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Seth: we are meeting points of the universe and of experience

SESSION, JULY 13, 1971

We are meeting points of the universe and of experience

… You are channels through which various realities merge and meet and in which transmutations constantly occur. You are yourselves, then, warps in the universe as you think of it. You are meeting places where other realities merge and meet. You are intersections, cosmic intersections, and it is up to you as the conscious selves that you think you are now, to listen and watch and to be aware of these portions of your personality that flow through you and in and out of you, in your terms.

And the time has come for you to experience fresh and new concepts and to find them within yourselves for the miracle of consciousness is your own as it is my own, or Ruburt’s own. You are each the miracles of consciousness, and those miracles occur within you constantly in your terms of time. Therefore, each of you possess within yourselves inroads, or if you prefer outroads, where other portions of reality and other selves merge and reemerge, come and go, materialize, in your terms, and dematerialize. The answers, as you know therefore, are not only within yourself but pass through you automatically if you but realize it and know it. And within yourselves you each possess in miniature all the properties of the universe as you conceive of it at this present time. 

So what it seems to you or to your scientists occurs outside of you, occurs within you, and now. Not theoretically, not merely in intuitive terms, but altogether at once regardless of the concepts that you attach to the experience. This is what I hope not to teach you, but to lead you to understand and experience for yourselves. To understand that you are each at the meeting points of the universe and of experience. And that what you observe does not necessarily come from outside of you but from inside of you. I hope to give you the confidence to grasp the freedom then to explore yourselves, easily, freely and joyfully as one of our friends, the flowers, might suddenly choose to explore itself in all its uniqueness.

([Arnold:] “There isn’t really any outside to us is there? So everything is within us.”) 

There is not, indeed, the outside is within you, and anything you think you see outside originates within. 

… You always create it. You create and form your own reality, but you create and form more realities than you consciously realize. Now it is possible, you see, and you are trying to bring what you think of as your conscious self into some awareness of what these other portions of the inner self are up to so, supposing we call your presently conscious self your immediate self. Will you accept that phrase? All right. So we will say you all have immediate selves which deal with the here and now, in those terms. Now the immediate self can indeed become aware of other portions of your own reality, and it is up to you to bring it into line. To some extent you can do this, not entirely, but intuitively you can make great strides. You may not be able to translate the experience clearly, but you may be able to translate it capably enough so that you realize, so that the immediate self realizes, that it is indeed a part of other experiences.

Now All That Is is as much in middle class America as it is in India. All That Is resides as much in the poor suburbanite who mows his lawn and has his endless mortgage as it does in a guru who sits upon his mat. The anguish and the triumph is in each of you. And do not yourself fall into the stereotype of setting the establishment apart for it is also composed of exalted and anguished individuals.

I did not say you were evil, and never would I say such a thing. When you read the record, you will realize that is not what I said. I said, recognize within yourself those evils that you recognize in others, but I meant only those things that in your own mind you set up as evil for you project those things upon others and make your own reality. Now, the barriers you see do not exist in the children but in yourself. And that is what I want you to understand.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Seth: Physical Existence is Sacred and Good


Physical Existence is Sacred and Good

Now, I hope when this is recorded you will read these statements simply several times for I am saying this as clearly as I can. These are the ways in which what I say differs from those stereotyped stories of which Ruburt was speaking. First of all, there is nothing wrong with physical existence. You are not born through any sin, either original sin or Freudian sin. You are not either the products of some experiment that did not work on the part of superior scientists from another planet. You are not automatically hampered with. You are not automatically flawed. There is nothing automatically wrong with you. There is a spirituality within your tissues.

Physical existence is sacred and good. There is nothing wrong with it. Atoms and molecules, they are holy. Your consciousness is holy and so is your little toe. You can aspire. You must aspire for that is within you. But All That Is is now within you. You do not have to traverse worlds, you do not have to meet hopeless little gods at doorways to let you know whether or not you can enter or follow through on tests as some psychics tell you. You do not have to take upon yourselves definite rituals. You have only to look within yourself for the source of exaltation, creativity and song.

… There is no part of you that is not holy, that is not sacred, and that is not eternal. The answers are indeed within yourselves. They cannot be given to you by me. I can only show you the direction in which you must look, and the direction is within each of you.

Now Ruburt makes contact with me, but having made contact I am like some vital ever growing field that you finally reach. It is up to you to wander in that field and pluck your own idiot flowers and find your own paths. Now at this moment the field is there. The field that is my reality and yet is your own reality, and you must intellectually probe it, and intuitively probe it, and find your own paths within it. Its sources rise from your own being and from the fountainhead of creativity that is within each of you, and the teacher is within each of you, and you are yourselves the teacher that you do not recognize. And the voice that speaks in your dreams is the voice of yourself that you do not recognize speaking from the ancient founts of knowledge that are your own. I have told you often that I am no spooky guide that speaks in the night. I am myself, but I am also the speechless portion of your own selves. I am heights that you have reached and do not know that you have reached. I am your own heartbeat. I do have my own individuality yet this in no way means that there is not a meeting ground between what I am and what you are.

I have told you, the regular students, that you are finished with kindergarten. You have been telling secrets on another level in reincarnational terms. It is an extension of what you were doing earlier, an acceleration. I want you to look through the images that are not there that you see in your minds. I want you to look through the gods and the devils to see beyond these. I want you to look through the victim and the slayer. I want you to look through stereotyped images of good and evil until you understand what your own creativity is.

I want you to understand that in this moment in your time, your very cells respond to what I say, not because I say it, but because your cells also speak through my voice and the forgotten portions of you to which you do not listen. The voice that cries in the wilderness is your own, and the voice that answers from eons of time, that you do not understand, is your own. You have counterparts, you are not alone. You have brothers and sisters that you do not recognize.

