Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Great Quote From Elias

ELIAS: (Very intently) “If I shall express to any of you, within all of my engagements with you within physical interaction, any quote that shall be remembered, it shall become ‘It matters not,’ for your expressions are merely those of experience. You are immensely – underline immensely – vaster than your comprehension of yourselves within this one particular physical focus, and this vastness of self is available to you. You are not limited to the understanding of only this one focus. You hold ALL of essence within you. It is NOT a being outside of you. Your relationship with yourself is not a relationship which is engaged with some elusive entity that floats about outside of you. Information that you allow yourselves to connect to is NOT outside of you. ALL of the information is held within you.

I have expressed many times that the only difference between yourselves and myself is that you do not remember and I do. You have chosen to be forgetful, that you may create within physical focus a purity of experience and a fullness of experience in physical aspects. Therefore, you have CHOSEN to be forgetting of all of essence and the vastness of yourselves. I no longer occupy physical focus. Therefore, I hold the remembrance, but you now move into this action of this shift in consciousness and you now offer yourselves the remembrance also. You each are building your bridges from your individual oubliettes across to the recognition and realization of essence.

You do not occupy a planet of lowly accord. You are not within this physical focus as a learning dimension, so to speak, on your way to higher ground. There is no higher ground! You ARE your highest expression! Even within all of your belief systems and within your physical expressions, you ARE your highest expression. You are one focus of an endless essence, and this one focus holds all of the information of consciousness, of essence, of you, and of all other essences. For although you camouflage within physical focus, and you within your thought processes hold to the belief that you may move in the direction of being secretive, for you are so very separate within physical focus, you are not separate at all. You are all intertwined. Your consciousness is all intermingled, and within essence there are no secrets, for all is known to all others.

You amaze yourselves with your own abilities. You present to yourselves different moments where you shall physically express to each other simultaneously the same thought. You shall verbally express the same words within your language simultaneously with another individual, and you shall call this accident! This is a very simple example of the interconnectedness of you all and that you all are participating within a mergence of consciousness collectively, continuously. Your telepathic abilities would be astounding to you, were you merely to open yourselves SLIGHTLY to your own abilities.

Your inner senses are more fine-tuned, so to speak, than your outer senses. You engage your outer senses continuously. You are quite familiar with touch and the sensation of this. You are quite familiar with your sight and the engagement of your sense of hearing. You do not allow yourselves to recognize your inner senses, which move far beyond these outer senses. Your outer senses are outward mirror images of your inner senses, which hold immense power, and you now offer yourselves the opportunity to not only experiment with these inner senses, but in actuality to open to these inner senses and to be moving into the exploration of consciousness within your physical objective awareness, your waking state within this dimension, offering yourselves much more of your own expressions of creativity.” [session 302, July 26, 1998]

Monday, May 9, 2011

Matter and Camouflage Reality

Here is some more discussion on matter and our camouflage reality from session 108 of Seth's Early Sessions. Note how the physical reality, dream reality and the associated negative energy reality are likened to layers of skin on a single fruit:

"I would like to speak this evening further along the lines of camouflage. Matter is as you know camouflage, the outwardness of energy. The outwardness is formed through the inwardness, not the other way around.

"There is always an excess of this inwardness, struggling to express itself in an outward form. For this reason a study of the outwardness will never result in true comprehension of the inwardness. There will always be that inside which is still unexpressed.

"The inwardness is individualized. This is the rule. There is no unindividualized energy. There is no energy that is not to some extent aware of itself; having sought and achieved expression through physical form in one way or another, it is not satisfied but forever seeks more complicated gestalts.

"The inwardness therefore flows through and forms matter, and the inwardness remains when it has finished expression in any given form. As you know in the case of man, memory, experience and value fulfillment is not lost as the inwardness disregards one form. This would deny value fulfillment itself.

"I have told you that energy always regenerates itself, but the implications here psychically are astounding, as the inward energy forms gestalt after gestalt; and each gestalt itself then continues to go on, itself regenerating, forming new personalities which are never destroyed.

"The entities, like master memory cells, store knowledge of its, or their, gestalt personalities; and even these entities are often split in many pieces, and each segment retains the complete data that belonged to the original entity.

"Here you see, psychically and electromagnetically, something close in concept to your birth process, but without the eventual death of the parents. For this psychic creation is spontaneous. This inwardness of course is the basis for all existences, and pushes its way into everything that is, since it is the inwardness of all.

"There are possibilities in all inwardness, that seek to establish conditions that will make it possible for them to come into existence. They, the possibilities inherent in inwardness, collect magnetically, so to speak, about other like possibilities, setting up coherent fields of like attractions. In your universe they began with the psychic possibility of a world of physical matter, born in consciousness.

"They formed atoms and molecules, after first spreading out a positive field. There was also therefore from the beginning here a negative field, and as they weaved matter in and out of this psychic beginning meshwork, they formed both the world of matter and of negative matter.

"The inwardness, as you know, is conscious of itself; but forming this new universe it could express its consciousness only through matter as it formed it, beginning with the innate, rather generalized consciousness of atoms. When sufficient atoms were formed from inward energy, then more various combinations became possible, and with them an accelerated consciousness could be made apparent.

"This inwardness is so adaptive and self-generating, seeking all outlets and possibilities, that it not only in your case formed a physical universe, but found new ways, operating through the new physical universe, to construct an additional field or plane within and completely through, or on the other side of while yet within the physical universe; this being your dream world, which is made possible because of the physical mechanisms and involvements themselves.

"And then within this same physical universe, the inwardness was not content to find expression through but one form only, but in multitudinous forms and degrees. What you call reincarnation is only one aspect of a particular interest in the whole regenerative psychic process within your physical universe.

