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Seth Alpha II Exercise from Vol IV of the Early Class Sessions

SESSION, JUNE 22, 1971

Alpha II Exercise

Now I want you to get used to Alpha II and so I would like you to take your eyes off this charming face and close your eyes. Now I want you to realize that your perceptions at this point are limited only because you have previously chosen to limit them. The inner senses, however, are free. Your perception is not ideally limited and it is not practically limited once you realize this. In Alpha I you are used to one short adjacent step away from what you call your consciousness. 

Now I want you to take one other step beyond this. I want you to realize that you are indeed highly perceptive, that around you and about you in all directions the inner senses reach. That you are in the midst of other realities. You are in the habit of blocking out, and you are now learning to accept them; to open up your perceptions; to open doors that have been closed.

Therefore, I want you to imagine in your mind Alpha II and a door that has been closed and that now opens. It is an adjacent door. It is a place where you have walked often. You may see different signs and pictures in your mind, individually, as you open this door, for there will be different meanings here for each of you. But I want you to see yourselves opening that door and walking through. 

Beyond that door are realities of which you have always known and people with whom you have always been acquainted. I want you to freely open the inner eyes and see their faces. Open the inner core and hear their voices. I want you to walk freely and with joy within these other realities that exist now as surely as this room exists. 

I want you, therefore, one by one, to open the inner senses and to direct them along these lines. The physical body will not hinder you. In fact, it will help you, for even hidden within the flesh are mechanisms that [will] help the inner senses [to] operate even in this environment. And so one by one, the inner senses can begin to operate so that what you see can become clear, and what you hear can become vocal and clear and strong. I want you to realize that you are getting glimpses of a reality that exists now, in your terms, that existed in the past and, in your terms, it will exist in the future. And a reality that is nevertheless instantaneous and as a part of you as your own heartbeat. I want you to learn to manipulate in that environment. I want you freely within it to look about. I want you to recognize the core of identity within yourselves that is familiar with this inner environment, for from your viewpoint other realities also open. Other doors that you can also enter; other channels into knowledge that are yours for the asking. I want you to rest now here for a moment. (Long pause.) 

Now I want you to continue onward and in your mind visualize, if you prefer, still another door or a path or an avenue, or an alley, or a street, or a landscape; but still another reality that opens adjacently from this one. A reality that is involved with probabilities; and, as you glimpse that reality, you see that it is far vaster, and that it opens up into still other areas and fields and rooms. 

From this viewpoint you can sense the other probabilities that reach outward from yourself like rays of light. The other probabilities that you have brought into existence and creation and song automatically, joyfully and creatively. I want you to feel their reality, their strength and vitality and to realize that they also reinforce your own life and your own existence. 

Now I want those of you who can to follow still further, for we will travel beyond these fields of probabilities in which all times are born. Into another dimension in which times are not manufactured and moments of any kind do not exist. Into an immense system of beginnings that are beyond any beginnings that you may have imagined, in which all nebulous creations exist in incipient form. In which all probabilities exist, in your terms, as yet unborn; and yet in greater terms already being accomplished and coming into new existence. And you also have a reality here; and this reality, to some extent, nurses your own existence and reaches down into the system that you know, even though you are usually not acquainted with this reality. And this is only at the edges and the boundaries of the one system in which you have your existence. For beyond this, there are still other beginnings so alien that I cannot explain them, and yet they are connected with your own life; and they find existence and expression even in the small cells within your physical flesh. 

And now I am going to ask you to return slowly back through these dimensions, pausing but briefly. I am going to try to put physical existence into a different perspective for you. You are all born into this time and this place. 

Someone here this evening mentioned that it seemed that you only learn what life is and who you are and then your life is over; the time is brief. Another student mentioned an elderly father. Those of you who have parents living see them daily grow older, and the scorn of youth turns to the compassion that comes with years, and the bravado changes to understanding. And yet, within the understanding there is also bravado. 

You are teaching yourselves the value of consciousness and vitality and strength and life, by pretending to yourselves that death is death and that your consciousness will not continue and that your parents who die are forever still, by pretending that the voices you have heard in childhood will be heard no more. By pretending that when you breathe your last breath here, your consciousness is forever still. You are teaching yourselves the value of being, and you have chosen this context in which to do it. You have chosen for the unoperable intimacy of tragedy and flesh and pain in order to teach yourselves the unoperable exultant nature of your own vitality and energy and song. And these lessons serve you well, and what you learn goes out from you in all directions and each triumph that you make is not yours alone, but reaches even into those dimensions of which I have spoken. 

Now I ask you to return fondly to your image and the knowledge of it. To the intimate knowledge of flesh and bone and cell. To the intimate knowledge of the earth from which now, at least, you spring and to which the seed seems to return, for you have chosen a good teacher, the earth that you have created. Therefore, trust it and open your eyes and return your attention to the room.

The Answers Are Within You

The answers are within yourself. Trust yourself. Do not go running from teacher to teacher. All they know, teachers, is how to look inward. Look inward into your own reality, and find your own freedoms, your own truths, your own way, your own questions  and these will lead to your own answers.

Seth II

(Seth II:) Certain translations are being made for you so that these communications make sense to you. We would like you to close your eyes or unfocus them. Your thoughts suggest that you use these sounds and guidelines. Those among you who can follow, then hold onto these sounds and let them carry you with our trying an experiment at your Seth’s suggestion. Our energy is as vital, far more than you own. Our energy forms worlds. The excess of our energy spills over into other creations. We help maintain your lives as you help maintain existences of which you have no knowledge. We watch you as you watch others, yet so vast is the distance, in your terms, that communication is difficult. We do not watch as human forms. You perceive us that way in a distorted view. In your terms, our forms would be geometrical. We do not understand too clearly the nature of the reality that you are creating even though the seeds were given to you by us. We respect it and revere it. We watch it as we watch others. Do not let the weak sounds that reach you confuse you. The strength behind them would form the world as you know it and sustain it for centuries.

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