Stratums that fly through the night, in your terms now, have known consciousness and song. The air that brushes past your cheek is alive. It too has known love and exaltation and will again. In what I am saying there are answers for you if you have the wits to catch on. In the power that you sense there are answers if you have the wits to sense within yourself that same power. To feel within the timbres of the voice the ecstasy that sings through your own being. To listen to all the tales that your selves tell you, to the secrets that fly through the air, and that is what I have been telling you all this time.

Remember, therefore, that your own vitality is without bounds. That it is ever new. That it sweeps through your own frame as easily and as naturally as the energy sweeps through this form. That you have only to accept it and acknowledge it, and again that the vitality of life is not quiet; it is not adult; it is not dignified; it is. All the alleyways down which you have traveled have openings. Any disasters that you have worked upon yourselves have openings. Any energy that you need to direct to any part of your physical image is yours for the asking. Any thought that you have is creative.

When you listen, do not only listen but feel and within the energy of this voice feel, therefore, the energy within yourselves, within your spirits and your tissues, for you are now presently dwelling within tissue which you have also formed. Know, therefore, your own exaltation and your own energy and your own strength. Feel within yourselves that confidence and power and draw upon it as you go about your daily way. And feel it within you for it comes easily. As easily and miraculously as a flower grows, or as a hair grows out of your skull, or as a thought rises from your brain, that energy resides within you. That energy is your own—your own divinity rests within it. The bridgeways that you form, and that all of you know are made of this vitality. In silence it grows and is nurtured, but it is not of itself quiet. It is vigorous, and it is not afraid of quiet. It forms you. Get on good terms with it and do not deny it. Now I bid you all a fond good evening, and yet before I do, I ask you to identify with the power behind this voice and to feel it within your very cells, for it is your own power, your own energy, your own knowledge and the divinity from which you have sprung and which is a part of each of you. The voice that answers is your own, then listen to it with love and understanding.

Seth on Joy (from FaceBook)

* Pure JOY, even of a brief duration, can literally change the direction of a life.

* The feeling of JOY changes the objects themselves, in that the perceiver sees them in a far brighter light.

* In feedback fashion, the environment seems to reinforce (your) JOY.

* The JOY stretches out, so to speak, into the future, sheds also its light into the past, and may cover greater areas of expansion than could be shown in physical terms.

* The physical body is greatly benefitted (from JOY), because the beneficial feelings automatically renew and replenish its recuperative abilities.

* I am here to tell you that your JOY is not dependent upon your youth, for I am hardly young.

* Because you have free will you have the responsibility and the gift, the JOY and the necessity, of working with your beliefs and of choosing your personal reality as you desire. 

* We realize that we form our own reality, and therefore we do so with considerable JOY and creative abandon.

* (You)…must first create the conditions which will bring new creations about. And all of this is done with great spontaneity and unbounded JOY.

* I am here to tell you that your JOY is not dependent upon your physical body, for in your terms, I have none.

* It is a sense of JOY that makes all creativity probable.

* Those sparks of truth, intuition, love, JOY, creativity, and accomplishment gained now, will work for you (in your next life) as they do now.

* True spirituality is a thing of JOY and of the earth, and has nothing to do with fake adult dignity.

* The vitality of the universe is creativity and JOY and love, and that is spirituality.

* Without a sense of JOY and inner accomplishment and development of potential, the personality will not only fail to flourish, but the inner self will refuse to maintain the physical structure adequately.

* From this present, you can make your past a time of JOY and creativity by remembering in this present, those periods of peace and exaltation and JOY that existed in what you think of as the past.

* Your atoms and molecules shout with the JOY of their own being; listen to them. Feel within their fleshy substance your own spirituality.

* The vitality and reinforcement and JOY are your own, and rise from the fountain of your own beings

* Now, I bid you a fond good evening, and those blessings that are mine to give, I give you. Travel in peace and JOY and safety, in your bodies and out.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Seth II from June 29, 1971

SESSION, JUNE 29, 1971

(Seth II:) The experiment continues. I ask those of you who are ready to follow with me as we have observed you then in your own way as you are able follow us. We are trying to not observe, as much as appreciate, the nature of your present existence; so those of you who are curious and willing about the nature of nonphysical reality then follow as far as you can, using the voice as a guideline into existence that has no reality in physical terms, that knows neither blood nor tissue, that knows not hand or finger or arm. Follow then beyond the knowledge of the flesh to those domains from which flesh was born and is born. Feel the kernel of your consciousness rise as one of your seeds, higher beyond the knowledge of seasons, beyond the feeling of your days or moments, beyond the relationships of blood, beyond all those kinships which you take for granted. To you on the way there will be an unbearable loneliness. You are so used to relating to the warm victory of flesh it will seem isolated. There is no physical being with whom then you can relate; and yet, beyond this and through the isolation is a point of light that is consciousness, that pulses with the power behind all the emotions that you know and that feeds them, that sends them sparkling and tumbling down into the reality that you know. A warmth that forms the very pulse of physical existence and yet is born from the devotion of our isolation; that is born from the creativity that is beyond flesh and bone, that forms fingers without feeling fingers, that forms seasons without knowing spring, that creates sand without knowing sand or ground, that creates the reality that you know without experiencing it, that forms fathers, sons and daughters and mothers without knowing what fathers and mothers and daughters and sons are, and yet from this devotion, from that creativity comes all that you know. And all of that also has been given to us for the energy that we have is not ours alone, nor are we the source of it; for it flows through us as it flows through you. The experiment then continues as it has continued, but you were not aware of it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Seth Alpha II Exercise from Vol IV of the Early Class Sessions

SESSION, JUNE 22, 1971

Alpha II Exercise

Now I want you to get used to Alpha II and so I would like you to take your eyes off this charming face and close your eyes. Now I want you to realize that your perceptions at this point are limited only because you have previously chosen to limit them. The inner senses, however, are free. Your perception is not ideally limited and it is not practically limited once you realize this. In Alpha I you are used to one short adjacent step away from what you call your consciousness. 

