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Fourth-Dimensional Personality Structures

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 6, Session 259

Fourth-Dimensional Personality Structures

We shall have more to say, concerning for this evening, fourth-dimensional personality structures.

You exist in many dimensions although the ego is not aware of such existence.  The ego can be taught however.  What it cannot experience directly it can still understand to some degree if it is given the proper information.  There is no reason for Ruburt to be surprised at Mr. Fox’s thesis on dreams and out-of-body experiences.

(Astral Projection, by Oliver Fox.)

Our own material has hinted in these directions very strongly.  Ruburt is quite familiar with such excursions, though egotistically he is only slightly aware of a few of them.  There is no need to get too complicated, so we shall deal only with fourth and fifth-dimensional personality structures for now.

You do exist therefore in both of these dimensions.  The ego cannot participate directly in such experience.  There is a compliance on the part of the ego, however, that allows it to step aside so that it does not block inner awareness of other-dimensional existence.  It is difficult, but not impossible, for the ego to correlate the information gained.  Dreams involve as you know several dimensions.  The dream state itself is a very loose term, for there are several layers of consciousness within it, and there is no limit to the states of consciousness that can be achieved, ideally speaking.

Practically speaking however there are usually only three.  Your own fourth-dimensional personality structure obviously operates constantly.  One of the main purposes and goals of the whole self is to become aware of all such existences, and to correlate them into an identity structure.

The Fox experiments are quite valid, with some changes that you will make, I imagine.  At one level of the dreaming state it is possible for you to recognize and align yourself with that portion of yourself that is aware of itself within fourth-dimensional reality.  You have both occasionally learned to take our waking consciousness into the dream state, and here Fox is correct, for you must start at this point.

You begin to manipulate the dream state, or rather you begin to manipulate yourself within dream reality, which is something different.  It is an entirely new environment.  In ordinary dreaming, without the awareness of usual waking consciousness, perception of dream reality is limited and instinctive.  All in all you get along quite well.  You are like a child in objective reality.  When you learn to take waking awareness into the dream condition, you are reaching adolescence, so to speak.

When you reach adulthood, following our analogy, then you will learn to be successful in manipulating dream reality as you now manipulate objective reality.  For if you create your dreams, you also create your objective environment.  The dream reality is as real and actual as physical reality, but it can be changed you see by you, as physical reality can be changed.

It is training for fifth-dimensional existence, and you will be working with an odd kind of time, to you.  You will be forming new gestalts of experience, using past, present and future as a painter chooses his colors, combining them into various paintings.

You are at the early stages of this development, but it will come.  These realities within the dream universe may be created by you, but they are as actual as the piece of cake that you eat, or the poison that you may swallow.  As your common sense protects you in the physical universe, so you must use discretion as you progress into the manipulation of dream objects.

Now there are points of difference indeed in fourth-dimensional reality for you, as there are points of reference in objective reality.

We have already explained the ways in which agreement is reached within physical reality, as to the dimensions of objects.  In somewhat the same manner agreements are reached in fourth-dimensional reality.

For example, Mr. Fox’s dream meetings are quite valid.  This is what happens in such a case.  Those who agree on such a meeting within dream reality must have certain abilities developed.  They must be capable of taking waking consciousness into the dream state.  They must be able to manipulate within it.  Each of them therefore constructs, you see, the dream location at which they have agreed to meet, a point not thought of by Ruburt’s Mr. Fox.

When you are considering dream reality, it is easier for you to understand that you construct the reality therein.  You find it more difficult to understand the same thing about physical reality.

As a result however, you are somewhat less apt to accept dream reality as actual, and I must tell you that it is, particularly since you are considering experiments along these lines.  You are in control as long as you realize that you are in control.

Now.  There are indeed portions of dream reality that you yourself may not have constructed, but that are constructed by others.  You recall that in physical reality you can only perceive your own constructions, as a rule.  Now, my dear friends, this does not apply to dream reality.

This is indeed an important point.

