Monday, July 31, 2017

Reason and Intuition

Seth draws a useful distinction here between reason and intuition ... and makes the point that a fully functioning human consciousness makes use of both.

Lazaris has made the same point, though they suggest that thought (aka reason) and feeling are the components of our duality and that intuition is one of the bridging senses into the Inner World.  The Transcendors similarly suggest that we are experiencing a third dimensional reality (out of 9 potential dimensional realities).  Third dimensional realities are realities of thought and feeling in combination ... it gets a bit confusing at times because we're taking 3-D physical snapshots of a third dimensional reality, but they are two different things.

I like best the distinctions between thought (reason), feeling and intuition that Lazaris makes (and which is consistent with Seth's and the Transcendor's descriptions).  In each moment thoughts and feelings arise together, but we tend to think that feelings give rise to thoughts but the feelings are also framed by previous thoughts ... so we have a sort of chain: thought, feeling, thought, feeling, thought, feeling, and on it goes.  To our physical brains, thought appears to us as logic and reason while feeling appear as emotion.  They both actually arise together in our duality ... though they seem to be played out in a linear time fashion (like everything else in physical reality).  Reason is the physical representation of something like a gestalt of awareness in the inner world of mind, and emotion is the representation for the abstract feelings in the inner world of mind.

"Nor do I mean to agree with those who ask you to use your intuitions and feelings at the expense of your reason.  ...  Your reasoning as you now use it, however, deals primarily with reality by dividing it into categories, forming distinctions, following the "laws" of cause and effect - and largely its realm is the examination of events already perceived.  In other words, it deals with the concrete nature of ascertained events that are already facts in your world.
"On the other hand, your intuitions follow a different kind of organization, as does your imagination - one involved with associations, an organization that unifies diverse elements and brings even known events together in a kind of unity that is often innocent of the limitations dictated by cause and effect."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 825)

Friday, July 28, 2017

Continuum of Consciousness

If you were walking along a metaphorical street in the Inner World ... would you recognize an atom walking by?  This sounds a bit silly, but everything is consciousness and fundamental particles know how to create the space and time that we think we live in.  That's amazing ... we don't even know how that's done.  It's humorous to imagine that proverbial climb to the top of a mountain to ask a guru "what is life?" and, instead of seeing the number "42" there's a personification of atomic consciousness laughing at our simplicity! 

When Seth talks of oneness ... he means everything: you, me, "them", all life, all matter, all astronomical bodies, all subatomic particles, all things we can't even see or imagine!  No wonder we're on an infinite, exuberant journey of discovery in the Inner World and have to simplify things every once in a while by projecting an Outer World (including our body) to try to make some sense out of our discoveries and to pose our questions. 

The Transcendors had once said when asked about the origin of physical reality and human form that we were hanging around the metaphorical "spiritual bar" and asked the question "What if ....?".  We never got to complete the question before we plunged into a multitude of "physical", multidimensional, possible realities. This is one of them.

Be careful what you ask for!

"I would like to emphasize that to one degree or another all species of plant and animal life "dream".  The same applies to the "psychological activity" of atoms and molecules, and any "particle".
"There are intensities of behavior, then, in which the activity, the inside activity, of any being or particle is directed toward [the] physical force [that is] involved in the cooperative venture that causes your reality.  There are variances, however, when such activity is directed instead into the interior nature of reality.  You have an inner system of communication, then, in which the cells of all living things are connected.  In those terms there is a continuum of consciousness."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 823)

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Today's Seth shows that, in addition to the events of our lives, even our dream world fits in the greater context of the dreams of humanity, Gaia, other species sharing our reality, etc.

It's easy to say words like "oneness" but to get the full implications of that concept is quite revealing.

When Seth says "context" he doesn't mean a passive backdrop like a theatre production.  Context is more than that, it's both active and passive.  The passive aspect of context is that it provides a domain of experience.  The active part of context is that our very thoughts and feelings, particularly our choices and decisions, change the probability distribution of the collective reality - both in physical dimensions and in the dream state.

