Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Psychology of Matter

When I studied atomic physics and particle physics it never occurred to me that I was studying individual and group psychology!  No wonder quantum physics looks so weird to an objective, reductionist science that sees consciousness as an epiphenomenon.

Lazaris has said that atoms yearn to be molecules and to form the mineral kingdom. All matter in whatever form or whatever scale (atomic to cosmic) is held together by love.  Mineral consciousness yearns to move more quickly and to “grow” into the plant kingdom.  Plant consciousness yearns for the freedom to run, swim and fly in the animal kingdom.  Ultimately all kingdoms yearn to feel and know their spiritual roots … that’s what an ensouled, spiritual human being is about - as opposed to a human animal.

Enjoy your freedom!

“It is fashionable to say that some scientific laws can be proven at microscopic levels, where, for example, small particles can be accelerated far beyond [their usual states].  But you quite studiously ignore that feeling exists on microscopic levels, that there can be psychological particles, much less come to the conclusion that all particles are psychological particles, with their own impetuses for development and value fulfillment.  That is why atoms join together to form matter.  They seek the fulfillment of themselves through form.  They cooperatively choose the forms that they take.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 866)    

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Free Will

What launched me into metaphysics and spirituality in the late 70’s was my concern over whether or not I or anybody else really had free will.  I think what Seth is saying here is that in this earthly, 3D plane of action and choice in linear time, we have purposely given ourselves the appearance of choice.  

In reality, all possibilities of all times and space exist at once (in the spacious present that Seth speaks of) so we have choice because we deny ourselves conscious awareness of all of these possibilities and the game of life now becomes interesting and fulfilling.  As we look at what we know of as human history, you can see the impact of choices made out of local optimization … by local I mean within a narrowly defined physical ecosystem and with a focus on the “near term” in linear time.  This is playing out once again in our history with various nations becoming protectionist and seeking greater autonomy as opposed to recognizing the integrity of the human species and the grace of Gaia.

On the other hand, the Transcendors, Lazaris and others have pointed out that the choices we make aren’t limited to merely picking from a pre-determined array of probabilities; rather, there are more powerful choices that we can make that create totally new possibilities.  

Seth points out elsewhere that every moment (past and future) and every probable moment (past and future) are each alive and each moment seeks its own version of fulfillment.  I imagine this to be like circular waves radiating out from a stone dropped on an infinite pool of water.  Seth goes even further to point out that we actually can feel the energy from past and future probabilities - not just the influence of past events (like we pretend).  I highly recommend reading Jane Roberts’ Oversoul Seven trilogy to get an idea of how free-wheeling and creative reality really is!

The dilemma for us, I think, is that we try to understand everything from our 3D, linear time duality using a dualistic logical system.  The explosion of All That Is into creativity is done outside of time, in the “spacious present" … so the very concept of explosion is meaningless.  There is also no “where” to place All That Is and no place for this explosion!  

So much for what we consider to be “knowledge” and what we know as reason (logical deductions).

“I am saying that man has free will within the framework of his existence, and that all other species do also within the frameworks of their existences.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 866)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Love and Compassion

Seeking and expressing love and compassion through our creative experience form our natural state of being (and that of everything else).  As such, they are the basis for our fulfillment as individuals, groups, humanity, etc.

A Course In Miracles, as discussed in Gary Renard’s books such as The Disappearance of the Universe, mentions that the verse in the Bible closest to absolute truth is “God is Love”.  They then suggest that it really should read “God Is” because the world “love” cannot define the depth, breadth, immensity, power, etc. of the Source of our being.  

I like Seth’s perspective since All That Is (aka God) is indeed beyond words and comprehension to a 3D, logical brain.  Awareness of All That Is comes to us in flashes of feelings and gestalts of awareness … all beyond words.  The closest expressions that we have for those feelings and gestalts are, in effect, love and compassion.  Hence, to us in 3D land, “God is Love” makes sense since we are Godlets having a physical experience.

“There are natural laws, then, that guide all kinds of life, and all realities – laws of love and cooperation – and those are the basic needs of which I am speaking.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 863)

Thursday, October 26, 2017


As “godlets” of the Creator (God/Goddess/All That Is) it is no surprise that we are wired for creativity.  In fact, our entire 3rd dimensional reality that we know as physical reality is a playground that we created to express that innate, exuberant, loving, creative nature.  