Form of any kind, and there is form within dream reality, form is first of all a potential form, existing within psychic energy.  The potential form therefore exists long before it’s physical materialization, as far as your physical perceptions are concerned.

Physically therefore the house that you will live in within five years may not exist, in your terms, now.  It may not have been built yet, therefore physically you do not perceive it.  Such a house however does have form, and does exist within the spacious present.

Now.  In certain levels of dream reality forms that you do not as yet perceive as physical, do exist.  They can be seen and perceived.  In certain dreams you do perceive them.  Within dream reality you can come in contact with many other kinds of reality with which you do not ordinarily have to deal.

A year ago this information would not necessarily be practical for you.  With the experiments you have in mind it becomes highly practical.  Your abilities are developed enough so that these experiments should be successful, with some additional training that can only be achieved through experience.  Some hints from me will help, but I would like to give you some idea, you see, of what to expect.

Ego Is Not The Waking Consciousness

When you are only operating within physical reality, you have a fairly simple set of rules to serve you.  Within dream reality you are much freer.  The ego is not present.  The waking consciousness, dear friends, is not the ego.  The ego is merely a small portion of waking consciousness.  The ego is the portion of waking consciousness that deals with physical manipulation.

Waking consciousness is taken into the dream state, but the ego is not.  The ego would immediately falter, and cause immediate failure and catastrophe.  What you will meet in your experiments are varieties of conditions, and until you have learned the control it may be difficult to distinguish between them.  Some you can manipulate, some you cannot.

Some dream locations will be your own construction.  Others will be of constructions quite strange to you.  They will belong to other dimensions entirely, and you may blunder into them.  You are in a basic manner, you see, outside of your own system when you attempt to bring your waking consciousness into the dream state.

You are in the process of evolving another form of consciousness, that is individually.  This will be new to you to some large extent.  In the past any such experiences have been accidental on your parts.  I have been involved in some instances with Ruburt on such occasions.

Now I was not dreaming of him, and he was not dreaming of me.  I was simply leading him rather gently into new dimensions.  When he is ready to embark he will do so.  He cannot push himself in this direction, for the whole self sets up safeguards.  You are both however nearly ready.

Now I do not like the term astral bodies, simply because of the sometimes weird connotations connected with the phrase.  There is a kind of idea, or mental body, a counterpart in many ways, but not always, to the physical body, which is the structure the self takes in what you call for now fourth dimension.

Certain dream experiences are valid out-of-the-body experiences, in that you do indeed travel in this mental vehicle.  It does have a form, somewhere between matter and nonmatter.

In physical existence usually you simply do not perceive it.  There is a psychic structure also that has a form.  This is the self as it appears within what you may call for now fifth-dimensional reality, but it does not exist at all in terms of matter.  On occasion you travel in this form.

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Perception, Dimensions, and Limitations of Mathematics

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 6, Session 258

Dream Revelations

First, I will discuss Ruburt’s dream.  It contained several revelations that cannot be put into words.

The information was perceived through the inner senses, and though Ruburt is not consciously aware of the dream’s importance the inner self has assimilated the knowledge.  He will most likely have several other dreams of this nature within a short period of time.

It is correct to say that the truth can never appear completely undistorted when words are used, for the words themselves almost cloak as much as they reveal.  The dream, I believe, was a part of a series of three dreams, the other two yet to come.  He was also involved in some astral travel.  This is not unusual, for the inner self frequently leaves the body when the body sleeps.

All Ruburt could remember of his dream was the knowledge that many of mankind’s most cherished conceptions about reality were completely false.  He was shown a multidimensional diagram of reality as it exists in terms of the spacious present, and in terms of qualities that represent dimensional points.

In the diagram, for example, each star would represent a moment point in another system.  It appears as matter within your system, from your viewpoint, and exists as matter within your system.  But it exists as something entirely different, you see, within another system.  You perceive but the lowest point of its reality, so I will tell you now that the various stars and planets and heavenly bodies that you observe in your universe do indeed exist as such, but only within your system.

