Sunday, June 27, 2010

I was rummaging through some old notes that I had on the Lazaris material and found the following on the elements (their correspondance to the energies and fources of the aethers, etc.) and a generalized description of evolution which is most insightful:

The Elements

The dynamism of the energies and their forces create the Elements

Element: Fire
Energy of Aether: Warmth; Force of Aether: Strong nuclear force with Weak force; Elemental: Salamander; Aspect of Human Self: Spiritual

Element: Air
Energy of Aether: Light; Force of Aether: Weak force with Strong nuclear force; Elemental: Sylph; Aspect of Human Self: Mental

Element: Water
Energy of Aether: Chemical; Force of Aether: Electromagnetic; Elemental: Undyne; Aspect of Human Self: Emotional

Element: Earth
Energy of Aether: Life Energy; Force of Aether: Gravitational; Elemental: Gnome; Aspect of Human Self: Physical


1. Any form that exists (has meaning and significance) tends to maintain its form and reproduce itself.

2. In order to exist and to be alive and to maintain it's form and reproduce: form must receive energy from outside itself.
• energy intake postpones dissipation (second law of Thermodynamics)
• note that observation, which is a form of energy intake from outside itself, postpones the quantum mechanical diffusion of information associated with the form

3. A form will take as much external energy as it can get (limited only by threats to its integrity).

4. Those forms most successful at garnering energy are stronger, live longer and reproduce more of themselves.

5. When a form becomes too efficient at garnering energy from its environment, it can threaten to destroy that environment even if it means destroying itself.

6. Evolution can move in two directions:
• evolve through disharmony and entropy (often to its destruction), evolving to a lesser form, i.e. downward evolution
• evolve in a direction of harmony, creation and negative entropy (not just postponing but reversing entropy) either by chance (random evolution) and/or by necessity (survival of the fittest, natural selection)

7. Harmony, negative entropy and creation (progressive evolution) can be assured if any one of the following happens:
• by increasing complexity (e.g. technology)
• by increasing degrees of freedom (e.g. fish to mammal to bird)
• resonance (resonant causation)
• conscious reflection and choice
• conscious destiny and choice
• conscious dreaming and visioning
• human grace (4 aspects): 1. seeking and learning new skills; 2. rise to challenge of strength, power & talent (of living); 3. to create order (to create new meaning and significance); 4. to be spiritual: seek the highest truth; seek the greatest freedom; to honour tradition and character, vision and vitality; dignity

Friday, June 25, 2010

I've been reading "The Starseed Dialogues: Soul Searching the Universe" (Patricia Cori) and found this description of the elementals:

"The four elements of Earth (air, fire, water, and earth) are of themselves living entities ruled by elemental spirits, which exist in the ethereal world - a consciousness framework parallel to yours.

These have been identified by your mystics, respectively, as: sylphs, salamanders, undines, and gnomes - and all are ruled by the angelic beings, who are the High Spirits of the etheric realms. Of these:

The Air Spirits (sylphs) exist in the highest vibratory frequency of the elements that form the Earth and all bio-forms of Earth. They interact with human beings in aspects that regard the intelligent mind (impulses along the neuron pathways), the conceptualization of the Universe, thought, communication, and philosophy.

The Fire Spirits (salamanders) exist in the flame: they interact with human energy patterns, the collective passion and will, the body electric.

The Water Spirits (undines) exist within the water itself: they are directly involved with the spiritual content of the waters of Gaia and exist in the emotional body of human beings, animals, and plants.

Water is the quintessential aspect of earth consciousness, much as fire is of the planet Mars (in its present state). The Water Spirits are being called upon to assist in the restructuring of all DNA of life forms on your planet, as it is of the greatest significance to the accelerating alteration of your DNA that the cellular waters be pure and vibrating at their highest frequencies, in order to perform their function as intercellular data transmitters. They interact with the living beings of Gaia at the emotional level.

The Earth Spirits (gnomes) relate to the mineral kingdom - Spirit at a slower vibration. This realm provides the nutrients for the plant and animal kingdoms and is the foundation of all life forms on the planet."


