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Seth Two On Coordinates

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 8, Session 409

Seth Two On Coordinates

(…  We talked about the material on coordinates, …)

These coordinates are psychic structures, and they form the cornerstones of all realities.

In the beginning of your sessions, Seth spoke about what he called the fifth dimension, and gave you an analogy meant to represent it.  His tiny wire analogy can now be considered in this light.  These are of course imaginary, but the image will help you understand the concept.

The intersections of the various wires forms various coordinates.  Some of these are of such immense intensity that they form systems that contain what you would call universes.

Through these openings whole groupings of self-structures experience, and re-experience in different ways, the dimensions within those coordinates.  But no boundaries really close a system, and within any set, any given set of coordinates, there will be others.

We will take your physical system as an example.  There is a general and mass focus of all self-structures within that system, binding enough and cohesive enough so that the appearance of permanent and all-pervading physical reality is maintained.  The ego part of the structure concentrates with great intensity, directing itself within those coordinates that form physical reality.

As Seth explained, even this cohesiveness is rather an illusion.  You exist at the same time within many other coordinates.  A shifting of focus is quite simply the main requirement for perceiving these other coordinates.  But to shift focus to them presupposes a knowledge of their reality.  Otherwise only a momentary and accidental encounter with them can ever occur, as far as you are concerned egotistically.

The realities are formed by psychic intent, and the true cohesiveness is intuitive.  The deep connections that occur, for example in various reincarnations, are not apparent to the ego.  The connections between us, now, are far more logical than any simple cause and effect.

The psychic intensity of an experience shatters all concepts of time.  In your terms an intense experience can unite and spark developments encountered by one through many reincarnations.  All identities do not choose physical existence.  All identities do not have to be physical at any quote “time”.

Those that choose physical existence, once having done so, must follow through.  Some of my own self-structures were never physical.  These communications, in your terms, quite simply act as boundaries, though the boundaries as you know do not really exist.

The coordinates are composed of intensities.  They are electromagnetic in structure – at least this is the closest I can come to explaining them to you.  For while they are electromagnetic, as Seth told you, they are living in that they are something like psychic projections.

The apparent boundaries of your own physical system therefore are composed of psychic intensities and projections that are set out by the entities who have decided to experience physical reality.  You agree upon your time concepts – they are like gentlemen’s agreements.  When you decide to accept this, then of course adequate proof for it will be found.

As far as what you consider the race of man to be, unsuspected value fulfillments and progress will follow after this mass recognition.  This will change civilization as you know it.

This will not come however for many reasons, for some time.  Value fulfillment would not be achieved in some important directions if man ceased killing because he knew death did not exist.  He must cease killing while he believes death does exist.  He must solve the problem in the context that it developed.

We will be working to explain coordinates to you.  We are barely beginning to hint at their reality and importance.  Every reality exists within unique coordinates.  There is some overlapping, but the main focus within any system is entirely unique.  There is no contradiction, no exception.  This applies in the most minute circumstance.  No experience is ever like any other, no individual or no self-structure.

What your scientists have learned about the physical genes barely scratches the reality of diversity, even physically.  The miraculous and pristine originality of every moment, even as you know it, can hardly be vocalized.  The diversity of atomic structure is as yet hardly suspected.  And all of this is but the physical materialization of the inner reality within one system.

Your lifetime, you see, is basically not important in terms of years, but in terms of intensity and value fulfillment.

The coordinates have nothing to do with time as you know it, nor with space as you know it, though in your system they form the reality in which time and space appear.  A creative event is far more significant than twenty years of boredom, you see.

I did not say idleness, for this can be creative, in terms of creative enjoyment.  You changed your own coordinates to some extent when the Seth sessions began, for you have freedom within the system.

As I told you, Seth as you know him will continue in the sessions.  For a while however I am speaking rather exclusively, to get Ruburt acquainted with the operation of various inner channels.  This will be a brief session, as inner adjustments are being made, and all information you require will be given to you in your time.

