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The Personality And Time

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 432

The Personality And Time

Now.  All of this does not mean that personalities within other systems do not construct their own kind of time structures, but in all of these cases the personalities realize quite well that the structures are adapted for the sake of organization of experience.

They do not suppose any given time system to have any reality of its own.  Such systems do not use the consecutive structure of your own however.  In much the same manner materializations of a kind may be utilized, but the personalities do not give the materialization any reality outside of themselves.  They know the origin of images.

It is rather difficult for those who have not been in your system to understand that you give time and images a reality of their own, as if they existed apart from you.  Form does not necessarily presuppose the existence of images.

Form is not dependent upon mass.  This comes closer to what I am trying to tell you.  In your time system the growth of mass seems to be dependent upon continuity of moments.  Time has nothing to do with form, however.

The personality who sometimes speaks (Seth’s larger entity) can change form at will.  He was never imprisoned by believing that one personality existed within one form.  To your way of thinking he would change form according to his mood; as he thinks, he is.

His development began in your terms in such ancient times that for all intents and purposes you could say that in terms of value fulfillment he was so far advanced as to be alien entirely.

Now some personalities from one system aid other personalities within other systems, but highly developed personalities, those in your terms so far advanced, will set for themselves the task of aiding an entire civilization; of assisting the development of a new system, and sometimes initiating the existence of that system.

I have told you that there is much that I do not know, and for practical purposes there is much that is not known.  Now you are aiding in the development of those consciousnesses that compose the cells and molecules within your own bodies.

They learn from you almost through a process of osmosis.  Dimly through many cycles of such activities, they become aware of the existence of conceptual thought.  At the same time they support you.  The capsule comprehension within them will evolve more and more toward the direction of conscious endeavor.

Each will itself learn to organize larger portions of energy.  It is difficult to put this into words that you will understand.  They are incipient and latent personalities.  This does not mean however that they will all materialize within your own system, but they do represent in your terms the future inhabitants of your system.

Now it is quite possible for the advanced personalities of which I have spoken to take upon themselves the camouflage of a particular system, enter it, become for “a time” dependent upon its rules in order to help those who dwell within it; and this has been done on occasions too countless to mention.

In other cases contact is made through a personality within the system.  The personality within the system may or may not know that such contact has been made.  Ideas may be inserted in your case through the subconscious while the individual sleeps.  When this happens then following your own psychological patterns the ideas would emerge more or less naturally, with little hint of their origin, and, the individual involved could well consider them his own.

The well-advanced personality then is aware of nontime, but can use the time illusions of others and can enter the particular camouflage structures.  The nontime principle however operates in such a manner that a personality can only participate in the ways that I have described, in systems with which he has some familiarity because of his own experience.

It would be extremely difficult for our friend, for example, to limit himself to existence within your time schedule.  Its illusion is far too apparent to him.  He could however send other portions of his entity who were familiar with it.

(“Like you?”)

Like me, indeed.

In parentheses: (This is why the father did not go himself, but sent his son, according to the religious story.)

Now.  There are also those who stay within your system, in your terms, returning again and again in order to help its development.

Such personalities will concentrate their main activities in such a way that they can best affect conceptual thought, and bring about necessary changes.  Many large families are representative of this group.  They appear and reappear in your histories, always as dominant and significant entities.  Here the family represents an entity who has taken upon itself the nurturing of your civilization.  Knowing intuitively those changes which must come about in your future, they try to bring them about by appearing in your past; though to them your future and the past are the same they must still work within probabilities, you see, and what they are doing is affecting probabilities within your system.  Even your time is basically plastic, though it does not seem so to you.

Such personalities try to affect the feelings and thoughts of a civilization, for these thoughts and feelings will alone bring about events.  Personalities may be born within your system and find that it does not challenge them, or it is not to their liking in any case.

They may leave the system then, sometimes as aborted infants, but if they grow through childhood the first time, in your terms, then they must work out their development within the system.

You block out the realization of nontime, and accept your ideas of time along with the camouflage structure, for one is dependent upon the other.  Once you accept physical matter as you know it, then the time system is indispensable.  In those projections still within your system, you are still bound by a time relationship, in that it seems to you that perception operates as usual.

There are some freedoms ever here however, for mobility is not constrained by time.  You can travel instantaneously in many projections.  Some projections will involve you in nontime, but these are advanced projections and would be chaotic to you unless you were prepared.

In nontime images need not have the seeming permanence of your own.  They may or may not appear permanent.  Images may change their form, according to the intensities behind them.  You could not now navigate within such an environment.  That is you could not knowingly.  In some dream states you do enter these environments, but they are meaningless to you upon awakening, for the experience there seems jumbled and without organization.

