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Action and Distance in the Electric Universe

From Session 135 in Volume 3 of Seth's Early Sessions:

"I have said that the electrical universe is, again, a materialization of a sort of inner vitality, of which everything is composed. This vitality has a reality independently of any and all such materializations, which brings us to a most interesting point.

"It is most difficult for you to contemplate the existence of that which is independent of its own materialization. This vitality fills all other forms while it is itself, in your terms, formless. But our discussions concerning the electrical universe should have led you into intangibles.

"It should be easier now for you to understand this vitality, since we have already spoken in terms of reality existing by means of intensities. You will recall that I spoke of distances in terms of action, and that these distances occurred not in a perceivable framework of the sort with which you are familiar, but that I spoke of distance that had its reality in terms of the varying intensities within any given electrical actuality.

"Therefore, traveling through such distance would involve travel through the electrical intensities that go into the existence of any given action as it electrically occurs. This idea of action within action, of distance and movement within action, is a fairly new one in our sessions.

"No electrical reality is composed of simply one impulse. Although we must speak in these terms for simplicity's sake, every electrical impulse is of itself composed of a truly endless variety and range of intensities. In other words, each electrical impulse contains within it its own infinity of variations.

"It is difficult here to do more than simply give you the statement. If you will, at your leisure, consider the makeup of your own dreams, you may partially and intuitively understand what I mean, for the distance in dreams is endless, though you may go but a little way; yet this distance as we have said, does not take up space. This comes close to evoking an understanding of distance as it occurs electrically, existing within an action.

"The intensities merge one into the other. Even the words which I use to describe them are at best poor symbols, for when I speak of an action, it would seem as if I spoke of one indivisible concrete completed issue, and such is not the case.

"No action basically is ever completed. This statement will later lead us into further realms. All possibilities are open to an action, an electrical action. And again, within it are an infinity of variations and depths of intensities, which give it a reality in many dimensions simultaneously. Where strong intensities are felt, then the actuality will be said to project within the field of reality which falls within the range of that particular intensity group.

"Such electrical realities then, through the strength of their intensities and their particular range, are projected into some fields, but not projected into others. Any so-called travel through time involves then a traveling through such intensities This is obviously impossible for the physical camouflaged self, but it is not impossible for the inner self, which as you know has its own electrical reality, which is again composed of particular impulses and intensities.

"All depth, all dimension and all distance is therein contained within the electrical universe There is here, as I have said, no such thing as size in your terms, or shape in your terms; but there is, again, distance, which is not absolute but varying, and which can be said to exist both backward and forward indefinitely within the infinite intensities. And all reality within any given field basically occurs within such intensities.

"Once more, your own inner psychological experiences, and the inner life of every individual, can lead you to some understanding along these lines. Not, as I said earlier, should this seem so strange Mankind names and identifies even what he cannot see, and he divides and he separates. As I mentioned, when you look into a mirror you do not see your ego you can never see it. You experience it directly, and so do you experience directly this sort of distance of which I speak.

"But as you cannot find life by dissecting a frog, you cannot find this sort of distance by exploring space. When you dissect the frog you destroy that which you had been seeking. You are left with camouflage. Only by direct experience will anyone know of these matters.

"Again, by looking where nothing seems to be, you will find much. And by exploring that which you cannot touch, you will discover that which is even closer to you than touch, for the outer sense of touch is one of the most close counterparts of direct experience that you have. And it contains dimensions and gradations and varieties that cannot be recorded by scientific instruments, and this comes near in its own way to the infinite varieties present within one electrical actions."

This description of action and distance in the electric universe reminds me of the Ummite material available at: This material was delivered in the form of a series of letters about 50 years ago which have been consolidated into a website and a downloadable version of a consolidated text. The Ummites are aliens who have mastered travel through time and space and describe the universe and travel through the universe very much like the way Seth describes the electric universe ... but they do it and manifest themselves physically in the matter universe at the destination. Note that some of the terms used in the text were untranslateable. It's also interesting that the Ummites use a 4-valued system of logic (unlike our simplistic duality expressed in a 2-valued system) and that they use a base-12 mathematical system (as does Kryon).

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From Volume 3 of The Early Sessions of the Seth Material, Session 134:

"You know by now that emotions even change the physical cells, sweeping through them as wind through branches, and leaving imprints in many realities, leaving imprints within the reality of dreams, the physical reality, and in electrical reality, in terms of coded systems.

"There should be an easy flow and acceptance of such emotions, wherein they come and go; but ego often holds them tightly, for its own purposes, in which case they become imprisoned, and become stronger than they were. The origin of emotions is something that we still have to discuss, for there are many origins.

"Some emotions originate within the personality, but others are simply like winds that are then rationalized and held. Emotions are indeed motion, and not static, and will pass to be replaced by others, unless the ego holds them back.

"Emotions also are electrically coded, and also have an independent electrical reality. On a physical level they are both chemical and electrical. The validity and strength of emotions cannot be overestimated, for they represent in only slightly tinged form the uncamouflaged vitality of the universe as it passes through the inner self. Emotions represent, therefore, this vitality before it has been constructed into camouflage.

""It has been tinged psychologically in its entry through the subconscious, but that is all. Emotions are the most vital tools with which you have to work. It if for this reason that you must learn how to use them."

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The Indivisible Nature of Reality

From Seth's Early Sessions, session number 133 (from Volume 3):

Beyond Electric Reality

"Though we speak in definite terms of the inner self, the entity and the ego, neither the inner self, the entity or the ego are stationary and complete. We freeze them, so to speak, in order that we might hold them within our grasp, but we cannot, nor is there time, as such, when they will be completed or finished.

"They are forever in motion. They change constantly. As you cannot hold even the ego in the palm of your hand, so you cannot hold the inner self within the mind. They always escape in essence.

"The entity should therefore not be thought of as completed. The electric universe, of which you know so little, is a reality, and yet it is also a symbol of another reality. For behind even this electrical universe there is a reality which cannot be explored in terms of speech; for all consciousness, while having an electric reality, has a reality beyond even this.

Underlying Vitality of the Universe and all Universes

"It is the vitality of the universe, and all universes, which causes the electrical reality, and the vitality of the universe, composing everything that is, cannot be touched. It is touch, but touch not as it is conceived of in your terms. This vitality is the most immediate and intimate aspect that composes the camouflage appearance within all fields. And yet it is by far more than the camouflage.

"It has many realities, forming all universes and all fields. It is indeed within you, as you are within it. It is not formless, but takes many forms. It is above all never static and never competed.

"It is indeed closer to you than your breath.

"Many sessions ago I used the analogy of air within your physical field, comparing it with the vitality of the universe, in that you are not as a rule conscious of air. Yet it is part of everything within your field. And also, that most inaccessible, most inward and seemingly most mysterious portion of the inner universe, which you seek, is so a part of you that you are unaware of it even though in it you have your very existence.

"When I speak of the electrical universe, indeed this represents but one more facet of reality. But all of these universes are indeed one. You remember our discussion concerning density of intensities. Here is the secret, if you could but see it: Even though the electrical universe might seem to you far divorced from what you know, nevertheless you dwell within it. Your own emotions have an independent existence within it. And your own possibilities within it are unlimited. But even this is also a camouflage.

"The difficult point here that we must always return to, is that beneath all camouflage exists that which has no need of camouflage, but simply is.

"Yet this initial experience is not competed and it is not finished. And while it does not need expression through camouflage, it exists in a fuller and more vivid nature than you can at present imagine.

"So when I told you to look where there was nothing, then I spoke because this camouflaged experience can be most directly perceived where nothing is perceived with the outer senses. In one sense anything that you can see or feel or touch is not real, and yet in another sense it is the nature of all reality.