We are a living, breathing part of a conscious collective entity and ultimately of All That Is

"On any given day the events of your private lives fit within the larger pattern of world events, in which they have their context.  On any given night the intimate events of your dream lives also exist in the greater context of the world's dreams - in which they have their reality."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 823)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Our Main Myth

It's hard to imagine reality without a beginning or end and a reality without form and physical senses (and associated space and time, etc.).  We are so deep in the illusion that we're manifesting that we are conditioned to believe that only what we physically perceive is real, or in cases where physical perception is not possible (e.g. quantum mechanics or astrophysics, etc.) that what is real is what logical explanations and theories we derive that are consistent with our physical perception (often perceived with the aid of scientific instruments).  This is a tough myth to break through, since we were conditioned to believe it from birth and we need to accept it in order to drive our car and interact in our current societies.  The fact it's a necessary myth doesn't mean that it's true outside of our 3D linear time duality.

"The main myth through which you interpret your experiences, however, is the one that tells you that all perception and knowledge must come to you through the physical senses.
"This is the myth of the exteriorized consciousness - a consciousness that you are told is open-ended only so far as objective reality is concerned.  It seems to be closed "at the other end", which in those terms would represent your birth."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 823)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Everyone who ever was or ever will be

This Seth quote is really profound.  One of the different rules in "Framework 2" is that there is no time, everything is now ... or, as Seth calls it, "everything is in the spacious present".  To really get that everyone who has ever lived on earth, or who ever will, are all dabbling in Framework 2 at this very moment: each one creating their own individual perspectives and life dramas together, right now, in our present moment, is absolutely mind boggling!!!!

We've been conditioned to believe in linear time ... but it was actually an assumption made by Sir Isaac Newton in his tomb "Principia".  The use of an independent variable that he called time was a convenient assumption that made his equations of motion easier to solve in the calculus he'd invented.  Ever since then, we've assumed that this linear time existed and we were conditioned to believe in a time-based causality.  Even Einstein in his theory of relatively assumed there was a space-time reference frame ... but, instead of it being rigid (like Newton's), he assumed that mass could distort it giving rise to what we know as gravity.  But, again, it's still an assumption that has dogged the Western World since it's inception - an assumption that does not, in fact, represent our underlying reality!

"Your world is populated by individuals concentrating upon physical activities, dealing with events that are "finished products" - at least in usual terms.  Your inner egos populate Framework 2, and deal with the actual creation of those events that are then objectified.  Since "the rules" of Framework 2 are different, that reality is not all bound by your physical assumptions.  It contains, therefore, the inner ego of each individual who has lived or will ever live upon the earth."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 822)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Inner Ego

What we perceive with our physical senses is called “Framework 1” by Seth.  This is the world of classical physics, the appearance of forces, action, motion all seeming to take place in 3D space in a linear time reference frame.  

Quantum mechanics tells us that the physical world is generated each time there is an interaction and an observation.  Between interactions and observations, quantum particles disappear from physical reality.  The Outer Ego arises in each moment in Framework 1 along with the quantum particles.  The Outer Ego perceives the manifested moment that it is part of in order to provide the psyche with thoughts and feelings about each moment and to make choices.

The Inner Ego operates in the non-physical domain of quantum probable states (Framework 2) and it is the true observer which pops selected probable experiences (and an Outer Ego) into physicality.  

“As you have an ego, fully conscious, directed toward the physical world, you also have what I call an inner ego, directed toward inner reality.  You have, in other words, a portion of yourself that is fully conscious in Framework 2.  The ego in your ordinary world, which again we will call Framework 1, is uniquely equipped to deal with that environment.  It manipulates with rules of cause and effect and consecutive moments.  It deals with an objectified reality.  It can stretch its capacities, becoming far more aware of inner events than it is normally allowed to do, but its main purpose is to deal with the world of effects, to encounter events.

“The inner ego is fully conscious.  It is a portion of you, however, that deals with the formation of events, that glories in a rather rambunctious and creative activity that your specifications of time and place physically preclude.  The unconscious, so-called, is – and I have said this before – quite conscious, but in another realm of activity.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 822)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Outer Ego

The "ego" described in this Seth session is what could be called the "outer ego" - the aspect of the greater self that is focused on this physical incarnation.  This is different from the "inner ego" which is directed towards the vast inner reality.  They're both seamless aspects of the same psyche, just looking "in different directions". 

This "outer ego" is different from the unthinking ego described by Lazaris.  That unthinking ego is similar in function to the keyboard and display of a computer - it takes data and displays it to our physical senses and is the mechanism that makes our choices known to the inner self that is manifesting our physical moments.  Seth's "outer ego" is bigger than that I/O device (the unthinking ego) and includes the consciousness sitting in front of the computer that interprets the information presented by the unthinking ego and then makes choices and decisions which are communicated back through this unthinking ego.  The reason Lazaris talks quite a bit about the unthinking ego is that choices need to be made and when we're "running on auto pilot" the unthinking ego can only replay previous choices which invariably lead to problems.  This situation is much like climbing into your car and setting it on cruise control with the steering while tied down in a fixed position ... it doesn't take too long for disaster to arise!

