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Elias on Follow Your Flow and Interconnectedness

 Elias on Follow Your Flow and Interconnectedness

Extract from Elias Webinar 20201004

CARLEEN: So, that’s the key to cooperation? Follow your flow. Pay attention to what you are doing. Accepting— 

ELIAS: What I would say is, your flow actually will naturally be happening if you ARE moving in that direction, if you ARE expressing that interconnectedness. And let me express to you: Interconnectedness is not merging with a tree. Interconnectedness is not the idea that you are interconnected with the earth and that the earth is connected to you. That is all well and good, but that is not what interconnectedness is. Interconnectedness in the experience of it as you become more self-aware is that everything in your experience, everything in your day, everything you do, everything you encounter and engage, you are aware of how it is connected with everything else. 

I have been expressing that point for a quarter of a century now. And NOW you are beginning to see it in action, how one action flows into another action. How (pause) a death can flow into an expression of creativity. How you move in a flow with what you are doing with your actions, with your behaviors and with your expressions. And in that, it doesn’t matter what it is in subject matter, that every subject is connected with every other subject. Therefore, you can be in a situation in which you are engaging with family members and there is conflict and people are disagreeing and they are confused. And you have a discussion, and you recognize that in the next moment that has somehow flowed into choosing to engage a supper together. You don’t necessarily automatically think that one is connected to the other. You flow with them or you don’t, but you don’t think about HOW they are connected. 

Or that you are tremendously distraught in one moment because you are presented with a death that is tremendously affecting you, and the next moment you are genuinely moving in a direction of appreciating another individual and their behavior and what they do and how you interact with them. 

Now, in any other time framework you wouldn’t necessarily see how those are connected, but they are. The appreciation even in the loss of the death gives way to the recognition of an appreciation of a behavior in another individual that you interact with; that you may have noticed that previously, but you didn’t connect those two factors together; that because something is gone, there is an appreciation of something that isn’t gone. But you wouldn’t have necessarily connected them together previously, but now it is very easy to see how they ARE connected together. 

Or how you are engaging the individual that grooms your yard, and how that flows into an inspiration in your home to be engaging rearranging certain aspects of your home. You wouldn’t connect those two subjects together; one is an individual that is grooming your yard, it has nothing to do with what you do inside your house or in a particular room – but it does, because that individual may have inspired you to be creative in some manner that you weren’t before. 

Everything flows into each other. And I have been expressing the analogy of the stream for many years, and the tree that falls into the stream, or the boulder that falls into the stream, as analogous of you moving in a direction and unexpected actions occur in your life on a daily basis. And what do you do with them? And how do they connect to other actions that are occurring in your life, in your day? Because they do connect, in the day. 

In that, you have this tremendous, tremendous volume of energy now that is available to you, to help you to see all of this interconnectedness, to see what your flow is, how you are that stream, how you flow no matter what – or you don’t, or you stop and start. But the direction in shifting IS to flow no matter what. Regardless of what falls into that stream, that you flow over it or around it or under it, but you keep flowing. And that object that fell into your stream, into your flow, then changes your flow in some manner. It enhances it. Because then you, as you flow around it, you take that experience with you and you use it. And what do you use it for? Do you use it to follow feelings? Or do you use it in a manner that enhances and encourages your creativity, that you then express and THAT flows outward and touches everything else? Or do you follow feelings and use THAT to touch everything else, in manners that you don’t necessarily want? 

This is the reason that flow is so important. And more than that, my friends, the reason that flow is so important isn’t that you would be contributing to your world, but because you want to be satisfied, content and happy. You want to be happy in your lives. You want to be satisfied. You want to be content in your lives. That is ultimately what is so important. You want to live long, you want to be happy, you want to be satisfied in your lives. 

And in that, you can do all of that, but that also is a matter of that flow. And that flow is a matter of that interconnectedness, and the interconnectedness is a matter of that cooperation.

Elias on There Are No Absolutes

 Elias on There Are No Absolutes

Extract from Elias Webinar 20201004

“About perception, would you comment on conspiracy theories and otherthings that many people believe that simply aren’t true? Yes, people believe what they want to believe and our lives are based on our perceptions, but some things are just not true to this blueprint. For example, people believe that bleach injected into veins will stop the coronavirus and that the Clintons are drinking the blood of children. There’s so much false information being directed at people, and it is so easily disseminated now. This concerns me because it affects elections and it can affect other people that I care about, like refugees who are suffering and aren’t allowed into this country.” From Naomi, because her microphone isn’t working. 

