Thursday, May 7, 2020

Seth II from class session April 20, 1971


(Seth II:) (Words lost)...observed then realize that we are highly interested in such experiments as Seth is conducting, and that as we observe you, so do you, though unconsciously, observe other realities in your sleep state. If our reality seems strange to you then yours seems strange to us. We move through systems such as yours faster than the speed of light, and so what I am saying is already a translation and, in your terms, a message left in the past of your time. Your own consciousness also travels faster than the speed of light, and big portions of you does understand, to some degree, the nature of our reality. At least it has an innate comprehension of the probabilities in which you exist. There are portions of your own identity, in other terms, that dwell in these probable systems that have not known physical reality and that come to observe those portions of itself that have so developed in that fashion. And so do we observe and does yourself serve as a translator in our behalf. Unfortunately, we do not communicate easily with the portion of you that can understand. You are not in communication with that portion of yourselves that is not physical, that was never physical and that will not know physical existence at all, and since you identify with the physical self then, indeed, we come to you in the guise of ghosts that you do not understand our forms that you cannot see. And yet, since we seeded the universe in which you have your present existence then do we observe, and do we watch, and do we have concern.

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