This life is your chosen journey ... drive your car and enjoy the scenery!
"The word "ego" is much bandied about, and in many circles it has a poor reputation.  It is, however, as I use it, a term meant to express the ordinarily conscious directive portion of the self.  It is your conscious version of what you are - an excellent description, if I do say so myself.  It is directed outward into the physical world.  It is also aware, however, of some of your "unconscious" activities.  It is the "you" you identify with, so it is as aware of your dreams, for example, as you are, and it is quite conscious of the fact that its existence rests upon knowledge that it does not itself possess."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 822)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The symphony of life

Today's Seth helps us to feel how much we belong in the Cosmos and the magnificence of our being and of every detail in our life. 

We're like musicians in a Cosmic symphony, each playing a unique instrument and having a unique part in the grand symphony of life.  Every one of us is important to the song of life being sung by All That Is.  If you've ever played in a band, there comes a time when the band members start to function like a group (instead a disconnected cluster of players reading the music and keeping time) and that is when the musical magic happens. 

Let's live each moment of our lives with the elegance, harmony and exuberance of the true magical Cosmic musicians that we are!
"The natural contours of your psyche are quite aware of the inner sweep and flow of your life, and its relationship with every other creature alive.  Intuitively, each person is born with the knowledge that he or she is not only worthwhile, but fits into the context of the universe in the most precise and beautiful of fashions.  The most elegant timing is involved in each individual's birth and death.  The exquisite play of your own inner nature in general - and that identification leads you into the deeper knowledge of your own part of nature's source."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 821)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Don't Fear the Reaper

"Don't Fear the Reaper" and "Stairway to Heaven" are two songs that electric guitar player wanna-be's usually get to enjoy at some point.  Seth's message today is a very pragmatic approach to the idea of life and death.

I don't think it's death so much that we fear but rather it's the idea of nonexistence that we dread.  It's only when we really get that we're souls having a (playful) physical experience that the dread of nonexistence goes away in large measure. 

The remaining problem is that the logical system that we're trying to use to understand the afterlife always forces us to think in terms of beginnings, endings and places ... unfortunately, none of these concepts are suitable for understanding the afterlife - and very fortunately, none of these concepts are suitable for understanding the afterlife.

We are BEINGS of the infinite BE-ER ... like songs of an infinite singer.  Unfortunately, in our culture, we've lost the hyphen in "BE-ER"!

"Man's nature is to live and to die.  Death is not an affront to life, but means its continuation - not only inside the framework of nature as you understand it, but in terms of nature's source.  It is, of course, natural then to die."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 821)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Sensing the greater context

Seth's material is not about theory and intellectual understanding ... though that is necessary if one is to cruise the Cosmos with awareness.  It is really about the subjective experience of the fullness of our greater Self. 

Lazaris made the following distinctions:  information is data translated into human terms, information with context becomes knowledge, creating new knowledge is true understanding, and finally, true wisdom is living the understanding.  Living the understandings we get from the Seth material is the real prize!!!
"If you can, try to sense this greater context in which you have your being.  Your rewards will be astonishing.  The emotional realization is what is important, of course, not simply an intellectual acceptance of the idea.  Ruburt wanted material on this book, and that is well and good.  The book is important.  The book has its meaning in your world, but I do not want you to forget the vaster context in which these sessions originate.  This kind of information can at least trigger responses on your part, increasing still further the scope of knowledge that you can perceive from me."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 818)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Intersecting Consciousness

“Intersecting Consciousness” sounds so sterile, technical, lacklustre, whatever.  Those intersections at the level of atoms and molecules give rise to matter … at the level of souls it is communication, moments in time and space … and best of all, LOVE.

While this Seth quote is specific to Seth’s “meetings” with Jane and Rob, the underlying principle is valid for all shared events.  

I suppose the best way to see this is to think of condensation of water vapour … water vapour is invisible (like the Inner World) and there is a process that results in condensation (visible water, or in our case, manifestation of moments of physical experience).  The physical world is a tangible “precipitate” from the dance of souls and Cosmic Consciousness.