"Neither, then, is the ego ever finished, nor the inner self, nor the entity. Each field of existence merges into every other, and yet each retains its own identity. The subconscious layers of the self dwell also in many realities, and here I speak of actual fields and not fantasies.

"Personalities within, that are not dominant within the ego, are dominant within other fields of actuality, though they appear as mere shadowy influences within your own.

"The gestalt patterns of which I have spoken is the basis here, and yet all members within such gestalts are themselves independent, possessing identity and separation even while they cooperate in a complicated pattern. It is arbitrary; that is, from your viewpoint you arbitrarily choose certain portions of reality and call them units, marking them off. But your divisions do not affect the nature of these gestalts, as my discussion speaks of separate universes without affecting the nature of any universe one whit.

"The idea that I want to portray is a difficult one, for as you know everything that is, is conscious. And everything that is, is also self-conscious, in degree according to its abilities; and everything that is therefore contains identity and separation, even while it is part of a large and complicated gestalt.

"No identities are blurred, but it makes no difference to the identities where you or mankind happens to draw a line, saying "Here we have A, and here we have B."

"A small frog for example may be more likely seen not as a frog isolated, but as one part of the pond in which he lives; and the pond part of the forest in which it lies; and the forest part of the earth; and the earth itself part of the universe, which is part of another universe.

"It makes no difference to the frog, to the nature of the frog, and it changes no smallest cell within him, if you choose to enclose what you call him, as an idea unit called frog, or whether you consider instead the complete picture. The identities still remain the same.

Direct and Indirect Experience

"Such explanations are needed only because we are speaking in terms of indirect experience.

"All true knowledge is direct experience. It cannot be classified, it cannot be named, it cannot be set down in black and white. True knowledge is only experience, direct experience, and a matter of the inner senses.

"Even my explanations to you involve a verbal dissection, which in itself distorts the very nature of the matter under examination. All our discussions concerning the electrical universe do not bring you closer to experience of it. You are in direct contact with it. But again, as you cannot hold your own breath, so you cannot hold that which is even more intimate, and which forms the very personality which attempts the examination.

"Direct experience alone will bring you such knowledge, and yet it will not be held by the conscious mind or by the ego, although flashes of the experience may be momentarily projected within these realms. Such knowledge indeed is communicated to the various levels of the self through dreams, as you should know.

"And again, dreams are themselves never completed, but continue on whether or not your perception of them continues. For dreams also are gestalts. When you look into the mirror you see the camouflage image. You do not see the ego, though you know that it exists. But the idea, ego, is in itself an arbitrary unit chosen for particular reasons. It is not a thing. You have drawn lines, imaginary lines, and made an arbitrary boundary. This does not mean that the ego does not exist.

"It means that the word is nothing, and that it is merely a symbol for that which you can neither see nor feel nor touch. It is merely a symbol for that small particle of yourselves which you permit your consciousness to perceive. It is a symbol to express that portion of an unseeable self, that is brought most obviously into operation for purposes of manipulation of the physical image within a camouflage field.

"The ego then, is only part of a much larger self, but because consciously you do not perceive the whole self you arbitrarily make a unit from a truly indivisible identity, and call this the "I". This designation, this classification, in no way affects the nature of that indivisible self. It merely affects you own conscious attitudes. You succeed in cutting off, in theory, one portion of the self from the whole self.

"This duality then affects your own perception in a most diverse fashion. It sets man against himself. we will go into this matter more clearly at our next session, as it will lead us further into some new areas.

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More on Electric Reality

The following is extracted from Session 131 of Seth's Early Sessions (Volume 3). I've added titles to highlight major topics covered in this material. Note in particular the first part on information being electrically coded in the cells (in fact the cells form around the electrically coded data). This explains where Kryon is coming from when he talks about DNA and the Akash. Penrose's work on microtubules and quantum computing within the molecular structure of cells and DNA provides some insight into the physical/quantum interface at the cellular level. Enjoy!

All Experience Is Electrically Coded In Our Cells

"We have seen that dreams and thoughts and psychological experiences all have an electric reality.

"We have seen that all experience is retained in electrically coded data within the cells, and that the material of the cells forms about this coded experience.. We have seen that the ego begins, sparked into being, by the inner self, greatly influenced by heredity and physical environment; and that this ego as it continues to exist gradually builds up an electrical reality of its own, as it experiences form into coded data within the cells.

"At any given point, the ego is as complete within electrical reality as it is psychologically complete within the physical universe. This includes of course the retention of its dreams, as well as the retention of purely physical data."

Nature of Electricity in the Electrical Universe

"I mentioned that the electrical universe is composed of electricity that is far different from your idea of it. Electricity as you perceive it within your field, is merely an echo emanation, or a sort of shadow image of these infinite varieties of pulsations, which give reality and actuality to many phenomena with which your are familiar, but which do not appear as tangible objects within the physical system.

"I can say little until much more background is given, but this electrical reality is vastly dense.

"We run into difficulties, for I do not speak of denseness as you probably think of it. This is a denseness that does not take up space. This is a denseness caused by an infinity of electrical fields of varying ranges of intensity. Not only are no two of these electrical fields identical, but there are no identical impulses within them.

"The gradations of intensities are so minute that it would be impossible to measure them, and yet each field contains in coded form the actual living reality of endless eons; contains therefore what you would call the past, present and future of unnumbered universes; contains the actual coded data of any and very consciousness that has been or will be, in any universe; those that have appeared to vanish, and those which seemingly do not yet exist.

"In our past sessions I have explained time distortions, and you are familiar with the spacious present. So it should be no surprise to realize that basically the future is in existence now, and the past has never been swept away. In your physical field you merely look away, or turn your focus from one point to another.

"(See the 41st session for material on the spacious present.)

"The actuality of what I call the past has not gone out of existence, and the future exists in actuality in the past. These last notes are merely for your own edification, and I will continue.

"This density is extremely important, for it is a density of intensities. And it is the infinite variety and gradations of intensity that makes all identities possible, and all gestalts, all identities in terms of personalities and fields and universes. It is this density, this infinite variety of intensity, which allows for both identity and of change.

"The electricity that is perceivable within the physical plane or field is merely a projection of a vast electrical system that you cannot perceive because of the nature and construction of the physical system itself.

"The electrical system possesses many dimensions of reality that cannot be perceived within the physical system. So far scientists have only been able to study electricity by observing the projections of it that are perceivable within their frames of reference. As their physical instruments become more sophisticated they will be able to glimpse more of this reality, but since they will not be able to explain it within their known system of references, many curious and distorted explanations of reported phenomena will be given."

Exploring Electric Reality

"Yet the inner self offers so many answers, for the inner self is a portion of each individual; and yet it operates outside of physical systems of reference. It is of itself free of all distorted effects peculiar to the physical system. The study of dreams - your scientists consider such work beneath them. Why has no one suspected that dream locations, for example, have not only a psychological reality but a definite actuality?

"A study of dreams, of dream locations, is most important. Dream locations do not take up any space physically, it is true, but they are composed of electrical mass density and intensity. Here is another point. Energy is expended in work in dreams. Definite work may be done in a dream, but the physical arms and legs are not tired.

"(See the 44th session for material on the dream locations, the expanding mind, the value climate of psychological reality.)

"This would seem contrary to your known laws, yet no one has looked into the reasons for this seeming contradiction. We shall spend some considerable time with it at a later session. Nothing is static. Everything moves and changes. Electrical identities move and change. Now, within the electrical universe there is constant motion. There is negative and positive reaction, and infinite degrees or gradations between.