Time is useful only as a method of organizing perceptions.  Perception itself does not require time.  Within your system however perception does seem dependent upon it.  Using your terms nontime is as plastic as space seems to be.  Space can be formed into tables and chairs, mountains and continents, but space is not dependent upon tables or chairs, mountains or continents.

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Seth Two On Identity And Time

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 431

Seth Two On Identity And Time

Let us discuss numbers in terms of identities.

This is in connection with the lectures you are being given having to do with time and identity.  Though numbers are abstract they can serve our purposes well here.  One number, for example 7, can be considered itself as an identity.  Now, it may become a portion of other numbers in infinite varieties, and yet it is always itself.

It may be a portion of many groupings yet still retain itself.  Three and four will add to seven, yet three and four are their identities and will always be so in your terms.  The numbers on the other side of zero, the minus numbers, represent identity in that time of relative nonbeing.  The paradox is that the numbers therefore cannot be conceived of as not being, so the minus sign is used.

The unit of the numbers alone however signifies their existence.  Now, mathematics is not nearly understood within your system.  A fourth and fifth-dimensional mathematics cannot be initiated from within inside your own system.

It is as if each number represents not only the number itself, not only a unit to be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided, but also as if each number had infinite varieties of intensities that you do not perceive.  I am not talking of smaller units within that number, but of the nature of the unit itself.

These multidimensional intensities would be considered as inherent qualities belonging to each number.  They would represent other dimensional realities inherent in the number itself, since numbers are only symbols they would therefore represent other dimensional realities inherent in the unit for which the number stood.

As one number quite simply can be added to another without denying the validity of either number, nor the individuality of either number, so a different kind of grouping takes place involving mathematical manipulations of these other intensities that reside within the number units.

In no way does this alter the individual character of any unit number.  Since we are involved in this discussion I will give you a simple analogy, and please understand that it is an analogy, meant only to simplify the idea.

Pretend than that behind or within but unseen by you, behind or within the number 1, for example, there are an infinite number of other 1’s, lined up so to speak behind the one that you see.  The one that you see is the self that you see or recognize within your system.  The 1’s behind are not serial, nor identical, nor duplicates.

They are all however variations, but neither one is patterned upon any other.  Each number in our original quote “row” that you see has therefore within it these other individual units.

Behind 1 then imagine the infinite other 1’s, literally for the analogy’s sake one behind the other.  Now this long line of 1’s may seem to stretch out indefinitely, or may seem to snap together into one.  There is expansion and contraction within this simple number 1 then, with any number or unit.

This sort of expansion and contraction has nothing to do with addition or subtraction, multiplication or division; but it is an inherent quality of all units.

Now imagine number 2 placed beside number 1, number 2 also having behind it infinite variations.  These variations incidentally should be thought of in terms of intensities.  The intensities are themselves individual.  Take the two main numbers, 1 and 2; as they stand beside themselves they become 12, and yet the 1 and 2 remain unchanged.

In the same manner any of the unit intensities behind each number may change position while still remaining itself, and retaining its individuality as a unit.  If you use x and y rather than 1 and 2, basically the same is true.  Now this analogy applies to identity.  You are in a world where you see one particular intensity unit – belonging to say number 1.

You do not perceive the other intensity units to which it belongs.  You perceive – in other terms – the 1, say, as a flat line on a flat surface, and are unable to imagine the existence, the intensity, within that simple unit number.

I am trying to tell you that numbers are only symbols for your kind of reality.

They are not multidimensional symbols.  Your physicists can theorize to a certain point.  The blockage occurs because the symbols used to portray reality are themselves limited by the reality that you know.  They are like keys that will only fit your own doors.  You can open endless doors with them, but only doors within your own system.

For this reason your ideas of time and identity remain limited.  Now.  Other dimensional realities do appear within your system but you do not recognize them.  We can acquaint you with some of these.  We can tell you what they appear like within your own reality.

You can learn to experience some of these, and the experience of no-time is a particular facet to which I am referring.  The experience itself will automatically to some extent allow you to understand the dimensions of your own identity, but old familiar props will not be available.

One of us will give you directions shortly, and they should be followed when you are ready, without any changes made on your part.  You will to some small extent at least experience for yourself what it is like to be a personality outside the context of time as you know it.

This is the best learning process.  To tell you this was the purpose of the session.  We will now close it.

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What Is Time?

Seth Early Sessions, Vol 9, Session 430

Identity And Time

The term, identity, like many other terms, is limited, for you think of identity as being one indivisible unit.  Now.  Identity is not dependent upon any sort of structure, as you know it.

