul and love yourself enough to pay attention.

“Some people are only aware of – or largely aware of – impulses toward anger, because they have inhibited those natural impulses toward love that would otherwise temper what seemed to be aggressive desires.  When you begin trusting yourselves, you start by taking it for granted that to some extent at least you have not trusted yourself or your impulses in the past: You have thought that impulses were dangerous, disruptive, or even evil.  So, as you begin to learn self-trust, you acknowledge your impulses.  You try them on for size.  You see where they lead you by allowing them some freedom.  You do not follow urges through that would hurt others physically, or that seem in direct contradiction to your present beliefs – but you do acknowledge them.  You do try to discover their source.  Behind them you will almost always find an inhibited impulse – or many of them – that motivated you to move in some ideal direction, to seek a love or understanding so idealized in your mind that it seemed impossible to achieve.  You are left with the impulse to strike out.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Know Yourself

Knowing who we are is a life long quest … actually it’s a quest of many lifetimes.  

Lazaris defines our identity as “what we say, think and do”.  Furthermore, as Seth describes here, our identity is not static but rather it is like a string of pearls.  Each pearl represents one’s self in a given context and in a given moment.  For example, for much of my life I was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and each morning I put on the appropriate uniform of the day for what I’d be doing.  After doing this for over three decades and discovering the Lazaris material, I realized that each time I put on a uniform it sent a subliminal message to my subconscious and I walked and talked as a Air Force Al.  Now, I put on a suit and tie and walk and talk in the context of my current job.  For several years, I put on dark clothes and sat in a Buddhist temple.  In each context I was expressing different aspects of the vast expanse of myself … just like all of us do without thinking about it.  

Life gets so much richer when we are aware of what we say, think and do … i.e. more aware of our true identity, our true self in context.

“There are many schools for spiritual advancement that teach you to “get rid of the clutter of your impulses and desires”, to shove aside the self that you are in search of a greater idealized version.  First of all, the self that you are is ever-changing and never static.  There is an inner self in terms of those definitions, but that inner self, which is the source for your present being, speaks through your impulses.  They provide in-built spiritual and biological impetuses toward your most ideal development.  You must trust the self that you are, now.

“If you would know yourself in deepest terms, you must start with your own feelings, emotions, desires, intents and impulses.  Spiritual knowledge and psychic wisdom are the natural result of a sense of self-unity.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 872)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Love Yourself

I suspect that a lot of us in our early childhood were “controlled” (during the terrible 2’s etc.) by conditional love from our parents.  This is a near term strategy which seems to work, but has long term implications.  Most notably, it leads to type-A behaviour where one is never good enough (a side effect of feeling a lack of intrinsic self worth) and where one does not have a healthy sense of self love.

The other part of this quote that really struck home to me is the last line:  "Your mental states are part of the planet’s psychic atmosphere.”  We tend to think that we have to go out and “do” something to save the planet or to save humanity; when in fact, our greatest contribution is to “be” somebody - somebody who embodies the grace, love, spontaneity, and exuberance that is our human potential.

“You cannot love your neighbor, in fact, until you love yourself, and if you believe that it is wrong to love yourself, then you are indeed unable to love anyone else.

“For a start, you will acknowledge your existence in the framework of nature, and to do that you must recognize the vast cooperative processes that connect each species with each other one.  If you truly use your prerogatives as an individual in your country, then you can exert far more power in normal daily living than you do now.  Every time you affirm the rightness of your own existence, you help others.  Your mental states are part of the planet’s psychic atmosphere.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Childhood Impulses

When I look back at my childhood impulses, one that stands out was an intense desire to figure out how things worked. That led to me studying theoretical physics in university and to a career in aerospace engineering.  

But this impulsive quest took me past conventional physics and engineering, ultimately leading into my pursuit of metaphysics and spirituality.  Luckily for me the Inner Child is still alive and well, and it loves this journey!

Natural attributes show themselves quite clearly in early childhood, for example, when you are allowed greater freedom to do what you want to do … Look back toward the impulsive behavior of your childhood, toward those activities that mostly pleased you.