Now I want you to take one other step beyond this. I want you to realize that you are indeed highly perceptive, that around you and about you in all directions the inner senses reach. That you are in the midst of other realities. You are in the habit of blocking out, and you are now learning to accept them; to open up your perceptions; to open doors that have been closed.

Therefore, I want you to imagine in your mind Alpha II and a door that has been closed and that now opens. It is an adjacent door. It is a place where you have walked often. You may see different signs and pictures in your mind, individually, as you open this door, for there will be different meanings here for each of you. But I want you to see yourselves opening that door and walking through. 

Beyond that door are realities of which you have always known and people with whom you have always been acquainted. I want you to freely open the inner eyes and see their faces. Open the inner core and hear their voices. I want you to walk freely and with joy within these other realities that exist now as surely as this room exists. 

I want you, therefore, one by one, to open the inner senses and to direct them along these lines. The physical body will not hinder you. In fact, it will help you, for even hidden within the flesh are mechanisms that [will] help the inner senses [to] operate even in this environment. And so one by one, the inner senses can begin to operate so that what you see can become clear, and what you hear can become vocal and clear and strong. I want you to realize that you are getting glimpses of a reality that exists now, in your terms, that existed in the past and, in your terms, it will exist in the future. And a reality that is nevertheless instantaneous and as a part of you as your own heartbeat. I want you to learn to manipulate in that environment. I want you freely within it to look about. I want you to recognize the core of identity within yourselves that is familiar with this inner environment, for from your viewpoint other realities also open. Other doors that you can also enter; other channels into knowledge that are yours for the asking. I want you to rest now here for a moment. (Long pause.) 

Now I want you to continue onward and in your mind visualize, if you prefer, still another door or a path or an avenue, or an alley, or a street, or a landscape; but still another reality that opens adjacently from this one. A reality that is involved with probabilities; and, as you glimpse that reality, you see that it is far vaster, and that it opens up into still other areas and fields and rooms. 

From this viewpoint you can sense the other probabilities that reach outward from yourself like rays of light. The other probabilities that you have brought into existence and creation and song automatically, joyfully and creatively. I want you to feel their reality, their strength and vitality and to realize that they also reinforce your own life and your own existence. 

Now I want those of you who can to follow still further, for we will travel beyond these fields of probabilities in which all times are born. Into another dimension in which times are not manufactured and moments of any kind do not exist. Into an immense system of beginnings that are beyond any beginnings that you may have imagined, in which all nebulous creations exist in incipient form. In which all probabilities exist, in your terms, as yet unborn; and yet in greater terms already being accomplished and coming into new existence. And you also have a reality here; and this reality, to some extent, nurses your own existence and reaches down into the system that you know, even though you are usually not acquainted with this reality. And this is only at the edges and the boundaries of the one system in which you have your existence. For beyond this, there are still other beginnings so alien that I cannot explain them, and yet they are connected with your own life; and they find existence and expression even in the small cells within your physical flesh. 

And now I am going to ask you to return slowly back through these dimensions, pausing but briefly. I am going to try to put physical existence into a different perspective for you. You are all born into this time and this place. 

Someone here this evening mentioned that it seemed that you only learn what life is and who you are and then your life is over; the time is brief. Another student mentioned an elderly father. Those of you who have parents living see them daily grow older, and the scorn of youth turns to the compassion that comes with years, and the bravado changes to understanding. And yet, within the understanding there is also bravado. 

You are teaching yourselves the value of consciousness and vitality and strength and life, by pretending to yourselves that death is death and that your consciousness will not continue and that your parents who die are forever still, by pretending that the voices you have heard in childhood will be heard no more. By pretending that when you breathe your last breath here, your consciousness is forever still. You are teaching yourselves the value of being, and you have chosen this context in which to do it. You have chosen for the unoperable intimacy of tragedy and flesh and pain in order to teach yourselves the unoperable exultant nature of your own vitality and energy and song. And these lessons serve you well, and what you learn goes out from you in all directions and each triumph that you make is not yours alone, but reaches even into those dimensions of which I have spoken. 

Now I ask you to return fondly to your image and the knowledge of it. To the intimate knowledge of flesh and bone and cell. To the intimate knowledge of the earth from which now, at least, you spring and to which the seed seems to return, for you have chosen a good teacher, the earth that you have created. Therefore, trust it and open your eyes and return your attention to the room.

The Answers Are Within You

The answers are within yourself. Trust yourself. Do not go running from teacher to teacher. All they know, teachers, is how to look inward. Look inward into your own reality, and find your own freedoms, your own truths, your own way, your own questions  and these will lead to your own answers.

Seth II

(Seth II:) Certain translations are being made for you so that these communications make sense to you. We would like you to close your eyes or unfocus them. Your thoughts suggest that you use these sounds and guidelines. Those among you who can follow, then hold onto these sounds and let them carry you with our trying an experiment at your Seth’s suggestion. Our energy is as vital, far more than you own. Our energy forms worlds. The excess of our energy spills over into other creations. We help maintain your lives as you help maintain existences of which you have no knowledge. We watch you as you watch others, yet so vast is the distance, in your terms, that communication is difficult. We do not watch as human forms. You perceive us that way in a distorted view. In your terms, our forms would be geometrical. We do not understand too clearly the nature of the reality that you are creating even though the seeds were given to you by us. We respect it and revere it. We watch it as we watch others. Do not let the weak sounds that reach you confuse you. The strength behind them would form the world as you know it and sustain it for centuries.

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Seth coaching session

SESSION, JUNE 15, 1971


Now and I bid you all good evening. I have only a few comments to make, however, but everyone, including our visitors, everyone who comes here comes for a reason simply as you come together in any context for a reason. There is a reason why you have been born into this place and this time as you know it, and granting that, there is also a reason why you have come here to this room as you know it. There are, indeed then, connections between you that you would call past connections but connections that also reach into the future as you conceive of it. You have all met each other either as strong friends or relatives or acquaintances or simply as strangers who passed each other perhaps upon a street in another time and another place. And so there is nothing strange in your coming here. You simply recognize each other, and you come together as old friends have a habit of doing, and you have a great pretense that you have not known each other before, and that the encounter is a new one. And you keep within yourself these memories buried.

