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Planes of Actuality

From Session 119 in Volume 3 of The Early Sessions of the Seth Material:

"I have told you that it is possible to tune in on the dream universe. You know this is done during sleep. It can also be done in the so-called waking state.

"There are quite a number of your psychological time experiments that we will have to discuss. One of the reasons why we have not gone into them as yet is that you have tuned into other realities, and the realities must be explained before your experiments can be discussed.

"A few of them did involve a tuning into the dream universe. There are many stations, so to speak, to tune into, and at present you touch the dials rather indiscriminately. Planes of actuality of one sort or another everywhere exist. I mean that literally. The apparent emptiness of outer space is far from empty, but these are not necessarily worlds that you could visit with the most advanced imaginable spaceship.

"Many of these planes of actuality can never be explored by any physical vehicle. They would appear as incomprehensibly vast as your single planet would appear to a single fly, who set out to examine it. Perception of its characteristics would be impossible. To you physical objects would seem so far separated in space that you would lose your way, and not perceive realities as they there existed at all.

"You would not be able to perceive a sufficient amount of data to make any deductions. This is not to say that such planes or fields of actuality cannot in some manner be perceived, but they will escape physical perception or exploration. In dreams, when the self is somewhat free from camouflage, perhaps it is possible for the self then to travel spontaneously into such fields of actuality; but since they are as bizarre to the self as is the dream world itself, then there is no way, usually, for the sleeper to distinguish between the universe of dreams or other actualities.

"These fields or planes are more various than you can imagine, and they are formed in the same manner, basically, as your own universe was formed, and many of those inhabitants tune in on your universe spontaneously and quite accidentally. But the inhabitants of most such planes are no more aware of your actual existence than you are of their existence.

"In most cases there simply is no way for such fields of actuality to meet, although indeed they are formed by the same energy, but along lines which cannot meet.

"It will be impossible to go into even a fraction of such planes of actuality.

"We will only concern ourselves with a few, those of which I am at least partially familiar. These planes of actuality, of course, all operate within the spacious present, and with a value climate. While portions of them may protrude into physical actuality, they will do so with varying proportion.

"Many of them barely exist in a physical manner at all. Others to you would appear physically lopsided, with all of their matter concentrated, so to speak, in one place. The actuality of a plane, the validity of a plane, is not necessarily determined by its material makeup. On some planes this is so, but on a small number only.

"Your mistake is in judging existence by its protrusion into matter as you are familiar with matter, and this attitude indeed will persist into any foreseeable future without basic change. This attitude is a defence mechanism, most understandable, since your plane or field of actuality is so involved in its relationship with material construction. There is freedom, however, in independence from material construction that inhabitants are familiar with in other actualities.

"I am myself, now, to a large extent so freed. Were it not however for the basic independence of the inner self from matter, human life as you know it would also be impossible.

"We must also clear up some points on other topics. We will shortly be concerned more directly with discussions of individual dreams. It is necessary that a firm ground be prepared for such discussion. There are various doorways into the dream universe: chemical doorways, electronic doorways, and psychological doorways. All three must be opened at once, that is simultaneously, but any one door will automatically open the others.
"They open infrequently in the waking state. When they are clicked open usually but not always chemically through a momentary imbalance, the physical organism itself is connected to the dream universe, as well as to your physical universe; and to some degree the physical organism can be affected through this connection.

"It is not understood that this connection exists, but metabolism is to some degree influenced by the physical organism's dream connection. The physical organism is not only open to, but to some extent influenced by, many more areas of actuality than is supposed; and its survival is determined by a large variety of factors as yet hardly considered possible by your scientists or doctors.

"This is not to say that a man has no control over the physical state of his own organism. It is to say that many more factors go into the construction and maintenance of the physical organism than you realize. Subconsciously, man manages to balance these influences, and there are physical mechanisms within the organism whose purpose it is to deal with such data.

"The pores of the skin are such mechanisms.