The human expression of creativity transcends the physical arts to include the soul and spirit … after all we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, not the other way around.  The “real” creativity happens in the “inner worlds” and we pop 3D impressions of this multidimensional action as events and form in our physical experience.  This is why certain art forms speak to us and can change human destiny!


“Creativity is an in-built impetus in man, far more important than, say, what science calls the satisfaction of basic needs.  In those terms, creativity is the most basic need of all.  I am not speaking here of any obsessive need to find order – in which case, for example, a person might narrow his or her mental and physical environment – but of a powerful drive within the species for creativity, and for the fulfillment of values that are emotional and spiritual.  And if man does not find these, then the so-called basic drives toward food or shelter will not sustain him.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 863)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Life is meaning for animals

In this quote, Seth points out that life is meaning for animals.  In other words, if a species does not collectively experience value fulfillment in this time-space epoch on Gaia, the species dwindles or becomes extinct and moves on to more interesting and fulfilling realities.  

The same can be said of humans.  Metaphorically, humans die for the same reason as if they were leaving a movie:  namely, the movie is done (I’ve finished what I came to do) or the movie sucks (in which case we elegantly exit this incarnation and move on to more fulfilling ones).

“In those terms, animals have values, and if the quality of their lives disintegrates beyond a certain point, the species dwindles.  We are not speaking of survival of the fittest, but the survival of life with meaning.  Life is meaning for animals.  The two are indistinguishable.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 863)

Leading neuroscientist explains how the brain hallucinates reality

This article describes a TED Talk given by neuroscientist Anil Seth establishing that the brain hallucinates reality based upon it's physical sensation.  This sounds a lot like Ramtha ... but with one important difference.  To a neuroscientist the physical body is real ... while Ramtha points out that it too is illusion.

Leading neuroscientist explains how the brain hallucinates reality

In a recent Ted Talk, neuroscientist Anil Seth revealed irrefutable proof that conscious reality is not shaped by the world around us. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Our brain hallucinates our reality into being. It uses past experiences and sensory data to make a series of predictions about the outside world. Through this process, it generates the world.
The world we experience comes as much, if not more, from the inside out as from the outside in. ~ Anil Seth, Professor of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, United Kingdom
The Brain Creates Conscious Reality
Backed by various scientific experiments, Seth explains the process in which the brain creates what we perceive as our conscious reality. The brain uses sensory information in the world to help it form its best predictions about what is possible. Additionally, it assimilates our experiences of the physical body and applies that to our perception of the self. All of these experiences are further shaped by the biological functions that keep us alive.
Seth explains:
What we consciously see depends on the brain’s guess of what’s out there. Our experienced world comes from the inside out not just the outside in. This applies to our experiences of what is and what is not our body. These self-related predictions depend critically on sensory signals coming from deep inside the body.
Seth believes that once the brain has made its predictions, it hallucinates an experience that we perceive as reality. Thus, in a sense, we are predicting ourselves and our world into existence in real-time.
Do We Have the Power to Change Reality?
Many believe that we have the power to shape reality. This is exactly what Seth is also saying – the brain creates, aka hallucinates, our conscious reality. Unfortunately, most people take their reality for granted. We often believe that the world is what it is, and that we are just a tiny spec in a much bigger organism. We call this organism life, society, humanity, existence, etc.
Whatever nomenclature we choose, this bigger organism is actually a figment of our collective consciousness. A hallucination, per say, that we have all agreed on for thousands of years. And since we’ve agreed upon it, we call it reality.
Consciousness and its influence over reality remain a great mystery of modern science. We have yet to apprehend the full inner workings of the mind and its power over the human experience. One thing neuroscientists, such as Anil Seth, are starting to reveal is that life is not a random assembly of matter that sometimes produces a body and a conscious mind. On the contrary, it is the conscious mind and our conscious experiences that create and organize the world into being.
With a greater sense of understanding, comes a greater sense of wonder and a greater realization that we are a part of and not apart from the rest of nature. ~ Anil Seth
Final Thoughts
Let’s be honest. The idea that we can shape reality can be very exciting, but the concept may also seem completely implausible. Many of us feel like we’re the product of our parents, society and culture, barely in control of our own lives. Yet, the reality is that this is just what we’ve been programmed to believe. Not only programmed by culture and media, but programmed on a cellular level through our human ancestry.
For many of us, just entertaining the possibility of creating our own reality may be enough to reshape our perceptions about what is possible. This in itself could motivate you to pursue an ambition or dream you thought unattainable.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Value Fulfillment

Today’s Seth attempts to describe “value fulfillment” (a multidimensional, abstract concept) in 3D terminology.  