Physical Perception Transform Data Into Matter Patterns

All you can perceive of them, you see, is matter, because you automatically transform all data into matter patterns because of the nature of your own perceptions.  Since you observe matter, it obviously has a reality.  However, these heavenly bodies appear as something entirely different, you see, within other systems.

What you call dimensions represent states in which reality is perceived.  You perceive reality in three dimensions, and you have a glimpse of reality in a fourth dimension.  There are many dimensions however in all directions.  These heavenly bodies represent moment points in other systems.  As they are projected into your system however, they are only perceived in terms of matter.

(See the 149-152nd sessions for material on moment points, and sessions 246-250, and 254, for material on quasars.)

Dimensions Represent Various Capacities of Consciousness

Now, I will tell you further that these dimensions merely represent various capacities of consciousness.  All these dimensions exist at once, and even within your system, but your consciousness cannot perceive them.

You must interpret them in your own terms.  You form the system within which you operate.  The heavenly bodies for example are moment points to other systems.  They actually exist as such within your system if you could perceive them as such.

It is easier then to say that they appear as matter when they are projected into your system, but this is not precisely correct.  Nothing but the various stages of consciousness separates the dimensions, you see, but the separation is quite effective nonetheless.

We hinted, incidentally, of something along these lines in our sessions on moment points.  The material tonight represents the information given to Ruburt in his dream.

Other systems exist within the same space occupied by your own, but you cannot perceive them.

The inhabitants of some of these systems can perceive you.  All of these inhabitants of various systems cannot perceive you however.  Some are more or less within the same level of consciousness, but the perceptual mechanisms are entirely different.

Survival personalities exist in a system that is within the same space as your own.  They can perceive you, but you as a rule cannot perceive them.  They pass beyond that system however, even as you pass through your system into theirs, and little by little they move away from your system entirely.

Our Mathematics is Extremely Limited

The heavenly bodies as moment points conform to certain mathematical principles, though your idea of mathematics is extremely limited.  Even using your mathematics, you can still only conceive of reality in certain terms.  It is difficult to put this into words.  I must reemphasize this.  Your mathematics still deals, comparatively speaking, with a slim area.

You can conceive of a fourth-dimensional cube, for example, but you cannot conceive of a fourth-dimensional thinking process.  You cannot conceive of a fourth-dimensional psychological structure.  You cannot think in fourth-dimensional terms.  You cannot use fourth-dimensional imagination, you see. 

No thought has been given to the personality structure as it exists in a fourth-dimensional reality, or in a fifth-dimensional reality, and yet a fourth or fifth-dimensional personality structure contains the most important hints of all.

Now certainly you recall our material on the inner senses.  Try for a moment to consider these in terms of a fourth-dimensional personality structure.

In each dimension the inner self begins to handle further aspects of reality.  The primary personality must therefore deal with a larger number of perceptions, while still maintaining its identity.  It manipulates in a larger number of dimensions, until it is able you see to handle many, not just one, of its own egos at any given “time” while still maintaining its own inner stability and individuality.  It takes on more roles, you see, and the psychological structure becomes more complicated as the inner self becomes sure enough of itself to admit even more stimuli, while still retaining its own core.

This material is as important as any I have given to you, and we shall be concerned for a while with personality structures as they exist within other dimensions.

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Seth and Jane

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 6, Session 257

Now.  The basis of all life existence can be loosely termed intuitional.  Obviously the intellect is not necessary for life.

All existence is present, as you know.  What you term past incarnations take place in the present.  You simply invented a continual time system as a vehicle of perception for the ego, and it operates at that level only.

Now.  I do not dream of Ruburt because I do not dream at all, in the terms that you do.  I switch the focus of my attention with conscious intent, so to speak.  I take all portions of myself into any particular state of consciousness, and I enter various states of consciousness somewhat in the same manner that you can move from one physical country to another.

I visit you therefore, but I do not dream of you in the way that you might think.  Now Ruburt has not, in his imagination, given me a particular physical image, and dreaming at your level involves visual images.  So he does not dream of me in that way.

