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Inspiring Seth session from Vol III of the early class sessions

I found the last segment that I've called 'Appreciation, grace and compassion' particularly inspiring.



(Wally spoke of Darwin’s theory of evolution.)

He spent his last years proving it, and yet it has no validity.  It has a validity within very limited perspectives only, for consciousness does, indeed, evolve form and form does not evolve consciousness.  All consciousness does, indeed, exist at once and, therefore, it did not evolve in those terms. It is according to when you come into the picture, and what you chose to observe, and what part of the play you decide to observe.  It is more the other way around in that evolved consciousness forms itself into many different patterns and rains down in reality.  Consciousness did not come from atoms and molecules scattered by chance through the universe or scattered by chance through many universes.  Consciousness did not arrive because inert matter suddenly sparked into activity and song.  The  consciousness existed first and evolved the form into which it then began to manifest itself.

Now, if you had all been paying attention to what I have said for some time about the simultaneous nature of time and existence, then you would have known that the theory of evolution is as beautiful as a tale as the theory of Biblical creation.  Both are quite handy and both are methods of telling stories and both might seem to agree within their own systems, and yet, in larger respects they cannot be realities. I am addressing this to our friend over here (Arnold) and partially to our friend over here because you should understand what I am speaking of.  But, then, no one asked me about the nature of evolution before until recently when our friend, Joseph, read a book.  No - no form of matter, however potent, will be self-evolved into consciousness no matter what other bits of matter are added to it, but without the consciousness, the matter would not be there in the universe floating around waiting for another component to give it reality, consciousness, existence or song.

([Arnold:] “Every bit of matter already has consciousness?”)

Indeed and the consciousness came first.  You are quite correct.

Selves becoming entities

That probable self can become a whole entity if it so chooses.  Now some selves do not choose to become entities.

([Ned:] “That might be a reason why there are more entities around now, more are choosing to reincarnate?”)

Only those who choose to take on the responsibility of teaching will return.

([Ned:] “That would create more entities to reincarnate?  Instead of having a hundred entities to reincarnate, that hundred can multiply.”)

Indeed, within each entity is the possibility for unlimited personalities.

([Ned:] “Also other entities, too.”)


([Ned:] “Is it up to the probable self whether they become a new entity, or up to the person who creates the probable self?”)

Up to the probable selves for each portion of consciousness has available to it whatever potentials it is willing to seek, and there are no limitations placed upon it either by those who created it or by itself.

([Sue:] “Can one entity have two personalities at once in this system of reincarnation?”)

It can, indeed, and I was wondering when you are going to come up with that one.  All fragments have within them the potentialities to grow to whatever height of development the choose.

Connections of selves in this and other realities

Now within your reality, as you think of it and as you understand it, the population at any given time is seeded by certain particular entities.  In your reality, as you think of it then, you are all closely connected much more closely than you realize.  You are working toward certain kinds of development that can happen, in your terms and in your terms only, only in your space and in your time.  If you understood me, you would realize then that you are highly unique, and that those problems and challenges that you have can be met by no others, and that those private elements of your personal life that seem so uncosmic are, indeed, of great importance.  Not only to you, but to other realities that you do not presently understand, and that in working out one simple challenge in this existence you work out other challenges for other selves in other realities.  And you help untold numbers of personalities in other realities.

Now, think physically again of our onion, but imagine instead, psychic realities forming its skin, each interconnected with the other.  Or imagine an orange, each atom of it connected with each other and yet each one individual and each representing a reality.  It may seem that there would be no way to get out of the reality of the orange if you were forced upon its surface, but to go round and round, and you might seem isolated, and yet that orange is in another basket of oranges, and the skin of it touches another. And so our subjective lives touch lives that you do not know, and yet each of these are unique.  In all of these realities, there are no exact duplicates.

Now some of this material is new and when you get it written down, I would like you to read it and ponder it.  You have this information, use it.  Your own subjective experience can lead you through many paths that interconnect this reality and other realities.  It is up to you as to how far you want to go, now, in your terms.  The journeys lead to an understanding of your own uniqueness and, therefore, to an understanding, not of relative unimportance in the universe, but to your absolute importance to it, and the knowledge that your each act ultimately affects the movement of the most minute molecule and the action of the most distant star that you can perceive.