Imagine, for example, what “value fulfillment” means for an atom, for Gaia (the planet Earth), for a galaxy, etc.  Our physical experience and dualistic language prevents us from ever putting into words concepts like “value fulfillment” which apply to all planes of experience (dimensional and non-dimensional) within All That Is.  

I suppose “value fulfillment” is more of a feeling - a feeling of contentment and sometimes a feeling of sheer exuberance; or, sometimes “value fulfillment” is a gestalt of awareness.  These feelings or gestalts arise when we “know” we are on track.

“The term “value fulfillment” is very difficult to explain, but it is very important.  Obviously, it deals with the development of values – not moral values, however, but values for which you really have no adequate words.  Quite simply, these values have to do with increasing the quality of whatever life the being feels at its center.  The quality of that life is not simply to be handed down or experienced, for example, but is to be creatively added to, multiplied, in a way that has nothing to do with quantity.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 863)

Monday, October 23, 2017


Another beauty from Seth … this is definitely something to put up on a wall as a reminder!  

Of course, taken to a dualistic extreme (such as we see with the current U.S. president), the whole collective value fulfillment dimension seems to be lost (thought the value fulfillment could be the exposing to humanity and nations issues that still haven’t been resolved as we ascend).  

For us it is obvious that we measure/perceive everything in relation to our physical body.  The same is true for other bodies of human consciousness … families, cities, countries, etc.  Part of the lesson we have in this reality is about what I call “local optimization”.  Since each level of consciousness has an identity and exists in what it perceives as an external ecosystem (in a duality), each consciousness is driven logically to “optimize” itself with each interaction with its ecosystem (this is a generalization of the idea that we are driven to avoid pain and seek pleasure).  Clearly, what we consider to be optimization and pleasure is entirely culturally imprinted … that is, unless we connect with our Inner Self and can clearly feel and respond to our “true” natural impulses.

It must be interesting being an atom or molecule … I wonder if they have cultural imprints like we do?  The same can be said for star systems and galaxies … it makes one think!

“Each being experiences life as if it were at life’s center.  This applies to a spider in a closet as well as to any man or woman.  This principle applies to each atom as well.  Each manifestation of consciousness comes into being feeling secure at life’s center – experiencing life through itself, aware of life through its own nature.  It comes into being with an inner impetus toward value fulfillment.  It is equipped with a feeling of safety, of security within its own environment with which it is fit to deal.  It is given the impetus toward growth and action, and filled with the desire to impress its world.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 863)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Inner Laws of Nature

Here is a link to a page on my website which describes the Inner Laws that Seth is referring to:

Seth's Inner Laws of the Universe

“When I speak of natural law, I am not referring to the scientist’s laws of nature, such as the law of gravity, for example – which is not a law at all, but a manifestation appearing from the viewpoint of a certain level of consciousness as a result of perceptive apparatus.  Your “prejudiced perception” is also built into your instruments in that regard.
“I am speaking of the inner laws of nature, that pervade existence.  What you call nature, refers of course to your particular experience with reality, but quite different kinds of manifestations are also “natural” outside of that context.  The laws of nature that I am in the process of explaining underlie all realities, then, and form a firm basis for multitudinous kinds of “natures”.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 863)

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Spiritual Adult

This is a beautiful reminder from Seth of our innate nature.  

This quote is an excellent description of expressing our “Inner Child” with unconditional love.  Too often I’ve seen "expressing the Inner Child" as an excuse to be selfish or irresponsible or sometimes downright destructive.  The true Inner Child, without the cultural imprints and limiting beliefs imposed externally, is a veritable thing of beauty.

Lazaris talks of the ideal evolution of our psyche in earthly life as a progression:  first the playful child, followed by the curious adolescent, followed by the nurturing parent.  The synergy of all three of these is the true spiritual adult!  

As Seth points out, all time is now (Seth’s spacious present) so the child, adolescent and adult are all alive and well in this very moment.  Therefore the spiritual adult is the synergy of the positive aspects of these components of our psyche in each moment.

Let’s live that synergy in joyful, loving exuberance!