Advice on Projection

(To Mark.) Now over here our friend, you are trying too hard and too consciously. Imagine a stream or a breeze and go along with it. You have it in your mind that there is some dam or wall that you must encounter before you are free to leave your body, and such is not the case. Allow your energy to flow freely out from you and you will flow with it.

If you imagine yourself as a part of energy and a part of All That Is and an identity that forms and creates your body, then you know you create it with each breath that you take. And with each portion of your thought and desire you can leave it as freely as a vagabond who can then find peace and joy and contentment in any corner of the universe and reform your body as well with joy and exaltation, and not fear it will disintegrate or disappear while you are gone.

You are overconcentrating upon methods. Think of your purpose, and the methods will take care of themselves.

Advice on ESP

It is not important in the beginning whether or not the information checked for you were involved in the opening of new channels. To insist, therefore, that all the information be perfect, or your material has no value, is of course, a predicament that I hope you will not fall into. Do you follow me? Therefore, check the material for you will not feel happy unless you do, and then apply what I have told you. As you continue, your information will prove more and more checkable in the physical reality to which you presently ascribe, and if you are interested in that area then, indeed, it must to some extent bear a strong relationship to the reality that you know if you request it. If you demand that as part of the validity of what you are getting, then you will receive it, but do not rush. Allow yourself freedom and time.

You are forming the psychological bridge. Use it and allow it to grow. The foundations of it begin in one place and end up in another. It becomes stronger as you continue, and it can be used for various things as you continue. Do not require it to carry too much weight before it is ready to. Give it time, let it grow.

Inner Memories

Now you have been given a small insight into the ways in which your inner memories work. You react to others, not only because of their position and relationship to you in this place and in this time, but because of memories from the past and, in your terms, because of memories from the future. For what you do today affects not only the future, in your terms, but also the past. And the words that you spoke now affect the past as you think of it, for time has open ends. Now if you think of time as a line, I do not only mean that time is open-ended at either side, you see, for time cannot be considered as a single line. Instead it goes out in all directions. The directions of which you can conceive and directions of which you cannot conceive. 

You do not understand the nature of creativity and, therefore, you cannot understand the nature of time. So when I tell you that time has open ends I will presently be satisfied if you understand that you can affect both the past and the future from your present viewpoint, and that is extremely simple. The whole idea is far more complex.


In larger terms, however, you are not only the people that you were but the people that you will be. So you are affected, again only in your terms, by your future reincarnations as well as your past ones. You can, therefore, in your present say something that will change the past. And 5000 years from now you can speak to your present selves and carry a message which you will now, in this moment, understand. 

Now you can open yourselves to this reality or you can deny it. You can open yourselves in dreams and if you prefer, reveries, to these realities or close yourselves to them. You can with your mirror accept these other personalities, search them out and recognize them, or pretend that they do now exist. But this in no way denies the validity of your entire personality. 

Now if you are going to understand human personality or deal with the psychology of being, then you must first of all examine your own being and you cannot examine it as you can a rock. You must become your own vehicle and travel through the realities that lie within yourselves. Travel through your own reactions to each other, and you will find the answers that seem to elude you. Follow minutely, even in class, the reactions that you have one to another, and they will lead you to inner pathways. Do not think: “this could be true, but it is fantasy.” Follow it through and see what you get, and then examine it. The answers never lie outside of yourselves. They do not lie in a Bill. They do not lie in a Seth. The answers lie within Sue and Bette and Mary Ellen and Natalie and Joel. They lie within each one of you.

… let me again remind you that this vitality is your own; that life, physical or nonphysical, is a full vitality that it is not necessarily quiet, that it is not necessarily sedate, and though my voice does not ring with the innocent chatter of children, that that same vitality that fills them fills me and fills each of you. That as you hear it here, feel it within yourselves. Let it rise. Life is not quiet, it is not sedate. All That Is is not some long-haired gentleman with a saintly face. And the soul that each of you believe in is not some quiet distant note far divorced from your own reality. It is a pulse that beats within you and the pupil of your eye and the big toe of your foot and your elbow. It is not necessarily adult. It is not necessarily dignified. It is the force that gives you all life and do not restrain it.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Seth Distance Healing Exercise


Distance Healing Exercise

(An Alpha session for the woman with multiple sclerosis.) 

Now I will shortly leave you, but before I do there is something I would like you to try. First of all, listen to my voice. Use it. Attach your own energy to it also. Let the sound of its energy rouse you from your own sleeping. Let it then rouse your own energy, lift you from your sleep. Energy is not only eternal but limitless. There is no limit to the energy that is available to you. Therefore, you do not have to worry that what energy you use is, therefore, denied you in the future so open up the doors within yourselves. 

Imagine, if you must, that you have backdoors through which this energy emerges, fresh from the fountains of the universe. Now imagine this universe, imagine this energy connecting; focused, vital and strong. Close your eyes and imagine it in this room. Imagine all the energy that is available to you, here now, connected and send it outward to the woman in question. Send it through space and time easily through the vehicle of my voice. Use my voice, therefore, as a vehicle upon which unending energy can rise and let that power then of vitality and life and strength enter the body and spirit and mind of the woman and fill her with the feeling of vital life and give her the knowledge of herself that she now so desperately requires. Feel that energy glide as easily through the air as air currents; as naturally and as easily as the wind that feels both night and day. Feel it then fill her frame with vitality and strength and know that you have a part in this, and that through the part that you are playing are you also being filled with therapeutic energies and with vitalities that will rejuvenate your spirit and your mind. 