Seth is of course a part of the session whether or not he speaks, as you are accustomed.  In one way Ruburt’s pyramid image is quite legitimate, for you and he are at the base, with Seth in the middle and myself at the top.  This forming simply a structure of coordinates through which information can flow.

Seth One

We have not coordinated our coordinates; I am simply here to reassure you.

I know you miss my with, and shaggy dog personality.

I told my friend that you were ready for this development.  Opening the new channel is the important thing.  Then you can find out what fish you have hooked through it.  Opening the channel requires work on my part also.

(“I’ll bet the fish is a big one.”)

In order to be bigger than me, of course.  You are working with something else again, however.  The strong emotional content is not there, you see, in your terms.

When the proper coordinates are stabilized however, the new development will be more than worth you while, and mine.  And you can always get me, you see.

(“What do you think of the remark Jane made the other day – that the earth represents our subconscious?”)

It was a very good one.  He used the term unconscious; and it is legitimate.  For the basic earth that gives you sustenance is formed from your own vitality.  When you look at the state of your world therefore, as a sign of man’s condition, then also consider the stability, in your terms, and the bounty, that is also a sign of inner vitality.  And this sustains you regardless of your wars.

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Pure Knowledge, More From Seth Two

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 8, Session 408

Knowledge In Its Pure Form

The knowledge that we have, myself and others like me, would be incomprehensible to you in its pure form.

Translations are therefore necessary, and in many respects the distortions that will appear of necessity in any such translation are requirements; what might be termed distortion from pure knowledge, you see, is often the result of the translations without which you could not receive nor understand the material.

Beyond this however, some channels are more distortive than others, and we hope to keep this channel as undistorted as possible.  As you understand, pure knowledge cannot be put into words, and for that matter it exists beyond your usual concept of thoughts.

What you call thinking is a dim shadow of true comprehension.  This involves being united with knowledge in a way you cannot now appreciate.  This kind of comprehension automatically puts you out of self-structures as you think of them, but does not deny identity.  Since you are involved with self-structures as you think of them then knowledge must be given in such a way that it affects the structure as you know it.

Knowledge in your terms does change your own physical structure, merging with the physical stuff of your image, but your ego remains relatively detached from it, you see.  There is a psychic merging with knowledge.  To you, knowledge in the abstract means little.  There is a merging with concepts, however.  This you can understand.

Self-Structures And Identity

Now you are merged with a concept, now, of what you are.  So merged that you cannot see your way clearly out of the concept, nor easily imagine reality from any other viewpoint but the self-structure that you presently imagine yourself to be.  Another part of your whole identity is quite aware that you are delving into one concept of yourself.  To delve into it, you gladly and willingly momentarily forget the greater portions of yourself.  You experience the concept fully.  Your prime identity is quite aware of other self-concepts that are also being experienced.

Self-structures and identities are not the same.  Identity requires no structure.  Identity knows, and knows that it knows.  Self-structures know and do not know that they know.  Self-structures are a part of identity.  Identities can contain pure knowledge without translation, and use it to seed various existences and to form realities.  They do this consciously in your terms.  They are far more conscious than you can presently imagine.

Seth Two

You are going beyond Seth, to a part of Seth you do not know.

Seth was all of myself that could come through to you.  You are in contact with a larger portion of Seth’s reality.  You are learning that self-structures are transparent.  Any contradictions are merely the result of interpretations.  Your first Seth is independent, and I am independent.  Because he is a part of my reality does not mean that he is less an individual.  My reality simply includes more, now, within your particular coordinates; and that last is important.

He is another aspect of me while being himself.  In your terms, I am a guide he also follows.  He is much more aware of our relationship however than you are of your relationship to him.  Your time is required …  These communications change me as they change you, for they are action on both of our parts.  Your egos are being well educated, since they are aware of the sessions, and this will be of great benefit to you when other coordinates come into your perception.

Here knowledge is sifted through self-structures.  Pure knowledge is not impersonal.  To the contrary, it is meaningless unless it is experienced intimately within every part of an identity.  But to you it would seem impersonal.