Psychic identity does not need to set up barriers in order to recognize selfhoods.  One personality can therefore be a portion of more than one entity, and still retain its own identity, its own individuality.  Various groupings of experience exist.  It is your concept of time that highly limits your idea of individuality.

It seems to you that any personality worth its salt must have a series of memories, of events that existed in the past and progressed to a present and a future.  Since time does not exist in such a manner, then you must not project your ideas of time upon basic reality.

In the experience of personalities outside of your system, events are not recalled nor held in such a manner.  A personality outside of your system does not therefore recall events from so-called previous lives in any serial form.  The events are held simultaneously.

The various ego structures therefore exist simultaneously.  They are entirely outside of any such framework.  They are aware of your perception of time, but it means nothing to them.  The various egos of any personality do not think of themselves as having existed one before the other.

Even in reincarnation for example, an ego who experienced a Civil War life is now aware of another ego who may have experienced life in the year three thousand.  Within the earthly cycle, such knowledge is not transmitted to the physical brain, but it is always known.

It follows then that I am aware of the other Seth personality, and he of me.  Because of your time misconceptions you make serious errors whenever you attempt any predictions into life after death, or life within other systems than your own.  It is most difficult for you to conceive of an ego who experiences events not in serial form.  When any contact is attempted in so-called mediumistic situations, then it is expected that the survival personality will “remember” events as you do; but events no longer exist in that way.

The associative processes determine not only which events have meaning, but also the “order”.  Any event happening say in 1948, of great importance to the sitter, may no longer have any meaning to the survival personality.

Now.  If such is the case with personalities so closely allied with your own, then you can perhaps understand how alien your idea of time is to personalities that have never existed within your physical system.  They are used to experiencing events not in any time sequence.  Instead moment points are experienced fully, developments opening simultaneously, and “events” are recognized as psychic and psychological happenings not necessarily connected with any exterior circumstance.

In some systems therefore exterior camouflage is not needed.

You must understand that in any way your situation, and any that you know of physical reality, is highly artificial.  It is the mass creation formed by your inner ideas.  The time concept is but one example, and it is responsible for your most cherished misconceptions.  You must form ideas into physical materialization in order to recognize the force behind the ideas you are learning to use and understand.  However such materializations are only necessary at certain levels.  The time scheme appears valid only within that framework.

When idea no longer needs physical materialization, then the time concept is useless.  Intensities of experience and value fulfillment take time’s place.  Developments open, in your terms, at once.  Organization of inner events is managed according to the inner interests of the various personalities and the intensities with which any given event is experienced.

In your terms then, a future event would exist before a past event.

Therefore you are hampered in your attempt to understand personalities who do not exist within your system, for identity is not therefore structured in any kind of a time sequence, and what you call memories flies out the window.  

An entity does not “remember” when a portion of it existed within your system.  In its time that portion simply is.  The time concept leads then to a limited idea, for you cannot conceive of an identity without memory of the past in your terms.

This is also responsible for the fact that it is difficult to understand how one personality, while retaining its individuality, can be a portion of more than one entity, and we will have more to say on that subject as we continue with the time concept.

Now.  Understand that you cannot pigeonhole such material as this.

An over-insistence upon sticking to one subject imposes limitations.  There is no boundary line between for example experience and time, nor any natural separation.  Such artificial ones may make neater paragraphs, but they limit the intuitional leaps that can be made otherwise.  There will be a general overall organization in any case in our material, but let us not treat subject matter like a fence, with everything put into neat categories.

True organization is not logical in any case.

What Is Time?

To the question, “What is time?” the following answer might quite rightly be given:  Time is an apple.  Time is no apple.  Time is a worm in an apple.  Time is a worm not in an apple; and yet such definitions will be absolutely meaningless to most people, for they can only think of time in terms of days or hours, and they do not think of time as experience itself, or quite simply, being.

And yet such definitions are far more near the truth than those that have to do with measurements.  There are no measurements of any kind.  Reality, of itself, forms an apple.  Your perception of the apple enables you to see it piecemeal.

The apple is time.  It is an event.  It is the so-many-odd days or months that have gone into its production in your terms, or years that have gone into production of the tree.  It is as much an event of time as it is an event of space.

Here I am merely using your terms to make the point.  There are such natural things as apples, you see.  There are no natural things such as minutes or hours.  These are concepts imposed upon reality, but this does not make them real in themselves.

An individual, and I am speaking in your terms now, again to make a point: an individual is the 60 or 70-odd years of his earthly existence, as much as he is the 150-odd pounds that he may be.

