Saturday, January 31, 2015

Root Assumptions Affecting Perception Of Inner Reality

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 7, Session 284

Inner Reality

Now.  The physical universe is far more complicated than you know, and you understand little about its origins or even about its nature.

Individually, you move in a very limited area of this vast universe, and yet inner reality is more massive in size, if you speak in terms of size.  It is far more extensive even in physical terms, and its reality exists in dimensions which do not exist within the physical system.  You take for granted the existence of this largely unknown physical world.  You gloss over what you do not understand.

The nonphysical systems are frightening to the ego-centered personality; but the bulk of the individual’s reality does not lie within the physical universe, but in those unknown areas.  As you know the ego is the topmost portion, so to speak.  Were it not for the dreaming self the ego would not exist.  Were it not for past existences the personality as you know it would not exist.

Remember that reincarnation does not contradict the theory of the spacious present, for such lives within the spacious present are simultaneous.  In dreams you journey through inner realities as actually as you walk physically through the matter of the physical world.  It is true that the experiences you encounter may not be encountered by another in precisely the same way, but physical experience is never the same for any two given individuals either.

Root Agreements Different In Inner Reality

You agree to accept certain data in the physical universe.  You agree to form this into certain patterns, and you agree to ignore other data completely.  These, now, root agreements, form the main basis for the apparent permanence and coherence of your physical system.

In your journeys into inner reality you cannot proceed with the same root agreements, you see.  Reality, per se, changes completely according to the basic root agreements from which you proceed.  One of the root agreements upon which physical existence is based is that physical objects have a reality that is entirely independent of any subjective cause; and that these objects, within definitely specified limitations, are permanent.

Now these root agreements will only confuse you in your inner explorations.  Objects may appear and disappear in these other systems.  Using the root agreements just mentioned as a basis for reality, an observer would insist that the objects are not real, for they do not behave as he knows objects must behave.

Because dream objects appear and disappear, this does not mean they do not exist.  In this particular instance the root agreement or assumption simply leads you astray.

Now.  There is a cohesiveness to the inner universe, and to the systems that are not basically physical.  But this cohesiveness is based upon an entirely different set of root assumptions or agreements, and these are the keys that alone will enable you to manipulate within, or understand, other systems.

Major Root Assumptions Of Inner Reality

There are several major root assumptions and many minor ones.

Now.  One:  Energy and action are basically the same, although neither must necessarily apply to physical motion.

Two:  All objects have their origin basically in mental action.  Mental action is directed psychic energy.

Three:  Permanence is not a matter of time.  Existence has value in terms of intensities.

Four:  Objects are blocks of energy perceived in a highly specialized manner.

Five:  Stability in time-sequence is not a prerequisite requirement for an object, except as a root assumption within the physical universe.

Six:  Space as a barrier does not exist.

Seven:  The only barriers within inner reality are mental barriers, or psychic barriers.

Now.  Only if these basic assumptions are taken for granted will your projection experiences make sense to you.

Different rules simply apply.  There are other basic root assumptions that I will give you.  Your subjective experience here is highly important.  That is, the vividness of any given experience in terms of intensity will be far more important than anything else.

Elements from past, present and future may be indiscriminately available to you.  There is the tendency to judge such inner experience in terms of reliable physical assumptions, this being an error.  You may conclude that a given experience is the result merely of subconscious fabrications, simply because the time elements are obviously intermixed, or physical coherence or sequence is not maintained.

In a given dream projection for example you may experience an episode that is obviously in the physical past, yet within it there may be elements that do not fit.  In an old-fashioned room of the 1700’s, you may look out a window to see an automobile pass by.  Obviously, you think, there is a subconscious distortion here.

Yet you may be straddling time in such an instance, perceiving, say, the room as it existed in the 1700’s, and the street as it exists in your present.  These elements may appear side by side.  The car may disappear before your eyes, to be replaced by an animal, or the whole street may suddenly turn into a field.  This is how dreams work, you may think.  This cannot be a legitimate projection anywhere.  Yet you may be suddenly perceiving the street, and the field that existed before it, and the images may be transposed one upon the other.

If you are trying to judge such an experience in terms of physical root assumptions, then it will be meaningless.  You may, as I mentioned earlier, perceive the form of a building that never did exist physically, and never will in your universe.  This does not mean that the form is an illusion.  You are simply in a position where you can pick up and translate the energy pattern before you.

Now.  If another individual under the same circumstances comes across the same potential object, he can also perceive it as you did.  He may however, because of his own makeup, perceive and translate another portion of allied pattern.  He may see the form of the man who originated the thought of the building.  To a large extent your habit of perceiving time as a sequence forms the type of experience, and also limits the experience that you will have in physical reality.

