Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Elias on Interconnectedness and Cooperation

 Elias on Interconnectedness and Cooperation

Extract from Elias Webinar 20201004

ELIAS: I have expressed recently that the energy is tremendously intenseand exceptionally strong collectively, which is creating an unusual situation of which it is considerably easy to be moving in whatever direction you are moving in. Now, that doesn’t mean that that is automatically good. That doesn’t mean that it is tremendously easy to create everything joyfully, blissfully and precisely what you want – although that is a part of it. You can, but there is a considerable amount of unrest and distress, anger, a considerable amount of energy moving in the direction of dissatisfaction and not enough. And I would say even beyond that, there is a considerable amount of energy moving in a direction of not only being angry but projecting in a direction of wanting restitution and punishment in many capacities and in many directions. 

But there is also a considerable amount of energy being expressed in which individuals are moving in the opposite direction and are actually creating what they want intentionally and ARE expressing a considerableamount of satisfaction and contentment. And it is, as it has been for quite some time in your terms, a considerable split. 

WENDY: I feel divided myself, actually, going in both of those directions, but it sounds to me like it’s especially important now to do what you’ve been talking about all along, which is— 

ELIAS: I very much agree. I very much agree. And that is the point, is that now, more than ever, what is tremendously important is to be aware of what you are paying attention to. Because you can slip in directions of negative and conflict very easily, but you can also maintain the opposite in an easy capacity. It is all a matter of what you are paying attention to. 

What I would remind all of you is to remember the basic principle of consciousness and creating, which is you always create more of what you pay attention to and what you concentrate on—you always create more. That is the natural action of consciousness. 

Therefore, I would express that it definitely is a time in which perception is of ultimate importance, because perception is being generated by what you pay attention to. And in that, I would say that you have tremendous, exceptional power presently to be intentionally creating your reality. You have an exceptional amount of, in a manner of speaking, backup power behind you, of all this collective. 

This is the reason that I am suggesting that we discuss this subject of interconnectedness, because that is what is creating this situation. And you have an exceptional opportunity to be turning the tides simply by being aware of what you yourselves are doing and what you are paying attention to, and empowering yourselves. 

And what you don’t realize is how tremendously powerful that is and how affecting it is. You incorporate this tendency to continue to think that you are one individual and that you don’t matter, and that you don’t make any difference at all, and that what difference does it make what you do in your individual life when the people in government or the president is doing whatever he is doing. It DOES make a difference. It makes a tremendous difference, because what you are paying attention to is what other people are doing. How much are you asking yourself how does that directly—DIRECTLY—affect you and your life? Not in theory, not in concept, not inprinciple, but how does it physically, directly affect your life? And if it does – and I’m not saying that it doesn’t or it never will – but there is a considerable amount of what is happening with other people or what the behaviors of other people are that isn’t directly affecting you. 

WENDY: Yes. 

ELIAS: In that, if you are an individual that is presently—presently—in a situation in which the behavior of other individuals in government is directly affecting you, then it is a matter of asking yourself specific questions about what can you do to empower yourself and to be expressing genuine cooperation—not retaliation, not compromise, not acquiescing, not moving in the direction of conflict, not being aggressive, but moving in a genuine direction of cooperation. 

Because in this, my friends, let me express to you one very simple statement that is definitely true: Whatever it is that you believe is right, whatever it is that you express in your behavior, whatever it is that you look at that you think is incorrect or wrong, you can find volumes—volumes—of people and sources that will support that. And the person directly next to you can be perceiving the exact opposite, and they can also find volumes of people and sources to support THEIR position. Therefore, which one of you is right? Both of you believe that you are right. 

The reason that cooperation is so important, especially now, is because it doesn’t move in a direction in which it denies you being right. It doesn’t deny you being right, but it doesn’t deny the other person being right either. You aren’t right at the cost of someone else being wrong. This is what your history has been built on to this point. This is a tremendous reason that there may be more trauma in this shift, because this is a considerable shift. Your entire history has been built on dominance and one people expressing their rightness and imposing it on other people – and you do this individually. 

WENDY: Yeah. And it’s time to move in a different direction. 

ELIAS: It IS time to move in a different direction. 

WENDY: That is the key, really.

ELIAS: Yes. Cooperation is the key to all of that because in that, you don’texpress your rightness as dominating and as being ultimately absolute that others must bend to. 

WENDY: This is a natural sort of… well, I don’t know about natural, but it’s a reaction that is like the default. And we can’t react the same way that people are already reacting, in dominance. 

ELIAS: Correct. Correct. 

WENDY: And in terms of cooperating, we need to cooperate with the people around us. 

ELIAS: Yes. And that means your neighbor that resides on your street that you have been disagreeing with for ten years, or the person that you meet in your community frequently that annoys you and that you generally automatically want to express in an aggressive manner towards that individual. Or the individual that may be a family member, or it may be a friend or it may be an enemy that expresses a very different perception and opinion from yours and is always attempting to convince you how right THEY are, and how much that irritates you. 

WENDY: Well, we’ve been insulated from a lot of that right now because of this COVID, but it’s still there. 

ELIAS: I would say that depends on where you are. 

WENDY: Yeah. 

ELIAS: Some people have been, in your terms, insulated from that because they have been isolating, but there are many places in your world, even in your country, that that is not actually the situation, and that people aren’t isolated any longer and that people are engaging with each other. And in that, especially in their own neighborhoods they are being somewhat more interactive with each other. And in that, you may be presented with individuals in your own neighborhoods that you don’t like. Or you might not dislike them, but you definitely disagree with them, and you disagree with their politics, or you disagree with their religious beliefs, or you disagree with their philosophy of life—it doesn’t matter. And in that, the automatic direction is to want to convince another individual how right you are andtherefore how wrong they are. And especially now, without any other subject in YOUR country, the direction of which candidate is more suitable for the position of president and why, and wanting to convince each other that your direction, whatever it may be, is the right direction, and that whoever it is you are speaking to should be accepting that and converting to your direction of thinking and perception. And this is very common. 

But this is only YOUR country. I would say that this is only one subject. 

WENDY: Yes. 

ELIAS: And the subject of wanting to convince someone else that their behavior and that their perception or their viewpoint is incorrect or wrong is worldwide— 

WENDY: Yes. 

ELIAS: — and is being expressed in all neighborhoods in your world.

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