And leave this place then in joy and freedom and exaltation and know that you have helped another, and that through opening the doors of energy are you then filled with it and ever replenished and that through giving do you receive. And I bid you then to return to this place and this room.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Seth on Good and Evil

Seth Early Class Session Vol. 4

SESSION, MAY 25, 1971

Good and Evil

… Because you are physically oriented, you early got it into your heads that goodness must have a place in the physical universe and evil must have a place within it.  And so, you set up for yourselves the division of Heaven and Hell.  In one story or another, it has existed far back into the annals of your time.  Now, give us a moment.

As I have tried to explain to you, the rigorous concepts of good and evil are themselves highly distorted, and when you find such a dilemma, where goodness is one thing and evil another, and both contrary and separate, then you automatically separate them in your minds and in your feelings and in your fantasies.  You do not seem at this point able to realize that what you call evil works for what you call good, or that both are a part of energy, and that you are using energy to form your reality, both now and after this life.  This is because you deal with effects physically, as you see them.  And until you divest yourself of such psychological behavior, it will always seem to you that good and evil are opposites, and you will treat them as such in your feelings and in your concepts and in your myths.

([Ron:] “Is there such a thing as a moral decision for someone who exists in the next plane of existence?”)

There are always moral decisions.  They involve the use of creativity and development.  They involve the use of spontaneity.

([Ron:] “I was just saying that no evil can be justified on the basis of the greater good.”)

That is what I told you operates within your reality, and you did not listen to my answer.  When you read the text, it will be simply clarified.  In your reality, the stance that you adopt is a necessary one, and must hold to it.  The fact that it does only apply to your system need not presently concern you.

([Ron:] “Are there instances in which a spirit from another reality would intervene in this reality, and we would call that a destructive act, but the spirit would say it was creative?”)

Not.  I do not like your term.  Now, any such intervention would only occur on the part of a personality who was, for the present time, physical.  As indeed mentioned last week, the villain in a religious drama would be a creative figure.  But he would exist historically in your time and not, for example, be a ghost whispering in the night.  There are no creatures whispering evil in your ear.

([Ron:] “There are no entities intervening?”)

Not in those terms.

([Ron:] “But in the terms that we are all spirits acting out our own inner drama, the term spirit has some meaning?”)

Sometimes, but only occasionally, I think you are catching on.

(During break, Ron got into a discussion with Brady about good and evil and forces involved.)

No!  There are no forces outside of yourselves that in your terms cause you to do evil.  Unfortunately, what you think of as good and evil reside within yourselves, and you cannot blame an evil force for the destruction that runs rampant across the earth.  Again, in your terms, these are your problems, and no god or devil put them upon you, and there is no one to blame but yourselves.  On the other hand, for the seasons and the idiot flower (Jane looks at Joel H.), you have yourselves to thank.  You are learning how to use the creative energy of which you are a part, and you are indeed quite isolated, so you cannot do much harm, in your terms.  And so that the evil that you think you do is an illusion.  And so that for the millions that you think you slay, you slay not one.  And so that despite you and your concepts of value, creativity always emerges triumphant, and those that are killed in one war come back to fight against war the next time, and hopefully, you teach yourselves some lessons.  And if you destroy your planet, you will have others to work with, and those that are destroyed are not destroyed.  You are in a training system.  The mistakes in the long run, and in your terms, will not count, but they are very real to you at this time.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Seth on Buddhism, Concepts and Self-Healing

SESSION, MAY 18, 1971


(Ron Labadee had been speaking of the Buddha religion and nirvana.)

Now if you will allow me, creativity is born from desire.  To deny creativity is to deny All That Is, is to deny the vitality that was born itself out of its own desire.  To deny individuality or to speak in terms of nirvana is to deny the vitality from which all originally came, in your terms.

Now, you may ask me questions when I am done.  Store them up and give us a moment.

I have tried to explain the God concept in many ways, using different vocabularies, speaking very simply; and yet because of the subject matter I see that it is not understood.  You must also know that what I am telling you cannot be translated into words, and so you are getting at best a second-hand translation.  Words cannot convey the message but working from the words you can obtain a portion of the reality behind them.

Now, each of you is a part of All That Is, highly individual and unique, like no other, and that like no otherness will never be taken from you.  You will not melt into some great golden bliss in which your characteristics will disappear.  You will not be gobbled by a super-god.  On the other hand, you will continue to exist; you will continue to be responsible for the way in which you use energy; you will expand in ways now impossible for you to understand.  You will learn to command energy of which you now do not know.  You will realize that you are more than you realize that you are now, but you will not lose the state by which you are now aware, and regardless of the fact of reincarnation and regardless of probable selves the unique self the you now call yourself has eternal validity even though the memories that you cannot now consciously recall will be yours in their entirety.  And physical life in its reincarnational self is not some chaos thrust upon you, some evil from which you must shortly hope to escape.  It is a particular reality in which you have chosen to know your existence, in which you have chosen to develop yourself, and it is indeed a system, again, like no other system, a unique and dear and beloved portion of reality in which you have decided to flourish for a while.  And in denying it, again, you deny the reality of experience.

In other terms, you will leave this system for others, but there will be a portion of you yet, no matter how many eons pass, that remembers a spring evening and a smell of autumn air; and those things will always be with you when you want them.  You make your own flesh and your own world as now en masse you form this evening.  These are creations of yours and your kind.  They are not prisons to be escaped from.

([Ron:] “Within this system of meditation you talked about the creative vitality and the creative energy, that the idea of the end goal is the identity of the source of All That Is … what is Buddha doing now?”)

He is now in another sphere of activity.  He is not in the reincarnational cycle.  No one continues in the reincarnational cycle forever.  He is continuing his own development.

Within each of you there are truths that you do not know, realizations of inner reality.  Now your ego, your exterior self, focuses outward into physical reality.  It senses this inner knowledge, but it cannot understand it.  It wants to see inner knowledge projected outward onto the physical reality then, to some extent, it will accept it and so through the eons that you know this inner knowledge, this inner vitality is projected outward onto history and onto historical events as you understand them.  I am giving you some advance reference from my book.