ELIAS: Very well. This is an excellent example, because there is a considerable amount of differences in people’s perceptions and their opinions and what they believe and what they don’t believe. And then there is that statement, that there are simply some things that are not true, and there are simply some things that ARE true. That in itself is incorrect. Because in that, in your reality, the individuals of the former president and his family drinking the blood of children, in your reality that doesn’t exist. In another individual’s reality, they may be making that very real. 

Therefore, this is the point, is that you have these ideas that there are absolute rights and absolute wrongs, and that there is absolute truth in some expression or there is absolute falseness in another direction. And all of that is incorrect, because there AREN’T absolutes. I would say that the only absolute, if you will, is that each of you is creating your reality; but how you do that is definitely not absolute. 

And in that, this is the point. This is what I am expressing in relation to that cooperation. It isn’t about conspiracy theories and addressing to them. It isn’t about opinions and addressing to them. It isn’t about wrong behaviors and addressing to them. It is about changing your world. Your world IS changing. You have created a direction in which you have the whole world paying attention to what? One expression: a virus. You have the whole world actually moving in a new direction that is unfamiliar, and they don’t know what they’re doing. None of you do. 

In this, I would say that this is one of the reasons that many of you – not all, but many of you—in the United States have turned your attention now to the elections. You weren’t paying attention to the elections for a considerable time throughout this year, but now you are. Why? Because you are restless, because you don’t know what direction to move in, and you are once again looking to those outside sources to find a direction. 

What of the rest of the world? They don’t have an election that is happening now that they can look to as their answer. But it isn’t your answer, either. The entire world is moving in a direction. The entire world is participating in this new action—not one country, not one community. In this, there are people throughout the world that have conspiracy theories about almost every subject that you can possibly think of. There are people throughout your world that have ideas that are astounding to many of you, but then there are many people that agree with them. 

As I expressed initially, as many people and as volumes of support that you can muster in relation to whatever YOU believe, or whatever your opinion is, or whatever you express is absolutely true or not true, there is equally as many people that can express the opposite. Therefore, as many people as you can find that would express that the Clintons are absolutely not drinking the blood of children, you can find equally as many people that will question that and will say, “It’s possible,” “They might be,” or “They absolutely are.” And they believe that they are right equally as much as you believe you are right. 

And in that, you can be thinking to yourself, “But I can prove that I’m right. If I went to their home, I could prove that they aren’t doing that.” I would say to you very realistically, the other individuals can very much say the same thing and do the same thing, because you are each creating your own, individual realities. Therefore, you could visit the home of these people, and in your reality you would find them in a situation that you would consider to be normal. And another individual that genuinely believes that theory can visit the identical same home—they can even do it on the same day at the same time—and see something entirely different. 

I have been expressing this to all of you for a considerable time framework. And now, more than ever, it is here in your reality. This shift is undeniable, here in your reality, and the entire world is participating. 

And in that, it is tremendously important that you are genuinely aware of what it is that you are paying attention to. If you are paying attention to conspiracy theories that you disagree with and that you think are wrong and damaging, you are adding energy to the very thing you don’t want. It doesn’t matter if you agree with something or if you don’t agree with something; what matters is, what are you paying attention to? What are you consuming your energy with? And how are you expressing your energy? 

I would be willing to wager that when you are entertaining the idea of conspiracy theories and how damaging they are that you aren’t frolicking through your house and feeling very positive and excited and happy. You likely are irritated or afraid or concerned. This is not an energy that is productive in the capacity that YOU want it to be productive. It isn’t moving in a direction that encourages what you want to encourage. It moves very much in alignment with the very energy that you don’t want to express. 

And that is the point: What are you paying attention to? Are you paying attention to being angry at other people’s behavior because they are intolerant and because they are aggressive, and because they are so absolute in what they are expressing and they have no room for any tolerance of anyone else unless they agree with them? Basically, you are doing the same, if that is what you are doing. If you are paying attention to that and being angry about it or being afraid of it or being concerned about it, you are lending energy, and you are doing the same because you want the other individuals to agree with you or to change their behaviour. They won’t change their behavior if they don’t have a REASON to change their behaviour. 

If they are met with matched energy, opposing energy—even if that energy is defensive, because defensive energy is also opposing – if other individuals are met with opposing and matching energy, they aren’t going to change. They aren’t going to move in a different behavior. They have no reason to! They are being matched, and that encourages them. Just as when other individuals vehemently and excitedly agree with you and are expressing an intensity of energy, “YES! Can you believe how stupid and ridiculous and ignorant these people are, to be behaving in this manner and believing these stupid conspiracy theories?” and they are projecting this very strong energy in agreement with you, what are you doing? You are matching energy. You are expressing how wrong someone else is, as much as they are expressing how wrong you are.

