Friday, May 28, 2010

Kung Fu Metaphysics

I find the Abraham-Hicks material quite inspiring in terms of manifestation insights. They have a daily quote RSS feed and I enjoyed this one from earlier this week:

You want appreciation. Even though you like what's happening now doesn't mean that you still don't want appreciation or greater stimulation. It just means you're not using something in your now as your excuse to not let in all those things that you've been wanting. The perfect creative stance is satisfaction where I am, and eagerness for more.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on Saturday, August 11th, 2001 #452

I wonder what the Kung Fu stance would be called...fists of enlightenment?


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Illusion of Transportation

In Session 43 Seth says this about our illusion of transportation through time and space:

“Briefly let me mention that transportation in the universe, that is transportation as such, is basically unnecessary. …

When, or by the time that transportation difficulties are solved, you will no longer need transportation. Use of the inner senses makes transportation as you think of it completely unnecessary, since complete use of the inner senses amounts to communication to a degree so near perfect and so independent of so-called space, that transportation through space in those terms becomes an outmoded method of communication.

The inner senses provide their own “transportation” … Transportation as such is valid only within a space framework and within a time concept, such as those on your own plane. The “transportation” of the inner senses consists mainly of what you might call a changing of frequencies or vibrations or pulsations, a transformation of vitality-form from one particular pattern or aspect to another.

The movement through space is a distortion.”

The “changing of frequencies” model of inner sense “movement” is similar to Lazaris TV metaphor where we shift the vibration of quantum pixels to give the illusion of physical forms in motion (like pixels on a TV screen). For an interesting perspective on space travel in this context have a look at the Ummite material ( which describes a whole philosophy and physics based upon Ibozoo Uu as the pixels of space-time.

Our current attempts at space travel are totally impractical when we remain confined within our illusion of space-time because the distances seem so vast, the constraint of traveling below the speed of light is so slow and the energies required to propel a space vehicle are literally astronomical. Seth’s prediction of how physical transportation as we know it will become outmoded is consistent with how the Transcendors describe Pleiadean space travel. Basically the Pleiadean navigator plugs himself into the space ship and overlays in his mind a detailed image of the ship where it is and the ship where he wants it to be and…poof!...the ship is where he wants it to be. Sounds like fun!

Enjoy the journey!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Sensory Bubble

In Session 43 of the Early Sessions, Seth says this about learning levitation:

“I am not going to give you any lessons for levitation, any more than I give Ruburt lessons in clairvoyance. Your own development and your own rate of assimilation will be the rule, as far as the movement of camouflage objects through camouflage space is concerned. Again, you are dealing with camouflage. You move camouflage objects through the use of your inner senses constantly, without your own conscious knowledge. The trick is not to learn how, but to recognize the occurrence, and with practice, this is possible.”

When I read this, I picture that we are enveloped by a veil-like bubble, just beyond what we perceive to be our physical body (at the extreme edge of our physical senses). This veil is like a personal sensory bubble that encapsulates our physical presence (like a full-sensory virtually reality device). This veil (literally, a bubble around what we think is the physical us) portrays illusory images from our real inner reality for the physical ego to perceive with its physical senses. Our subconscious mind is like the projector and translator which is programmed by our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc. to create six-sensory representations of our real inner reality experience onto the physical senses of our physical ego. All of our ideas about physics, time, space, what people look like, what constitutes our collective past, etc. are all choreographed collectively and programmed into our subconscious so that we can have a coherent and consistent experience of our earth plane physical (camouflage) reality.

Note that Seth indicates that we are already masters at giving our sensory images the ability to appear to move on our personal sensory bubble screens! Lazaris in “Reality Creation…the Basics” said the same thing. He used a TV analogy, likening the points of physicality (that we think we see) to be like pixels of trapped light which are changing frequency (colour, etc) to give the appearance of moving objects and creating images of people and places. A Course in Miracles, on the other hand, is quite Buddhist in its approach to our personal sensory bubble…namely, that it’s all purely illusion and we’ll keep bubbling until we wake up to the fact that we’ve been hypnotized by our own sensory bubble (hypnotized by our dream of physical reality)!

In describing the inner senses (those on the inner reality side of our personal sensory bubble), Lazaris defines six counterparts to the six physical sense (the sixth being intuition). Each of the six sense pairs are, in fact, a single sense: the inner reality one is the real sense, while the physical reality (camouflage reality) one is its representation on this earth plane. Seth, on the other had, defines nine inner senses, which in my view, map to the upper nine Sephiroth of the tree of life. The tenth Sephirot (Malkuth) is our camouflage reality, our personal sensory bubble representing our perception of this earth plane.