Now certain individuals, certain historical events, seem suddenly struck with inner brilliance.  Certain men and women seem touched by some unseen light.  They have extraordinary force, and this is the projection from the inner self of this inner light outward onto people and events.  Now en masse, there is an inner religious drama, if you will.  An inner morality play, if you want to use the term.  I think that is a collegiate term, and this is why I am looking at you (Kris).  It shows I am trying to relate.

Now, this inner drama cannot be understood by the ego, and so it is projected outward into some external reality.  Certain individuals, therefore, in history, certain geniuses, kings, priests, prophets, are touched by this light.  All of the individuals living, in your terms, at that time have taken part in the same inner drama which is then exteriorized.  The individuals then accept this projection upon themselves – the heroes, in other words, or the gods, or the prophets, or the kings.  They are recognized intuitively when they appear on the exterior scene because in psychic life they have already been known, and in dream states these dramas have been worked out.  They are recognized at once on the historical scene.

Now, on the one hand their abilities and their power are based upon the inner ability and power of all of these, in your terms, alive in that particular era.  However, they became what they seem to be for these chosen people have also accepted this role, and the exterior drama will be worked out in such a way that it makes sense within the time period in which it seems to take place.  In this framework, as the exterior drama begins to fade and as it has left meaning, in your terms, only now as time seems to pass, then once again the interior drama arises, but this time with a new story, with a different god and with new prophets; and as the old weakens so the new interior drama begins once more to arouse man from within his dreams, and again they choose and someone appears, or two or three, and a new drama is projected into external reality.

([Mark D.:] “My ego will not step aside and let me communicate with this vitality.  What can I do?”)

Be kind to your ego.  Do not treat it like a dumb relative, that you want to thrust aside.  Tell it that it will also gain in its manipulation within physical reality and coax it a bit.  Do not give it the boot.

(After further discussion.)

The Buddha came closer.  They are very close, however, in comparison with other religions in that they at least accepted the possibility that all things were a portion of vitality and life.  They simply got mixed up with their endings.

([Ron”] “There is also the [Asian deity – name lost].  He has attained nirvana, but he stays around and helps people who are still in the reincarnational cycle.”)

Now he is a psychic entity and as such is a valid reality, as Christ is, and you can all study that sentence.  It is loaded.

([Ron:] “Then there is no return to the Godhead?”)

I did not say that.  I said you never lost your individuality.

([Ron:] “Then not everyone could return to the Godhead if the Godhead is conceived as an energy state.”)

Why could not an energy state also be composed of individual identities?  Why must it be some blah?  Why can it not be a psychic gestalt?  Now, wait.

([Ron:] “That doesn’t seem to contradict Buddhism or Hinduism, if you say that God is All That Is and is all personalities…”)

But more than the sum.  Now you are squirreling around in your own head playing with words and concepts and not listening to what I have said.  If you had been listening, you would be more clever with your questions.

([Ron:] “So there would be no contradiction in that if you conceive of God consisting of all personalities, then as individual personalities progress up through different realities then He would eventually become in His identity God in that God is All That Is.”)

Except that God is always more than All That Is, is the sum that you cannot find and for my definition of God I, therefore, leave you with that one for God is the sum that you cannot find, that resides within you, that is more than anything you can discover, that is his creations and yet more than that which is created; within whom, infinities rest.

Feeling Concepts

Feel concepts.  Begin with your intellect and then leap over to feeling the concepts, and go along and merge with them.  Begin if you want then, with what seems to be intellectual meditation, intellectual thought, and then let it carry you away, and it will carry you into a feeling of concept in which you understand a new concept.


([Gert:] “How often do you need to go about giving suggestion that physical symptoms go away?”)

Do not give the suggestion in those terms.  Imagine emotionally, instead, your feeling that the symptoms have already disappeared.  Emotionally, imagine how fine you feel that now the symptoms are gone.  Do not hammer at yourself.  In a moment, see yourself freed from the symptoms and then forget the episode.

([Gert:] “It’s when you go back to see if it worked…”)

You lose it.  Five times a day at the very most.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Strobe light experiment with Seth

SESSION, MAY 11, 1971

Strobe Light Experiment

(During the experiment with the strobe light Seth spoke.)

Open your eyes and look about you.  You are now in a projection.  You have projected yourself to this room, in your terms, from other times and other places.  You belong in this room at this moment of your time because you have projected yourselves into it.  Around you there are friends and strangers, and you have always been friends and strangers to each other.  Now look closely about you.  How real is the room?  How much do you know of the selves you think you are?

Now, I want you to try something with me.  As you have projected yourselves here, then give yourselves the freedom to project yourselves elsewhere.  You may close your eyes or leave them open, as you prefer, but sense within yourselves your own inner identity.  Travel through the personality that you call yourself.  Do not take it at face value but feel within yourself for the hidden self that is within.  Feel also within you the tremendous energy and vitality that gives existence to your physical image and propels the reality of your thoughts and images and gives any kind of reality to your dreams.  Get a hold of this energy within yourselves and feel it as your own for you are this energy, and you are within it and a part of it.

Now, you may each interpret your experiences in your own way, but feel the independence of yourself from this room and from this time and from this existence.  It is, indeed, real and so are dreams real.  Pretend that the room itself is a dream from which you are almost about to awaken, and with your eyes closed still, you will awaken from this room into another place and another time, and with your eyes closed you will awaken to another reality in which you are intimately concerned and feel within yourselves the inner identity recognizing that which it now sees and perceives.

You may, again, interpret the experiences in whatever terms you choose.  If you hear voices, then listen to what they say.  The voices of strangers and beloved ones are often the same voices, and the scenes you see often, you have seen before.  But the vitality that draws you, and the vitality that is within each of you is the same vitality that changes the seasons that you know and that gives your physical existence its meaning that ensures the survival of your identity.  And within this energy you have your independent existence.

