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Introductory Overview

The following introductory overivew was given in Session 162 (from Volume 4 of Seth's Early Sessions). In that session, there were three others in attendance in addition to Jane and Rob so Seth was dealing with issues pertaining to them and then moving on to give an overview of the material given up to then.

Change Comes From Within

"The physical organism reflects vividly and with perfection the innermost state of the human personality. Now, as the condition of your planet in its entire political and social structure reflects the innermost neuroses in every individual, so indeed does the physical individual organism reflect the inner condition of each personality.

"You create, as you know, physical matter on a subconscious basis, without knowing egotistically that you do so. You create physical matter as effortlessly and as smoothly and as automatically, and as unknowingly as you create your own dreams.

"The ego is not aware of the manner in which dreams are created. Neither is it aware of the manner in which the inner self creates physical matter. Neither, therefore, is it aware of those distortions that cause it to construct faults within physical matter, for in all cases the physical matter of the human body will be subconsciously created in line with inner conditions.

"This can work, and should work, to your advantage. However when there is a distortion, as when an ulcer is created, then we begin what can indeed be a vicious circle, for the idea and the reality of the ulcer is then accepted as part of the self-image. And as such it is then more or less automatically recreated.

... "It may indeed sound like an oversimplification. However, you are exactly what you think you are, and every thought is mirrored in the physical matter of the human organism. This does not happen by some sort of occult magic. It is not the result of some mumbo jumbo. Since each individual creates subconsciously the physical matter of his own image, then it follows that the conditions of this image is his own responsibility.

... "I have discussed in some detail the electrical makeup of the physical body, and of the atoms and molecules, and cells and organs, that compose it.

"I have also discussed the electrical components that make up each thought. These thoughts, then, are automatically translated into physical matter by certain areas of the subconscious. If certain long-standing distorted concepts are held, therefore, then they must be faced and struck out. For otherwise there is an automatic flow of this energy into a false disruptive pattern.

"The inner self does indeed have an overall conception of the goals and strengths of the personality. It is then this inner self that must be searched for the answers. I mentioned earlier in another session that the very attempt to seek for an answer to the basic problem will indeed automatically release some of the energy for a constructive purpose.

"You will begin to starve the ulcer of its energy. The manner in which the subconscious translates energy into construction of physical matter, again, has been covered in our sessions previously. However it is imperative that the idea be understood thoroughly, for here we have no vague and nebulous theory indeed, but a most practical and definite explanation of the manner in which you yourselves construct not only your own physical image, but indeed your own physical environment.

"(Among others, see the 60th-73rd sessions in Volume 2.)

"And that which you have constructed, you then respond to through the outer senses, and you react to what you have subconsciously created. It is important that these matters be understood when you are concerned with how to change or alter a physical condition, for the change will come from within or it will not come."

The Dream Universe

"You construct the dream universe in the same manner that you construct the physical universe. For various reasons that have been discussed there is no need, in the dream universe, for the permanence of image, or the apparent permanence of image that occurs in the physical universe.

"You construct the dream universe, again, on a subconscious basis. The dream universe is as permanent in its way as the physical universe. You construct dreams whether you wake or you sleep. You are only familiar with your dreams when you sleep, for then your perception and your energy is focused in that direction.

"I will here repeat an old definition of many sessions back: Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks.

"In sleep, when the ego is quieted, then the self looks in other directions. In sleep the self becomes conscious of its dreams, but this does not mean that the dreams have not existed while you were not conscious of them. Nor does it mean that they cease to exist when you are no longer conscious of them, for they have their own sort of molecular and electrical construction. But the ego cannot tune into that perceptive range.

"(For some material on the electrical field, including ranges, dreams, mass, intensities, weight, etc., see the following sessions: 122, 123, 125, 126, 128, 131, 135, among others. All in Volume 3.)

"As you create physical matter constantly without knowing that you do so, so also you create constantly a dream universe, and this dream universe is as individual as your environment in the physical world. There is also a chemical reaction here, for without dreaming the physical organism could not exist.

"With your outer senses, you perceive but the camouflage physical reality which the physical senses are equipped to perceive. In the dream universe you are however free, and familiar, with both space and time in a manner which is denied you in the waking state. Where indeed are your dream locations? Where in space is the street upon which you walk in a dream?

"(Among others, see the 44th session for material on dream locations. Volume 2. Among others, Seth talked about the direction of focus of consciousness in the 94th session. Volume 3.)

