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Seth on Buddhism, Concepts and Self-Healing

SESSION, MAY 18, 1971


(Ron Labadee had been speaking of the Buddha religion and nirvana.)

Now if you will allow me, creativity is born from desire.  To deny creativity is to deny All That Is, is to deny the vitality that was born itself out of its own desire.  To deny individuality or to speak in terms of nirvana is to deny the vitality from which all originally came, in your terms.

Now, you may ask me questions when I am done.  Store them up and give us a moment.

I have tried to explain the God concept in many ways, using different vocabularies, speaking very simply; and yet because of the subject matter I see that it is not understood.  You must also know that what I am telling you cannot be translated into words, and so you are getting at best a second-hand translation.  Words cannot convey the message but working from the words you can obtain a portion of the reality behind them.

Now, each of you is a part of All That Is, highly individual and unique, like no other, and that like no otherness will never be taken from you.  You will not melt into some great golden bliss in which your characteristics will disappear.  You will not be gobbled by a super-god.  On the other hand, you will continue to exist; you will continue to be responsible for the way in which you use energy; you will expand in ways now impossible for you to understand.  You will learn to command energy of which you now do not know.  You will realize that you are more than you realize that you are now, but you will not lose the state by which you are now aware, and regardless of the fact of reincarnation and regardless of probable selves the unique self the you now call yourself has eternal validity even though the memories that you cannot now consciously recall will be yours in their entirety.  And physical life in its reincarnational self is not some chaos thrust upon you, some evil from which you must shortly hope to escape.  It is a particular reality in which you have chosen to know your existence, in which you have chosen to develop yourself, and it is indeed a system, again, like no other system, a unique and dear and beloved portion of reality in which you have decided to flourish for a while.  And in denying it, again, you deny the reality of experience.

In other terms, you will leave this system for others, but there will be a portion of you yet, no matter how many eons pass, that remembers a spring evening and a smell of autumn air; and those things will always be with you when you want them.  You make your own flesh and your own world as now en masse you form this evening.  These are creations of yours and your kind.  They are not prisons to be escaped from.

([Ron:] “Within this system of meditation you talked about the creative vitality and the creative energy, that the idea of the end goal is the identity of the source of All That Is … what is Buddha doing now?”)

He is now in another sphere of activity.  He is not in the reincarnational cycle.  No one continues in the reincarnational cycle forever.  He is continuing his own development.

Within each of you there are truths that you do not know, realizations of inner reality.  Now your ego, your exterior self, focuses outward into physical reality.  It senses this inner knowledge, but it cannot understand it.  It wants to see inner knowledge projected outward onto the physical reality then, to some extent, it will accept it and so through the eons that you know this inner knowledge, this inner vitality is projected outward onto history and onto historical events as you understand them.  I am giving you some advance reference from my book.

Now certain individuals, certain historical events, seem suddenly struck with inner brilliance.  Certain men and women seem touched by some unseen light.  They have extraordinary force, and this is the projection from the inner self of this inner light outward onto people and events.  Now en masse, there is an inner religious drama, if you will.  An inner morality play, if you want to use the term.  I think that is a collegiate term, and this is why I am looking at you (Kris).  It shows I am trying to relate.

Now, this inner drama cannot be understood by the ego, and so it is projected outward into some external reality.  Certain individuals, therefore, in history, certain geniuses, kings, priests, prophets, are touched by this light.  All of the individuals living, in your terms, at that time have taken part in the same inner drama which is then exteriorized.  The individuals then accept this projection upon themselves – the heroes, in other words, or the gods, or the prophets, or the kings.  They are recognized intuitively when they appear on the exterior scene because in psychic life they have already been known, and in dream states these dramas have been worked out.  They are recognized at once on the historical scene.

Now, on the one hand their abilities and their power are based upon the inner ability and power of all of these, in your terms, alive in that particular era.  However, they became what they seem to be for these chosen people have also accepted this role, and the exterior drama will be worked out in such a way that it makes sense within the time period in which it seems to take place.  In this framework, as the exterior drama begins to fade and as it has left meaning, in your terms, only now as time seems to pass, then once again the interior drama arises, but this time with a new story, with a different god and with new prophets; and as the old weakens so the new interior drama begins once more to arouse man from within his dreams, and again they choose and someone appears, or two or three, and a new drama is projected into external reality.

([Mark D.:] “My ego will not step aside and let me communicate with this vitality.  What can I do?”)

Be kind to your ego.  Do not treat it like a dumb relative, that you want to thrust aside.  Tell it that it will also gain in its manipulation within physical reality and coax it a bit.  Do not give it the boot.

(After further discussion.)

The Buddha came closer.  They are very close, however, in comparison with other religions in that they at least accepted the possibility that all things were a portion of vitality and life.  They simply got mixed up with their endings.

([Ron”] “There is also the [Asian deity – name lost].  He has attained nirvana, but he stays around and helps people who are still in the reincarnational cycle.”)

Now he is a psychic entity and as such is a valid reality, as Christ is, and you can all study that sentence.  It is loaded.

([Ron:] “Then there is no return to the Godhead?”)

I did not say that.  I said you never lost your individuality.

([Ron:] “Then not everyone could return to the Godhead if the Godhead is conceived as an energy state.”)

Why could not an energy state also be composed of individual identities?  Why must it be some blah?  Why can it not be a psychic gestalt?  Now, wait.

([Ron:] “That doesn’t seem to contradict Buddhism or Hinduism, if you say that God is All That Is and is all personalities…”)

But more than the sum.  Now you are squirreling around in your own head playing with words and concepts and not listening to what I have said.  If you had been listening, you would be more clever with your questions.

([Ron:] “So there would be no contradiction in that if you conceive of God consisting of all personalities, then as individual personalities progress up through different realities then He would eventually become in His identity God in that God is All That Is.”)

Except that God is always more than All That Is, is the sum that you cannot find and for my definition of God I, therefore, leave you with that one for God is the sum that you cannot find, that resides within you, that is more than anything you can discover, that is his creations and yet more than that which is created; within whom, infinities rest.

Feeling Concepts

Feel concepts.  Begin with your intellect and then leap over to feeling the concepts, and go along and merge with them.  Begin if you want then, with what seems to be intellectual meditation, intellectual thought, and then let it carry you away, and it will carry you into a feeling of concept in which you understand a new concept.


([Gert:] “How often do you need to go about giving suggestion that physical symptoms go away?”)

Do not give the suggestion in those terms.  Imagine emotionally, instead, your feeling that the symptoms have already disappeared.  Emotionally, imagine how fine you feel that now the symptoms are gone.  Do not hammer at yourself.  In a moment, see yourself freed from the symptoms and then forget the episode.

([Gert:] “It’s when you go back to see if it worked…”)

You lose it.  Five times a day at the very most.

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