“You are born loving.  You are born compassionate.  You are born curious about yourself and your world.  Those attributes also belong to natural law.  You are born knowing that you possess a unique, intimate sense of being that is itself, and that seeks its own fulfillment, and the fulfillment of others.  You are born seeking the actualization of the ideal.  You are born seeking to add value to the quality of life, to add characteristics, energies, abilities to life that only you can individually contribute to the world, and to attain a state of being that is uniquely yours, while adding to the value fulfillment of the world.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 862)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Living Your Ideals

Edgar Cayce emphasized the importance of choosing and living your ideals, for without a consciously selected and maintained set of ideals we are rudderless and effectively powerless.  There have been many workshops given on the process of working with ideals.  For example, here is a link to one that I gave a few years ago at an Edgar Cayce Canada conference:

The 2013 workshop entitled: “The Ideal Approach - To Life, Spirituality and Enlightenment” can be downloaded here:  Ideals Workshop

“Many of you are convinced that you are not important – and while [each of] you feels that way it will seem that your actions have no effect upon the world.  You will purposefully keep your ideals generalized, thus saving yourself from the necessity of acting upon them in the one way open to you: by trusting yourself and your impulses, and impressing those that you meet in daily life with the full validity that is your own.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 860)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Impulses and Natural Power

This Seth quote provides a more detailed description of impulses and the outcomes when natural impulses are followed at the individual and group level.  It’s pretty clear looking at the daily news that mankind rarely listens to it’s natural impulses (due to cultural imprinting, limiting belief systems, neurolinguistic programming through the media, etc.) and there is a confusion over the meaning of “power”.

I like Lazaris’ definition of “personal power”: the ability and willingness to act.  “Power” has nothing to do power over someone or some group … that’s a pure distortion.  Natural, or true “power” is what Seth describes in this quote; i.e., when one has the ability and willingness to act on natural impulses.  

Note that there are no losers when natural power is expressed!

“As the body wants to grow from childhood on, so all of the personality’s abilities want to grow and develop.  Each person has his [or her] own ideals, and impulses direct those ideals naturally into their own specific avenues of development – avenues meant to fulfill both the individual and his society.  Impulses provide specifications, methods, meanings, definitions.  They point toward definite avenues of expression, avenues that will provide the individual with a sense of actualization, natural power, and that will automatically provide feedback, so that the person knows he is impressing his environment for the better.

“Those natural impulses, followed, will automatically lead to political and social organizations that become both tools for individual development and implements for the fulfillment of the society.  Impulses then would follow easily, in a smooth motion, from private action to social import.  When you are taught to block your impulses, and to distrust them, then your organizations become clogged.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 860)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

All Consciousness Grows Towards It's Ideal To The Benefit Of All

Wow, I love the way Seth describes the love and collective growth that is innate in everyone and everything at every scale and dimension … from the very atoms in our bodies all the way up to galaxies (yes … they’re conscious beings too).  The notion of a natural IDEAL at all levels of consciousness causing impulses towards the most favourable probabilities (individually and collectively) is downright beautiful!

Cayce often talked of selecting an IDEAL consciously and living it.  As I’ve posted before, an IDEAL is not a destination but something we navigate by … something like the North Star (to use a sailor metaphor).  I’m not a sailor nor a navigator, but I love exploring the “meta” of physics … understanding as best I can what happens behind the scenes.  Seth, of all the sources I’ve seen in this lifetime, lays it out most clearly and elegantly.

“No one told [a fetus] that it was impossible to grow from a tiny organism to a complicated adult structure.  What tiny, spindly, threadlike, weak legs you all once had in your mother’s wombs!  Those legs now climb mountains, stride gigantic boulevards, because they followed their own impulsive shapes.  Even the atoms and molecules within them sought out their own most favorable probabilities.  And in terms that you do not understand, even those atoms and molecules made their own decisions as the result of recognizing and following those impulsive sparks toward action that are inherent in all consciousness, whatever their statuses in your terms.

“Consciousness attempts to grow toward its own ideal development, which also promotes the ideal development of all organizations in which it takes part.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 860)

Monday, October 9, 2017

Natural Impulses Lead To A State Of Grace

In reading this Seth quote, particularly the bit about the fetus and natural growth, I was thinking of what it means to live in a state of grace.  It seems to me, that one lives in the intended state of grace when one has clear communication with the Self and follows the impulses of the Greater Self.  Of course, this means clearing away a lot of the doubt, fear, and cultural/religious baggage of our times.  

I suppose, given the state of the world now, one looks in the mainstream media and the political circus portrayed therein and sees that as “proof” of the danger of following our innate impulses.  Seth, however, is talking about the innate impulses … the ones in our Nature, in our DNA … the impulses that lead to love, compassion, altruism, gratitude and elegant value fulfillment (with a dash of natural exuberance!).  