It also unites experience.  The unifying and the limiting aspects of consecutive moments are absent in inner reality.  Time cannot be counted upon to unify action.  The series you see does not exist basically.  The unifying elements will be those of your own understanding, your own abilities.  You are not forced to perceive action as a series of moments within inner reality, therefore.

Episodes will therefore be related one to another by entirely different methods, and the methods will be intuitional and highly selective and psychological.  You will find your own way through complicated mazes of reality according to your own intuitional nature.  You will find what you expect to find.  You will seek out what you want from the available reality data.

In physical experience you are dealing with an environment with which you are familiar.

You have completely forgotten the chaos and unpredictable nature it presented to you before learning processes were channeled into specific directions.  You learned to perceive reality in a highly specialized fashion.

When you are dealing with inner, or basically nonphysical environments, you must again become unspecialized, and then learn a new set of principles.  You will soon learn for example to trust your perceptions, whether or not the experience seems to make logical sense.

You must learn to differentiate between many forms that may appear in many ways similar enough, to seem to be of identical nature.  In physical life however you do this now automatically.

In a projection the problems will be of a different sort.  The form of a man for example may be a thought form, or fragment sent quite unconsciously by another individual whom it resembles.  It may be another projectionist like yourself.  It may be a potential form like any potential object – a played-over-and-over-again record of a form.

It may be another version of yourself.  We will discuss ways of distinguishing between these.  A man may suddenly disappear, and to be replaced by a small girl, a nonsensical development to the logical mind.  Yet the girl could be the form of the man’s previous or future reincarnated self.

The unity, you see, is different.  Basically perception of the spacious present is naturally available.  It is your nervous and physical mechanism which acts as a limiting device, and also as a focusing device.  By limiting many otherwise available perceptions it forces you to focus upon what you can perceive with greater intensity.

Your mental processes are formed and develop as a result of this conditioning.  The intuitive portions of the personality are not so formed, and these will operate to your advantage in any inner exploration.

You are basically capable of seeing this particular location as it existed a thousand years in your past, or as it will exist a thousand years in your future.  The senses serve to blot out many more aspects of reality than they allow you to perceive.  They are actually rather rigid limiting devices, yet in many inner explorations you will automatically translate experience into terms that the senses can use.

This facility, the translation of data to the ego, who would otherwise distrust it, any such translation is nevertheless a secondhanded version of original reality; and that is an important point.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Expanding Outer Ego Awareness

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 7, Session 283

Expanding Outer Ego Awareness

You cannot escape action.  The ego attempts to so order events as to direct action along its own lines.

It must, of course, succeed to some extent, or the physically oriented personality as you know it would not exist.  The ego is of course a part of action.  There are endless levels of action however, which the ego does not perceive.  It is possible for the inner and outer egos to merge to some extent, and this merging when it occurs does indeed represent the formation of a new kind of consciousness.

This concept is hardly a new one.  It is not a generally accepted theory, but it has ancient roots.  When you carry the waking I into the dream state, this is one approach to this different consciousness.  There is also an opening up that can occur in the waking condition.  When this occurs the inner and outer egos merge.  The outer ego recognizes its own duties, but it is aware that more is involved.

It senses realities usually closed to it.  It thinks, “There is more, but beyond I cannot follow.”  Here with this realization the inner ego may suddenly open.  Intuitive springs rush to the surface, and because the outer ego has already been alerted, it is able to accept these realities while still performing its ordinary duties.

The knowledge then available is first of all creative, intuitive knowledge which the outer ego may translate into intellectual terms when possible.  But it is no longer fearful of intuitive data.  It no longer fights the inner senses, nor does it fear for its own survival in the midst of intuitional onrushes.

It recognizes its position as a part of the whole self.  This is indeed a released, free consciousness.  It does represent a giant step forward.  It opens doors otherwise closed, and it automatically brings with it a state of excellent, buoyant physical health.

Identity is no longer limited to the outer ego alone.  The outer ego is now familiar with the whole self, or the entire identity, and has available to it strength of which it was not previously aware.  In periods of exuberance, when you are working well, and your health is extraordinarily good, when you are able to remember and manipulate your dreams, then such periods are signs of the emergence of this new consciousness.

In the beginning you will not retain it steadily.  It will grow by leaps and bounds however.  It’s growth has nothing to do with your physical time, but with inner value fulfillments of which you may not be consciously aware.  This last is important.  Contrary to usual opinion, periods of poor health are often the result of egotistic rather than subconscious manipulations.  You become over concerned with the egotistical situations, and hamper the inner self.