"It is most difficult at this time to even hint at the myriad complexity and dimension of the electrical actuality as it exists, when you consider that each of your own thoughts is composed of a unique intensity of impulse, shared by nothing else, and that the same may be said for every dream that you will have in your lifetime; and that all your experience is gathered together in particular ranges of intensity, again completely unique, codified; and that the summation of all that you are exists in one minute range or band of intensities, then you will see how difficult it is. For all human beings are likewise so electrically composed, and everything else, with few exceptions within your physical field, whether or not it even exists as physical matter. Yet I tell you that this not only applies to your physical field but to all fields.

"Your field is contained within its own unique range of intensities, a tiny band of electrical impulses a million times smaller than any one note picked at random from the entire mass of musical composition that has been written, or ever will be written.

"Yet as you know, none of this is meant to give a sense of futility, for uniqueness brings its own responsibility.

"I am not going to go too deeply into this, because you are not ready. But because of the truly infinite range of intensities available, every individual has limitless intensities available within which he can move.

"All motion is mental or psychological motion, and all mental and psychological motion has electric reality. The inner self moves by changing or moving through intensities from your physical field. Each new psychological experience opens up a new pulsation intensity, and therefore gives greater actuality within the electrical field.

"To move through intensities within the electrical system gives the result on the physical field, of moving through physical time.

"Here is a clue for so-called astral travel. Again the inner self has limitless intensities of pulsations available to it. When the inner self in its constant motion travels through an impulse range which it has once experienced, to the ego this will appear as a journey into the past.

"When the inner self achieves an impulse or intensity that is new to it, to the ego it will seem a journey into the future.

"In actuality of course both impulses exist simultaneously. The inner self knows this, but the ego does not. All of this material should add dimension to your understanding of capsule comprehension, and of the initial appearance of consciousness within the physical field, as I explained it earlier.

"The material in these last sessions will be basic for further discussions. We are going much deeper into the meaning of reality, and the aspects of reality."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Probing the Inner Electrical Universe

From Session 128 of Seth's Early Sessions (Volume 3):

"Man has always attempted to examine those realities that he could perceive through the outer senses. Because of the apparent objectivity involved, this has been comparatively easy for him to do. The entire inner universe is far more varied, more complicated, than you physical universe, yet it could be conceived of as the same sort of universe with certain substitutions being made.

"You could imagine it for example as having a shape, but the shape would not be formed by matter, but by pattern masses; and all the multitudinous portions of it, the shapes on it, would be composed in terms of mass intensity. To bring this even clearer, you could even imagine that the whole inner universe was an organism, of which your universe represents but one small portion. Yet in using the inner senses, you yourselves probe into this universe, and at least in analogy dissect it, the inner self acting as the imaginary knife.

"In such imaginary dissection, at first only small sections of it are exposed. Changing your knife image now into an imaginary rocket ship, so that our dissection involves many more dimensions. The rocket ship would be the inquiring inner self in motion. This inner self in motion is bound to set up ripples of counteraction. All this will be in terms of electric impulse.

"Realities existing within this electrical universe are built up through counteractions with the human personality and others. All psychological realities and experiences which are not materialized within the physical universe have their actual reality and existence within the electrical universe.

"Thoughts have shape in terms of intensity mass, though you cannot see their shape; your outer senses do not perceive it. You see within yourself the various shapes of dreams to a certain extent. You do not see the dream itself, for even here, after giving a dream reality, electrical existence, you must break it down into simpler terms so that you can perceive what you have indeed created.

"But thoughts have shapes, as do dreams I use the word shape for simplicity's sake, but the electrical universe is composed of dimensions which are perceived by the inner self, for the inner self also has existence within the electrical universe. If all of this sounds farfetched, then remember that the shapes that you perceive meaningful, many other species within your own field cannot perceive at all.

"It follows that the whole self has an actual reality and existence within many fields beside the physical field.

"The brain, because of its purpose and its close connection to camouflage manipulation, does not have a primary existence within the electrical universe, although it has a secondary existence within it because of its connection to the purely electrical mind.

"The physical body is formed about its electrical counterpart, yet they are both intertwined in completely different dimensions. All the knowledge gained by the present ego is retained in electrical form, as is all experience so retained. The camouflage material will be discarded as a physical gestalt, as far as the individual is concerned. The matter of the physical body will simply be used in other gestalts, in the manner that I have explained in earlier sessions.

"The idea image of the physical body is of course retained by the individual. The idea shape may be used or not used, according to when and in which manners the personality wishes to extend itself. It is no longer necessary for locomotion, and its senses, electrically coded now, are no longer necessary, since they were adopted to meet the demands of a particular field in which the personality no longer has any prime interest.

"In codified form these outer senses still exist, and with codified memory any sensuous or sensual data that has been experienced may be experienced again. And with some, though very few personalities, such experiences are indeed constantly played back, though, of course not indefinitely.

"(Seth had something to say about psychic remembrance of earthly phenomenon as long ago as the 9th session, December 18, 1963. See Volume 1, page 46.)

"I told you once that with your outer senses you could not directly experience a concept. Perhaps now you will see why this is so. We can travel through the varying intensities that make up a concept, and therefore experience it directly as, say, you can move through a storm or a sunny day. It is not so much that you move through as that you directly experience. You are inside and not outside of the day or the storm.

"(Among others, see the 37th and 38th sessions [in Volume 1] for material on concepts and some of the inner senses.)

"To be inside a concept is to be inside an electrical field formed by varying intensities, each intensity meaningful, distinct, simultaneous and separate, yet all taken together forming a particular electrical field. I told you, I believe, that it is an error to think at all in terms of size when fields are mentioned. In a way I cannot yet explain to you, these fields of intensity, while having mass in terms of intensity, do not have size.

"All depths here, and all dimensions here in the electrical system, are all in terms of intensity alone. And for a reason too difficult now to explain, intensity, while having a certain sort of mass that is not matter, of course, does not have anything like your idea of size.

"Its dimensions are in terms of values and value fulfillments. The apparent shapes, if you could see them within the electrical system, would seem to appear and disappear as pulses became stronger or weaker. Each and every thought and dream and experience that any human being has had exists as an individual, distinct electrical impulse of particular, unduplicated intensity. It exists not only isolated for example, or detached, but it exists as a part of the electrical pattern of that personality who originally created it. It is still a part of his electrical pattern, but it does also exist independently of him.

"Now. Basically and ultimately, all pathways and all journeys and all experience are electrical.

"At a later date I will explain the true nature of this electrical reality, since your idea of electrical reality is extremely limited, and within your field it is perceived but dimly, as a mere shadow of itself.

"I told you at one time that my form was somehow a man's form. I use the form rarely. The electric reality of it, coded in a particular range of intensities, is now in my possession, in what you may call capsule form though this is not a good analogy. But an explanation will have to wait until you understand more clearly the nature of electrical reality itself.

"Now, if you will follow me closely you will obtain a hint at least of the structure of the inner self. It is composed, that is, each inner self is composed, structurally of a particular range of electrical intensities with which various personalities have their identities insured, since their identity is composed of particular intensities within the range.

"These personality intensities are themselves formed within ranges that would appear minute, but contain within them, truly, eons of experience. In our further discussions concerning the nature of electrical reality, we will also come closer to an understanding of those pyramid gestalts of which I have spoken.

"(See the 81st session for some material on psychic pyramid gestalts.)

"This electrical reality will be a basis for many future discussions, and you will see the basis behind my contention that dream locations indeed exist in actuality. It is important also to realize that psychic gestalts are built up electrically, and that many positive attractions exist between and within various electrical fields, so that there is constant motion and travel between them.