He does contact me however without his conscious knowledge in his dreams on some occasions.  We simply speak to each other, but he does not remember what has been said consciously.  Of course on other levels he is aware of these communications.

You have also communicated with me in this manner, Joseph, for your edification.  You may if you wish suggest that you will remember some of these conversations, and then you may be able to do so, to some degree.

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The Ego and Inner Self (Prime Identity) in the Spacious Present

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 6, Session 256

We shall continue the discussion begun in our last session.

The overall efficiency of the inner self, or prime identity, is best displayed of course when it adopts an ego that mirrors its own characteristics and intents as closely as possible.  There is bound to be a difference however, between the purposes of the inner identity and the ego.

Now, the ego, the dominant ego, does indeed affect the inner identity, and changes it even as it affects and changes the dominant ego.  For we are dealing here after all with an interdependent gestalt.  The interworkings of the whole gestalt have never been completely understood.

For one thing the self is usually thought of in terms of existence only within one particular time sequence pattern.  Its experience however is rooted in the past, as you think of the past.  Since there is actually only a spacious present this means that the self is rooted both in the past and in the future, using your terms.

Until it is studied as a multidimensional gestalt, it simply will not be understood.

Reincarnation does not imply a recurring time system, nor does it imply an extension of time as it is normally considered.  That is, reincarnation does not imply in a basic manner existence in one life after another, in your time of successive moments.

I admit to you reincarnation does seem to have such implications.  This is simply because you insist upon considering reincarnation in the light of time theories that are themselves incorrect.  You must instead consider reincarnation in the light of what you know of the spacious present.

Because you are obsessed with the idea of time as past, present and future, you are forced to think of reincarnations as strung out one before the other, and indeed we speak of past lives simply because you are used to the time sequence concept.  What you have of course, loosely speaking, is something like the developments narrated in The Three Faces of Eve.  You have various dominant egos, all part of an inner identity, dominant in various existences.  To make the concept understandable to you it is convenient to speak of past and future reincarnations.

In actuality you see, these separate existences occur simultaneously.  It is only the ego who makes the time distinction.  The various existences are not perceivable by you, or rather they are not perceivable to the ego.  In a basic manner, as you know, the past, present and future exist at once in the spacious present.

A hundred and forty-five B.C., a hundred and forty-five A.D., a thousand years in your past and a thousand years in your present – all exist now.  Therefore the past existences are present existences.  You exist in other words in several guises or reincarnations, at one time within the spacious present.  You simply do not recognize that the so-called past exists now as surely as the so-called future exists now.

Since all events occur at once, there is little to be gained by saying that a past event causes a present event.

Past experience does not cause present experience.  You are forming both past, present and future experience simultaneously.  Events appear to you however in sequence, therefore it is difficult to explain many matters to you, because they must be given in bits and pieces.

When it is said that certain characteristics from a past life influence or cause present patterns of behavior, such statements, and I have made some of them, are grossly simplified simply to make certain points clear.

The whole self or identity is aware of the experiences of all the egos, and since one identity forms these egos there is bound to be some similarities between them, and characteristics.  The material that I have given you on reincarnation in the past is quite valid, particularly for working purposes, but it is a highly simplified version of what actually occurs.

If you take The Three Faces of Eve, in which actually four egos are involved, and imagine each of these egos taking over, so to speak, in completely separate existences, in your past, present and future, then you may come somewhat closer to the true nature of reincarnation.

These four personalities existed however in one physical lifetime.  Now to an observer whose time concept was still further segmented, and slowed down in comparison to your own, then theoretically within this time system the four personalities would indeed appear to be four separate existences in fact.  In the same manner, you see, several manifestations of one identity appear to you to be stretched out in serial form within a successive time framework.

Obviously however this analogy only carries us so far.  You will say, “The four egos belonging to Eve all belonged to one physical body, but in the reincarnational process we are faced with the issue of several bodies, each one discarded and experiencing physical death.”

Now, I will tell you the nearly unbelievable.  There was not one shared body in the case of the four Eves.  There were four separate bodies.