Climb up my words then, rush up the vowels and syllables and let them form for you a ladder of energy by which you can ascend.  And let them form a foundation upon which you can climb to find your own reality and your own existence that is in itself independent, both of my work and even of the room in which now your bodies sit, for that independent inner self wanders through all existences that you have known, in your terms, has a wisdom and knowledge that you can use.  And each of you in a greater sense knows the nature of your own vitality, and none of you are alone or have ever been alone for within you is the knowledge of all the personalities that you are, and within you are those abilities to be used and tapped.

Now, some of you will be able to come further with me, and those of you who can, I ask you, still with your eyes closed then, to awaken to the reality of another classroom in which you are all involved and in which our two new guests also sit.  A classroom that you visit in the dream state, and that is quite as real as the physical room that you visit once each week, and in that existence there are other students, and they are all portions of your own realities.  They are other personalities all a part of you, and they come from many times and places, in your terms, and there are many teachers and some of those teachers also are other portions of your own personalities.

Now feel, again within yourself, the birth and emergence of ever new energy so that it pulses within all the reality that you know.  Let it sustain you, let it carry you again safely back to the hallucination of the physical room and the projection that you now accept.  And let all of you remember what you have learned, and where you have been.

Now return to the room, and open your eyes with wonder upon the physical reality that you have formed.  Open your eyes, all of you, and test what you see against the inner reality that you know.  And remember that my energy speaks for your own energy.  No energy that I show do you not have.  Welcome back to the hallucination that you accept so easily.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Time, Reincarnation, and All That Is

Here is today’s mind-blowing Seth extract … best pondered over a glass of wine!


SESSION, MAY 4, 1971

Time, Reincarnation, and All That Is

… I will tell you that reincarnation, in its own way, is also a parable.  The other word is a fable or a tale.  It seems very difficult for you to understand the fact that you live in many realities at one time, simultaneously, and since the time scheme seems to be such a reality to you, the multidimensional aspects of your own consciousness are explained in those terms.

You form your reality.  You form, therefore, the generation in which you seem presently to have your existence.  The years 1741, 20 BC and 5000 AD all exist now, and so those personalities that you have been, in your terms, or may be, in your terms, are already a part of your multidimensional existence.

Now, karma does not operate in terms of cause and effect though it seems to you that it must.  Instead, you see, all your acts now affect all of your other reincarnational selves both, in your terms, past and present.  Now, you have settled upon one mathematical system to follow in your universe.  Along with it you have settled upon one line of reality.  This you endorse as reality, and anything outside of it does not have your stamp of approval, so therefore, it seems to you that it cannot exist, in your terms.

([Ron:] “Is the All That Is already at where it is going?  I am trapped by the concept of time, but I had the idea of development in reality.”)

But you must not think in terms of one line of development for creativity goes out in all directions, and All That Is having within itself the nature of all creativity cannot be static, cannot end and will always continue to create new development.

([Ron:] “You say All That Is is not static.  What is the meaning of movement outside of the concept of time?”)

I hate to tell you this, and I cannot follow through in one evening’s session, but the idea of movement and the idea of time are not at all connected in reality.  There is motion that has nothing to do with time and nothing to do with movement through space.  There is motion that exists only in terms of what I call value fulfillment.

([Ron:] “Has All That Is reached the final state of its motion?”)

There is no final state of motion, and it is only because of your present position that it seems to you that there must be such a point.

([Ron:] “Then if there is no final state, you can’t say that All That Is is now.”)

All That Is is now, yet within All That Is, are all potentials for development even now, simultaneously, being expressed and each action causes another action, in your terms now, without end.  There is no pinnacle of creativity.  There is, instead, an infinity of development and creativity.  And do not try, at this point, to intellectually understand the concepts for it will seem contradictory.  In your language it is, indeed, and yet the inner self and the intuitive self will be able to leap that seeming gap but you cannot force it to do so.

([Ron:] “All That Is is continually expanding and yet it is now?”)

All That Is is more than the sum of its parts.  The intuitive self, being a part of All That Is, understands this when you leave it alone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Elias on the pandemic

I hope you and yours are all well.  

Here’s an excerpt from a recent web session with Elias on the pandemic and the range of impacts across the globe … interesting insights.


(Webinar 20200425)

MARIJ: Not too long ago, you talked with a good friend of all of us, Jason, about how different areas in the United States energetically differently were impacted with the virus that is now this mass event. And I, living in Europe, and I know some other people as well, are kind of curious and interested to know if you could give some insight in how some of those differences play out in Europe. Let’s say differences in Madrid, Spain or Milan, Italy or Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or Germany, Berlin, Stockholm, London. Briefly, but maybe just give an indication if you can as [to] how those differences in energetic inclinations would play out for us?

ELIAS: Very well. I would say that energetically, in most areas in the European Union it is not as concentrated, not as intense, let us say, although in some southern parts such as Spain there definitely is a much stronger concentration.  

Now, this is actually an interesting point, because I would say, similar to what I was expressing to all of you previously about history somewhat repeating itself in some capacities, let me express to you, generally speaking the energy in the southern areas of Europe tends to be much more intense and stronger, and therefore when there are certain mass expressions generated, the southern areas of Europe do incorporate a tendency to express that stronger. They also have a tendency to initiate.

Now, let me express to you in this that this could be viewed as somewhat of a natural cycling, in which collectively you move in directions of creating mass expressions, and doing so in relation to viruses, or what you define as pandemics, is not unusual. You have done this throughout your history, and you do it somewhat in a cyclical manner. 

And in that, I would say that contrary to what you may be initially thinking, the southern areas of Europe very frequently are areas that initiate some of these pandemics and initiate these mass events in relation to their considerable passion. (Chuckles) The Latin cultures are very expressive and very passionate, and they do generally initiate these types of actions. That was very obvious in your previous century, almost precisely 100 years prior to now – not quite, but almost – in which you incorporated another pandemic of your Spanish influenza, which was created where? Thus, its name. (Laughs)

In this, I understand that this particular pandemic did not originate in that area, but that area of Europe and in Italy and even some of the southern aspects of France, the mass expression in these areas is generally more intense and more passionate, and therefore they generally will create more dramatically in relation to something such as a virus or participating in a pandemic.