You tie yourself in knots, so to speak.  You think so rigidly of concerns that are primarily insignificant to you, as a whole self and make a fetish of them.  You identify, despite your knowledge, mainly with the ego.  This cuts you off from the inner self.  I am speaking generally here, to you, Joseph, applying no more to you than anyone else.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Apparitions, Dreams and Root Dreams

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 7, Session 282


In all our sessions we have been dealing with the mobility of consciousness, with its nature and extent.

In dreams consciousness operates to some degree independently of the physical system.  In projections this independence is more pronounced.  In physical death of course the connection between consciousness and matter is broken.  It is broken and yet not entirely severed.

There is a period of which we have not previously spoken, when the personality continues to hover within the physical system, with however certain freedoms that it did not previously possess.  During such periods, as has been suggested elsewhere, the personality can merge, blend or change various aspects of his previous existences, using them as you, Joseph, use colors.

This is a private system, the personality using lessons that it has learned from the immediately previous experience.  If no lessons have been learned, then on some occasions there may be a psychic reliving of past experience for the individual involved.  This will produce, usually, no actual return to physical events, but a reenactment of them.  It is possible however for the energy being used to act as a trigger that momentarily recreates sensual data under some conditions.

Various kinds of apparitions can be explained in this manner.  There is however no one explanation that will serve, for there are many kinds of apparitions.  All are valid to some degree.

In projections, for example, you may appear as an apparition within your own system or in another system.  You may on the other hand yourself encounter apparitions.  Some may be ideas of strong import, which you encounter in physical terms.  These may belong to the past, present or future, in your terms.

You may encounter apparitions that are actual visitors from another system.  They may or may not know that they are perceived.  Very early in our sessions I spoke of primary and secondary constructions.  You can of course form secondary projections, or fragments, and rather consciously control them, as will be the case in any deliberate projections.


Dream objects are secondary constructions, but very valid ones.  Now they do have much more than an imaginative reality, and they do posses consciousness, but a fragmentary consciousness, that can however further develop.

You are quite aware of these constructions as the inner self keeps track of them.  You act out many possibilities within dream reality, and within dreams you try out alternatives, and not necessarily short term ones.

You would have made an excellent doctor, for example.  In your terms you worked out this possibility by weaving, over a period of three years, a dream framework in which you learned exactly what your life would have been, had you gone into medicine.

Again, this was more than imagination.  In the dream state you experienced literally a future life that existed as a definite possibility.  You examined a probability, in other words, and chose another.

The physician, you see, existed in some dimension, and continues to do so.  Obviously there were financial limitations as far as education was concerned.  Subconsciously however you leaned in that direction to some fairly considerable extent.  This is all difficult to explain.  You met, for example, patients.  Some of these people you also know in the life that you chose.

This traveling in probable systems goes on constantly, with variations, in the dream state.  The individual chooses then which probabilities he desires to make actual in physical terms.

The point is that such dream episodes represent probable physical reality.

In one such episode, for example, you followed through your present course to completion.  Therefore you are aware subconsciously of your own future, since you chose it.

Now.  There are always backings off, you see, and new choices however.  You may at any point choose differently now.  The various choice possibilities were known in the dream episodes.  You foresaw then future possibilities within the main choice system.

In your present daily life the same process continues.  Most of these dreams are very disconnected from the ego, and will seldom be recalled.  The self who pursues these divergent paths is actual however.  These are legitimate projections.  They represent systems of reality of which you are not aware.

The doctor, you see, that you might have been and are not in this system, once dreamed of a probable universe in which he would be an artist.  He continues to work out his own probabilities.  Perhaps he paints as a hobby.  He exists however in fact, within another system.  You call this system an alternate system of probability but this is precisely what he would call your system.

Now you will have some experiences that are shared in the dream state.  They will be involved with episodes familiar to you both before you went your separate ways.  You are like two limbs from the same tree.  You recognize the same mother.  Some of these probable systems are based upon molecular structure, and your appearances in such systems would be similar, though not identical, you see.

Root Dreams

Now the dreams that you would have, and had, in shared experience, are root dreams.  Such root dreams serve as a method of maintaining inner identity, and of communication.  There may be flashes of realization in such dreams.  Projections may occur also from root dreams.  You may project for example into the life of that physician.

I am using you here and the physician probability as an example.  Art, you see, is also closely connected with healing.  The projections of which I spoke do happen occasionally and spontaneously on both of your parts.  Various aspects of the personality are being developed, you see.  Reincarnation is but a part of this probability system, the part that falls within your particular universe.