“While our meetings take place in your time, and in the physical space of your house, say, the primary encounter must be a subjective inner one, an intersection of consciousnesses that is then physically experienced.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 818)

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Power of Myth

Our education system, technology and computer records are based upon what we think are facts ... facts in this limited 3D, linear time, dualistic representation of infinity.  This infinity has multiple dimensions (as our theorists are just starting to realize) and consists of all possibilities. Our "facts" are gross superficial simplifications which ensnare us further in the illusion if not accompanied by an active, creative imagination and an open mind. 

Today's Seth really shows the power of myths ... the power to give rise to epochs and entire civilizations!  It behooves us to dream wonderful dreams, find meaning in the moment and to love ... that's how we create new, beautiful realities ... that's how we express our inner nature, as the exuberant  creator Gods that we really are.

"Facts are a very handy but weak brew of reality.  They immediately consign certain kinds of experiences as real and others as not.  The psyche, however, will not be so limited.  It exists in a medium of reality, a realm of being in which all possibilities exist.  It creates myths the way the ocean creates spray.  Myths are originally psychic fabrications of such power and strength that whole civilizations can rise from their source.  They involve symbols and known emotional validities that are then connected to the physical world, so that the world is never the same again.
"They cast their light over historical events because they are responsible for those events.  They mix and merge the inner, unseen, but felt, eternal psychic experience of man with the temporal events of his physical days, and form a combination that structures thoughts and beliefs from civilization to civilization."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 817)

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Given that the Inner Reality is virtually unknowable and incomprehensible to the human brain and the Outer Ego, it is no surprise that we use Myths, as described by Seth, to give human life context ... both in terms of human history and the vast Inner Reality from which it arises.

"Myth is not a distortion of fact, but the womb through which fact must come.  Myth involves an intrinsic understanding of the nature of reality, couched in imaginative terms, carrying a power as strong as nature itself.  Myth-making is a natural psychic characteristic, a psychic element that combines with other such elements to form a mythical representation of inner reality.  That representation is then used as a model upon which your civilizations are organized, and also as a perceptual tool through whose lens you interpret the private events of your life in their historical context.
"When you accept myths you call them facts, of course, for they become so a part of your lives, of societies and your professions, that their basis seems self-apparent.  Myths are vast psychic dramas, more truthful than facts.  They provide an ever-enduring theater of reality."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 817)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

One of Humanity's Strongest Attributes

Today's Seth is a mantra that we should repeat often, except I would have preferred the word "spiritual" to "religious".  I believe that is what Seth meant.  One can be religious without being spiritual and vice versa.  Spirituality in the sense described in this Seth quote is really an awareness of the gift of life and vitality, an awareness of the true grace that embraces us.

"One of man's strongest attributes is religious feeling.  It is the part of psychology most often overlooked.  There is a natural religious knowledge with which you are born.  ...  It is a biological spiritually translated into verbal terms.  It says: "Life is a gift (and not a curse).  I am a unique, worthy creature in the natural world, which everywhere surrounds me, gives me sustenance, and reminds me of the greater source from which I myself and the world both emerge.  My body is delightfully suited to its environment, and comes to me, again, from that unknown source which shows itself through all of the events of the physical world"."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 814)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Events are alive and grow

Today’s Seth is another mind bender … best taken with alcohol … but nevertheless it is the way reality works.  Because we limited ourselves to a 3D, linear time based, dualistic representation of multidimensional action doesn’t mean that reality (aka God or All That Is) is that simple or even comprehensible to our simplistic brains nor expressible in our simplistic language or logical system.  I always find it interesting that people tend to go as deep down the rabbit hole as they can and then stop there … that’s OK … the problem is that they often fight about it and say that they (and only they) possess the absolute truth when in fact absolute truth isn’t absolute nor is it even expressible in language or human terms.  I guess that conundrum is one of the reasons we keep coming back here … oh yes, the other reason is the absolute joy that love brings in physical reality!

Each event is an action of consciousness … as such, it is alive and is forever seeking it’s unique value fulfillment.  We, in piecing together what we know as our physical lives, give birth to events but never see the full depth and extent of them … instead we shift our focus to creating new events.  

Like ripples radiating out in all directions on a calm body of water after a stone is tossed in, each event (past, present and future) radiates in all directions … in all dimensions.  All events of this lifetime (and all others) exist in the spacious present (there is only NOW).  Therefore, we feel ripples not only from what we know of as the past, but also from the future!  No wonder the Causal Plane seems chaotic to us!