"Remember now that the abilities of the inwardness determines the outward form, species and so forth. In the beginnings within your universe psychic characteristics grouped into units of attraction, so that mental enclosures were formed that could be compared to the smallest physical particle.

"Initially these mental enclosures formed as much matter about themselves as they could manage, capturing other such enclosures through attraction when possible, in which case the two groups thusly joined both benefitted by the additional matter that they could form. For there is this excess of inner energy, and when two such enclosures joined they could between them form more matter through interrelationships, than either could alone.

"The unified units, then stronger, began again the process of joining with other such units through attraction. Some such units closed their boundaries and therefore captured, so to speak, no other psychic inwardness, but were content at this stage; and they became self-contained, relatively changeless physical units.

"These units however, while not adding any more matter to themselves and being self-contained, could and did become units that were used as building blocks by other units which continued, not yet completed. And here the self-completed building block units, while not expanding within themselves, still became part of more complicated gestalts.

"It will be found in some important respects that the dream universe, which began even then, has somewhat the same relationships to the physical universe, but on a psychic level, that the physical universe has to the universe of negative matter. They represent skins, layers of skin, all belonging to the same fruit. Someone holding the fruit might be able to peel away the layers, but as for the fruit itself, the layers while making up the fruit are to all intents and purposes separate."

... "I had intended, and still will, involve us in a discussion of the parallel developments of the physical universe, the world of negative matter, and the dream world. For each one depends upon the existence of the other.

"There are so many interconnections, and with the construction of the physical universe inward energy was so inventive, that even further possibilities began early to show themselves. Anything constructed, in any field, attains reality.

"Reality means consciousness, and through the very physical apparatus developed by inwardness, which was aware from the beginning, further embellishments became possible for consciousness itself. The inwardness not only formed physical matter then, but formed new dimensions of inwardness itself, new dynamics from which consciousness could originate.

"As within your universe, as a personality reincarnates into different form, you have the retention of the original personality, intact, with its memories in the subconscious; and you have the additional formation of a completely new personality time after time.

"There is a splitting away from the original psychic branch, but with memory of previous individual existence.

"The individuals continue to exist, and express themselves according to their development in other fields not connected with yours, when they are finished on your plane. No particular identity is ever lost. If so the whole process would be meaningless. And in other ways to lesser degrees, through abstract thought, through art of any kind, the physical human being, having been formed by consciousness, in his own way then working through and with matter, constructs other fields or planes of attraction, which according to their abilities expand.

"This is not difficult to understand when you consider the relative difficulty in understanding even the simplest of physical phenomena alone."

"There is a communication possible between your universe and the universe of negative matter but it does not involve the physical self. You are, in your present, confined to our imaginary fruit, yet to some extent you can know it much more thoroughly than you do, and its three layers can be understood to a much greater degree.

"When you attempt space travel for example, you are attempting to travel around the complete fruit but only within or upon one layer of skin The circle is indeed important; and traveling in one dimension only about it, on the physical plane even, would require more, much much more, abilities than you have available.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seth's Perspective on Multi-Dimensional Existence

In Session 107 of Seth's early sessions, the following perspective is provided on the interweaving among dimensions and our limited awareness of this:

There are other dimensions, some of which you are almost ignorant, in which however you exist, or have some valid effect; where you are projected and where in one way or another you form a reference point.

"You are not known for what you are in these dimensions. You are not recognized in your human form. You are known only by effects. In some of these dimensions you are chemically and even electrically a reality, in others electro-magnetically.

"In some, only the constant telepathic psychic communications are picked up. These, in this particular other dimension, appear as something that could be compared to the winds that sweep across your own earth.

"These projections, from this dimension into others in this manner, again, are not unusual. Projections in terms of reference points appear also in your dimension, and you have as little knowledge or understanding of their true nature, as inhabitants of other dimensions have of your own.

"In all these cases the available projections are interpreted according to the set conceptions of those in whose dimensions they appear, and the data can only be interpreted according to the particular camouflage patterns which are inherent for existence within a given dimension.

"Yet these projections or effects from your dimension into others, and from other dimensions into your own, do cause definite reactions within the plane in which they occur; and various attempts will be made, and are made to interpret them, but always within the framework of accepted, known phenomena. Therefore such attempts in this manner are doomed to failure.

"As you know, camouflage elements are formed from the vital energy, which itself forms of itself all dimensions and all realities. It exists within all camouflage, since the camouflage itself is merely the form that is adopted. The inhabitants of any dimension, or whatever makeup, are still whole-self constructions.

"The whole self as you know has its existence in uncamouflaged energy, and is therefore capable of the assimilation of knowledge in so far as it can, if it chooses, be basically unaffiliated to any one camouflage dimension or perspective. In actual practice this takes a supreme development, but even for general purposes the inner self retains a freedom from camouflage perspectives, and is aware in varying degrees of other perspectives, and of its existence outside of them.

"Through the inner senses, therefore, some enlightenment can be received as to both the actual existence of dimensions that the physical self cannot perceive; and also through the inner senses, a sense of confidence and continuity can be achieved through the inner self's knowledge of its freedom.

"The subconscious has great and rather astounding effect in dimensions other than your own, and it sends vivid projections into these other perspectives, that appear there and are in their turn perceived in distorting manner by the outward camouflage senses of those inhabitants. And yet their inner senses give them hints of your reality.

"You exist and have effects in more realities than you know, and you perceive bits and pieces of other perspectives that appear in your own dimension. This is why I have told you, long ago, that your cause and effect theory is ludicrous. It only applies to your own dimension, and will never make headway in explaining those numberless projections that appear within your universe from a dimension separated from it.

"I will not say outside of it since in many instances, if you speak in terms of space as you know it, then in space many perspectives occur together. It is not space that separates, it is focus and the form of energy."