This all involves value fulfillment, which is at its basis.  It is obvious then that you perceive consciously only a small part of your own overall reality.  The doctor obviously has his own ego, though not within your system.

There are also some root dreams shared by the race as a whole.

Most of these are not as symbolic however as Jung thought them to be, though he used a different term, and had only a dim conception of them.  Many root dreams are literal interpretations of abilities used by the inner self.

Flying dreams you see are not symbolic of anything.  They are valid and actual experiences, though often intermixed with other dream elements.  Falling dreams are experience.  They represent downward motion in your system, or a loss of form control during projection.  They may of course be embellished with other material.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Law of Attraction and Hayfever

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 7, Session 281

The Law of Attraction

Now.  Ruburt sent a message and it was received.  I am referring to the visit of your friend today.

The conscious mind had nothing to do with this.  He strongly wished for the friend’s presence.  The wish became reality.  You must understand the rules that apply.  For they apply whether or not you understand them, and whether or not the wish is one that you really want fulfilled.

Take for example this subconscious feeling:  “I want to be comforted.  If I were sick someone would feel sorry for me and comfort me then.”  Such a wish is very seldom on a conscious level, but it is often emotionally charged, and it brings forth immediate results because of the charge it carries.  Whenever you catch yourselves in moods of self-pity, then you are courting such results.

There is no way out of this, you see.  You simply must realize that self-pity, in your terms, is highly destructive.  Any charged emotional feeling will almost immediately be made actual.  Now this gives you an advantage, you see, if you understand the principles.  When you strongly desire to sell your paintings, my friend, you will do so.

If you passionately desire that others possess them, and benefit from them then you shall sell them, and because of your desire you will take those necessary measures.  But regardless of these measures, the paintings will sell.

When you passionately desire to withhold them, when you fear that you will lose a part of yourself by relinquishing them, then this will be what you broadcast to others, and this is the data upon which they will act.

The pendulum is an excellent method of discovering your subconscious feelings, and indeed of changing them.  As you both suppose, incidentally, the music you played this evening was highly beneficial from several standpoints. (Yma Sumac)  Any connection with past periods of productivity or joy have immediate reference to the present.  As negative suggestions play their part, so do positive suggestions, and both in terms of symbols.

These positive symbols can be used quite deliberately.  They should be utilized for your own benefit.  You do this often without realizing that you do so, but a conscious knowledge will help you.

  Now such associations have an electrical reality, you see, built within your system.  Realization of these causes creates an opposing force that can neutralize the original.

Hay Fever

  The words – “Father, I refuse to accept your hay fever for myself; though I once took it, I now throw it free from us both” – these words will help.

They will neutralize the original suggestions.  Such patterns, for this is what they are, throw loose and away, break up.  The energy that gave them vitality can then be used in new ways.

Now, dear friend (Rob Butts).  This information will help you.

Your father used hay fever as a symptom of helplessness, and as a demand for the attention that he did not get, even then, from your mother.  The pattern was set earlier in his childhood.  He discarded the symptoms because they did not get him what he wanted.  You mother could not be bothered.

She did not comfort him as his mother had.  You picked up the condition when he realized that it no longer served him.  At that time you accepted it, however, along with your conception of what it was to be a male.  If you had a son and did not know what you know, you would automatically so transfer it.

Now.  You realize that virility is hardly synonymous with a runny nose.  You realize your masculinity.  You are too aware now to allow yourself too many privileges in exchange for your symptoms, and you can therefore afford to relinquish them.

You are not helping your father, for the symptoms will not revert to him.  Your system will simply reorganize the energy pattern.  There was another element.  Your mother treated you as hers exclusively.  You also adopted the symptoms as a protective measure against her.  You said in effect, “I am my father’s son, down to some of his defects.”

When you realize this, again, you will find the symptoms hardly necessary.  Your mother basically did not share your father’s love of the out-of-doors, and you played both ends against the middle.  For the symptoms also allowed you to stay indoors with her on many occasions.

All of this information will be immeasurably helpful to you.  Your father’s hay fever was a defense also against farm work, you see.

There was an afternoon … I am not clear here … You were given cod liver oil.  The symptoms began that day.  You should not eat salads at your parent’s home, that are mixed with oil, during the season.

Hay fever was for your father also a defense against the world, for it allowed him some isolation.  You can have the necessary privacy without using this symptom to get it.

 Yoga breathing will be of therapeutic value when you need it, but the knowledge gained in this evening’s session should go a long way toward minimizing the symptoms.  You should avoid the color red in decorations during the season.  You should take steps to realize the connection with your mother and red, so that our friend can use his red curtains at Christmas with impunity.