"The location does not exist within your physical system, but the dream location is a reality. It is a superimposed value which you have created, and which is valid and vivid. A dream unfolds. Miles may appear before your inner vision. Are then these miles contained within your head? Are these miles contained within the small skull? Obviously not. But here we are closer to that reality which is beyond space as you know it.

"You may in a dream experience two or three hours in a flash of physical time. You have not aged two or three hours. The experience of space and time within the dream universe comes very close to the pure expression of the inner self. For here, free from the ego, the self is relieved of the necessity of constructing ideas into physical reality.

"It constructs ideas instead within another electrical system. Yet because of the nature of the personality, no dream exists in a vacuum, and every dream is recorded by the inner self. ...

"Think if you will then of the manner in which an idea expands. It expands and grows and you feel its vitality gather, yet when you say it grows and expands, it does not grow and expand, again, somewhere in the space between your ears, to burst apart the bones of the skull. It expands in a way that has nothing to do with space.

"This we have called the value climate of psychological reality. It is what you may consider your counterpart of physical space. After a short break, we will discuss then your misconceptions concerning space, for you will see that your idea of space is the result of your own physical perceptions. Where you can perceive nothing, you presume to call empty space, but where you perceive nothing there is much."

Physical Matter Construction

"... A basic requirement here is a thorough understanding of the precise manner in which physical matter is constructed.

"For you look now at Ruburt (Seth's name for Jane Roberts). There are indeed, now, in this room there are five physical Ruburts. Each of you, including Ruburt, create and project your own image of him, and each of you perceive with your physical senses only that image of him which you have individually created.

"(... In particular, see the 66th session of the series on the creation of matter. In that session also, Seth stated the above statement can be verified mathematically. Volume 2.)

"There are perspectives of reality which you yet do not understand. You should understand clearly the ways in which you create these physical images, for they need not imprison you as they often do.

"There is a necessity to discover and understand the inner self. There is much material concerning the construction of atoms and molecules that will enable you to understand not only the physical world, but also the dream universe.

"Speaking earlier concerning the dream universe, there are many things I left out of necessity unsaid. I was saying that any dream location exists in actuality, when you experience it in a perspective which has nothing to do with your idea of space, but which has a depth and a reality at least as valid.

"Nor is the dream itself a chaotic action, but a complicated and unique action by which symbols are chosen with such precise and careful attention that they have meaning to all levels of the inner self, and various levels of the subconscious. Here you will find clues as to many of your own conscious problems. Here with study and attention you will find information concerning your own previous lives, which the ego is not familiar with.

"Through dreams the self communicates with the self, and with all layers of the self. For the self is not one concrete thing. The self has no boundaries, the self is not limited. Consciousness is the direction in which the self looks, again, but the ego is not aware of the whole self. The ego is not even familiar with the context or the meaning of your own dreams.

"(There is much dream material scattered throughout the sessions. See the 87th, 88th, 92nd, 93rd, 94th, etc. in just Volume 3, for example.)

"The ego cannot make your heart beat. Why then do you find it difficult to believe that you are more than the ego, for in dreams you meet portions of yourself. You construct realities, and you are indeed familiar with the dream universe that consciously you ignore. And your experience within the dream universe is as vivid and as valid and as real, in every respect, as your waking experience.

"Nor are you indeed fully conscious, in your terms, even in your waking state.

"You shut off stimuli to concentrate on other stimuli. This is a simplified example of how in the dream state you shut out stimuli usually accepted by the ego, and become conscious of other realities that you usually ignore in the waking state.

"You create the dream world continuously. You are familiar with it and intimate with it, and you know it well. In this discussion there should be some remarks made concerning the existence of the inner ego, of which I believe you are not familiar."

Inner Ego

"... The inner ego, however, you may think of as another face that looks inward. We are using an analogy, and an analogy that is for simplicity's sake only. We may say therefore, starting from the outer environment, that you would have first of all what you consider the ego, which I call the outer ego.

"Then, according to our analogy, you will find the subconscious areas; and these areas may be, briefly, differentiated in the following manner.

"The foremost or exterior layers or areas deal with the personal selves. Beyond these you will find areas dealing with previous experiences having to do with your own past lives. Within the next area you will find material dealing with the [species] as a whole.

"Each of these areas are separated, and between the memories of each past life, experiments will show a layer that we call undifferentiated.

"At the furthest or innermost area then, we come to the inner ego, which would then be separated from the outer ego by the buffer of the subconscious. Now it goes without saying that we speak here merely for convenience's sake, for all these areas are not indeed so neatly divided; but to explain their various purposes we must therefore speak of them in this manner.