MODERATOR: Well, Naomi concludes by saying, “I believe I’m following my flow now better than I have for a long time.” 

ELIAS: And I congratulate you in that. And I would say that if you are following your flow, then it is very likely that all of these conspiracy theories will not be concerning you for much longer, because they will be unimportant. That if you are genuinely moving in the direction of flow, you are moving in the direction of interconnectedness. And in doing so, much of these subjects become unimportant, and you move in a direction of what is natural for you and how you can be cooperating with other individuals. 

And let me express to you genuinely, my friends, I DO understand how difficult this can be. Feelings are very strong, and it can be very challenging to move in directions of choosing differently, rather than being caught in all of the feelings and the passion that can be expressed with them. Moving in intentional directions and changing importances can be very challenging, and I very much understand that. And I express tremendous energy to all of you in helpfulness.

Elias on Interconnectedness and Cooperation

 Elias on Interconnectedness and Cooperation

Extract from Elias Webinar 20201004

ELIAS: I have expressed recently that the energy is tremendously intenseand exceptionally strong collectively, which is creating an unusual situation of which it is considerably easy to be moving in whatever direction you are moving in. Now, that doesn’t mean that that is automatically good. That doesn’t mean that it is tremendously easy to create everything joyfully, blissfully and precisely what you want – although that is a part of it. You can, but there is a considerable amount of unrest and distress, anger, a considerable amount of energy moving in the direction of dissatisfaction and not enough. And I would say even beyond that, there is a considerable amount of energy moving in a direction of not only being angry but projecting in a direction of wanting restitution and punishment in many capacities and in many directions. 

But there is also a considerable amount of energy being expressed in which individuals are moving in the opposite direction and are actually creating what they want intentionally and ARE expressing a considerableamount of satisfaction and contentment. And it is, as it has been for quite some time in your terms, a considerable split. 

WENDY: I feel divided myself, actually, going in both of those directions, but it sounds to me like it’s especially important now to do what you’ve been talking about all along, which is— 

ELIAS: I very much agree. I very much agree. And that is the point, is that now, more than ever, what is tremendously important is to be aware of what you are paying attention to. Because you can slip in directions of negative and conflict very easily, but you can also maintain the opposite in an easy capacity. It is all a matter of what you are paying attention to. 

What I would remind all of you is to remember the basic principle of consciousness and creating, which is you always create more of what you pay attention to and what you concentrate on—you always create more. That is the natural action of consciousness. 

Therefore, I would express that it definitely is a time in which perception is of ultimate importance, because perception is being generated by what you pay attention to. And in that, I would say that you have tremendous, exceptional power presently to be intentionally creating your reality. You have an exceptional amount of, in a manner of speaking, backup power behind you, of all this collective. 

This is the reason that I am suggesting that we discuss this subject of interconnectedness, because that is what is creating this situation. And you have an exceptional opportunity to be turning the tides simply by being aware of what you yourselves are doing and what you are paying attention to, and empowering yourselves. 

And what you don’t realize is how tremendously powerful that is and how affecting it is. You incorporate this tendency to continue to think that you are one individual and that you don’t matter, and that you don’t make any difference at all, and that what difference does it make what you do in your individual life when the people in government or the president is doing whatever he is doing. It DOES make a difference. It makes a tremendous difference, because what you are paying attention to is what other people are doing. How much are you asking yourself how does that directly—DIRECTLY—affect you and your life? Not in theory, not in concept, not inprinciple, but how does it physically, directly affect your life? And if it does – and I’m not saying that it doesn’t or it never will – but there is a considerable amount of what is happening with other people or what the behaviors of other people are that isn’t directly affecting you. 

WENDY: Yes. 

ELIAS: In that, if you are an individual that is presently—presently—in a situation in which the behavior of other individuals in government is directly affecting you, then it is a matter of asking yourself specific questions about what can you do to empower yourself and to be expressing genuine cooperation—not retaliation, not compromise, not acquiescing, not moving in the direction of conflict, not being aggressive, but moving in a genuine direction of cooperation. 

Because in this, my friends, let me express to you one very simple statement that is definitely true: Whatever it is that you believe is right, whatever it is that you express in your behavior, whatever it is that you look at that you think is incorrect or wrong, you can find volumes—volumes—of people and sources that will support that. And the person directly next to you can be perceiving the exact opposite, and they can also find volumes of people and sources to support THEIR position. Therefore, which one of you is right? Both of you believe that you are right. 