“If you painted pictures, this does not mean that you necessarily should be an artist.  Only you know the strength of those impulses – but if they are intense and consistent, then pursue them.  If you end up simply painting as a hobby, that will still enrich your life and understanding.  If your impulses lead you toward relationships with others, then do not let fears of unworthiness stand in your way.  It is very important that you express your idealism actively, to whatever extent you can, for this increases your sense of worth and power.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Being Aware Of Your Impulses

“When I speak of impulses, many of you will automatically think of impulses that appear contradictory or dangerous or “evil” – and that is because you are so convinced of the basic unworthiness of your being. You have every right to question your impulses, to choose among them, to assess them, but you must be aware of them, acknowledge their existence, for they will lead you to your own true nature.  This may involve a lengthy journey for some of you, with your belief systems, for many of your impulses now are the result of the pressure caused by perfectly normal unacknowledged ones in the past.  But your impulses reflect the basic impulse of your life.  Even if they appear contradictory at any given time, overall they will be seen to form constructive patterns toward action that point more clearly towards your own clear path for fulfillment and development.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Friday, November 17, 2017

Faith and Impulses

Here Seth points out two important aspect of impulses.  Firstly, one must hold a belief (called faith) that such impulses do occur at moments of power, moments of choice.  The second is the point that the belief system that we pick up since birth is rife with limiting beliefs and blocking beliefs which blind us to the moments of action and distort the message.

Years ago I watched a golf movie called “Tin Cup”.  My key takeaway from that moment was the idea of “defining moments”.  These are the moments of impulsive action which, by their power, define our character.  Throughout my career I was lucky enough to recognize and to take impulsive action to create a handful of defining moments in my personal story.  My definition of taking appropriate action in a “defining moment” is:  when I look back on the event I think wow, that was the perfect thing to do!

Life is sprinkled with defining moments - be there for them.

“Your impulses are immersed in the quality called faith, for they urge you into action in the faith [that] the moment for action exists.  Your beliefs must interact with your impulses, however, and often they can erode that great natural beneficial spontaneity that impulses can provide.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our Urge To Be

I don’t have a comment on today’s Seth … at least no comment that I haven’t said before about the dilemma of negative ego chatter masquerading as true impulses from the Inner Self … mainly the result of “nurture”: rewiring of the brain largely due to neurolinguistic programming.

Seth’s insights are so elegantly stated!

“Your impulses are your closest communication with your inner self, because in the waking state they are the spontaneous urgings toward action, rising from that deep inner knowledge of yourself that you have in dreams.  You were born because you had the impulse to be.  The universe exists because it had the impulse to be.  There was no exterior cosmic Pied Piper, singing magical notes or playing a magical tune, urging the universe into being.  The urge to be came from within, and that urge is repeated to some extent in each impulse, each urge toward action on the part of man or molecule.  If you do not trust the nature of your impulses, then you do not trust the nature of your life, the nature of the universe, or the nature of your own being.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Seth's Remedy for a Headache

This works.  In the early 1990’s I used to suffer from migraines, often monthly and often very debilitating.  The doctors gave me a bottle of pills that I was supposed to take at the onset of a migraine.  I kept the pill bottle out in plain sight but I never took one pill.  Instead, I practiced mindful meditation (much like Seth describes here) and eventually migraines dissipated.

“Do the exercises in my book, The Nature of Personal Reality, to discover what conditions of a mental nature, or of psychological origin, are causing you distress.  Instead of taking an aspirin for a headache, sit down, breathe quietly, and remind yourself that you are an integral part of the universe.  Allow yourself to feel a sense of belonging with nature.  Such an exercise can often relieve a headache in no time.  But each experience will allow you to build up a sense of trust in your own body’s processes.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Body Can Heal Itself

Big Pharma has done such a magnificent job of convincing us that we are victims of illness and that only their products can provide relief. OK, they do a slight of hand with statistics: for example, if there is a 4% probability of contracting a certain illness and a drug reduces that to a 2% chance, then it is advertised as reducing the likelihood of illness by 50%.  Seth reminds us in this quote that the body really can be in the 96% without the illness quite on its own.  In fact, it is often struggling to overcome the imprinted beliefs we get daily in the ongoing barrage of advertising!