"There are many more. It is known now that the physical organism exists as many things. It even exists as radio waves, and to creatures who cannot perceive matter but can perceive radio waves, your physical body appears quite differently than it does to you. The whole physical organism contains checks and balances of which your scientists are still not aware, and I must also mention that for all its mandy-pamby, astrology has a strong basis, although it is only one small portion of the whole story, and not indeed the whole kettle of tales.

"The physical organism itself then, even as you know it, exists and moves and reacts and influences, and is influenced by, many fields or planes of actuality; and its existence as you know it in your universe is determined by and dependent upon its existence within other fields, of which man is still intellectually ignorant.

"The physical organism also has capabilities and freedoms which it uses constantly, and of which the intellect is not yet aware.

"The physical organism protrudes into many fields of actuality, and is to some extent perceived within these fields, and influences those fields as they influence the physical organism. It is because you conceive of the body as existing within one field only that you have not had more success in dealing with human illness.

"There are automatic processes that are constantly carried out by the body, of which you are intellectually unaware. When a stoppage of one of these processes occur, there are ways of setting them into motion. These involve not surgery but a proper communication and adjustment, made through or by way of the subconscious to the inner self.

"The inner self, which has been called the soul, has connections through the entire physical organism, and is not concentrated in any portion. More adjustments are made by the physical organism than you know, and when I say that it exists in many fields, I mean that it actually not only appears within them, but is a part of them in an intimate manner, that the physical organism as it is materialized within your universe is actually a coming together and merging that has its existence, and is a blending of data from many planes, that would be considered foreign by the intellect.

"The physical organism as you know constantly changes, and cannot be said to be the same from one of your moments to the next. To you it appears as a solid duration. On many of the fields within which it exists it is seen as constantly flickering, as say a fire.

"The overall pattern of organization in a physical sense must be maintained however, and always under the auspices of the inner self, which is not imprisoned by its construction, although like any good guardian it spends most of its time at home, in maintaining the structure.

"The molecular structure indeed is fairly rigid. The inner self is not so bound to such a formal alignment, and is thus free to travel in ways which the body, because of its formal molecular structure, finds impossible.

Frameworks, Mental Energy and Action

From Seth Session 116 in Volume 3 of the Early Sessions:

"There is never any ending to what has begun. In larger terms, there has been no beginning as you think of it.

"Frameworks change their form, yet the the form that they had still remains. The inner energy of which we have spoken constantly renews itself, and recharges itself as it passes from one field of activity to another.

"As it forms new fields of activity then, it increases its own ability for such renewal. The fields themselves are energy potentials. You must recall our discussions concerning fragments. Fragments of this type have all the potentialities of the parent , inner energy.

... "Therefore they constantly create energy. All energy is what you may call mental energy. It creates itself in multitudinous forms, which then re-create fields, replenish each other. No energy is lost. No energy is meaningless.

"Every action affects every other action. Mental enclosures are energy units possessing all the characteristics of such units as I have previously given you. You know that all action is basically mental action, as fields replenish each other. As no action is meaningless, so the dream universe and the physical universe constantly replenish each other, and mental actions are performed in both universes, being camouflage acting symbols for inner action.

"The actions in the various fields affect each other. These actions burn almost like twin fires in different worlds, but they illuminate vastly different landscapes. And while their nature is basically the same, it is always the differences that you notice."

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Nature of Realities

The following quote from Session 115 of Seth's Early Sessions continues the discussion of the relationship between the Dream universe and the Matter universe. Of particular note are the comments concerning the Crucifixion and Ascension of Christ:

Nature of Realities

"I would like to speak a few words concerning the nature of realities.

"This will serve as a further connective to our discussion of the dream universe, and its interaction with the world of physical matter. It goes without saying that your definition of reality is extremely limited, and excludes more than it includes.