"Various intensity identities may, therefore, appear within other fields while still retaining actuality in their own."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decoding Initial Experience in Electric Reality

In Session 127 of the Seth Early Sessions (vol 3) Jane Roberts (referred to as Ruburt) had been using dreams to make predictions. This prompted the following explanation of how we decode our initial experiences in electric reality and present them to our brain:

"We were speaking, among other things, of intensities, and this is connected with both dream symbols and other such data. Dreams, having an electrical reality as I explained, must be decoded to have meaning to various levels of the subconscious and the personality. In Ruburt's prediction he has only begun. There will be other significant data that will be observed, as he learns to use his ability. And much of this significant material that he will observe from his predictions will also apply to dream symbols.

"This has to do, again, with intensities, which are decoded in many and complicated fashions. The meaning, so to speak, must be separated and made meaningful to many psychological areas, some of which would not even seem to speak the same language.

"To be so decoded, there are also delicate manipulations in terms of fine distinctions. An intensity pattern is made up of electrical signals. Each slight variation in intensity is meaningful from this information, as to physical time, placement in space and the like must be comprehended, and this particular specific type of information is a relatively small part of the original dream experience, which is composed of electrical pattern, thick only in terms of intensity.

"The various levels of the subconscious and the personality are attuned to the particular intensities of the dream experience which they can perceive and interpret, and which has meaning to them. The dream experience is much larger and, again, more concentrated than is supposed.

"It is also constant, but simultaneous, and not continuous in terms of one event following the other.

"Various portions then of the entire self are attuned to their own intensities, picking up signals, interpreting only portions of the whole dream experience. I am using the dream experience because it is a familiar word to you. However, the dream experience, you see, represents only a portion or particular range of intensities from a larger experience. In dreams you perceive but part.

"I have told you that you create your dreams, in actuality, not in theory alone. You create an actuality, a dream universe, as real as the physical universe. It simply cannot be directly perceived within the physical universe. There is always interaction. You can perceive the dream experience, you can receive its particular intensities, because you have created the dream experience within the universe of those intensities. But the dream universe and the dream experience, like thoughts and emotions, are independent of you in existence. You influence the dream universe but you cannot stop a dream experience after you have created it, and you must create it within the small range of intensities available for its existence, for there are no other conditions or agreeable ranges of intensity within which the dream experience can exist.

"You must, the, project or materialize the dream universe outside of the physical self in an electric reality, and then reinterpret it, because the original dream experience has an electric reality that cannot be perceived or used, even by its creators, until it is decoded.

"The dream universe, the dream experience, is only a small portion of another experience.

"The experience of emotions and thoughts and other psychological realities that do not take up space physically within your universe, all represent portions of, small portions of, what I will for now term initial experience. Psychological reality, emotional reality, and the reality of thought also become valid to human personality through their existence as various intensities. All psychic realities are in this classification also. All of these, with the dream experience, are received and recognized by various levels of the self, through their identifying intensities.

"They are then decoded and the experience is translated or interpreted into meaningful data. In the original dream experience then, the electric reality of the dream is broken down, so to speak, into its varying intensities by the mind.

"The mind then formulates meaningful psychological symbols, but still in terms of electric symbol, and only in the brain are the particular symbols then sent to the various levels of the human personality.

"One symbol will be meaningful to many portions of the personality. The symbol will be the same. That is, any given symbol will be the same, but it will be so chosen by the mind that it will have definite meanings to various portions of the self, and the meanings may be quite different. In the breaking-down process the intensities are separated into the most minute values, each value an electrical impulse representing any one of many references. And all of these references are contained within a given impulse, electrical impulse, that will be decoded by the mind.

"The mind breaks the impulse down into more specific terms, collects or attracts within separate fields those impulses within the same general range, and then forms from them a new electrical pattern, composed of impulses now more meaningful to the individual, because they have been somewhat deciphered and put together in a more recognizable form.

"This form is the electric symbol. It is received by the brain and changed into a more or less pure psychological symbol. Or in case, in the case, of a dream, it is changed into a dream symbol. The dream as perceived by the mind then, is a pattern of electrical impulses, all more or less within a particular range of intensity.

"The mind breaks down this pattern into still more refinements of intensities, each refinement making possible a refinement of meaning. The dream is then passed on to the brain, where the electric symbol becomes a psychological or dream symbol. No intensity of impulse is actually ever the same as any other.

"It is for this reason that such a rich diversity in such symbols is possible, and it is for this reason that one symbol can have various meanings to different levels of the personality. The various meanings of any given symbol are expressed and recognized as the intensity ever so minutely changes. This, as I have explained, also has something to do with your idea of physical time.

"Within the mind the dream has an electrical reality. Within the brain the dream has an electric and psychological reality; a much weaker electrical reality. That is, it still exists as an electrical reality, but it is not recognized as such by the brain or the psychological awareness of an individual. To the individual the dream has only a psychological reality.

"When I spoke of interpretation of data in predictions, or clairvoyance, I was not speaking in terms of psychological interpretation.

"For such material to be made meaningful to the conscious personality, a training of abilities along the lines of interpretation is definitely required in most cases. Such material is a part of what we termed the initial experience, which is of electrical nature, received through the mind, broken down there as explained, and then received by the brain where it is changed or interpreted to psychological symbol form.

"It has changed, in other words, as far as pattern is concerned. New patterns are formed, groupings of intensities that will be meaningful to various levels of the personality. To make such data meaningful to the conscious self requires other steps of subconscious interpretation that actually have to do with an electrical regrouping and realignment.

"This cannot be done, obviously, at a conscious level. The subconscious can be trained to do so, but usually it is necessarily hampered in that it cannot use those ranges of intensity which make up meanings to the ego. Hence the appearance of what you may call distortions.

"This data must be interpreted in such a way that the conscious mind then can give a prediction, say, but also in such a way that its reality exists simultaneously with consciousness, but never so replacing consciousness that the ego grows alarmed. This is often done by the use of symbols which are not immediately apparent to consciousness, and thus are allowed through. Then it is too late for the ego to close its gates against them. But the symbols chosen must be of a nature so that they will become meaningful to consciousness, to as large an extent as possible after emergence.

"The experimentation with daily predictions will show you quite clearly, with practice, the nature of such distortions, as you see the difference between the predicted event and the event that occurs. Also for economy and for the reason given above, symbols may stand for more than one physical reality, and so may they in some of the earlier predictions given in this material.

"We have spoken of expectations. These, you see, are electrical realities, which may explain their importance; for you not only sometimes predict so-called future events, but you create their actuality within the electrical field, and therefore insure their existence one way or another within the physical field.

"I told you that in measuring your physical time, you actually measure intensities. Your creations in the electrical universe may be said to appear as your future in the physical universe. This point is extremely important, and will explain many other questions. My use of terms such as electrical universe, and so forth, is merely for the sake of simplicity. They are all one, but to explain them I must seem to dissect them and separate them, so that you may see their various identities."

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Personality in the Electric Reality

From Session 126 of Seth's Early Sessions (Volume 3):

"First of all, let me make it plain that while I speak of separate fields and systems, you must remember that they are all one. Traces of each system will be found in each system, because no field or system is basically closed, although they may appear closed.

"They are closed enough to retain identity and separateness of characteristic natures, but because they are all formed from inner vitality, they are actually interrelated; and when I describe fields or systems I describe many portions of one reality, many faces of one reality.

"In such a manner a simplicity is given which is helpful in explanations, but it must be kept in mind that all these explanations are extremely simplified. Dreams have a definite effect within the physical system. They are in part sparked with the aid of the physical system, but they do not happen within the physical system. They are not directly experienced by the physical system, but only translations of the original dream experience are felt by the actual physical system.

