Monday, February 10, 2020

Beginner's Guide to Creating Reality

Here is the final collection of Ramtha posts.  It makes for a lengthy BLOG post, but it makes more sense when you see the whole set.


“Consciousness is the stream from God. The brain is the receiver, for it takes that consciousness and creates it into memorable, neurological thought and it can freeze that thought in the form of memory. Memory in creation is like gathering blocks of stone in which to build a hovel from. Thought in the brain, collected in the form of knowledge, allows you to re-create thought-forms, that if they are held in the forefront of the brain's neocortex will be the lawgivers that collapse energy into form. So the brain had to evolve to fit our level of need.”
(Ramtha:  Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality (p. 177)

“Now what is divine in you? What is divine in you is consciousness and energy being frozen through the mechanics of a human brain. Why is that important? Because if you are surrounded with this — and you must be surrounded with these unraveling or raveling or tightening down; this is all around you — then what is it that affects this field? Thought. It is called the Observer. And where is the Observer? The Observer is inside of your head.

“Now if you have the power to create reality, it means that you have the power to affect this field, this field right here [the bands around the body]. And what is this field? All of this [seven levels] in different stages all the way back up to here [Point Zero]. And what is it about you that can affect the field? If you are this entity here [Observer] and you are having a thought right here [frontal lobe], then you are affecting this field around you. How do you do that? All matter, all mass — what you are sitting on, what you are wearing, what your body is made up of — is made up of subatomic particles.

“So where did they come from? Right here [sixth plane] is the quark field. Down here is the proton field [fifth plane]. Down here [fourth plane] is the closure of the nuclei. And all down here [first, second, and third planes] is the racing of matter and antimatter, what is called electrons and positrons. So all an atom is is the availability of potential.

“If you unfurl an atom at its nucleus level, you have an atomic bomb. How many of you know the power of an atomic bomb? Isn't it interesting that the energy comes from that which is hidden? The smaller the particle, the more powerful the energy. Did it ever occur to you, beginners, where that energy came from? Perhaps the energy that is unfurled in the splitting of the nucleus is really splitting apart this coiled energy that has been tightened down through the slowing of time. … Because if you rupture it, the kind of energy that you get is the sort of energy that is common on these levels. And that is what an atom is. All it is is that which is hidden, seven levels of reality in a particle.

“All an atom is is atmospheres of other planes coagulated and closed. Are they sensitive? Well, if we have a nuclei here and then we have the outer shell here and we have orbiting electrons, positrons, that then means that every electron that moves around this atom moves around this atom because we allow it to move around the atom. And how is it that we allow? We take it for granted. In other words, you are the Observer. If you focused on this particular particle, this atom, if you focused on its electrons, you could reverse the spin of the electrons around this atom. Why could you do that? Because that is your divine nature. If you are supposed to evolve and to make known the unknown, what is the faculty in you that is responsible for doing it? It is focused consciousness. When you have a thought and if you were to focus on this atom by adding electrons or taking them away, you would change the nature of its energy.

“The field that exists between you and I you don't see, and because you don't see it it is doing this. It is in motion, momentum. The moment you stop to look at the atmosphere between you and I, you start to see little lights. … Well, so someone told you that was just something happening with your eyeball? That is not anything happening with your eyeball. Those little lights are, in effect, this energy wave collapsing into a particle with an orbital light, which is called the electron. The moment you stop focusing on the invisible field, the lights disappear and then all you see is what you are looking at in the near distance, you to I, I to you. As long as you ignore this field, it stays inert, meaning you don't activate it, so it stays status quo. The moment that you focus on what is hidden, you unveil what is hidden.
(Ramtha:  Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality (p. 190)

Saturday, February 1, 2020


Seth had said that there are all kinds of details in our lives that we don’t see or understand which are actually symbolic representations of actions/energies in past and future lifetimes!

Ramtha makes it sound bad that we carry energies into other lifetimes.  

I think it is often good … that way we can love in countless ways and innumerable lifetimes!  After all, Lazaris (and others) have pointed out that we manifest physical reality to explore love in its infinite dimensions and contexts … since “God/Goddess/All That Is” is love.

“The evolution of the state within your quantum state is very dangerous because you have emotions carried over, unfinished realities, from many lifetimes because you are addicted to the climax.  Every new incarnation is based upon a static quantum state that adjusts itself to the tremors and consequences in the times and consciousness now being made known.”(Ramtha:  Parallel Lifetimes, Fluctuations in the Quantum Field)