“The point is that past events grow.  They are not finished.  With that in mind, you can see that future lives are very difficult to explain from within your framework.  A completed life in your terms is no more completed or done than any event.  There is simply a cut-off point in your focus from your framework, but it is as artificial as, basically, perspective is applied to painting.

“It is not that the inner self is not aware of all of this, but that it has already chosen a framework or a given frame of existence, that emphasizes certain kinds of experience over others.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Changing the Past in the Present

Lazaris has said that you change things in the present, the present moment is your point of power.  

What they meant by that, is that if there is a past (or future) life influence coming at you that needs to be relieved, then in the present moment you can enter meditation and move yourself back (or forward) in time with intent and change that other lifetime and it’s influence.  

A case in point.  Years ago I worked through the Lazaris process to develop a communion (communication plus union) with my Higher Self as described in their book: “The Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self”.  I figured that if I was going to consciously create reality I’d best do it in harmony with my Higher Self … the Self that sees the big picture.  That process was, for me, life changing!  

Later, I learned a meditative technique (using a river visualization) to cruise backward and forward in time.  There was a particular past lifetime of mine that, I felt, needed some form of closure.  So, I entered meditation with a personification of my Higher Self and, together, we did the time travel into the past life and met this person while he was dying.  After getting acquainted and calming him down, I left him with my Higher Self to make a more elegant and less painful transition.  It worked well.

“As I have mentioned [in other books], you can indeed change the present to some extent by purposefully altering a memory event.  That kind of synthesis can be used in many instances with many people.

“Such an exercise is not some theoretical, esoteric, impractical method, but a very precise, volatile, and dynamic way of helping the present self by calming the fears of a past self.  That past self is not hypothetical, either, but still exists, capable of being reached and of changing its reactions.  You do not need a time machine to alter the past or the future.

“Such a technique is highly valuable.  Not only are memories not “dead”, they are themselves ever-changing.  Many alter themselves almost completely without your notice.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Each Moment Is A Gateway

Today's Seth is a good one (as usual) and shows the insight and depth available in each moment of life ... if only we were centred enough and aware enough to actually be in each moment.  The details of each moment are rich in insights but we get blinded by the simulation (called physical reality) that we're experiencing.  What we know as thought and emotion arise in the simulation and mask the current of feelings and gestalts coursing through the moments.  I suppose this is a necessary feature of staying engaged in the simulation we know of as LIFE.

Seth has often said that there is only the spacious present.  Our sense of time is part of the 3D, dualistic, linear time simulation we're manifesting.  It's no surprise then that the gateway to realities is always in the present, now moment.

Seize the moment!

"In certain terms the past, present, and future [of your present life] are all compressed in any given moment of your experience.
"Any such moment is therefore a gateway into all of your existences.  The events that you recognize as happening now are simply specific and objective, but the most minute element in any given moment's experience is also symbolic of other events and other times.  Each moment is then like a mosaic, only in your current life history you follow but one color or pattern, and ignore the others."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

We create the past and the future in each present moment

Today's Seth is an extension of yesterday's.  For our culture, which is conditioned to believe in an immutable past and linear objective time, it is really hard to accept that each moment is literally brand new ... we get to choose the past, present and future in each moment and to make choices in the moment based on that context.  Our point of power really is in the present.  Because of our belief in sequential time, we do create the present by choosing a range of futures and laying them against the backdrop of a believable past (individually and collectively).

I think one of the problems we have with really living this idea is that we define ourselves by our story in the context of our culture and an agreed upon history.  The Buddhists got it right by realizing that we really aren't our story nor are we defined/confined to our body.  I don't think they fully realized, however, just how much power we have in the present!

This really should not be a surprise, however.  After all - we're creator Gods playing a 3D, dualistic manifestation game!

To get the full implication of this Seth quote I highly recommend reading Jane Roberts' "Oversoul Seven Trilogy".  It is a playful but insightful story that shows the fun and the difficulties at the Soul level in this context.

"It would be most difficult to operate within your sphere of reality without the pretension of concrete, finished events.  You form your past lives now in this life as surely as you form your future ones now also.
"Simultaneously, each of your past and future selves dwell in their own way now, and for them the last sentence also applies."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Every Moment Is Brand New

Today's Seth points out that what we call the past, our memories of past events, are different for each individual, and that these memories change with time.  This is not just a cosmetic or trivial change, but actual changes of past world lines to other probable variations of the same past event, or even the elimination of a past or future event through a present choice or decision. 

