Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Each Construct Our Own Physical Universe

This quote from Seth's Session 72 is very clear on this matter:

"Since the individual constructs matter, and indeed constructs his own physical universe, he can improve these constructions; and his expectations are intimately connected with the subconscious mechanism of construction itself.

"The thyroid gland operates strongly in regard to expectations, hormonal balances being maintained at rather normal levels normally. It is sensitive however to panic and fear, and, affecting other glands working with inner subconscious mechanisms, it becomes overly stimulated and causes subconscious mechanisms to actually create, in matter, the object of the fears which have themselves caused the initial overaction.

"In the same manner, other constructions are affected. It is true that what becomes matter must be dealt with as matter, and yet the inner vitality and the inner self have their own ability to heal. The trouble is, these abilities are little utilized and seldom appreciated.

"The mind constructs into matter its own idea of reality, and this is where personal expectation comes into play. You do not only create your own environment, generally speaking, you create it concretely, in forms of mass and matter.

"You knock your head against walls that you yourselves have made. We will go into a long discussion concerning the actual physical and subconscious mechanisms involved in the construction of idea into material reality at a later session.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Back to the Matter of Matter

My appologies for the lapse in blog posts, but I've been putting together a new workshop entitled "Our Inner World - A Look Behind the Scenes" which presents some of the Seth material from the Early Sessions in a Qabalistic framework with a dash of Cayce, Lazaris' and Transcendors' insights. A pdf version is available through a link on the "Foundational Concepts" welcome page accessible from the home page of my website. I've also made pdf versions of the other workshop presentations on the Manifestation and Enlightenment welcome pages.

Here is a neat extract from Session 72 the Early Sessions which talks some more obout how we manifest our personal perception of objective reality out of atoms and molecules:

Session 72

"Form is not a characteristic of matter, despite appearances. Matter in itself does not possess durability. It is in itself therefore incapable of either growth or deterioration in your terms.

"We may as well carry this further right now, in spite of certain dangers of misinterpretation that could, but I hope will not, result. Matter is, as you know, formed. Matter is the result of molecular composition. An object is composed of matter, this is true. Your outer senses then perceive the matter as particular, differentiated, separate objects.

... "Objects exist, and yet objects in another sense do not exist. I have told you, for example, how you and others construct say, a television set, a chair, an image or a table. Using energy, you manipulate existing atoms and molecules into a certain pattern which you then, and others like you, recognize as one particular object.

"The object then does, in this sense, exist. The fact is, however, that it exists as a particular object because of your intimate construction of it into a particular pattern, and because of the recognition you give it.

... "The space between this couch and table is as filled with molecular structure as either the space taken up by the couch, or the space taken up by the table. The matter contained within the space taken up by the distance between them, is all the same. You simply have not constructed of the atoms and molecules any pattern which you call an object, and which you recognize.

"Objects then are really arbitrary designations given to certain arbitrary divisions of atoms and molecules as a whole. There is no objective universe, and yet there is an objective universe.

"This is not hedging the matter, if you will excuse a pun, and the subject will take much further study on your parts. You must act as if there were an objective universe. The world, or field, that you presently inhabit is real, definite on your level. The fact that its reality is only limited to your level, and does not extend to other fields, must not tempt you to discount it; and yet while you must behave in a large manner as if your universe were inherently and basically objective, you must still retain the knowledge that this apparent objectivity has great limits, even practically speaking; and a too-great dependence in a world of objectivity can lead to a psychic imprisonment which is unnecessary.

"In a distant future, even in your field, the limits of the so-called objective world will clearly be known and demonstrated, and a great freedom for mankind will result.

"Study and practice with psychological time will show you the validity and strength of that inner self, so that you will clearly see that it is not completely bound to the so-called objective universe by any means. Matter is not an imprisoning form. It is a means by which consciousness expresses itself within the limits of the physical field.