I seem less of a personality to you than the Seth that you knew, because my personality exists in quite different terms.  To me, a thought is as real as a day to you.  A day that can be experienced in a variety of ways, and that can be viewed from literally endless perspectives.

In your terms, I am very ancient, and yet what I am is always new.  Your early Seth can explain this to you more clearly than I.

In the most simple of terms, we’re always helping you.

On the other hand, you are part of what we are.  Inspiration always springs from beyond your system, and not within it.  It always springs from channels that are available to you, and if it is, again, distorted, without the distortions you could not use the inspirations.

I will try in your future to explain basic systems of co-ordinates so that you will have some conception of how all creative and inspirational ideas always appear within your system; for only one portion of you appears isolated within it.

You have channels open to those various sources that you have forgotten.  These provide the motive power that moves your civilizations.  These coordinates leave traces within your system.  There are ways for you to tell the channels are clear.  There are ways to open the channels from your end, and we will discuss them.

Time, your time, is required again.

Now the pyramid or cone structure Ruburt senses is his symbolic way of feeling, in your terms, the approach of certain coordinates.  These are projected into your system and opened.  Instead of saying, “I will meet you at the corner of Water and Walnut”, for example, I meet you within certain precise coordinates.

These are fitted into your physical space structure, though I am not as aware of it as your first Seth.  I speak from a distance.  He comes into your room with every reality but the physical.

Now you may end the session.  If you feel lonely you may speak with Seth the earlier, if you wish.

(“Yes, by all means.  Are you there, Seth?”)

Seth One

Good evening. 

I see you have received some surprise.

My big brother has come to get into the act.  That is all right, and certainly I have hinted at this development in past material – opaquely.

Needless to say, I have not missed a session with you.  It may surprise you that I can remain silent, but it is one of my virtues with which you were not familiar.

You are like magicians, indeed, pulling white rabbits out of hats.

I am speaking with you this evening so that you realize I am hardly deserting you.  I have told you I am a teacher, and I have let the principal in the door.  But I will hold my own classes.

It is quite true in important respects, however, that the two of us are one.  This comes as no surprise to me.  There is much regarding the nature of time that I have not given you yet, and it will make this more understandable.

Even so poor a small fish as I, am not bound by your time, and can be quite aware of what would seem to be future branches and developments that will intimately concern my own identity.

On the one hand, in your terms, I have not reached that point yet.  I am not your Seth Two yet.  I am aware of him.  I will maintain myself as you know me now at the same time, even in your terms, then.

Or I would not be speaking to you now.  Our friend, our dear bewildered Ruburt, has had a time of it, and I suggest we end the session.

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Session 407, Seth Two

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 8, Session 407

Challenges In Expressing Inner Reality Concepts

You must understand that in a good measure much of our material is an attempt to put into words concepts and ideas that are far too vast for any such translation.

The laws of the universe, of the inner universe, for example, are not laws in some book.  Such laws that might be proclaimed in so many words.  They are attempts to explain in words the nature of the inner reality that forms All That Is.  I must disentangle concepts, unravel them, in order to explain them, and much is necessarily lost in the process.

I do intend to implement this material whenever possible by helping you both achieve subjective experiences that will fill out the words for you.  These will vary according to the circumstances and our conditions, but are much more possible now after the sessions’ latest development.

Each simple law of the inner universe that I have given you is in actuality a small and inadequate statement in single-dimensional terms.  Yet it is more than most are given, and the best approximation that can be made of the basic facts that are beneath any existence, the best statement that can be made under the circumstances under which we work.

As words would tell little, or give small hint of the reality of sound or color to someone who did not experience these, so the words used can only give insight into the nature of reality.  I hope through the addition of various subjective experiences in the sessions to give you the feel of concepts when this is possible.