"Even within the experience of men there are realities that are entirely different from the realities of physical objects. Psychological experience is one such indisputable reality. Ideas are another, and dreams are still another. Secondary effects of such realities may appear in material form, but the original reality of such experiences cannot be captured within physical matter.

"If such experiences appear less real than more obviously material realities, they also have at times a peculiar vividness that cannot be overlooked. Their nature is simply different from the nature of physical realities. If they seem occasionally insubstantial, it is because there substance is of a different quality.

"They appear to lack the apparent physical durability of, say, a table or a chair, the table and chair being examples of physical realities. And yet their effect is much more durable, and they impress and to some extent manipulate physical realities, in their strong and sometimes explosive emergence into your universe. Such realities do not bow to the artificial time measurements which so often limit you in daily life.

"They move through psychological time. Their existence continues after your awareness of them has vanished. ...

"Just because your attention is no longer focused upon such realities, this does not mean that they do not continue to exist.

"You do indeed give them energy, as they also give you energy. Dreams, or the dream universe, exists even while you wake, and you only become aware of certain portions of it even while you sleep. You do create it, but it is also to some degree independent of you. As your ego experiences changes in its relationship with the physical world, so do you change aspects of the dream world accordingly, and enrich it.

"The dream universe also enriches your own existence. There is great interplay here, and a continual interchange of energies, and of energies that are transformed and recharged, so to speak, through their constant passage between fields. Dreams, perhaps more clearly than anything else, can help you understand the concept of value fulfillment, and of the expansion that does not take up space.

"Dream locations do not exist like physical objects in your head. ...

"These dream locations are realities. They do exist, even though they do not exist in space as you know it, and certainly they do not take up space in the skull. There would be no room for anything else. ...

The Crucifixion and Ascension of Christ

... "As a brief byline here, I mentioned once the Crucifixion, saying that it was an actuality and a reality, although it did not take place in your time. It took place where time is not as you know it. It took place in the same sort of time in which a dream takes place, and its reality was felt undeniably by generations, and was reacted to. Not being a physical reality, it influenced the world of physical matter in a way that no purely physical reality ever could.

"The Crucifixion was one of the gigantic realities that transformed and enriched both the universe of dreams and the universe of matter, and it originated in the universe of dreams. It was a main contribution of that field to your own, and could be compared physically to an emergence of a new planet within the physical universe.

"The reality, the physical reality, of fire was such a contribution made by the physical universe to the universe of dreams. Physical man, observing fire, dreamed of it, thereby immeasurably enriching the universe of dreams. His discovery in the physical universe of domesticating fire was another such contribution to the dream universe.

"The ascension of Christ did not occur in time as you know it. It is a contribution of the universe of dreams to your own universe, representing knowledge within the dream universe that man was independent of physical matter ultimately.

Nature of Realities

"You necessarily limit your own knowledge, or the knowledge possible to you, when you limit your definition of reality, or possibilities of reality.

"Many concepts, huge advancements and practical inventions, simply wait in abeyance in the world of dreams until some man accepts them as possibilities within his frame of reality. Why mans so often mistrusts the dream reality would escape me, if I did not know the nature of the ego.

"It feels insecure at best in a world with which it is fairly familiar, and it vigorously fights any new adoptions within that world, for it must then change accordingly.

"Now, and this can hardly be called a controversial statement, the imagination is waking man's connection with the universe of dreams. Imagination often restates dream data, and applies it to particular circumstances or problems within the physical universe. Imagination is never basically destructive. In some cases the ego construction may be weak, or incapable of holding its own, in which case the imagination is often said to be too excitable, and to be at fault.

"I cannot impress upon you too strongly that imagination is another such basically nonphysical reality, with a basis however, and interrelationship, in both dream and matter. Again, its effects may appear within matter but it is of itself not composed of matter.

"These realities, because of their continuing effects within your system, and their actual transformation of it, should be studied thoroughly, for much can be gained in this way. Like transformations are made by events in your universe upon the dream universe. Often, again, the dream universe possesses concepts which will, some day, completely transform the history of your field: but a denial of such concepts as actualities or possibilities within reality, hold these back, and put off breakthroughs that are sorely needed.