My last remarks were meant to clear up if possible some of the misconceptions that you have concerning your own time concept.  Keep in mind that the concept is only valid within your present circumstances, however.

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The Entity And Time

Seth Early Session, Vol 9 Session 429

The Entity and Time

As I have told you, there is duration of a kind.  What would correspond, in any case, to your idea of duration within the spacious present; it is a matter of intensities however.  Now the entity is in itself composed of such intensities.  Simply for the sake of analogy, imagine the image, a humanoid one of an entity giant-sized, spread out anywhere in your physical universe.  And if the image were projected against a midnight sky, within its apparent boundaries then you would see a multitude of planets and stars.  Let these represent moment points.  On one hand they are a part of the entity, as your cells are a portion of your body.  On the other hand the entity’s consciousness can travel through these.  They are doorways within his own psychological makeup, into experiences.

It is as if you could consciously come to terms with each of your own cells and become aware, in your terms, of their future and their past.  This traveling-through obviously changes the nature of the moment points.  It is, again, action working within itself.  The time element, as you understand it, hardly exists.

Now the image analogy is in some respects distortive, but good enough for our present purposes.  For as you think of the matter of your cells as only matter, then it is hard to follow our analogy.  But when you realize that your own body cells are much more than physical, contain their own capsule comprehension, then you will see that they could, at least theoretically, operate in such a manner if you could throw your own consciousness into them, and perceive their seemingly alien experience.

The entity and its time are not separate.  They are one.  Basically time is simply psychological experience, regardless of the lapses between perception or the manner of perception.  The entity is its own experience.

Time  could be thought of as the tissues of the entity.  These would be ever-changing.  In our analogy, the projected image would seem to float, including ever-different stars and planets within its boundaries.  Your own time structure would be very minute in this picture.

Now the moment points could also represent various personalities belonging to the entity, portions of its own consciousness that it sends upon the journeys of exploration and discovery.  It is as if the nuclei of a cell could travel through itself.  The boundaries of the entity would be imaginary, taking in as many moment points as the entity felt it could handle.

Now.  Some personalities can be a part of more than one entity.  This is something I do not believe we have discussed before.

The entities, being action, always shift and change.  There is nothing arbitrary about their boundaries.  The personalities have the same freedom.  Like fish, they can swim to other streams.  Within them is the knowledge of all their relationships.

Any personality may become an entity on its own.  This involves a highly developed knowledge of the use of energy and its intensities.  As atoms have mobility, so do psychological structures in their own way.  They move through the value climate of psychological reality as freely as atoms move through your time.

Value fulfillment corresponds to your time in that area.

Now.  What I am trying to tell you is that a thought or a feeling, with all its varieties of intensities, is more like time, like the true nature of time, than all of your minutes or hours.

A thought can be intense, then partially fade and grow intense again.  Its own nature regulates its intensity, rather than any rules inherent in the nature of intensity itself.  Some of these concepts are difficult to explain to you.  In your terms it would be as if you experienced a future event, then a past event, then a moment from the present.  You would not understand what was going on, nor see the inner logic within.

There is some slight analogy here in your associative processes, where you might think of a person as you have known him in different periods of time, and hold that idea in your present; but that does little to give you the concept’s complexity.  This session, for that matter, will have to develop into others, for I have concentrated some material about which you will have many questions when you read it.

You must simply and practically try to divest yourself of all ideas of time as you know it, for this discussion.  Basically, what you call time does not exist.  I am trying to tell you what does exist instead.  The question of time and entities then, you see, cannot be truly answered in the manner in which you asked it.

Nontime and entities – now that is another matter.  For that is what we shall really be discussing.

Now you cannot hold too many thoughts in your head “at the same time”, and many of your own thoughts escape you consciously.  Entities are aware of all of their personalities, and keep track of them far better than you keep track of your own thoughts.

These personalities themselves are constantly developing and changing, as one thought can change into another, or bring forth another.  The subjective experience of these personalities, the psychological existence of these personalities, is composed of dimensions of value fulfillment, as considering your time, hours are composed of moments.

In this case however, the hours as well as the moments would be themselves conscious and alive.  I do not know how much you will get from this session.  We well have to clear up many points for you, but we have to begin somewhere with various analogies to make a dent.

As a sort of shock treatment, we must forcibly rip out your stereotyped ideas of time before we can carry this particular subject matter further.

You must remember that the word, time, is itself distorted.  It projects limitations upon other systems of reality that do not exist.  We must use it for our explanations, but nontime comes far closest to the reality.

No time is my time …