Maybe the reason that we enjoy popping the bubbles in bubble wrap is because of our innate urge to pop our personal sensory bubble!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Expanding Universe

For years now, scientists have been postulating an expanding universe and the existence of unknown forms of dark matter and dark energy as the dominant components of our universe based upon their observations and current theories. The concept of multiple universes has been around as long metaphysicians explored their inner realities but it is exciting to see science stumble on to it with their "physical" instruments.

Seth had something to say about the appearance of an expanding universe in Session 42 (Volume 1 of the Early Sessions):

"The universe is continually being created. All universes are continually being created, and the appearance of expansion seen by your scientists is distortive for many reasons.
Their time measurements, based on camouflage to begin with, are almost riotously inadequate and bound to give distortive data, since the universe simply cannot be measured in these terms. The universe was not created at any particular time, but neither is it expanding into nowhere like an inflated balloon that grows forever larger, at least not along the lines now being considered. The expansion is an illusion, based among other things upon inadequate time measurements, upon the limited cause and effect theories; and yet in some manners the univese could be said to be expanding, but with entirely different connotations than are usually used."

In Seth's account of things, each universe "contains" an infinite number of planes (planes are like playgrounds where souls get together for a purpose), the multiverse "contains" an infinite number of universes and, presumably, there are planes which transcend universes and the multiverse! The multiverse interactions are being considered by some scientists as the origin of the dark matter/energy.

Kryon had a different take on expansion and dark matter/energy. They pointed out that there are actually 6 fundamental forces in our universe that can be arranged in three pairs (each pair with a strong and a weak component). At the scale of atoms and molecules the strong and weak forces dominate. At the scale of our perception, the scale of the planet and of the solar system; gravity and electromagnetism dominate. Beyond the solar system, at the scale of the galaxy, there is a whole new (unknown) pair of forces that account for the fact that our galaxy rotates like a rigid disk (violating Keppler's laws!). It makes one wonder if there are more force pairs beyond the galaxy and beyond the universe.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Spacious Present

Being educated in physics, I tend to see time as linear and objective, even though I know intellectually that time, as we know it, is an illusion. Lazaris has said repeatedly that our concept of time was introduced into our reality as a safety net, to artificially string things out so that we can be aware of how we create. Seth in Session 40 says something similar:

"Your plane is a training place in the use of manipulation of energy. Your plane seems to deal with cause and effect, but this is in itself a necessary camouflage. In actuality there is no cause and effect as you think of it. There is only spontaneity. For a particular interval you must be taught as if there were cause and effect, so that the result of spontaneity would not end up as chaos. This statement my seem contradictory but later you will see that it is not."

Seth describes the real state of our inner being as in the "spacious present" (Session 41):

"...there is only a spacious present. You are in the spacious present now. You were in the spacious present yesterday and you still will not have travelled through it in your tomorrow, or in eons of tomorrows.

In your terms, the rate at which you discover the facets and realities of the spacious present becomes your camouflage time. On your plane there must be physical manipulation. This gives you also the illusion of past and future, and to you it appears that the present is a fleeting, almost ashen illusion in itself, beyond any true remembrance and beyond the reach of any but nostalgic recall. This is also caused by your camouflage system in which physical materializations appear and grow, mature and disappear.

In the spacious present as it exists in actuality beyond shadows, all things that have existed still exist, and all things that shall exist in your tomorrow already do exist."

If we think of the spacious present as a huge darkened room and our "Now" moments of perception as what we see with a flashlight, we can understand how by using manifestation techniques we can change the habitual direction that we point the flashlight so that new experiences arise in our Now moments. This is another way of "seeing" Abraham's Law of Attraction (Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks). Imagine what it will be like when we put down the flashlight and turn the light on fully in the room of the spacious present and see it in its infinite splendor!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Is It A Dream?

A Course In Miracles (and "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard) use the dream metaphor to describe the illusion we know of as physical reality. The problem with this metaphor, is that it seems to trivialize the whole experience.