This is your reality, accept it or hide within all concepts.  It is up to you.  Make this information personal, emotional and a part of your lives.  These secrets, as our friend here told Ruburt, that you have told in class, that have had such weight to some of you, how dare any of you hold these secrets up between yourselves and All That Is and the experience that is waiting for you and available?  That you think these secrets are that important, that they can stop the energy of the universe from working its way through you when that energy gives you your vitality and strength.  For all of these issues are related, and the movement of your thought is as lively as the movement of any molecule and far more powerful.

Seth II

Now, you are acquainted with those portions of self that you are ready to accept at any given time and he [Seth] knows when you are ready to accept certain concepts, and when you are ready to accept certain experiences.  And so your own development follows your inner dictates, both when you are alone, and when you are in class.

The trouble was that you wanted to hide in concepts, and so he [Seth] brought you out of them so that you could acknowledge the self that deals in concepts, and then give you some relief and release.  He [Seth] leads you back into concepts again.  There is nothing wrong with concepts at all as long as you do not use them as hiding places or as steps of security from which you will not leap, one into the other.  Or unless you use them to hide your own emotional reality.  Within you, concepts and actions are one, and you recognize this, and your inner lives are based upon it, but your mental lives are often based upon ideas, until recently, have been considered very modern and very in, such as the idea of evolution.  And yet, if you had listened to what I have been saying, again, you would have know the theory to be a pretty tale.  Life bursts apart in all directions as consciousness does and explodes in all probable directions.  there is not one steady stream of progress.

Multidimensional communication

You are getting your first very small lesson in, what I will humbly call, multidimensional communication.  It is the first time we have used the phrase here, but it will not be the last, for when I speak to you I address you mentally, psychically, spiritually, and even biologically for there is a strange spirituality that exists within your own atoms and molecules that accepts what I say.  And eventually that message gets through to you also, and I speak often to each of you separately while I seem to address you as a group, and yet I do address you as a group also.

Now, I have adopted this measure simply because it is impossible to speak to each of you individually with any depth or meaning, but (to Valerie), I want you to realize that you are not alone, and that isolation is a manufactured thing.  You manufacture it in your mind.  It has no meaning in any terms.  You will learn to feel it and not simply accept it intellectually, but you must begin to tell yourself emotionally that you are not isolated, and you must divorce yourself from self-pity.


Appreciation, grace and compassion

There are human beings on the face of this earth who do not know what love means, or companionship.  Who do not have parents, who do not have sisters or brothers who understand an isolation that is bleak and cold even if it is of their own making.  Each of you in this room who has the opportunity to share with another then know that is grace and be thankful for that which you experience.  And do not underestimate what you have.  There are personalities who have traveled through the centuries, literally, without an understanding, and if this was their reality and if it was their own making, still be glad that it is not yours and accept those relationships that you now have and realize their potential and do not close yourselves off to stupid pride and through barriers of your own making.

Now the atoms and molecules that compose you are glorious impermanent things, and through the leadership of your consciousness have you led them to consciousness and song and through you do they experience what you experience.  And through your organization do they understand realities that would otherwise be denied them.  And when each of you come together in a personal relationship are you then glorifying and adding to the reality of the consciousness that is within those atoms and molecules.  You know each other in each life a brief time.  What joy and comfort you can give, then give.  What support you can render, render.  Do you not realize that by doing this you become more than you think you are?  And I am not speaking to any of you in terms of self-sacrifice for there is no such thing, and there is no such road, and I do not advocate it.  But, if you demand the best that is within you then you become more than you realize that you are, and you must also demand more from the other persons within your relationship.  All of you, therefore, that are married and have such relationships must inspire each other regardless of what you all know of the nature of reality.

The bones that you call your own will lie a long time in the grave.  The physical beings of those that you know change even as I speak.  What joy and creativity you can speak, speak.  This life is as important as any other life, and none of you attempt to deny the abilities of another for in doing this you speak against creativity.  Therefore, it behooves all of you, on a part of all that you are, to expect the best of yourselves and the best of those with whom you are in contact.  But the moment is intimate and the voice that speaks beside you in the night, in your terms, will not speak for long, therefore, comfort it when you can.  And remember, all of you, again, I am not speaking in terms of self-sacrifice. It is impossible to sacrifice the self, and when you try to do this, it is a betrayal.  This is not divorced from the material I have been giving you in terms of evolution or the nature of reality but highly intertwined.  You live and breathe these concepts.

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