Years ago when I was in university, I picked up a book which described a variety of illnesses.  For fun, I’d read about an illness each morning and then feel grateful that I didn’t have it.  I abandoned this idea when I started feeling symptoms of the diseases I was reading about.  Looking back, I now know that "we are what we believe", and I was starting to believe I had all of those diseases!

The other thing to bear in mind is that our body is a reflection of the beliefs we hold about ourselves.  Lazaris and others have pointed out that, for example, heart attacks are a broken heart … i.e. lack of giving and receiving love, and lack of self love.  Cancers develop where the electrical and chemical communications with the body are cut off or distorted (see for example, Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”).  Hence internalized anger, for example, can become localized in the body, cutting off the central communication which maintains the body’s integrity … resulting in cancer.  Similarly, chemicals in the foods we eat can block the receptors on the cell wall also cutting off a channel of communication within the body.  What we eat, and the effect of what we eat on our bodies are coloured by our beliefs, so this is another aspect of “you are what you believe”.

“Generally speaking, for example, if you are seriously worried about a physical condition, go to a doctor, because your own beliefs may over-frighten you otherwise.  Begin with innocuous but annoying physical conditions, however, and try to work those out for yourself.  Try to discover why you are bothered.  When you have a headache or a simple stomach upset, or if you have a chronic, annoying but not serious condition, such as trouble with your sinuses, or if you have hay fever – in those situations, remind yourself that your body does indeed have the capacity to heal itself.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Living Your Ideals

The importance of living our ideals in each moment is not purely personal.  That is how we contribute to the evolution of humanity and Gaia.  

Living our ideals with integrity sets a physical example for those around us.  It also sends subconscious messages to our cloud of Inner Buddies inspiring them to join the journey.  

Our moments of physical experience reflect our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts feelings, choices and decisions manifested through our tools of desire, imagination and expectation.  Thus, if those aspects of our “manifestation machine” are in harmony, then we will draw into our personal experience moments that truly reflect our ideals in various contexts.  But it doesn’t stop there.  If we live our Ideals with conviction and power (exuberance) we then create new possibilities for humanity that embody our ideals and we draw ourselves into those probable realities that align better with our ideals.  We literally become the pathfinders for humanity.

“Your searches toward understanding excellent performance in any area – your idealisms – are all spiritually and biologically ingrained.  If many of the conditions we have mentioned in this book are less than ideal in your society, then you can as an individual begin to change those situations.  You do this by accepting the rightness of your personhood.  You do this by discarding ideas of unworthiness and powerlessness, no matter what their sources.  You do this by beginning to observe your own impulses, by trusting your own direction.  You start wherever you are, today.

“You do not dwell upon the unfortunate conditions in your environment, but you do take steps in your own life to express your ideals in whatever way is given.  Those ways are multitudinous.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Gene Pool of Ideals

“The blueprints for “ideal” developments exist within the pool of genetic knowledge, providing the species with multitudinous avenues for fulfillment.  Those blueprints exist mentally as ideals.  They express themselves through the impulses and creativity of the species’ individual members.”
"Now your ideals, whatever they may be, initially emerge from your inner experience, and this applies to the species as a whole.  Your ideas of society and cooperation arise from both a biological and spiritual knowledge given you at birth.  Man recognized the importance of groups after observing the animal’s cooperation.  Your civilizations are your splendid, creative, exterior renditions of the inner social groupings of the cells of the body, and the cooperative processes of nature that give you physical life.  This does not mean that the intellect is any less, but that it uses its abilities to help you form physical civilizations that are the reflections of mental, spiritual, and biological inner civilizations.  You learn from nature always, and you are a part of it always.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 870)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Circle of Life

Our fear of death, caused mostly by our lack of communication and union (Lazaris’ “communion”) with our Inner Self or Higher Self coupled with our lack of acceptance of reincarnation in western cultures, has created a huge distortion for us that does not exist at the cellular level or even among animal species.