After the first shock this should come as no surprise.  As you know, the physical body is itself never the same, and the atoms that compose it appear and disappear constantly while the appearance of permanency is retained.  Such a process, and a natural one, took place in the case of Eve.

But as the personalities alternated they took over the organic processes so completely that while the body appeared, generally speaking, to be the same, it was not the same.

It should be remembered here that two personalities were allergic to nylon and two were not.  Obviously two personalities made such changes in the physical organism that the allergy was brought on.  The organism was physically changed and affected.  Even though one personality took over for an hour, still for that hour the physical organism itself was a different one.

It is interesting to note also that these personalities did not alternate, and all were in existence at once, so to speak, even though only one was dominant at a given time.  In the same way all so-called past personalities are present in your now, but not dominant.  Obviously also any future reincarnations are present for those who have other lives still to live in your terms.

There is simply the simultaneous expression of a prime identity or inner self within the physical system.  There are as you know other systems.

Now.  I exist simultaneously with the both of you.

This should be obvious, or I would not be speaking with you; obviously therefore I also exist, speaking in your terms, as I am now and as I was.  In my terms you see I simply exist in the now.

There is communication between these various aspects of inner identity that are obviously cooperative.  As a rule I make no attempt to take over the mechanism that Ruburt operates in any general manner.

He allows me to make some adjustments in it however, and we shall discuss these in detail before too long.  Now.  One of the egos that was mine, you see, is a part of Ruburt’s whole personality, and we use this as a bridgework.  I can use it momentarily.

Again, this does not mean that I am a secondary personality.  Reincarnation does mean that we are all multiple personalities with an underlying prime identity.  I am myself, Ruburt is himself.  Or if you prefer, Jane is herself.

You forget, you see, that you have also been, and are, part of this identity, Joseph.  In your particular cases now you have branched out to form prime identities of your own, though we were originally part of the same.

Now.  I am the prime identity that you were part of.  And I was myself at one time, so to speak, a part of another prime identity.  This development does not always occur, for many reasons.  Some fragments of an identity simply do not wish to so develop.  In the spacious present you see we are one, yet entirely individual.

Now we may possibly develop into a newer gestalt, for I cannot see all portions of the spacious present.  There are still veils before my eyes.  This is a part of the present I do not perceive.  If so, it will be one in which identities are completely retained, and there is no question of a dominancy, but of a smooth-working organization.

In the time framework within which you now exist I can help you, but you cannot help me except by allowing me to help you, you see.  In the gestalt which could develop we would be in a position of helping each other more equally.  Now through you I affect physical reality, and this is indeed one of my purposes.

I affect reality, physical reality, because men’s minds are changed according to their ideas, and we shall change these ideas for the better.  The ideas, working through men, will affect physical reality for the better.  I am here more often than you think.  Never, however, in a prying manner.

The relationship between you and Ruburt was necessary before our sessions could begin.  Your own illness, immediately before our sessions, was unfortunately necessary, in that it made you question the nature of your mental reactions toward physical and psychological events.

I helped you then, before you knew me.  You were quite literally waiting for Ruburt and this is why you did not marry earlier.  The connections between you, and your development from the same prime identity, made your union an excellent one.  There is a constant maintenance of identity, and search for stability, psychologically speaking.  But then identity, sure of itself, seeks to enlarge its experience for it is no longer afraid that experience will swallow it.

Identity always becomes part of that which it perceives, however, and so it constantly forms new gestalts, while accepting as itself a larger variety of experiences.  Therefore identity grows, and as I have told you there are no limitations to it.  Therefore we are forming new identities, and you have already accepted as part of yourself experiences which previously would have been considered alien, and not accepted.

You change because of any experience.  You have, then, changed because of this one.  You have become more than you were.  I am speaking here to you both.  I am not taking you over, so to speak.  You are accepting as a part of your whole experience more and more of the reality of what I am.  This in no way minimizes me, you see.  I make much of my knowledge available to you, but it is still my knowledge, you see.  The sharing of it however enlarges my own experience.