Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seth's Perspective on Multi-Dimensional Existence

In Session 107 of Seth's early sessions, the following perspective is provided on the interweaving among dimensions and our limited awareness of this:

There are other dimensions, some of which you are almost ignorant, in which however you exist, or have some valid effect; where you are projected and where in one way or another you form a reference point.

"You are not known for what you are in these dimensions. You are not recognized in your human form. You are known only by effects. In some of these dimensions you are chemically and even electrically a reality, in others electro-magnetically.

"In some, only the constant telepathic psychic communications are picked up. These, in this particular other dimension, appear as something that could be compared to the winds that sweep across your own earth.

"These projections, from this dimension into others in this manner, again, are not unusual. Projections in terms of reference points appear also in your dimension, and you have as little knowledge or understanding of their true nature, as inhabitants of other dimensions have of your own.

"In all these cases the available projections are interpreted according to the set conceptions of those in whose dimensions they appear, and the data can only be interpreted according to the particular camouflage patterns which are inherent for existence within a given dimension.

"Yet these projections or effects from your dimension into others, and from other dimensions into your own, do cause definite reactions within the plane in which they occur; and various attempts will be made, and are made to interpret them, but always within the framework of accepted, known phenomena. Therefore such attempts in this manner are doomed to failure.

"As you know, camouflage elements are formed from the vital energy, which itself forms of itself all dimensions and all realities. It exists within all camouflage, since the camouflage itself is merely the form that is adopted. The inhabitants of any dimension, or whatever makeup, are still whole-self constructions.

"The whole self as you know has its existence in uncamouflaged energy, and is therefore capable of the assimilation of knowledge in so far as it can, if it chooses, be basically unaffiliated to any one camouflage dimension or perspective. In actual practice this takes a supreme development, but even for general purposes the inner self retains a freedom from camouflage perspectives, and is aware in varying degrees of other perspectives, and of its existence outside of them.

"Through the inner senses, therefore, some enlightenment can be received as to both the actual existence of dimensions that the physical self cannot perceive; and also through the inner senses, a sense of confidence and continuity can be achieved through the inner self's knowledge of its freedom.

"The subconscious has great and rather astounding effect in dimensions other than your own, and it sends vivid projections into these other perspectives, that appear there and are in their turn perceived in distorting manner by the outward camouflage senses of those inhabitants. And yet their inner senses give them hints of your reality.

"You exist and have effects in more realities than you know, and you perceive bits and pieces of other perspectives that appear in your own dimension. This is why I have told you, long ago, that your cause and effect theory is ludicrous. It only applies to your own dimension, and will never make headway in explaining those numberless projections that appear within your universe from a dimension separated from it.

"I will not say outside of it since in many instances, if you speak in terms of space as you know it, then in space many perspectives occur together. It is not space that separates, it is focus and the form of energy."

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