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Great Work

Cayce observes in reading 2376-3: “Be glad you have the opportunity to be alive at this time, and to be a part of that preparation for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world.” What are these preparations for the coming influences of a spiritual nature that must rule the world? This quote from Alice Bailey’s “A Treatise on White Magic” seems to answer that question:

“As the man seeks to reach control of the mind, the soul in its turn becomes more actively aggressive. The work of the solar Angel has hitherto been largely in its own world and concerned with its relation to spirit, and with this the man, working through his cycles on the physical plane, has had no concern. The main expenditure of energy by the soul has been general, and outward-going into the fifth kingdom. Now the solar Angel approaches a time of crisis and of reorientation. In the early history of humanity there was a great crisis which we call individualization. At that time the solar Angels, in response to a demand or a pull from the race of animal-men (as a whole, note that), sent a portion of their energy, embodying the quality of mentalisation, to these animal-men. They fecundated, if I might so express it, the brain. Thus was humanity brought into being. This germ, however, carried within it two other potentialities, that of spiritual love and spiritual life. These must in due time make their appearance.

The flowering forth of the mind in men, which so distinguishes the present age, indicates to the solar Angel a second crisis, of which the first was but the symbol. That for which the solar Angel exists is making its presence felt within humanity, and another strong pull. is being exerted upon the solar Angel which this time will produce a second fecundation. This will give to man those qualities which will enable him to transcend human limitations, and become a part of the fifth or spiritual Kingdom in nature. The first effort of the solar Angel turned animal-men into human beings; the second will [89] turn human beings into spiritual entities, plus the gains of experience in the human family.

For this the solar Angel, the soul, is organizing itself and reorienting itself so that its power can be redirected into the world of men. Contact must be made by the soul between the lower aspect of its triple nature and the aspect which has already found lodgement in the brain of man. Intelligent activity and love wisdom must be united, and the union must take place on the physical plane. In order to do this the soul is entering into "meditation deep", in union with all other souls who may have brought their instrument into a responsive state. This is the basic group meditation, and when a man achieves what the oriental books call "samadhi", he has succeeded in participating, as a soul, in this group meditation, and enters upon that cycle of service which expresses itself through the planetary Hierarchy. The rational mind and the abstract mind function as a unit, and the motivating principle is love. The soul, expressing love and abstract intelligence, is at one with its expression on the physical plane through the brain, and, when this is the case, the lower man has synchronized his meditation with that of the soul.

This is the objective of our work. Let this not be forgotten, and let every effort be made to bring mind and brain into such a functioning condition that a man can slip out of his own meditation and (losing sight of his own thoughts) become the soul, the thinker in the kingdom of the soul.

It is perhaps a new thought to some that the soul is organizing itself for effort, reorienting its forces, and preparing for a fresh and powerful impulse, but so it is. All forms of life under the force of evolution pass from initiation to initiation and the soul is not exempt from the process. Just as the soul of animal-man became united with another divine principle, and so brought into [90] being the fourth kingdom in nature, so the soul in humanity is seeking contact with another divine aspect. When that contact is made the Kingdom of God will come on earth; the physical plane will thereby be transformed and that peculiar period, presented symbolically under the term millennium, will come.

The Knowers of God in that era will preponderate over those who are simply aspiring to that knowledge, and their contact and the results of the force they transmit will be felt in all the kingdoms of nature. Dominion over all forms, and the power to act as transmitters of that spiritual energy we call love is the promised reward of the triumphant solar Angels, and the prized goal of their meditation work. The Sons of God will triumph on earth in full incarnated expression, and will bring light (therefore life) to all the manifested forms. This is the "life more abundant" of which the Christ speaks. This is the achievement of the true Nirvanee who, living in unbroken meditation in the spiritual realm yet can work on earth. The work of initiation is to enable a man to live ever at the centre, but to act as a distributor of divine energy in any direction and - after the later initiations - in all directions.”