"The following basic subjects are necessary for an understanding of what we are trying to say, particularly for any practical application:

the construction of physical matter;
the psychological and electrical gestalt that results in the formation of the self;
the nature of the dream universe;
the electrical system as it is related to both the physical universe and the inner psychic gestalt;
the nature of action;
mental enclosures;
mental genes; and again,
all of these subjects in relationship to their reality as action.


"It is imperative, first of all, that the following be understood. We are dealing with words. Words involve us necessarily with symbols, and symbols are merely terms for what you do not understand. Everything, whether you perceive it or not, is action.

"A thought is an action. A dream is as much an action as a breath is an action. Although we speak in terms of separation, all reality is a part of action. When we divide action in order to discuss it, we in no way change the reality of action, nor alter its nature.

"Actions have an electrical reality. Your outer senses do not perceive electrical realities of this nature. Nevertheless, you are a gestalt of electrical actions. Within the physical matter of your chromosomes there are electrically coded systems. These are not the chromosomes themselves. The chromosomes are the physical materialization of the inner electrical data.

"Action (you may if you prefer use the term vitality; I prefer the term action) action continually attempts to express itself in endless formations. It therefore materializes itself in various forms. I term these forms camouflage. Within your system the camouflage is physical matter. It is impossible for action to completely express itself in any medium.

"There is, in no circumstance, any closed system. Action therefore flows within all systems and realities. Your physical senses are therefore adapted to deal with a particular camouflage system. They are therefore only equipped to perceive the realities within the physical camouflage field.

"This does not, however, mean that this is the only reality. It is simply the only reality that you perceive with the physical senses. In order to perceive other realities, you must therefore switch from your outer senses to the inner senses, for the inner senses are clearer, and are equipped to perceive action and reality as it exists independently of the distortions given to it by the physical senses.

"For, because you perceive reality in a limited fashion only, this in no way affects the basic nature of reality itself. The ego attempts to stand apart from action, to view action as the result of the ego. However, again, the ego's attempt to stand apart from action in no way changes the basic nature of action itself, and the ego merely limits its own perception.

"There are no limitations to the self, for the self as a part of action has no boundaries except those imaginary boundaries given to it by the ego.

... "We find therefore no, no limitations to the self, neither top or bottom. The self is not enclosed within the bony skull. You call your thoughts your own, and yet how do you hold them?

"You do not hold them. They are indeed transmitted without your conscious knowledge, and the self expands. Nor is the self limited physically. Again, this idea is the result of your own habit of perception, for chemicals and air and nutrients that you consider not your self, enter the self continuously from the physical environment; and that which you consider yourself, leaves through the pores of the body.

"Nor is the self limited by either space nor time, for in dreams you have an actuality that has nothing to do with space nor time, and these dream experiences change and alter your personality, for action must of itself always change. You are only familiar with a small portion of the self. You are more than you know you are, and your journeys range further.

"The self is indeed a more complicated and a more delicate construction than any of you know."

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The Source Field Investigations

I have been reading "The Source Field Investigations" by David Wilcock. It is an incredible book, extremely well researched. I am not finished it yet, but it is clear that he (like all of us) has a perception of the underlying field(s) that gives rise to our manifested personal experiences. The experiments described in the book and their implications are astounding. In juxtaposing David Wilcock's work with Seth's we see how much we belive in the realness of our traditional ideas of time and space and how hard it is to see the dreamlike freedom of creation described by Seth. Wilcock's Source Field sounds a lot like Seth's electrical reality....the cosmic flow of Electromagnetic Energy Units that are shaped by the gestalts of consciousness through the matrix of Consciousness Units. I found his discussion of space-time and time-space interesting ... the notion that time is three dimensional like space (3-D time is referred to as reciprocal space). I was thinking that perhaps reciprocal space corresponds to Seth's negative matter (recall that we oscillate back and forth between positive and negative matter); i.e. we bounce into time (reciprocal space) to move to the next moment then bounce back into space to see what it looks like. Also it is very interesting that at the quantum level, physical action occurs in quantized bursts at the most fundamental level, and these bursts have a signature which varies with planetary cycles. Seth has indicated in many of his books that we tune in to this reality by a frequency of observation characterized by our nervous system. Similarly, it should not be surprising that Earth consciousness (Gaia) does the same thing and has its own frequency ... that which has been recently discovered.

Food for thought!