Julian Barbour in his book The End of Time proposes a complete theory of physics without the assumption of time; rather, the universe is an infinite collection of possible moments with each moment arising with a consistent past and probable futures (in our linear time perception).  Our Inner Self then chooses which moment to manifest, moment by moment, that is most consistent with our current attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices and decisions (our raw materials of manifestation) and our current desire, imagination and expectation (our tools of manifestation). 

This is really cool because each moment really is brand new.  When we make life-changing choices, they happen in a moment and we are presented a complete past and set of future probabilities that are consistent with it ... seamlessly.  Thus, we never fix the past ... we literally create a new one!

"Because events do not exist in the concrete, done-and-finished versions about which you have been taught, then memory must also be a different story.
"You must remember the creativity and the open-ended nature of events, for even in one life a given memory is seldom a "true version" of a past event.  The original happening is experienced from a different perspective on the part of each person involved, of course, so that the event's implications and basic meanings may differ according to the focus of each participant.  That given event, in your terms happening for the first time, say, begins to "work upon" the participants.  Each one brings to it his or her own background, temperament, and literally a thousand different colorations - so that the event, while shared by others, is still primarily original to each person.
"The moment it occurs, it begins to change as it is filtered through all of those other ingredients, and it is minutely altered furthermore by each succeeding event.  The memory of an event, then, is shaped as much by the present as it is by the past.  Association triggers memories, of course, and organizes memory events.  It also helps color and form such events."
(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 806)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Manifestation 101

Today’s Seth is an aspect of the “Law of Attraction” in manifestation.  It reminds me of a garden metaphor.  What you water grows: water weeds then you get weeds - water flowers then you get flowers.  

The “universe” is fundamentally consciousness and energy (Ramtha).  When you place your attention on a set of possible future outcomes you energize those possibilities in your context regardless of whether you desire them or fear them.  Since everything is consciousness and energy, these peak probabilities grow with conscious attention and they also grow with emotional energy associated with them. Lazaris’ tools of manifestation (desire, imagination and expectation) are what we use continuously (and often not consciously) to energize future possibilities.

The “subconscious and unconscious minds” draw the highest probabilities into your physical reality that are consistent with your attitudes, beliefs, choices, decisions, thoughts and feelings (Lazaris’ building blocks of manifestation).   So it comes as no surprise then, that if you consciously energize future possibilities associated with positive outcomes … life becomes magical.  The converse is also true.

““You get what you concentrate upon”.  Your mental images bring about their fulfillment.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 805)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Body

It’s amazing how our thoughts can inhibit our natural physical, psychic and spiritual state of grace.  

Here Seth points out that the body that we project from moment to moment is a living “social statement” … a vibrantly alive symbolic representation of our current thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, attitudes and beliefs (collectively our building blocks of manifestation); plus it represents the current result of our desires, imagination and expectation (our tools of manifestation).  It is very personal and, like a computer avatar, it is how we want others to “see” us.

Like good quality artists tools, the body is spring loaded for exuberant, joy-filled, loving expression in a beautiful “heaven on earth” as we “paint” our 3-D pictures of physical reality and place them in a time sequence.  Unfortunately, this gets compromised by our limiting beliefs, etc. which are largely the result of the very rudimentary logical system that we’re using here in creation kindergarten.  As Seth says elsewhere, our conditioned “survival instincts”, particularly in a "survival of the fittest" world of extreme duality, cause our brain to anticipate the worst and, when the brain is allowed free reign in that direction, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy … in spite of the body’s best efforts.

Taste the coffee, smell the roses … and love exuberantly!
“The body is a spiritual, psychic, and social statement, biologically spoken.  It is obviously private, yet it cannot be concealed, in that “it is where you are”, in usual terms.”

“The body is, therefore, quite well equipped to deal with its physical stance in the physical world, and its defense systems are unerring in that respect.  Your conscious mind, however, directs your temporal perception and interprets that perception, organizing it into mental patterns.  The body, again, must depend upon those interpretations.  The biological basis of all life is a loving, divine and cooperative one, and presupposes a safe physical stance from which any member of any species feels actively free to seek out its needs and to communicate with others of its kind.”

(The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events, Session 804)