"The dream experience is felt directly by the inner self. Dreams have an electric actuality, as I have told you. In this electrical actuality they then exist independently of the dreamer, although he still applies the dream to himself. In the same manner do thoughts and emotions have the electric reality of which I have spoken. Therefore, within the electric system, dreams, thoughts and emotions exist as actualities, and in what you may call a tangible form, though not in the form of matter as you are familiar with it.

"All of these systems are intimately connected and delicately balanced, and an alteration in one sets up an alteration in each of the others. There is no escaping this interrelationship. A man's thoughts, then are far more reaching than he knows. They exist in more dimensions, they affect worlds of which he is unaware. They are as concrete, in effect, as any building. Thoughts then appear in many guises within many systems, and once created cannot be withdrawn, and once set into motion cannot be stopped. The same applies for dreams.

"All of this material concerning fields and systems will be most valuable when read in connection with our fifth dimension material.

"(For some material on the fifth dimension, see the 12th session in Volume 1.)

"Now, the inner self and the subconscious are not present in the physical universe, insofar as they take up no space within it. They exist within the electrical system. They affect the physical system and operate closely allied with it. Nevertheless they will not be found within the physical system.

"Thoughts are psychoelectric patterns, set up by the mind, and transformed to human codes by the brain.

"The mind is always with you. The particular brain is the physical mechanism that translates the thoughts of the mind. It goes without saying then, that the brain belongs to the physical system, and here in clear terms you see the smooth cooperation that exists. Thoughts are initially psychoelectric patterns in pure form, productions of the inner self that must be translated in order to be used by the physical self.

"Inspiration is often a more or less instantaneous translation, occurring for various reasons which I will give you later, without the benefit of the brain's intervention. It is this strangeness that is often noted. The individual seems not to know where the thought comes from, because he does not recognize the characteristic mark of his brain upon it. And indeed such a mark is lacking, for inspiration originates with the inner self.

"in a most ingenious manner, then, all of these systems, while individual, are portions of one unified reality.

"The outer senses cannot perceive the unity. The outer senses can only perceive the apparent diversity within the physical system alone, for the outer senses do not perceive directly any other system but the physical one.

"The inner senses can be thought of as transformers, where various kinds of data is sent to proper channels within the personality, channels which bypass ordinary physical channels. They then can exist side by side. There are various reasons, which I have not yet given you, that allow for the traveling of the self through physical space and time. These reasons have to do with the electric actuality of the inner self, and with that counterpart of the physical body which exists within the electric field.

"Personal identity, the basic "I", is a product of the subconscious, and as such it exists as an actuality within the electric field; because of this it is basically independent of the physical field, held to it mainly by the ego. The ego directs the identity toward physical orientation. This is an important point.

"The ego does not exist within the electrical field. The ego is a product of the physical field, formed from physical birth on. The inner identity and individuality, as you know, has its origins before this. The inner self adopts an ego in order to allow manipulation within the physical universe, and yet part of the ego is composed of portions of the inner self, while the bulk of the ego is allowed to develop through physical heredity and environment.

"The breath of life, so to speak, is breathed into the ego by the inner self, but from that point on the ego is independent.

"All of these influences have a part in the formation of the physical individual, and his existence is dependent upon balance being maintained. In some instances, to use an analogy, serious short circuits do occur, intensities of power accumulate. The dream universe, for example, may intrude with unusual sharpness. The systems lose complementary balance, but on the whole the systems operate together most efficiently.

"Even the electric reality of a dream is decoded, so that its effects are experienced not only by the brain, but in the furthest reaches of the most minute cells in the human body. Dream experiences long forgotten are forever contained as electrically coded within the cells of the physical body. If an effect is felt in any one portion of human experience, then you can be sure that such an effect is felt in all other possible ways, whether or not such an effect is immediately obvious. This is an extremely important point to remember.

"Every effect of any kind, experienced by the human being, exists as a series of electrical signals and codes, that in themselves form a pattern that is an electrical pattern.

"They exist within the cells, or I should more properly say that the cells form about them. These electric coded signals then form electric counterparts of complete experience, as it has been felt by any individual. It is, the pattern is, then independent of the physical system, while residing within it. In other words, each individual from birth on forms his own counterpart from built up, individual, continuous electric signals. At physical death his personality then exists in its complete form, and of course escapes the sort of ending that it would suffer if it were an integral part of the physical system.

"This electrical pattern is the personality, with all the experiences of its earthly time. It then can join or partake of the inner self. In other words, though the ego was adopted originally by the inner self, and was a product of physical heredity and environment, it does not die; but its existence is changed from physical reality into electrical reality. It is still individual. No individuality is lost, but it becomes a part of the inner self, and its experiences are added to the total experience of the many personalities that have composed the inner self.

"In the composition and buildup of the personality, you can easily see that dreams, thoughts, emotions and psychological experiences are far more important than any mere physical data. To the personality a joy or a sorrow is far more actual than a table or a chair."

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More on Electric Reality

From Session 125 of Seth's Early Sessions Volume 3:

"We have been speaking of the electric reality and actuality of thoughts and emotions, and of dreams, and of all such experiences which appear to be purely psychological in origin, and take up no space in your physical system.

"I have also mentioned that the electrical field has its own variety of dimensions, with which you are not familiar. Now indeed this electrical field in which thoughts and emotions and dreams have an independent actuality, this field contains depths and dimensions of a sort most difficult to explain.

"Depths are contained within this system that are not depths in terms of space, but rather definite depths and dimensions in terms of varying intensities. There is also here a duration that is closely connected with intensity, but not with continuity in terms of time, as it is usually understood in the physical field.

"In the electrical field it is the intensity of any given actuality that determines this sort of duration, and the intensity can project such an actuality into many dimensions at once. The intensity of a given actuality within the electrical field, of itself, determines the other dimensions of the actuality. In the physical universe, height and thickness determine to a large degree the potentialities, physically speaking, of any organism. Within the electrical system, intensity is also responsible for the potentiality, duration and electrical mass, which is a mass of a different sort; a mass that takes up no space, and is not made of matter as you know it, but mass whose thickness is one of the varying electrical intensities which form a definite shape, a separate field more or less, an electrical coded counterpart for physical matter.

"It is difficult to explain this to you, since old concepts must be used in a new way. But in this electrical system a travel through time would merely involve a journey through intensities. This has many implications, as you should see when you read it.

"There is indeed an electrical journeying through these intensities. There is constant motion in this system, as in all others, and the constant motion within the electrical system makes motion possible within your own system; and "time" is indeed, here, an electrical impulse that grows by intensity, and not by moments.

"To speak of backward and forward is meaningless. There are only various electric pulsations of varying intensities, from strong intensity to ever stronger, to weaker, to fading and again to stronger ever stronger. Since strong intensities are indeed natural results of weaker intensities, it would be meaningless to call one present and one past. Yet within your physical field, and with physical time, you ride the waves of these pulsations, so to speak.

"When the pulsation is weak you call it past, when it is strongest you name it present, and the one that seems to you not yet as strong as present, you name future. For you make the divisions yourselves, and in such a manner have made the framework and all the possibilities, potentials and limitations inherent within a system set up with a divided time system.

"Nor, in the electrical system, is there distance in terms of space or time.

"There is, again, depth which is a depth of intensity; and yet within this depth of intensity there exists distances in terms of action, which is a fairly new idea in these sessions.

"You conceive of action in terms of time, since within the physical field a given action appears to actually take up time, almost in the same way that a chair seems to take up space. The chair of course does not take up space, but is part of what you call space. Nor does the action take up time. It is part of what you call time. Nevertheless, in the electrical system there is distance in terms of action. Each action is separate and not continuous with other action, in terms of continuity.