"Such developments would mean the releasing and availability of added energy into your field, that would have endless possibilities in all directions. Ideas and concepts are nonphysical actualities that attract unaligned energy, direct and concentrate it. The dream world exists more closely in that spacious present of which the inner self is so aware. It is not as involved with camouflage constructions as your own universe, and its actions are somewhat limited within its own framework.

"It might be said then, that in many ways the dream universe depends upon you to give it expression, in the same manner that you also depend upon it to find expression, although in this case you have other outlets, and it has few. The impact of any given dream has physical, chemical, electromagnetic, psychological and psychic repercussions. These are also actual and continuing, and they not only represent a part of your environment in all of these cases, but they affect most deeply the ordinary channels of everyday life.

"The type of dream, or the types of dreams experienced by any individual, is determined by many factors. I am speaking now of the dream experience as it occurs, and not of the remnant of it that his ego allows him to consciously recall. As an individual creates his physical image and environment according to his abilities and defects, and in line with his expectations and subconscious and inner needs, so does he create his dreams; and these interact with the outer environment which he has created.

"However, with the ego at rest the individual may allow communications and dream constructions through, past the ego barrier, in such a manner that he becomes in some ways free. If for example his present expectations are faulty, when the ego rests he may recreate a time when expectations were high. The resulting dream will then partially break the circle of poor expectations with their shoddy physical constructions, and start such an individual along a more beneficial path. In other words, such a dream may begin to transform the physical environment through lifting inner expectation."

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Seth on Interrelationships of Various Units/Systems

From Session 114 in Volume 3 of The Early Sessions:

"I would like this evening to speak more concerning the interrelationship of various units; for when I speak of the interrelationship of universes, remember that these universes are also units, or if you prefer, systems.

They are merely of a more complex gestalt, yet they share in the properties inherent in all units or systems, regardless of apparent size or complexity. Once again, there are no closed systems or units, although some may appear closed to those inhabitants within.

"There is an interrelationship between all systems or units that are. This interrelationship is independent of time, as you conceive time to be. The interrelationship between units or systems is, therefore, between not only those that now appear actual to you, but between all systems or units that you assume to be future or past, with those that appear to be present.

"This interrelationship is not in terms of cause and effect, as this law is a distortive misinterpretation of actuality. The interrelationship between all units or systems has nothing to do with continuity in your terms. The systems or units are basically simultaneous actions. As participants within one system of action, you are to a large extent limited by the very participation that gives you reality within the action system.

"Man is himself a particular system or unit of action within other systems of action, and he is himself composed of other units of action. This unity and interdependence is in itself responsible for that interplay of mental and psychic action which results in the individual consciousness, that is, with the ego.

"I have told you that for various reasons all inner energy cannot be objectified within any given action. That part of the entity which does not find expression within a given system seeks it elsewhere. There is, nevertheless, a portion of individual psychic energy that resides, you may say within or behind, every physical manifestation; and this constantly seeks inventiveness in whatever direction is open to it.

"So do portions of each entity find simultaneous expression within various systems or units of action, and they must then progress within these systems according to the specific properties of the systems. Units or systems then are open, interdependent and simultaneous in actuality.

"They are formed as I told you earlier. Individualized, aware energy is the basis for their camouflage frameworks. I have said that they are not continuous, meaning that they are not strung out in your time, one before or after the other. Because they are units or systems, they do possess at their outer limits a resistance which serves to give them unitary identity, a resistance which tends to attract like and repel unlike elements.

"Yet also at this point of resistance will be found, in the case of your system, particles that are part of your system and also part of another system. In other words, where two systems merge the outer resistant edges of each are the same.

"These particles attract and repel, both.