I look at those mainstream images and messages and see the chaos of our belief system and the effect of “Nurture” over “Nature”.  

“Nurture” is the programming of neural networks that happens when we experience repetitive actions with emotional charge … aka neurolinguistic programming.  If one looks at advertising - smoking ads for example - one sees the repetition and the images of bliss and being “cool” associated with smoking (in ads and in movies, particularly in the 50’s and 60’s).  This repetitive exposure is strong enough that some people override their natural fear of fire and smoke and actually hold something called a cigarette in their mouth, set it on fire and breathe in the smoke … a total triumph of neurolinguistic programming over natural impulses.  

The problem is that with modern communications technology, we have had such an ever increasing exposure to "repetitive actions with emotional charge" that it becomes difficult to manage the programming of our carbon based computer (the brain).  Advertising, of course, is dominant in this world but listening to music, watching TV (particularly in a state of near sleep) also greatly affect us.  

One of the saddest developments (my view) is that our democratic process have resorted to advertising and emotion … rather than substance and logical choices.  Oh well, apparently this is a phase humanity goes through in learning how to communicate collectively.  The Transcendors at one point had said that the long term effect of the internet will be the reawakening of our innate telepathic abilities … abilities which were shut down when we “fell” into the depths of separation and fear.

Apparently we do pull this off … enjoy the ride.

“Impulses arise in a natural, spontaneous, constructive response to the abilities, potentials, and needs of the personality.  They are meant as directing forces.  Luckily, the child usually walks before it is old enough to be taught that impulses are wrong, and luckily the child’s natural impulses toward exploration, growth, fulfillment, action and power are strong enough to give it the necessary springboard before your life systems begin to erode its confidence.  You have physical adult bodies.  The pattern for each adult body exists in the fetus – which again, “luckily”, impulsively, followed its own direction.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 860)

Sunday, October 8, 2017


I started doing various approaches/techniques to meditation in the early 80’s.  I’ve seen what Seth talks about here and, of course, I’ve logged many hours “staring at a wall sitting cross legged”.  A lot of my motivation was physical (fighting allergies, hypertension, etc.) but a lot of it was trying to “fix myself” because I’d been conditioned to distrust my impulses.

I like the comment “true meditation is action”.  Here are a couple examples of what Seth is referring to:
  • Losing track of time while being absorbed in action.  
  • The martial arts are often used this way since in sparring there is no time to think.  The human body typically has a 0.25 second response time (the time from perception to first physical movement).  Masters of the martial arts can, for example, kick the opponent in the chin and have the foot back on the floor in that amount of time.  This means, that the more advanced the sparring partners are, the more boring and yet explosive the match.  They literally are in a state of meditation feeling the energy around them, the opponents slightest movement, etc. and responding in under a quarter second to something nobody even perceived watching the match.  Now that’s meditation followed by action … too bad it’s not very constructive!
  • Using meditative techniques (e.g. Lazaris meditation techniques) to travel backwards or forwards in time is another example of "meditation is action".  Our Self lives in a spontaneous state of a “spacious present” (Seth’s term) in which all moments in this life and all other lives are being lived right now. Growth and value fulfillment is actually the “evolution” of the complete probable lifetime (and other lifetimes) simultaneously with each moment in this lifetime.  Anyway, knowing that, I had a previous lifetime that I was bothered about so I went into meditation, gathered up a personification of my Higher Self (Lazaris technique) and travelled back to the death of my probable past incarnation, calmed him down and left my Higher Self there to do it’s magic.  That’s another example of meditation as action … only this time it was in the “spacious present”.

Have fun and see/feel the beauty and love around you in each moment!

“Meditation must be followed by action – and true meditation is action.  [Some] people are afraid of making decisions, because they are afraid of their own impulses – and some of them can use meditation to dull their impulses, and actually prevent constructive action.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 860)

Saturday, October 7, 2017


In some ways we’re like pixels in a cosmic image.  “Individual” pixels collectively form our perceived consensus reality at the human and cosmic level.  

What happens when a single pixel or small group changes frequency (i.e. changes colour) … the whole image changes.  On top of that, conscious creators have a “halo” effect … if you light up your personal pixel you upshift those around you (both “near” you physically and “near” you psychically).  This is because a lot of the “individual pixels” are just mindlessly reflecting what’s around them.

So … enjoy your journey and light up your “pixel” and those who share your reality!