I like the metaphor that likens death to leaving a movie.  In other words, we die for the same reasons that we leave a movie:  the movie is done (we’ve done what we can to do and fulfillment now means a change of form); or, this movies sucks and it’s time to see another one.  

The other aspect of death that is illuminating, in my view, is that we choreograph our exit to achieve maximal personal and group impact.  For example, we may choreograph our death so that only specific family members or friends are present.  Our death, then, becomes a parting gift to our loved ones.  In a similar vein, those involved in mass events involving death are sending a message to our culture, our leaders and humanity!

All biological organisms know that physical life depends upon a constant transformation of consciousness and form.  In your terms, I am saying, of course, that physically death gives life. This biological knowledge is intimately acknowledged at microscopic levels.  Even your cells know that their deaths are necessary for the continuation of your physical form.

“The entire orientation is strange or alien only to your conscious belief system.  In one way or another, most people are aware of a desire for death before they die – a desire they usually do not consciously acknowledge.  To a large measure, the sensations of pain are also the results of your beliefs, so that even diseases that are indeed accompanied, now, by great pain, need not be.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 869)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Competition became an Ideal

How true!

“While you believed in competition, then competition became not only a reality but an ideal.  Children are taught to compete against each other.  The child naturally “competes” against herself and himself in an urge to outdo old performance with new.  Competition, however, has been promoted as the ideal at all levels of activity.  It is as if you must look at others to see how you are doing – and when you are taught not to trust your own abilities, then of course you need the opinions of others overmuch.  I am not speaking of any playful competition, obviously, but of a determined, rigorous, desperate, sometimes almost deadly competition, in which a person’s value is determined according to the number of individuals he or she has shunted aside.

“This is carried through in economics, politics, medicine, the sciences, and even the religions.  So, I would like to reinforce the fact that life is indeed a cooperative venture, and that all the steps taken toward the ideal must of themselves be life-promoting.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 868)

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Biological Cooperation

Seth often refers to CUs (consciousness units) and EEUs (electromagnetic energy units).  

I like to think of CUs as the infinite array of “quanta" of impulses/action of All That Is.  Similarly, I would think that the field of EEUs are like the quanta of energy that our consciousness shapes into space-time and physical perception … much like the “spin foam” that exists outside of time and space but which forms the very space we perceive in loop quantum gravity (see, for example, Carlo Rovelli’s book “Reality Is Not What It Seems”).

Fundamentally though, All That Is is not plural, is not schizophrenic.  Hence our words and advanced mathematics are ultimately trying to articulate in “logical”, 3D ways the unimaginably intense love and cooperation that exists “behind the scenes”.  This attempt at word or mathematical description is not real knowledge …  this love and feeling needs to be felt not analyzed.

Feel the moment!

“Individually, you exist physically because of the unsurpassed cooperation that exists just biologically between your species and all others, and on deeper levels because of the cellular affiliations that exist among the cells of all species.  Value fulfillment is a psychological and physical propensity that exists in each unit of consciousness, propelling it toward its own greatest fulfillment in such a way that its individual fulfillment also adds to the best possible development on the part of each other such unit of consciousness.  This propensity operates below and within the framework of matter.  It operates above as well, but I am here concerned with the cooperative nature with which value fulfillment endows all units of consciousness within your physical world.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 868)

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Social Darwinism

A very insightful and commentary from Seth!

“The “laws” of supply and demand are misconceptions based upon a quite uncomplimentary belief in man’s basic greedy nature.  In the past you treated the land in your country as if your species, being the “fittest”, had the right to survive at the expense of all other species, and at the expense of the land itself.  The ideal of the country was and is an excellent one: the right of each individual to pursue an equitable, worthy existence, with dignity.  The means, however, have helped erode that ideal, and the public interpretation of Darwin’s principles was, quite unfortunately, transferred to the economic area, and to the image of man as a political animal.