"The distance occurs within the intensity of an action within the electrical field, as to say, you could fall into depths of intensity. The falling into would itself involve action. The action as it happened, then, falling through the intensity, would be falling into what I mean by distance. Dreams have this kind of distance. Again, as a simple analogy, in a dream you may travel down a road. This involves distance in essence, although within your physical universe the particular road does not exist, so that spatially no distance would exist.

"I mean that the distance would not exist spatially, but the distance would exist. Action within the electrical system, then, would involve this same sort of distance without space; the road would then be an imaginary road of intensity.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Electrical Nature of Thought and Emotion

This is from Session 123 of the Early Sessions of the Seth Material and is a continuation of the discussion from Session 122 posted in the preceding blog post:

"I would like to speak on some of the topics that were discussed in our last session. If you recall, I said that thoughts and also emotions existed as electric actions, and once initiated are then in independent existence. That is, they are actualities apart and independent from their point of subjective origin.

"They are brought into existence in a subjective manner, but they then are independent action, and as such may continue to exist in duration within the physical field, according to their original electric potential. In turn these thoughts or emotions, as electric actions, can affect other actions; and influence patterns can be set up, and are set up. The subjective habits of individuals are largely responsible for their own attractions to various types of such electric actions, and here indeed like attracts like.

"Various emotional factors within each personality cause what we may call a characteristic emotional climate. Certain types of thoughts and emotions are entertained therein. Since these are electrical actions, they set up strong electrical fields of attraction within the personality, easy electrical paths. Uncharacteristic thoughts or emotions must then meet with some resistance. Habit, then has not only a psychological, but an electrical and psychological nature and implication.

"It will be easier (i.e., there will be less resistance) for a given individual to accept certain ideas or emotions therefore, and more difficult for him to accept certain others. I have spoken about fields and systems. While no system is closed, each system has at its furthest reaches sufficient resistance to form sufficient-enough boundaries, so that its own identity is retained.

"So does the personality, through negative charges, cause boundaries to be set about its own emotional system. It will accept most readily those thoughts and emotions, or electrical actions, which attract it, which have a similarity to its own charged emotional climate; and it will have greater resistance to those which have the greatest dissimilarities. It is, therefore, most advantageous to study well those thoughts and emotions which are habitually accepted by any given personality.

"The emotional climate, though intangible, is intimately known by each individual as it exists within himself, and it is the best indication of his physical condition, for thoughts and emotions as independent electrical actions have great influence directly upon the physical mechanism, acting indeed as electric storms which flash through the entire nervous system; or as great stabilizers as the case may be, and with of course many middle varieties of influence.

"Thought and emotion then, is not only generally related to the physical mechanism, but as electrical actions, thoughts and emotions act directly upon the system. Again here you see, however, that it is the individual himself who initiates his own emotional climate, and then suffers or enjoys the results.

"We must go much further into this particular subject. Nevertheless it must be clearly understood that thoughts and emotions are actualities in themselves, that directly work upon the physical mechanism. Any thought or emotion is bound to directly affect the physical body. Because thoughts and emotions, as electrical actualities, are independent from their subjective point of origin, a given thought or emotion, initiated by an individual, may be rejected by him and cast out. If the thought or emotion is similar to those usually accepted, then this will take time, for new electrical patterns must be set up. But an idea, thought or emotion so rejected still has independent actuality, and may be attracted to the emotional climate of another.

"Many psychological intangibles, including dreams, have such an electric reality, and do exist as electric actions. They are to be reckoned with. The connections between the emotional climate and physical health have never been clearly understood, because emotions were not known to have such electrical reality. They were not known to directly affect the system. More is understood as far as the chemical relationships here.

"The point here is that you are, yourselves, familiar with such a small portion of reality.

"You are familiar with such a limited portion of the actuality of your own thoughts. These thoughts are things, so to speak, as real as a chair; but you are acquainted only with their purely subjective reality. They have great force within the electrical field, great attractions. If you could fully understand or comprehend directly the reality of a thought in its full actuality, you would be amazed at the power behind it.

"Its manifestations are greatly concentrated, and its patterns attract mass, but in different terms in the electric field. There is, therefore, a similarity existing between an individual's dreams and thoughts and emotions and physical condition at any given time. The mind, as separate from the brain, the mind exists purely and simply in the electric system or field, and does not project itself directly into the physical field although its effects appear within it.

"Each thought or emotion exists then as electric action within the mind. The action is transformed and translated, and is sent to the brain where its effects directly are felt, and the brain then initiates reactions. Thoughts and emotions then, being independent however, are not bounded by or held within the physical body. The physical barriers of skin, for example, the physical limitations of that structure, do not exist and are not recognized by thoughts or emotions. They recognize only electrical systems.

"Every individual is pelted, so to speak, with numberless such electrical actions constantly. He accepts only those where mutual attraction exists, and is usually not aware of their possible origin outside of his own system. The fact that thoughts and emotions have an actuality outside of the subjective sense may appear appalling to some. Unless the fact is accepted, however, the human physical structure will never be understood.

"Positive and negative thinking is more than a turn of phrase. Dimensions do indeed exist within this electrical field of which I have spoken, and it should be understood that I speak of an independent electrical field, and not of the weak, apparent electrical effects that can be observed within the brain or nervous system. The electrical reality of emotions and thoughts represents a thought dimension that has been completely neglected; and in it there are other dimensions; as within your field there is apparent space and time and height and thickness, so in the electrical system there is intensity and what I will call space reality, electrical mass and potentiality, which is different from intensity and polarity.

"All electrical actions exist with those characteristics. They amount to an overall existence as valid as your own In many ways it could be said that the physical system is an effect caused by this electrical field. There is still much to be covered here. There are units, working backward from your system, for convenience's sake, whereby your very physical weight is in electrical form, an actuality beside the one that you know.

"Electricity is one of the attractions which make the existence of physical matter possible.

"You can see now how a subjective experience can have an electrical reality, and through this reality directly affects the human physical structure. Dreams, also being electric actualities, depend upon an electric system of patterns to communicate their data to the various levels or areas of the inner self.

"In the past I spoke of the innate capsule comprehension, which exists within all cells. These are also electrically coded. Whole comprehensions can thus exist within physical structure while taking up on physical space. Dreams are particularly interesting from this viewpoint, as the original dream experience is a direct electrical experience, decoded electrically, subjectively then translated for the various areas of the inner self. All seemingly purely subjective experiences which take up no physical space, but are emotionally or subjectively felt, all such experiences exist first of all electrically.

"The human system then translates the experience, but its original existence and actuality is electrical. This is why your dream locations take up no physical space, either within your skull or in your physical universe; and yet I have said that these dream locations did exist. Their existence is electrical, and they partake of the dimensions of the electrical system as I have given them to you.

"Dreams are felt directly through electrical patterns, and then decoded. The original experience, then, again, is an electric one, and the effects are instantly felt by the human system, according to the original intensity of the charge. I have not spoken much concerning the dream universe, since first it was necessary that you understand the electrical actuality of emotions and thoughts. I shall have more to say on this subject shortly.

"You will also remember that I spoke long ago of the connections between emotions and physical weather. The electrical system is also of import here. Also our mental genes and mental enzymes, of which we will also speak more fully."

Electrical Fields and Forces

The following is an extract from Session 122 of the Seth material (Volue 3 of the Early Sessions). It introduces the concept of an electrical field that is quite different from that of modern physics and the electrical nature of thought:

"To continue along the lines of the various fields of actuality in which the human body exists, these fields or systems, being open, are also fields with particular identity, within which certain inner and particular laws operate. Forces entering these fields, by the very act of entry, become transformed into the sort of data that can be accepted by the given field. The field is open then, but data passing into it is in a different form from the form it had before entry. There are electrical fields of actuality which are fields in which the dominating data is electrical, in the same manner that the dominating force or data within your plane is material.