Seth, in Session 37 (page 297 in Volume 1 of "The Early Sessions") uses the metaphor of hynotism and says the following:

"Existence on your plane or any other plane is merely self-hypnosis. As far as an analogy is concerned, this one is very nearly perfect. Your existence, and mine for that matter, on any particular level is predetermined by complete concentration or focus of inner selves upon the particular universe in question. And your camouflage patterns can most aptly be compared to the hallucinary effects created by the hypnotist upon his subject.

Only in this case the hallucinary effects are actual constructions on the plane in question, and involve problems that must be worked out. The hallucinations appear more or less consistent merely because everyone on that particular level is under the effects of the same self-hypnosis, and because they have already constructed hallucinary senses, the outer senses, in order to perceive the hallucinary world that they have created.

This is not meant to deny the importance or the value of the particular hallucinary universe in any way. It has a definite purpose. But the analogy holds, and is more valid than you might think. Complete concentration and focus is your answer.

When this focus is finished, when the subject tells himself "Now I will come to, now I have solved the problems that I set out to solve", then what happens is the withdrawal of the self from the plane. The construction vanishes and is heir to the materials which compose the particular universe."

I like this description, for it shows that there is a shared purpose behind a universe construction and that these universes are ephemeral like the dream analogy, but they serve specific purposes. Our "descent" into physical form within a duality is likely a shared exploration of the question "How can we be individuals and yet one with All-That-Is?" We happen to have taken that question to the extreme limit of the illusion of separation. Its nice to know that this plane is a useful exploration of the question (an empowering thing to know) and that we actually didn't separate from our source nor permanently create chaos, confusion, "evil" and any other bad thing we can think of (the guilt eliminating foundation of A Course In Miracles).

The Transcendors have often likened souls to "God's questions"...which is why we're at the frontier of creation and which is why our creations often appear to create chaos and disharmony (which themselves are new possibilities), even though our intentions are good. Lazaris spoke of souls in a similar way, except he added that we never completely formulated the question because as soon as we started to "think" of a question we became lost in an explosion of universes which expose the infinite aspects of all questions!

Enjoy the quest!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cleaning Windows

In the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts, Seth refers to the five physical senses as “Outside Senses” which are our perceptors of a camouflage physical world created by the Inner Self. Here is a discussion of this from “The Early Sessions” (Session 26):

“I am not saying that you should not believe the evidence of your senses ... We know that our so-called tables are not solid. Even your science knows this now, and yet your eyes see the table as solid. Face up to it ... Your senses lie. The table is a conglomeration of quickly-moving atoms and molecules but you see it as a table, and you see it as solid...
You are dealing with camouflage. Your outside senses are perceptors of camouflage, and your table which you rest your arms upon is not solid. That does not mean that your arms will suddenly fall to the floor. It does mean that even your science is discovering the existence of the inside world, which it will be unable to deny much longer.
Because I say that you create your physical universe in the same manner and as automatically and as unself-consciously as you create with your breath a pattern of steam upon a glass pane, this does not mean that you create all that is. It merely means that you create your own physical environment.”

I like the metaphor of making patterns with our breath on a cold glass pane. Its like we breathe on the veil of illusion and do not see past the camouflage patterns that our physical senses precipitate upon this veil. Its a physical, sensory parallel to A Course In Miracle's "projection makes perception". This window metaphor is also used to portray the notion that our limiting beliefs cloud our window of perception. Working on the shadow and the negative window is a lot like cleaning our window pane so that we can see clearly what is really real!

Enjoy the view!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Spiritual Peter Principle

I found this quote from a recent Metatron channeling (channeled by Tyberon):

"Your 'Peter Principle' in business and managerial aspect, states that one can rise to one's level of incompetence. That what gets you promoted on one level, gets you fired on the next! In a slight juggling of syntax, we tell you that in Spiritual Growth, humans often rise to their level of inexperience, and that inexperience can frequently lead to a temporary fall from grace."

This is a different take on the fact that, when we work through our archetypal journeys up the tree of life (Excellence) and down the tree of life (Spiritual Mastery) we can get hung up at any one of the 44 archetypal energies (22 up 22 down) and can also get hung up on the synergy that leads to true mastery at the "end" of the spiritual journey.

In fact, we can get hung up to varying degrees on more than two archetypal energies at once (since the concept of completion does not exist in spiritual growth and we're actually activating all 44 archetypal energies to varying degrees as we follow "the path"). So, the Spiritual Peter Principle has way more dimensions to it than the management Spiritual Principle...probably why we spend so many lifetimes on this plane and so few of them as managers!