The inner senses to some extent will allow you to perceive the reality of inner existence, and Ruburt incidentally in this new development is involved with the use of these inner senses in a more effective manner than before.  There are some changes in the way connections are made.  This gives Ruburt a feeling of strangeness as he makes inner adjustments.

He is now soaking up energy, so to speak, within his physical system as a sponge soaks up water.  He is using the new energy where he feels he needs it most, which is quite legitimate.

He has been reading various sections of the material, including portions having to do with the ego, personality and action, and you see attempted to set himself aside from the action in which his whole personality was intimately involved.  As impossible [to do] as the ego’s general attempt to insist upon some sort of permanent, unchanging, stable identity, since it is composed of action.

One portion of the personality therefore set itself aside and therefore was unable to use the abilities and energies inherent in the personality as a whole, constructively; and erecting barriers in one respect, the barriers were erected in all important regards.

He is warm physically now; again the energy available during the session is being largely utilized by his psychic and physical system.  It was not possible in the past.  The barriers to the energy have been let down, the action no longer impeded.  The energy is rushing into these areas that have been hungering for it, you see.  The system filling itself up, so to speak, and replenishing itself.

The task upon which Ruburt will embark will be performed with zest, for the physical system will be replenished and adequately supplied.  There is a change in blood count going on, an imbalance corrected, a decrease in white cells, and a bodybuilding process at work.

Again, this is simply a rushing in of energy where it was most needed, once the barriers have been removed.  This is a natural reaction.  Whenever the ego gains over-control, or sets itself up to oppose the deep and basic action within the whole personality, then in doing so it also blocks to some considerable extent the passage or use of the whole personality’s vital energy.

The physical system suffers.  It is impossible for the ego to block off specific connections with the whole personality, therefore any barriers effectively impede whole blocks of active and necessary vitality.  In Ruburt’s case now, the floodgates to the inner self are opened, so that the vitality rushes into those areas that have been to some extent denied.

The Seth Personality

The Seth personality has been an intermediary, and a legitimate one.  The information already given to you regarding the nature of personality gestalts should make this development seem indeed a fitting one.

Seth is what I am, and yet I am more than Seth is.  Seth is however independent and continues to develop as I continue to develop also.  In the spacious present you see, we both exist.

Some material he can present to you more clearly than I.  This was particularly true up to this present point.  He is closer to you in personality makeup and closer to your reality, therefore he could transmit ideas to Ruburt in more understandable terms than I.

There was a point, you see, of interpretation and translation as Seth interpreted material from me in such a way that Ruburt could then receive it.  At our last session, with the greater efficiency and the development on Ruburt’s part, the material was more direct, and the translation at this end automatic and smoothly performed.

While I was the source of the material, Seth as you think of him was at times a silent partner, helping Ruburt make the proper translations while standing aside in a personal manner.  There are various mechanics that still must be worked out, that will develop naturally as the sessions continue.  Perhaps a brief adjustment period as various methods are tried.  Seth will always be an element in the sessions as you know him.  He is the connective between us, and he has been a part of me that I have sent out to you.  He has gone willingly.

All divisions are to some extent arbitrary.  The source of this material is the same as it has always been.

I, who am the source, sent a portion of myself, an independent portion, to you.  Seth as you then thought of him, was far more than a delivery boy however, for it was his peculiar personality, and his particular qualities, which gave the material life for you.

He transmitted it in personal terms, made it understandable through the transmutation of himself.

You have always been then in contact with me, but you were only able to see a portion of me.  Keep in mind that all names are arbitrary, and we use them merely for your convenience, as we use words.  Basically, Seth’s name or mine isn’t important.  Individuality is important, and continues in ways you barely suspect.

In one way, in the most important way, and in the only basic way, I am Seth, dispensing with certain characteristics which are mine which I used to contact you.

The Seth personality again, as you understand it, is legitimate and independent, a legitimate and independent personality which is a part of my identity.  Seth is also learning and developing, as I am.

Simply, as an analogy, and only as an analogy, I am what you would refer to as a future Seth, as Seth in a quote “higher” stage of development.  This is not to be taken literally however, since both of us are fully independent, and exist simultaneously.