"In this field, electrical force is the main method by which inner energy expresses itself. This is rather difficult to explain, and yet later it will not seem so. Personality gestalts within this field are built up electrically, with electric components, without physical matter. In this field possibilities and actualities are electrically computed. Your own personalities in some manners exist within this field.

"This field projects itself, as should be obvious, into your own field of actuality, and as such the personality itself has its existence in both fields; and both systems, being open, are dependent one upon the other. This particular electrical field is one of the most closely allied with the physical field; comparing the whole setup to your known physical universe, the electrical field would be one of the close planets of your own system.

"Existence in this field has great importance, particularly as far as the physical brain mechanism is concerned, and there are far more connections here than your scientists have yet discovered. The nerve impulses leap and connect the two fields continually, and interrelate them in a most intimate manner. Only infrequently does the electric field protrude visibly in your field, yet in its own field it is indeed tangible, but not in terms of matter. This field is also concerned with what you call growth in your own field. Electric impulses within atoms and molecules are part of the structure of your physical universe, while matter is not perceived directly in the electric field itself.

"Where matter would exist there, a concentration of energy forms what you could think of as a body form, body meaning mass, yet it would not be matter in your terms. Such manifestations in the electric field are much more powerful, in terms of intensity per mass unit, than anything you know. This is a very important point, which will come up with us again in the future.

"Now again; regardless of current scientific thought, there are at least three different kinds of electric force which your scientists have not yet discovered, and one of these has much to do with the intensity of thoughts as they are formed in the intangible mind, and translated to the physical brain and then into action, as the case may be.

"It is not simply that some weak electrical force exists within the physical body, but that a portion of the physical body has its actual existence within a strong force field; that the whole physical body has counterparts, so to speak, within this force field, and that so far man has discovered only the comparatively weak electrical charges of one particular kind in general, that most obviously protrudes into the physical universe.

"The physical body, in other words, exists as an electrical body that is not material, that has a peculiar mass but no weight, whose characteristics are apparent in terms of not varying shapes, but varying intensities and concentrations of electric force. In some respects there are differences. The mind, which is not physically represented in the material body, does exist electrically. The brain, which exists physically, is a part of the mind in the electric structure. The organs exist electrically. The skin does not exist within this electric counterpart, although the physical skin does contain electric force.

"Now, if you could see the body as it exists within the electric field, you would certainly not recognize it, for its shape would bear no resemblance to the physical shape as you know it. The electric counterpart to the physical body exists, then, as an identity formed by various electrical systems operating more or less as one. It is an electric reality in which most certainly even thoughts exist as actualities, ever-moving spheres of more or less independent electric systems.

"Emotions are also, then, actualities within the overall electric system, existing not as representations of feeling, but as definite charged action. I want if possible to get the idea over that this system involves realities that are directly experienced and vivid, and also that in some ways emotions and thoughts are more directly perceived in that field than your physical field. They are more readily apparent, with more force behind them acting directly upon the electric environment, without any intermediary steps; that is, they, emotions and feelings and thoughts, exist immediately within the environment as electrical forces within that system. In your system they need to be translated and given reality by a method of interrelationships. Your field attains its actuality only as a result of cooperating merger of many other independent systems.

"The trouble has been that your scientists see or perceive electrical and chemical systems, for example, only in their relationship with the physical system. They do not realize that these systems exist in universe actualities of their own. And the electrical and even chemical systems play a much larger part within the physical system than matter plays within their systems. They could both exist without the world of physical matter, but the world of physical matter could not exist without them.

"As within your field inner energy is translated into physical matter through means which I have earlier described, within the electrical system inner energy is translated into the characteristics peculiar to that system.

"Because your system is dependent upon the electrical system in one way or another, counterparts exist within the electrical system for all such phenomena. However, the electrical system contains phenomena that does not appear within your system, although some projections from it may be perceived. These projections so far have never been understood, since they have not been studied objectively, but only in their relation to the physical field.

"Matter has little effect within the electrical system, but the effects of the electrical system upon physical matter are great. Now, thoughts, human thought, has an electrical reality; a human thought exists as an independent electrical action, and as such it continues to exist within the electrical system long after it has left its point of origin. This is another important piece of information that will also be referred to later.

"The thought, as an electrical reality, is not subject to the physical laws that bind the physical body. The durability of the thought as an electrical act is determined by its initial electric charge. This electric charge can propel the thought, as an electrical action, through the apparent dimensions of your physical time in such a manner that it can exists simultaneously within your past and your present. Because a thought, as electric action, may exist both within your past and your present, this is not to say that it becomes two electric actions, one existing in the past and one existing in the future. Rather the one electric action or thought is simultaneously projected, through a peculiarity of its axis, so that it appears within your field, not in two places at once, but in two times at once.

"All thoughts, as mental or electrical actions, do not necessarily so appear by any means. I hope to go into these matters more deeply at our next session."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elemental Telepathy

From Session 121 of Book 3 of The Early Sessions of the Seth Material:

"In the most simple of living structures telepathy is a necessity for communication, particularly before the inside energy is concentrated sufficiently to form any sort of more complicated pattern or nerve structure. Even when such nerve structures and physical complications are evolved telepathy operates, still a necessity as a communications system within the physical structure, and still handling data which cannot be carried through any physical medium, simply because it is untranslatable by its nature into physical materialization.

"These points are all extremely important. Much will be said yet to clarify the term telepathy itself, since there are many types, which you should be able to see from what I have said. This in itself is a complicated subject, and yet when I am finished it will be shown that telepathy is an intimate, innate ability within all cells.

"Now, on its simplest level, and this is hardly simple, but on its most basic level, what you call telepathy operates in the following manner.

"Telepathy on this level is the intangible, nonmaterial communication of inner energy, or inside energy, to the physical materialization of itself within the physical field. This elementary telepathy is not the communication of thought as such, but is the communication of intent, desire and purpose. It is therefore the communication of inner energy to various still-forming aspects of itself, a blazing, so to speak, of invisible paths or bridges. And at the same time the laying down of these intangible paths serve as the inner framework over which or upon which future physical lines or structures will be laid.

"No physical communication systems, such as nerves and so forth, are accomplished before these invisible inner energy telepathic structures are first set forth, for these impress within the unformed physical structures the habits and ways which the physical structures will then follow; and these inside telepathic lines continue to exist within the physical structures after they are competed, and for a while after the physical structures have been broken down.

"I have until this point said very little about the so-called astral body. For one thing I dislike the term. For another, I did not want to discuss such points until I had first prepared you for not only their existence, but their purpose and logic.

"You can perhaps new see where this so-called astral body has its origin and purpose. It is actually the intangible but actual framework formed by inner energy, about whose lines or, actually, reference points, the physical framework is constructed. Now, this sort of elementary telepathy has existed as a necessity since the first formation of inner energy into matter. Some or our past sessions, particularly those explaining the initial appearance of matter, will set you clear, and you will see that the explanations I give you then would have to involve such elementary telepathic communication between cells.

"As inner energy forms more complicated gestalts through the processes that I have earlier explained, then inner energy continues its communication with the physical matter that it creates about it. When inner energy desires to construct a more complicated gestalt, then it must telepathically communicate this intent and purpose through the matter which it collects about itself, forming a more complicated inner telepathic pattern first, that can then be filled in with physical matter. The manners in which telepathy operates are difficult to explain because of the divergence of definition held by the ego and by the inner self of any given individual. To the human being it must appear that telepathy is a mental or psychic communication occurring between two or more entirely separate selves. The ego, you see, has one definition for the self, and its own idea of the limitations of itself.