Expectation (Suggestion)

From Session 160 of The Early Sessions Book 4 of the Seth Maerial:

"Now to return to an earlier discussion. What you call suggestion is indeed expectation. You should understand by now how the physical image is constructed. This construction is from the inside out. The inner self attempts to construct a physical image in line with its own self-image. Any errors of construction have their origin not in the inner self, but in either the personal subconscious or in the ego.

"As errors and mistakes creep into the physical organic system, bringing forth mutant genes and distortions, so also these mutant genes and distortions are, on a smaller scale, the result of inner distortions within the consciousness of the individual genes.

"The same sort of distortion occurs on another scale, in the duplication of any given illness or destructive organic or gross misfunctions. What you suggestion should ideally come from within the self, and not from outside the self.

"When we have gone into the nature of action still much more thoroughly, then you will be able to use such knowledge for quite practical purposes, and to your advantage. For as you know, you do not perceive all aspects of action by any means, and it can indeed to some extent be up to you to choose those aspects of action with which you will be concerned, and those which you would ignore.

"This in no manner affects the nature of those actions which you ignore. However, to all intents and purposes it changes action is so far as you are concerned with it. This would therefore imply a choice on your part, in a manner that you do not now enjoy. For you can then choose to perceive advantageous action, as well as you can choose not to perceive action which for any reason or another you choose to ignore.

"This obviously implies powers of discipline and discretion. The ability therefore will not come until you can handle it.

"Suggestion would of course play a part in the development of these abilities. It is difficult, even though we are so far into our sessions, to give you any full understanding yet of what is involved in the basic nature of suggestion, but as we go deeper into the subject there will be experiments that you both can try.

"I have often mentioned that the divisions in our subject matter are often arbitrary, and for practical purposes of discussion only. The word suggestion is in itself so bound in your minds with other matters that even I find it difficult not to let the subject matter become suggestive of matters that do not really belong under discussion.

"You think for example in terms of good and bad suggestions, and I have on occasion used the terms myself, in order to make a point clear. However what you call suggestion, left alone, is a part of the inner impetus of action, which is translated in all areas of consciousness outward.

"What interrupts this inner impetus could be compared to what you call poor suggestion. It is indeed distortive. It represents a blocking of impetus. It interrupts what should be a simultaneous and easy flow of inner impetus outward, in your case outward to physical construction. The particular negative words spoken or thought are but indications of this break of impetus. The break occurs first, and it is for this reason that what you call negative suggestions therefore are acted upon.

"The negative suggestions therefore are symptoms of an inner block of energy and impetus. They represent a rift that has already occurred. It is rather important that I make this point clear. It goes without saying that these which you call negative suggestions are in themselves actions. They represent however dead eddies, the motion that means nothing in dead waters. They are impeding actions.

"Many, many occasions arise when action could be so impeded, and is not.

"What you call a negative suggestion is never acted upon unless the inner block of energies has already occurred. Suggestions, as I understand it, is the culmination of the inner voice that urges action into ever more diverse and creative patterns.

"We will have much to say concerning impediments; and impediments incidentally, are what you call negative suggestions. And yet remember that these impediments are themselves action.

"What you choose to call suggestion operates unceasingly within all aspects of action.

"It is this that allows the body in physical manifestation. It is this that allows for all change. It can be called on one level instinct, on other levels it is much more. When it operates at its most efficient level suggestion is indeed the inner affirmation. Without the ego we do not have what you call negative suggestions, for when action is left to itself it flows unimpeded, seeking its fulfillment along its numberless unimpeded ways.

"Your own experiments in psychological time have allowed you, to some extent, to experience within yourselves such unimpeded action. You know now that the ego, because of its nature, attempts to set itself aside from action. It obviously cannot do so. The ego, being part of action, nevertheless affects the nature of action as seen in the various manifestations of the whole self.

"The personal subconscious can be thought of as a threshold between the ego and the inner self; not only can glimmerings of the inner self be glimpsed through the subconscious, but also the diverse characteristics of the ego touch this personal subconscious. When the ego, therefore, becomes too overbearing it attempts to impede the flow of action. It cannot so impede action directly, for the very act of forming such impediments involves action. Nevertheless such impediments often set up actions that block the overall movements or direction of the action that composes the whole personality.

"The delicate inner mechanisms by which inner reality should be constructed into physical reality therefore become seriously affected. Distortions occur almost like mutant mental genes, which are then faithfully and duly reproduced.