You have already been told that connections exist between you and Seth as you have known him.  Therefore it is apparent that connections exist between us also, and that this development is a natural one.  The apex point in Ruburt’s personality is an extremely fortunate and unusual one, and the reason that such communications can take place.

You (to me), are also necessary however, and as I intend to develop a discussion concerning such communications, you will be able to see your own position more clearly.

Regardless of the apex point however, attraction operates, and there are reasons why these particular connections have been made rather than others.  There are events that unite us and that have served as turning points in the development of our various personalities.  In some strange manner, what I am, now, is linked to what you are.

There are points of contact having nothing to do with time as you know it, that are extremely significant to all personalities, origins of new energy that are sometimes suddenly brought into existence because of the strong, latent psychic capacities within individual selves.

At these particular points whole conglomerations of new self units come into being, their origin sparked as given in the last sentence.  They then disperse and go their own ways, but the mutual origin and the strength of that initial psychic birth remain.

They may develop in entirely different fashions and in various dimensions, but a strong sympathetic attraction exists between them.  There is a point of contact where knowledge can be communicated from these various dimensions; and for too many reasons to give you now, Ruburt is precisely in proper coordinates for such communication to take place.

This communication, while taking place in your time, and in your present, is nevertheless partially responsible in other dimensions for what you would call future developments in your own personalities, which you can now in turn contact.  This is partially what I am, far more than you are, or that Seth is as you thought of him.

I look back on you as the selves from which I sprang, and yet I am more than the sum of what you will be when you are finished with the other dimensions and times that I have known.  For I have sprung entirely away from you, and would be alien in your terms.  That you can even contact me, is a most remarkable development.  Yet had you not been able to contact me I would not be what I am.

I am far more however than this portion of me that you contact, for it is only one portion of me that experienced that reality.  It is highly important that the material not be distorted then, for most communications take place on far different levels than this, so closely connected with your own system that even the most undistorted material is highly distorted, because the communicators themselves are so closely involved with camouflages, and do not realize that they create the realities which they then describe.

I have done my best to give you an understanding as a basis for our future sessions.  Seth as you knew him will also be Seth as you know him; for whether or not I speak as myself or through him, as you think of him, he is still the intermediary and the connection between us, and he will help transmit energy; but more, he will also appear as himself as you have known him.  There are necessary emotional elements that are uniquely his own.  My personality structure is far different – very rewarding to me, but very unfamiliar to you.  You will understand him better emotionally, and need, I believe, that strong connection.

I do not want you to feel I have taken away a friend.  I am also a friend.  In many ways I am the same friend.  Still, only a small portion of what I am speaks to you now.  Other portions of me are concerned elsewhere, for I am aware of my own existence in other dimensions, and keep track of them, and direct my many selves.

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Outline Of Future Material

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 8, Session 406

Outline Of Future Material

Now as far as our own material is concerned, it has taken short shrift for some time.  There are loose ends dangling in many areas.  We shall try to add some continuity and consistency, therefore.  You have still been given but a sketchy outline, in truth, but we have time to fill it in.  For that matter, the outline is scarcely completed.

We will want to deal overall with the nature of reality as it exists within your camouflage system, as it exists in other systems, and with the overall characteristics that pertain to it, regardless of any given manifestation.  That is, certain characteristics belong to reality, regardless of the methods by which it brings itself forth.

These methods themselves will vary.  The systems vary, the systems being the manifestation of reality as it shows itself in various forms.  The methods by which it manifests itself also vary.  Certain characteristics however belong to reality regardless of the very methods and various manifestations.

Some of these I began to hint at in your basic laws.  Since you are naturally interested in your own physical system, we will deal thoroughly with the methods by which reality turns itself into camouflage.  Also, we will deal with other methods to be used by you, that will allow you to perceive more clearly the basic nature of reality “showing through” physical camouflage.