The mass world is formed as the result of individual impulses.  They meet and merge, and form platforms for action.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 859)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We're No Accident

Seth makes this sound so obvious, yet there are still intellectuals who deny the obvious.  The problem is that materialist, reductionist science will likely never be able to conclusively prove what Seth says here.  

It is interesting that the Wingmakers material speaks of an event in our future where we do conclusively prove the existence of the soul.  Once that is done, humanity then opens up the whole science of time travel, etc. and we start to see the “big picture” and become awakened players in the Cosmic order.   

Before that can happen, humanity has to collectively grow up and quit murdering each other over money, ideas, or whatever excuse that we find convenient!

“To me, it is almost inconceivable that, from your position, any of you seriously consider that the existence of your exquisite consciousness can possibly be the result of a conglomeration of chemicals and elements thrown together by a universe accidentally formed, and soon to vanish.  So much more evidence is available to you: the order of nature; the creative drama of your dreams, that project your consciousness into other times and places; the very precision with which you spontaneously grow, without knowing how, from a fetus into an adult; the existence of heroic themes and quests and ideals that pervade the life of even the worst scoundrel – these all give evidence of the greater context in which you have your being.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 859)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

All Consciousness Has Impulses

I often imagine what it must be like for atoms and what we think of as physical objects to be conscious and loving.  The “forces” postulated in physics are mathematical ways to describe the “feelings” between various components of what we call physical matter.  Quantum Mechanics has been successful in predicting the likelihood of certain states of matter but it is ultimately the “impulses” of the individual subatomic particles which determines where, when and in what state they appear to our instruments.  

I also love the idea of an innate impulse for growth and value fulfillment.  In our linear time, 3D manifestation we pretend to represent growth by physical growth … when in fact we arise “brand new” in each moment.  It is our belief in continuous time that causes us to represent growth in this way.  

Even more interesting is the recognition that we actually “live” in a multiverse on an “omni Earth” … a sea of possibilities, probabilities and multiple dimensions that we take snap shots of and call moments of physical reality.  In that multidimensional context, fulfillment transcends this moment, this 3D world, this lifetime.  There are components of our psyche in all of these dimensions and possibilities and collectively the greater Self is ever seeking fulfillment and “growth”.  This could imply that something appearing to us in this physical representation as regressive or stagnant may, in fact, be essential for the fulfillment of the greater whole that is our greater Self and the whole of humanity, Gaia, etc.  

Enjoy the journey!

“I am using the term “impulses” for the understanding of the general public, and in those terms molecules and protons have impulses.  No consciousness simply reacts to stimuli, but has its own impulse toward growth and value fulfillment.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 857) 

Monday, October 2, 2017

A "Call to Action"

Here is a stirring “Call to Action” from Seth!  

Individual action for collective good was always the dream of Democracy; however, Seth's concept of Democracy goes beyond the narrow political definition and is expansive enough to include the well-being of all species and of the planet!

“I always want to emphasize the importance of individual action, for only the individual can help form organizations that become physical vehicles for the effective expression of ideals.  Only people who trust their spontaneous beings and the altruistic nature of their impulses can be consciously wise enough to choose from a myriad of probable futures the most promising events – for again, impulses take not only [people’s] best interest into consideration, but those of all other species.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 857)

Sunday, October 1, 2017


I think that the mistrust we seem to have in spontaneity, both individually and collectively, arises because often we’re listening to the “shadow” or to the “tape loops” that the negative ego runs to simulate thinking.  The key to peeling this “noise” away in order to perceive the true impulses of the your complete being is what Lazaris refers to as “processing”.

Processing involves clearing the “garbage” from our raw materials of manifestations (attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions) and sharpening our tools of manifestation (desire, imagination and expectation).  In that vein, I think that awakening the communion (communication and union) with the Higher Self is vital too.  Both of these activities are required in order to express our true, innate, spontaneous nature.  

Note that processing and communion with the Higher Self is ongoing, never completed and never perfect … it’s much like breathing, important for life and automatic once you start!

“In more mundane terms, impulses often come from unconscious knowledge, then.  This knowledge is spontaneously and automatically received by the energy that composes your body, and then it is processed so that pertinent information applying to you can be taken advantage of.  Ideally, your impulses are always in response to your best interests – and, again, to the best interests of your world as well.  Obviously there is a deep damaging distrust of impulses in the contemporary world, as in your terms there has been throughout the history that you follow.  Impulses are spontaneous, and you have been taught not to trust the spontaneous portions of your being, but to rely upon your reason and your intellect – which both operate, incidentally, quite spontaneously, by the way.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 857)