The reason that cooperation is so important, especially now, is because it doesn’t move in a direction in which it denies you being right. It doesn’t deny you being right, but it doesn’t deny the other person being right either. You aren’t right at the cost of someone else being wrong. This is what your history has been built on to this point. This is a tremendous reason that there may be more trauma in this shift, because this is a considerable shift. Your entire history has been built on dominance and one people expressing their rightness and imposing it on other people – and you do this individually. 

WENDY: Yeah. And it’s time to move in a different direction. 

ELIAS: It IS time to move in a different direction. 

WENDY: That is the key, really.

ELIAS: Yes. Cooperation is the key to all of that because in that, you don’texpress your rightness as dominating and as being ultimately absolute that others must bend to. 

WENDY: This is a natural sort of… well, I don’t know about natural, but it’s a reaction that is like the default. And we can’t react the same way that people are already reacting, in dominance. 

ELIAS: Correct. Correct. 

WENDY: And in terms of cooperating, we need to cooperate with the people around us. 

ELIAS: Yes. And that means your neighbor that resides on your street that you have been disagreeing with for ten years, or the person that you meet in your community frequently that annoys you and that you generally automatically want to express in an aggressive manner towards that individual. Or the individual that may be a family member, or it may be a friend or it may be an enemy that expresses a very different perception and opinion from yours and is always attempting to convince you how right THEY are, and how much that irritates you. 

WENDY: Well, we’ve been insulated from a lot of that right now because of this COVID, but it’s still there. 

ELIAS: I would say that depends on where you are. 

WENDY: Yeah. 

ELIAS: Some people have been, in your terms, insulated from that because they have been isolating, but there are many places in your world, even in your country, that that is not actually the situation, and that people aren’t isolated any longer and that people are engaging with each other. And in that, especially in their own neighborhoods they are being somewhat more interactive with each other. And in that, you may be presented with individuals in your own neighborhoods that you don’t like. Or you might not dislike them, but you definitely disagree with them, and you disagree with their politics, or you disagree with their religious beliefs, or you disagree with their philosophy of life—it doesn’t matter. And in that, the automatic direction is to want to convince another individual how right you are andtherefore how wrong they are. And especially now, without any other subject in YOUR country, the direction of which candidate is more suitable for the position of president and why, and wanting to convince each other that your direction, whatever it may be, is the right direction, and that whoever it is you are speaking to should be accepting that and converting to your direction of thinking and perception. And this is very common. 

But this is only YOUR country. I would say that this is only one subject. 

WENDY: Yes. 

ELIAS: And the subject of wanting to convince someone else that their behavior and that their perception or their viewpoint is incorrect or wrong is worldwide— 

WENDY: Yes. 

ELIAS: — and is being expressed in all neighborhoods in your world.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Elias on Recurring Dreams

 Elias on Recurring Dreams

ALICIA: Okay. I also have had these repeating dreams, although I haven’thad them in a while. It is making me think that I share a focus with my sister where I am somehow a grossly developmentally deformed child and she is my mother? And that in those focuses she is greatly shamed by this birth, and she keeps me somewhat isolated from people in order to deny my existence, and that might explain some bleed-through action that I have with her. She feels terribly responsible for me, and I feel terribly unattractive in comparison to her. 
ELIAS: Yes. You are correct.

ALICIA: What is the purpose when a dream like that keeps repeating? Iassume it’s to call my attention to the fact, to understand that this is a focus, right? But aside from that? Because once I did sort of feel that, I stopped dreaming it.

ELIAS: Correct. Generally speaking, this is what occurs. 

Individuals experience recurring dream imagery for different reasons. It may be that they are presenting to themselves dream imagery concerning another focus that has been somewhat remembered, and in that memory it may be somewhat disturbing, or it may be somewhat frightening to the individual. Therefore, it is purposeful to be examining this type of imagery and acknowledging of it, for in doing so, generally speaking, the imagery discontinues and you discontinue incorporating those types of dreams. 

In this, they ARE generally associated with some experience that the individual generates in this focus, or with some issue that is being experienced within this focus. And in that, you draw that energy to you, to emphasize that particular association or issue that you may be generating in this focus. That obtains your attention, and it motivates you to investigate and to understand what is occurring. 

In this, once you recognize and generate the association of separation between yourself and another focus, and you understand the differences— and also some of the similarities—of your experience or your energies, it allows you to discontinue that intensity or that strength of the association. And generally it can alleviate some of your experiences, in the intensity of them, in this focus also—such as you and your sibling. In recognizing that you have been drawing energy from another focus, and understanding what the experience of that focus is, and knowing that it is not this focus, that allows you to alter your perception somewhat and generate less of an intensity in your experiences now.