"What you call negative suggestions represents discordant actions. Unless the main reasons are discovered, the distortive actions will keep reoccurring. In many cases quite a simple exercise will almost immediately begin to make an improvement. With these exercises you are familiar, for in your psychological time the self is momentarily in connection with its more extensive portions.

"A clear and undiverted and unbroken electrical circuit and connection is hereby made. Growth within the physical system is the result of suggestion. Without it there would be no growth. You will see here that we are beginning our discussion in the simplest of terms, and we will lead further so that eventually suggestion can be understood for what it is.

"It goes without saying that each newborn consciousness within your system carries within it the capsule comprehension of which I have previously spoken; and if you recall, each atom and molecule, each and every smallest particle that can by any stretch of the imagination be called physical matter, contains within it its own independent capsule comprehension - inherent suggestions in coded form, in not one but several codes, that give complete instructions for development and growth.
"There are translations of intent constantly made.

"The innate comprehension of which we have spoken is a basic portion of all atoms and molecules, about which the physical matter is formed, and without which the formation of physical matter would be impossible.

"You recall, I am sure, the material concerning the gestalt of the physical body. Here suggestion constantly plays its part in the formation of the tissues, and in all other such areas of development and growth. There are various manners in which these inner suggestions are translated from inner pure energy form into the electrical and chemical systems which compose the physical organisms, and it is possible for errors of translation to occur along these lines.

"Recall here also the cooperation that exists between the smallest particles and the cells and organs. Each molecule has its own self-image, without which it could not exists as a physical construction. The subconscious has its own self-image, the ego has its own self-image. When action is allowed to flow unimpeded, the cooperation that is necessary to maintain the efficiency of the gestalt is maintained. It is most frequently the error of the ego, who upon many occasions attempts to deny its dependency upon this cooperation, that sets up impediments, and sets up counter-suggestions that can be somewhat considered cancerous, in that if it had its way the ego would envelop all other aspects of the whole organism, and run riot.

"It will refuse to assimilate certain experiences. This very refusal is in itself an action. It will attempt to construct itself on a physical level, since it is within the physical system of reality. The cooperation is broken down to some greater or lesser degree. This conflicts with the inner data in the case of illnesses, and the illnesses are actually the result of conflicts of data. It is obvious that the body is equipped to handle many such distorted actions, but a conflict is hereby brought into play, where constructive energies or actions are not given full reign, and patterns of distortions are set up within the system.

"If they cannot be overwhelmed they are assimilated, and faithfully reproduced. There are methods whereby you can indeed help your own system, and to a large measure determine the constructive nature of action as it operates within the system, and protect the organism from such distortions before they occur.

"I will give you instructions along these lines. Ruburt's habit of requesting before he sleeps that his system effortlessly continue its healthful and natural cooperation is a good one. But this is, while helpful, only a very basic and beginning aid.

"This whole subject is much more complicated than you may at first suppose.

"Until we had discussed action to some degree, a discussion on suggestion would have meant little to you. We will continue along these lines for some time, even while the subject leads us into others.

"Since suggestion is used constantly, and by every cell in your body, then it is not a question of whether or not you can use suggestion, but of how to use it more effectively. And this will involve a balanced personality, for in such a personality action will be allowed freedom of expression. The ego will gain and not lose in the process, but we will not have an autocratic and willful ego, but a reasonable and even disciplined ego that is aware of its position, aware of its own dependency, as well as of its own peculiar and unique perceptive apartness. For the apartness is dependent upon its being a part of the whole gestalt.

"We find it most frequently that the ego impedes action by refusals. It attempts to maintain a stability that is indeed illusion. The emotions, as you know, are action. When they are allowed their mobility, then they free the personality from resistances. They actually allow for great stability, since their free expression makes it possible for action to be fulfilled in the manner most constructive for the system as a whole.

"When the ego impedes such expression, then the emotions are translated into other actions, and can turn into impediments. It is only because the ego blocks freedom of the emotional expression, out of fear, that it appears to the ego that emotions are indeed fearful characteristics. Dammed up, they are indeed.

"It is, again, the ego's misguided attempt to stand apart to gain stability, that makes the ego react in such a manner. It fears loss of control and of discipline. But all appearances to the contrary, the emotions are natural controlling devices that in themselves aid discipline, since they allow for the spontaneous flow of energies outward. It is only when they are denied that they become explosive or dangerous to the personality. Then indeed they result in explosive barrages, ranting and shouting, organic and psychological illnesses, and of unfortunate manifestations.