Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Extracts from two Seth class sessions (Vol III)


Until you know what your feelings are, you do not know where you stand, and you cannot know where you want to go or how to make changes.  And if you lie to yourselves about your feelings or gloss them over, then you cannot begin to understand the spiritual reality, for you will use it instead as an aspirin to cover up the symptoms of disease both mental, spiritual and psychic.

Listen to the silence between words and feel the feelings that are between your own thoughts and recognize the difference between what you feel and what you tell yourselves you feel and then you can proceed.  You cannot even operate well in Alpha I consciousness unless you are free enough to recognize your own feelings.  You will spend far too much energy inhibiting them.  Instead they should propel you into new dimensions.


… you are interwoven spiritually with every atom and molecule that exists within those of your children and your wife.


([question to Seth:] … What is the meaning of your existence in your reality, the one goal of everything you do?”)

Now, the one goal not only of my existence, and I feel this personally, but of all existence is creativity.  I do not speak to you, in your terms, because you find it so difficult to understand or experience the reality of creativity and so all personalities, in whatever their sphere of activity, are involved in the nature of creativity.  And this involves the creation of further value fulfillment, of consciousness that is not a burden, as sometimes your consciousness seems to be to you, but joy upon which other universes can also rest.  The consciousness and creativity of one, while seeming alone, is not alone but is a threshold upon which others may rest, and a framework from which others may grow.

Now, you all want to do fine and mighty spiritual things and many of you, as much as possible, want to do these things without facing the self that you know.  And in order to have a good framework, you must begin with the self that you know, and you must not ignore feelings or emotions, and you must not decide which feelings or emotions you will accept and which you will reject.  You will understand them all as legitimate experience and go on from there.  You will not hide in concepts …

([Ron:] “In your reality do you feel love?”)

Now, what makes you ask the question or doubt that any reality could be without it, for it is the basis for any reality that any consciousness knows.  If it would not be love, then I would not be here, and if it were not for love, you would not have the planet that you know.  Your negative emotions appear to you quite obviously as ill health and wars and desolation, and when something is wrong you recognize them.  But the innate love within you, that you are often too embarrassed to express, forms the planet that you know, the physical bodies that you inhabit, the seasons and the reality in which you presently have your existence.  Hopefully, those in my sphere of existence realize that all ends are creative.

([Ron:] “What do you mean, all ends are creative?”)

That even when you are using energy in what seems to you to be a destructive manner, you are being creative and cannot avoid it.  Now, does that answer your question?

([Ron:] “Yes.  Do you, yourself, feel love?”)

I do, indeed, and all consciousness of whatever extent feels love though it may not know the verbal designation for that is the basis of all existence.  And there is no existence when you try to separate feeling from reality or consciousness from its experiences.

… spirituality is not a thin-blooded intellectual concept divorced from the emotions that you know.

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