"The ego considers itself the self, and considers anything outside of its self as being either nonself or another separate identity, and so the individual man is led to believe that telepathy is basically a communication between two or more basically alone, separate and aloof selves. Telepathy does not operate at the level of the ego, although its actions may protrude into the domain of the ego. Telepathy operates within the inner self, within various levels, different levels of the subconscious, where the ideas of separation and limitations of self are not nearly so limiting.

"The type of telepathy which is most commonly thought of as telepathy is of course not the elemental type of which I spoke earlier, but a different variety. This particular, more advanced telepathy could not and did not occur in its most complicated form until the development within your plane of psychically developed personalities. This development involved separations and concentrations of energy into self-conscious identities. This development was an advancement, yet this advancement led also to a separation and objectifying of consciousness, into dual segments of subject and object.

"I have explained in the past the potentialities and unlimited qualities of the self. You may refer to those discussions if you wish for background here.

"(Among others see the 40th session, April 1, 1964, for material on tissue capsules; and the 41st for material on the spacious present)

"You can see that the inner self is much more spacious and unlimited than the ego self, and that while divisions occur they may vary, and the boundaries of the inner self constantly change.

"Inner telepathic communications exist whenever the inner self reaches out, wherever its sympathies or vitalities are attracted. In a manner we will later discuss, psychically it surrounds information, operating psychically almost in the same manner that a simple amoeba physically will surround food.

"This may not be a very apt analogy, but the principles are sound behind the analogy. This is complicated to explain, and yet an explanation is sorely needed, for telepathy operates mainly when similarities and attractions are set up, when like attracts like; and not, as it would seem, when as it appears one alien or separate identity is connected with another.

"What I am trying to get across here is that, because of the superficial studies done so far, it seems that telepathy operates with separateness because of the limitations set by the ego on the definition of self. It is the similarity, or sympathy, of those in telepathic communication that makes telepathy possible. The limited idea of the self held by the ego clouds and distorts the main issue, for the ego is not conscious of the underlying bonds of sympathy that serve to merge, momentarily, the identities involved."

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Inner Ego

From Session 119 of The Early Sessions of the Seth Material (volume 3):

"I will indeed speak concerning the inner ego, which is the organizing principle within the subconscious, but which looks into other worlds; towards worlds in which it has its origin, and does not have awareness of itself or possess self-consciousness within the physical universe. Its attention and focus is, rather, directed elsewhere, so that it appears to be dormant. But it is not.

"It is the ego or directive consciousness behind all personified aspects of the subconscious; in dormant fashion however, and contrary to Jung's propositions, within the subconscious and in those personified aspects of it will be found remnant memory personalities of past reincarnated selves. They may be called shadows and yet they are not powerless. The inner ego, the directive organizer of the subconscious, also is the part of the self which is familiar with activities and methods of which the outer ego is ignorant. It is this organizer who directs not only the movements of the physical body from within, but directs from within those intimate survival mechanisms, without which the physical body could not exist, and upon which the existence of the outer ego is so dependent.

"It is this inner director who maintains all of these functions, and who is responsible for the physical health. It is this director to whom you must communicate when health fails. There are ways of doing this which we will discuss at a later date. It is this inner director who chooses the dream symbols in such a way that they will be meaningful to all layers or areas of the subconscious, and who is responsible for the amount, rate and type of subconscious data which is given to the outer ego by means of the intuitions.

"If the outer ego would be content to work on an equal basis with its inner counterpart, then many severe difficulties would be sidestepped.

"The outer ego, being of later development, is jealous of its position and would have all knowledge at its fingertips. This is impossible. It cannot stand to have anything hidden, but the very mechanism of its own behaviour is hidden from itself, and it knows only the feel of its own surfaces.

"In many respects it is a reflector, the surface of the self looking outward. While this is necessary, the whole remainder of the self could not be left to an organizer or caretaker who did not focus his attentions within the depths but sat, as it were, on the front porch of the house, leaving the inner workings unattended. The outer ego does not want to meet the inner ego. The outer ego does not want to admit the existence of the inner ego. As the eye cannot see its own pupil without a mirror, so the outer ego could not even see itself, were it not that the inner ego hides in the depths of all reflections.

"When the outer ego, from the surface of its consciousness, reflects the outer world, it sees reflections of the inner ego which are the images within its own eye; and as the self creates matter subconsciously within its own eye, and as the self creates matter subconsciously and not consciously, and as the self creates matter in line with inner and not outer expectations, so then does the ego, in viewing the material universe, come face to face with the face of its own inner ego; and the outer ego cannot escape from this inner self.

"Scientists have glimpsed the complications of the human body. They have scarcely glimpsed the complicated realities of the mind. If it were understood that the areas of the subconscious are indeed populated by many and various sub-personalities, then they would not wonder that the human body is sometimes so besieged with ailments, or that the dominant personality so often appears in contradictory terms.

"The subconscious is not a cellar piled high with explosives, rocking at the foundations of the ego. The subconscious contains a collection of diverse, varied and vital personalities who represent the losers when the time arrived to send one of them to the topmost level, or to the surface of the self.

"The choice was made and is always made by the inner ego, who does this appointing according to his knowledge, or its knowledge, of the personality's qualities. Any of these subconscious personalities could have learned in some fashion to cope with the outside world as well as the present dominant ego, but for various reasons of inner development they could not be so trusted.

"These sub-personalities are not unconscious to themselves. They are conscious of themselves, but they are not conscious of themselves in relation to other selves. They are conscious of needs and drives, and of their existence. They are different from the inner ego or director in that the inner ego is conscious not only of itself, but of the outer ego, and is aware of the existence of the outer world, although not too much concerned with it unless the whole self becomes jeopardized through the actions of the outer ego.

"The inner ego knows when to apply safety valves, and is aware of the danger before the outer ego is alerted. The inner ego is concerned with maintaining the foundations and balance, which is very important, of the whole self, and it is open to messages from the overall entity. The inner ego receives messages through the inner senses, and is aware of realities which the outer ego cannot afford to recognize because of its specialization. In some important aspects the outer ego is supposed to represent to some degree the subdominant personalities who still dwell in the subconscious. When the outer ego is narrow, and poorly represents these subdominant personalities then they rise up in arms, and when conditions are favourable attempt to express themselves through a momentary weakness on the part of the dominant ego. But without even doing this they may momentarily take over or express themselves through a single function, such as speech or motion, while the outer ego is blissfully unaware.

"The consciousness had its origin in the subconscious, from which it sprang. The consciousness was not at one time the centre of the subconscious. However, the inner ego was always the centre of the subconscious.

"As the self became more involved with objectivity, the subconscious, of itself, began the formation of the consciousness, which evolved as portions of it became specialized for the purpose of out-terialization

"The centre of consciousness, that is the centre of outward consciousness, the outer ego, is finally chosen by the inner ego after certain portions of the inner self show greater tendencies for objectification; these portions of course grouped around one of the subconscious sub-personalities which then wins out to become the outer ego, the manipulator for and the spokesman for the whole self.

"This outer ego, among its purposes, has the duty of expressing not only itself but to a lesser extent those various hidden personalities which compose the subconscious. In larger terms and in more comprehensive terms, the whole self, the whole field of the complete subconscious and inner self, reaches back to the entity. There is no end to the past projection or existence of the subconscious of any given self; and though it is not understood in your field, there is no end to the forward thrust of the subconscious of any given self."