"If we may speak in an analogy, then these particles have two faces. If you consider them as soldiers guarding the barriers or the boundaries, then you would have to imagine a strange creature, our particle, as a soldier on a boundary facing toward and away from the country in question.

"He would be composed of the stock of each country, so that neither country could decipher any alienness within him. This is a rather important point, for it concerns all units or systems. The inner alignment and electromagnetic structure of such particles is the main issue that allows them to be, or to operate within, two different units or systems. And while these particles act as resistant boundary forces, they are also uniting forces, forming so to speak the connective tissue that both separates and unites.

"These identifying particles, as we will call them, that both close about a system yet still unite it to other systems, these particles are also inherent properties of any unit or system. Availability of energy and energy transformation into the particular camouflage necessities of the system are other properties.

"No system is able to utilize all of its energy however, and a residue of energy is another characteristic of a system or unit. Camouflage initiative is another such characteristic. Within the limitations set by itself, a system may nevertheless, from the opportunities available to it, vary its camouflage patterns.

"A system may say that within its limitations there is room for still further transformation of energy into still more various camouflage forms. It may be generally said, but only generally, that the most advantageous system is that system which has great diversity of camouflage patterns, in that energy, always individualized, is then given expression within the system in different materializations, which then allow for further individualization to the benefit of the whole system.

"The system exists basically, again, not in space, nor does it expand in space as you conceive it. It exists and expands in terms of depths that take up no space, in terms of value fulfillment.

"We have discussed this before but it should not be forgotten in any of the discussions. The urge and drive toward value fulfillment provides the spark for the initiation of any system or unit Increased consciousness and awareness of itself, through the manipulation and materialization of its own energy into more complicated camouflage patterns, is another characteristic of a system or unit.

"None of this goes on in any one level. There is great interplay, and as I mentioned in an earlier session, inward energy is itself transformed and affected and enriched by the camouflage forms or units that it produces.

"The particles of which we spoke may be regarded as not only boundaries but as gateways, both separating and dividing systems.

To you they would be seen as mysterious connectors or links. Energy passes through these particles from one system to another, more or less constantly, yet they themselves, taking energy from system A, transform it into an adaptation that can be received by system B.

"These particles are, then, transformers of a kind; receiving energy from system B, they transform it before passing it through. These particles contain both positive and negative ions within their own unitary system, for they are of course also units in themselves.

"This transformation of energy should be quite comprehensible since you know that you subconsciously transform energy into physical, mental, creative or psychological states, manipulating it to your advantage. I have used the word "particle" to explain those units which are gateways and yet boundaries. While many are particles, this is only because they can be said to fall within the framework of your definition.

"They are smaller than small, to be sure, but soon your scientific instruments will detect them; though I do not believe their significance will be understood. But many such units cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered as particles in these terms; and while certain of their effects are detectable both chemically and electrically within your system, they cannot be examined directly with instruments.

"Dreams are such connectives, for you see that this preliminary material is very much to the point as far as our dream universe is concerned, and is itself a connective to that discussion. This will be the basis for our next session, for you will see how dreams also serve as the other face, so that man himself stands at a threshold that is also a barrier, or stands at a barrier that is also a threshold.

"The dream universe and your own are both actualities, and both separate systems that are interconnected.

"This interconnection means that the reality and actuality of each system is made possible by the existence of the other. Yet both are separate. This brings us to several points that I will leave for our next session.

"It goes without saying however that the characteristics of any system or unit that I have given here must apply to the dream universe, and to your own universe. These characteristics vary only in terms of intensity from system to system."

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Seth Quotes from Session 110

Here are some interesting passages on various topics from Seth Session 110 found in Volume 3 of The Early Sessions:

Inquiring Consciousness and Continuing Creation

"As to what I love, I find that question itself has many complications. I love the inquiring consciousness in whatever form it may appear. This is the simplest, most direct and spontaneous answer that I could possibly give.