“Religion and science alike denied other species any real consciousness.  When man spoke of the sacredness of life – in his more expansive moods – he referred to human life alone.  You are not in competition with other species, nor are you in any natural competition with yourselves.  Nor is the natural world in any way the result of competitiveness among species.  If that were the case, you would have no world at all.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 868)

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Step by Step

Edgar Cayce gave the same message concerning ideals, and provided techniques that we can use to define our personal ideals within the various areas (contexts) of our personal lives.  Without an ideal to navigate by as a reference, we live a life being pushed and shoved by the latests fads and black-and-wihite popular judgements.  

We chose a tough environment to explore in this incarnation … a duality, in linear time, with a very narrow field of view and very little connection with that “still small voice” which is our Real Self.  

Our entire logical house of cards and “knowledge” is built upon the assumption of “me and not me”, i.e. the duality we see immediately after birth, after leaving an oceanic experience of  oneness in the womb.  No wonder everything is black and white to us until we wake up to feel the inner reality and to imagine the bigger picture.

Own your ideals and make each moment count … but always remember, beingness is about vitality and exuberance, we are not forced to trudge through a life of adversity!

“Evil does not exist in those (black-and-white) terms, and that is why so many seemingly idealistic people can be partners in quite reprehensible actions, while telling themselves that such acts are justified, since they are methods toward a good end.

“That is why fanatics feel justified in their actions.  When you indulge in such black-and-white thinking, you treat your ideals shabbily.  Each act that is not in keeping with that ideal begins to unravel the ideal at its very core.  As I have stated [several times], if you feel unworthy, or powerless to act, and if you are idealistic, you may begin to feel that the ideal exists so far in the future that it is necessary to take steps you might not otherwise take to achieve it.  And when this happens, the ideal is always eroded.  If you want to be a true practicing idealist, then each step that you take along the way must be worthy of your goal.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 868)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Human Dreams

After reading these quotes from Seth, it’s no wonder that A Course In Miracles describes physical existence as a dream!

“Now many of the characteristics you consider human – in fact, most of them – appear to one extent or another in all other species.  It was the nature of man’s dreams, however, that was largely responsible for what you like to think of as the evolution of your species.  You learned to dream differently than other creatures.

“You dreamed you spoke languages before their physical invention, of course.  It was the nature of your dreams, and your dreams’ creativity, that made you what you are .

“The creativity of the species is also the result of your particular kind of dream specialization.  It amounts to a unique state of existence by itself, in which you combine the elements of physical and nonphysical reality.  It is almost a threshold between the two realities, and you learned to hold your physical intent long enough at that threshold so that you have a kind of brief attention span there, and use it to draw from nonphysical reality precisely those creative elements that you need.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 867)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Cellular Identity

It would be fun to imagine the awareness of cellular consciousness.  Cellular consciousness would be more aware of the multidimensional reality we play in (and the oneness of it all) than we are physically aware.  On the other hand, it would be much less aware of what we think of as objective reality. 

Cells are masters at choreographing the activity of trillions of atoms and molecules to create the building blocks of life in the plant and animal kingdoms. It makes one wonder what the cellular sense of time would be like … given that cellular consciousness must bridge the gap between the quantum activity of their constituent atoms and our macroscopic “physical" time that we know.

Cells are held together by love and common intent within a body of trillions of other cells.  That body, in turn, is affected by the chemical and electrical fields of the mind and the physical environment.  

Cellular awareness can transition from the food we eat into our body … an aspect of "you are what you eat".  Native cultures spoke of the spirit of the life they took for food … this sharing of spirit includes cellular awareness.  

Apparently, every physical cell in our bodies is changed out every seven years (some cells more often).  I guess that means we’re pretty popular!

“I have told you that at microscopic levels there is no rigid self-structure like your own.  There is identity.  A cell does not fear its own death.  Its identity has traveled back and forth from physical to nonphysical reality too often as a matter of course.

“It “sings” with the quality of its own life.  It cooperates with other cells.  It affiliates itself with the body of which it is part, but in a way, it lends itself to that formation.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 867)

Saturday, November 4, 2017

For the Love of Cells

Lazaris defines “wisdom” as living your “understanding”.  