I would say that some areas of England, definitely London, move in a similar direction. Now, not quite for the same reason, but I would say that yes, England also is an area that is likely to express that mass energy more, or more intensely.

I would say in relation to other areas of Europe—Germany, The Netherlands, northern areas of France and most of the middle countries in Europe—I would say that the energy with these countries—all of the Slavic countries—they move in a direction in which they generally will participate, but their participation is much more subdued. It isn’t as extensive. It isn’t as tremendous.

Now, you will find in certain areas that are more depressed, those areas generally will generate more of an expression in relation to something such as a pandemic, such as a mass event in that capacity. Those groups of people will generally express more intensity, and in that, they may be displaying more of the effects of something such as a virus. But that is more associated with their state of being, their mindset, in a manner of speaking, in easily moving in a direction of being victims.

Now, that doesn’t mean ALL of the Eastern European states. Most definitely not, because as they have moved forward, they have also become much stronger and are not as inclined to participate in a mass event in a dramatic capacity. Therefore, you don’t hear a tremendous amount about these states being intensely affected or dramatically being affected.  

The northern areas, even less so. I would say that the northern areas, they generally tend to incorporate an energy and a perception that (chuckles) they are somewhat removed from everything and everyone and don’t necessarily participate very much in mass expressions. Therefore, the more you move northward in Europe, the less affecting the mass expression will likely be. Not that it isn’t at all, but it isn’t as much. 

I would say that it is not difficult to map throughout your world which areas would be more intensely expressing an energy in a dramatic and a traumatic capacity. It is simply a matter of looking at those cultures, looking at their physical area and what the masses generally express in a particular country. If they are more dramatic, if they are more passionate, if they are more overtly expressive, then generally they will participate in a more dramatic manner. If the country is more subdued or they are not as physically expressive, they likely won’t be expressive in a dramatic manner in relation to something such as this type of mass event.

But there are other factors. If an area is considerably overpopulated, or if it is considerably depressed in relation to economy or in social interaction, then yes, those areas would definitely be more likely to be expressing more trauma. 

Although, the other factor, as I expressed in one of our previous conversations, is looking at those cultures and looking at how they express their daily activity, because remember: the virus is simply the focal point. This is a mass event that isn’t about the virus; it is about self-structuring, self-directing and difference and addressing to those three expressions. And therefore, there are some areas in your world that you would in some capacities generate a judgment that they are depressed areas because they may be economically depressed. They may not be very forwardly expressed socially in your estimations or by the standards of Western cultures, but they may be expressing their culture in manners that are very self-structuring and self-directing, and therefore they wouldn’t necessarily be participating much in such a mass event, and therefore they also wouldn’t necessarily display much in relation to the virus, because the virus is the focal point of this mass event. Therefore, there are people and cultures in surrounding areas to China that aren’t actually (chuckles) and haven’t been expressing much in relation to an affectingness of the virus at all. Some aren’t even aware that there IS a virus. 

Therefore, in that, it is a matter of looking at different areas, looking at different cultures and evaluating how much are these cultures moving in a direction of self-expression. How much are they self-directing? How much are they self-structuring? How well are they moving in relation to difference? This being the reason that the United States is being so tremendously affecting, because they have difficulties in all three of those directions. They aren’t very self-directing, they definitely aren’t self-structuring, and difference is an enormous difficulty and challenge for most individuals in the masses in the United States.  

I would say that there are other countries in which difference is an enormous factor also. I would say that in relation to that, many African countries and Middle Eastern countries incorporate a tremendous difficulty and challenge in relation to difference. And I would say that there are tremendous difficulties in areas such as Japan, in which self- structuring is an enormous challenge and difference is also an enormous challenge. Self-directing is less so.

But you can look at these different expressions throughout your world, and it will give you somewhat of a guideline in relation to why certain areas are expressing much more trauma than other areas, why some people are expressing much more trauma. I would say that Germany and Hungary, The Netherlands, most of the Slavic countries, they have been practicing self-structuring for a significant time framework. Yes, there is a significant workforce, but the manner in which the people are expressing themselves, the information that they give themselves and that they seek out, the direction that they more in generally individually, even in the workforce, they are much more inclined to be more self-directing and more self-structuring.

I would say that some of the central Western European countries have attempted to move in directions of mass expressions in association with difference and genuinely attempting to address that and embrace that, and it has created some significant challenges, and there have been expressions of trauma in relation to that, but pastly. And therefore, there are so many, many, many people that have already experienced that, they have already moved in that direction, they have already given themselves those experiences. Many of which—many in Germany—have experienced that in relation to refugees, and therefore the virus is not actually presenting a significant effect in relation to differences to them, because they have already addressed to that and they have already moved through experiences with that and fear and trauma, and therefore now that is not as significant of a subject. 

Just as I was expressing to many, many, many of YOU that have engaged interaction with myself, because you have been moving in these directions for years, because you have been giving yourself information and you have been addressing to differences and self-directedness, and to a degree even self-structuring, you are not experiencing the trauma in the manner that many, many, many other individuals are, because you have already been moving in these directions. You already have been giving yourselves information. And therefore, in relation to the focal point, the virus, it isn’t affecting you in those types of manners. 

It isn’t that it isn’t affecting you at all; it is bringing to the forefront whatever issues are being expressed, and in that, presenting restructuring, redirecting, definitely looking at subjects of difference – and as I expressed, not only differences between people, but differences in expressions, differences in yourselves. And therefore, that is presenting challenges for most of you, but not trauma. Which is excellent. Which is the point. Which is why I have been offering information to all of you for such a time framework. That was the point and it still is the point, to lessen the degree of trauma as much as possible. And that has been successful.

In this, I would say if you are curious as to different areas in your world that would be more affected or less affected in relation to the mass event, simply look to those cultures and what do they express naturally at this point in relation to those three main factors that the mass event is about.