"Another thought here is the love of continuing creation, which is continually formed by, through, and because of inquiring consciousness. It, inquiring consciousness, is as you know always individualized, and it is because of this amazing diversity that so many forms are possible.

"Everything that is, is a materialization of aware, individualized, inquiring consciousness; and to love this is a personal, almost all-encompassing, discipline and devotion. I say discipline because whenever, individualized inquiring consciousness expresses itself in form, it not only expresses its spontaneity; and this is not contradictory: But even while expressing its spontaneity, it disciplines it.

"Form always implies a discipline. The love of individualized inquiring consciousness has always been my strength, and the source of my energy."

When is the Self Born?

"Words are quite ineffectual methods of communication. The question, "When is the self born?", would take many sessions to answer. As simply as possible the self, the inner self with which the ego is only vaguely familiar, that self which is the inner strength, continuity and identity, that gives the ego its vital meaning, that inner self, dear friend, is constantly being born.

"There is no point in time as you know it, when the self is born. It is constantly in a state of becoming. It expands and develops in terms of value fulfillment, in a way that has nothing to do with space and time.

"It develops, ... it expands as an idea expands, taking up no space. The self may project itself into the dimensions of space and time, but the projection is a small part of its actuality. Even the uppermost or surface elements of the self with which you are familiar, the ego and the uppermost layers of the subconscious, even these cannot be said to be born at any given time, in time as you conceive it.

"The self, ... is more than you know. It is capable of intelligence that you do not use. It is capable of making distinctions finer than you now imagine. The self, as other sections of this material explains, has methods not only of perception, but of criticism and judgment, that man in general does not take advantage of nearly as much as he could.

"The self is limited only by its own idea of limitation.

"Man has always feared what he could not objectify. He has always attempted to objectify, to separate whatever realities he could from himself, to hold them in his hands, so to speak, so that he could observe and study them.

"Those things, those realities which were most intimately connected with himself, those realities which he could not objectify and hold in his hands, he feared. He attempted to deny the existence of such realities, yet he cannot. You cannot hold a psychological experience in your hand as you can a rock, though its weight may be indeed heavier than a rock. You cannot put it on a scale. Thought its colour, to continue our analogy, may be as grey, you cannot see a psychological experience as you can see a grey rock.

"A psychological experience may take up no space as a rock takes up space, but when a psychological experience happens it may fill you up. Yet you do not deny the existence of a psychological experience, though you cannot rip it apart from yourself and examine it with the physical senses. Still it has its effect, and its validity is well known to every man. So also are there other realities that cannot be examined through the use of the physical senses, realities so close to the self that they cannot be separated from it and objectified.

"This does not mean that they do not exist, nor does it mean that vivid, valid and definite evidence for their existence cannot be received; and evidence which will be accepted by the intellect. The method of investigation is simply different.

Intuition and Balance

"There must always be a balance maintained between spontaneity and discipline.

"A combination of intuition and discipline can be used with most valid and definite results, as a tool for investigating those parts of the self which are so interwoven that they cannot be separated from the self.

"In a very actual respect chemically, electromagnetically, extensions of any given self permeate your universe. For practical considerations, and to reduce the amount of data that need concern the self, rather arbitrary divisions are set up, where the self at one point is said to exist and at another is considered non-self.

"Outward extensions of the self can be more clearly objectified, the concentration at the outward extensions being less, and identity correlations being kept in more concentrated areas within the boundaries of the physical self. The eye sees but it cannot see itself. In like manner the self is, but is not consciously able to examine that which it is. Therefore man must take his abilities and travel inward, since going outward will not allow him to perceive the inner portions of himself.

"He has not done so to any great extent. Until most recently he would not admit the existence of anything unless he could objectify it. Now, even in his scientific studies he discovers that his senses have often misled him, his precious solid objects for example found to solid only to his senses, an appearance given by the limitations of his sensual perceptions.

"It is not that the senses are not to be trusted, merely that they are trustworthy only within the framework of certain definite limitations."