“Understanding” arises when “data” is translated into “information”, “information” is given context to become “knowledge” and “knowledge” is generalized/abstracted to become “understanding” that enables the creation of new knowledge and meaning.

Imagine what it would be like of we lived in the wisdom that each of us is the central focus of 50 trillion or more conscious, loving cells who are continuously attracted to form each of our bodies and who are here to enjoy our personal journey of discovery and the collective physical experience of humanity!  

I can’t help but think there wouldn’t be any murder or war anymore if we genuinely lived in that wisdom. Our world would be a world of peace and love.  

Luckily for us, cellular conscious is very inquisitive and extremely patient as evidenced by how long it has cooperated with humanity to form the physical bodies that we use to write our history!

 Thank you cells!

“Your culture has its biological effect upon the species.  I am not speaking of obvious connections in a derogatory manner, such as pollution and so forth.  If you were thinking in old terms of evolution, then I would be saying that your cultures and civilizations actually alter the chromosomal messages.  Your thoughts affect your cells, again, and they can change what are thought of as hereditary factors … You form your being by imaginatively considering such-and-such a possibility, and your thoughts affect your body in that regard.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 867)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Your Body

Seth’s quote today is a powerful statement about our physical body.  

Your perceived universe springs into being in each moment - including your body within that perceived 3D physical context.  We tend to think of our bodies as some kind of statue, when in fact it’s like a flowing river or, better, a projected TV image flickering too fast for the eye to detect!  

Deepak Chopra understood this and also understood the connection between mind and quantum potential.  This allowed him to connect allopathic and ayurvedic medicine and to treat “untreatable” cancer or immune systems diseases.  It’s worth going back to his first book “Quantum Healing” published in 1989 to read his accounts of treating these conditions.  Ultimately, the people who did heal themselves “got it” … they understood Seth’s message:

“Your body is the physical mirror of your psychological state.  It is powered by the energy of the universe.  It actually springs into being in each moment.  Your mind and your body come from the same source, from universal energy.  You are powered with vitality.  You must seek meaning in your lives.  When you lose the sense of life’s meaning, for whatever reason, this is reflected in your body.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 866)

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Elements of Greatness

I love Seth’s concept of “elements of greatness”.  All too often we associate greatness with wealth and associated power/fame.  These are all aspects of “Social Darwinism” … i.e. the belief that some how being rich, powerful and/or famous means that your opinion matters.  

I think the best way to see real greatness is to look in a child's eyes!

“… each person alive contains an element of greatness; and more, a desire to fulfill those inner abilities.

“I am not speaking of greatness in terms of fame, or in terms of usually understood artistic or intellectual abilities alone, but also of people whose lives have the capacity for great emotional content.  I am speaking also of other natural abilities – that of dream communication, the conscious utilization of dreams and creativity in daily life.  There are dimensions of human sentiment and psychological experience, that remain latent simply because you focus your attention so closely within the idea of “the norm”.  Any unofficial experience must then remain bizarre, eccentric, outside of your main concerns, and ignored by your sciences.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 866)

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Innate Human Propensities

Because we live in a duality we have concepts such as lack, pain, failure, etc. which allow us to explore the presence and the absence of something, someone, love, health, feelings, etc. in various contexts.  I suppose that’s why we keep coming back and reincarnating.

I love the way Seth so elegantly states the grace of our existence … even for things that we think are failures.  

Our quest for the meaning of life reminds me of "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” wherein a race of beings built a huge computer called “Deep Thought” to find the meaning of life.  After a billion or so years of computation it came back with the answer “42”.  Clearly that answer wasn’t satisfactory so an even more vast, living computer was built.  It was called Earth … and here we are seeking the meaning of life!

“If the simplest particle is so endowed with impetus, with hidden ideals that seek fulfillment, then what about the human being?  You have the propensity to search for meaning, for love, for cooperative ventures.  You have the propensity to form dazzling mental and psychological creations, such as your arts and sciences and religions and civilizations.  Whatever errors that you have made, or gross distortions, even those exist because of your need to find meaning [in] your private existence and [in] life itself.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 866)