Some of this material will automatically answer many questions with which you have been concerned, problems with which your scientists are now dealing.  Involved in this also will be the interrelationship that exists between systems of reality, including certain points of contact that connect them all.  For these various apex points can be mathematically arrived at, and will in some distant future of yours serve as contact points; in some cases taking the place of space travel.

I am trying to give you an idea of the direction in which we will be moving.  Questions such as those pertaining to life after death, in your terms, will be covered perhaps in a consecutive number of sessions, in which such matters will be covered in a body of material.

This portion will deal with practical considerations, in your terms, and will be a part of a larger portion concerned with the practical utilization of our material.  The practical utilization however must follow an understanding of the material.

A large segment will also be concerned with that portion of reality that has time connotations for you.  For you must deal with your idea of time, and manipulate within it while you hold it valid.  When you realize it is not valid, then instructions will be useless.

We will maintain some sort of sensible consecutive nature here in the material, though the separation is of course arbitrary.  We will also be developing the God concept in terms of my choosing, the pyramid-consciousness gestalts of which I have spoken in the past.  This will be given along with and as a part of the basic characteristics of reality, as divorced from camouflage materializations.

In larger terms, the word reality and those characteristics that I will give you as attributed to it, will be seen as part and parcel of a unified psychic consciousness, from which all other consciousness emerges.  These emerging consciousnesses form new moment points, create new value fulfillment experiences that constantly allow the overall reality to be created as it creates.

On a limited scale, very limited, this process is hinted at in the material having to do with moment points, action and personality.

Current ideas of reality are like children’s fairy tales.  If you keep these channels open and free, then you will get some material that is as undistorted as possible.  Some distortion is necessary, as you know, simply because all words are a translation.

Ruburt’s range is an excellent one however, for the plane that I have my main existence within is far beyond those to which those in the physical system have access.  You and he must see to it then that he does not color his experiences with me through reading material that ‘is highly camouflaged and distorted’, even though the distortion is well meaning.

That sort of material has its purposes, and it does do some good, and it does explain reality in terms that many people can understand, for the props and fantasies are familiar ones.  There is no necessity for them here, however.

Now, specifically this applies to the work of what Ruburt and you would refer to as spiritualistic.  The work of mediums, or books about mediums, that deal exclusively with conventional religious concepts, and that interpret reality in those limited terms.

Later, when such material does not affect him, this will make no difference.  Some of the Cayce material is included here.  We will make an effort in the future to give you both some Direct-Experience-in-Concepts.

These experiments will run along with and closely follow the vocalized expression of the concepts involved.  The experiences will give you some small glimmering of unfortunate but necessary loss of meaning that occurs when any concept must be communicated in physical ways.

This will be a different kind of in-depth learning, a rather unique and original development that will be as devoid as possible of stereotyped symbols, which are usually almost automatically superimposed on strong experiences so that they seem – so that the experiences seem – to be made up of stereotypes.

I am the Seth that I say I am, but I am also more.  The Seth personality that is a part of me is the portion that can most clearly communicate with you.  At some future time I will indeed discuss this more thoroughly, and on some occasions in the future you may become more aware of other portions of my reality.  My reality includes the Seth reality.

There was no point in my mentioning this before.  The Seth portion of me has been intimately connected with you both, and so in that respect have I.  This is all closely related to the definition of a personality energy essence, from which of course all individuals spring.

There is a peculiar corner within Ruburt’s personality, also deflected into your own, that allows him a rather clear access into informational channels most difficult to reach from your system.  During this particular session, and at this moment, the contact is particularly good.

There is also an access to energy far beyond that which is usually experienced.  Ruburt sensed this quite well in the past, and feared to open those channels until he felt himself suitably ready and prepared.  There exists, in other words, what could almost be compared to a psychological and psychic warp in dimensions, and that corner in Ruburt’s personality is an apex point at which communications and contact can be made.

He feels this very strongly this evening.

A more powerful connection exists, you see, now; and this means you have reached, as you are well aware, somewhat beyond the personality by which I usually make myself known to you.