Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Elias on Follow Your Flow and Interconnectedness

 Elias on Follow Your Flow and Interconnectedness

Extract from Elias Webinar 20201004

CARLEEN: So, that’s the key to cooperation? Follow your flow. Pay attention to what you are doing. Accepting— 

ELIAS: What I would say is, your flow actually will naturally be happening if you ARE moving in that direction, if you ARE expressing that interconnectedness. And let me express to you: Interconnectedness is not merging with a tree. Interconnectedness is not the idea that you are interconnected with the earth and that the earth is connected to you. That is all well and good, but that is not what interconnectedness is. Interconnectedness in the experience of it as you become more self-aware is that everything in your experience, everything in your day, everything you do, everything you encounter and engage, you are aware of how it is connected with everything else. 

I have been expressing that point for a quarter of a century now. And NOW you are beginning to see it in action, how one action flows into another action. How (pause) a death can flow into an expression of creativity. How you move in a flow with what you are doing with your actions, with your behaviors and with your expressions. And in that, it doesn’t matter what it is in subject matter, that every subject is connected with every other subject. Therefore, you can be in a situation in which you are engaging with family members and there is conflict and people are disagreeing and they are confused. And you have a discussion, and you recognize that in the next moment that has somehow flowed into choosing to engage a supper together. You don’t necessarily automatically think that one is connected to the other. You flow with them or you don’t, but you don’t think about HOW they are connected. 

Or that you are tremendously distraught in one moment because you are presented with a death that is tremendously affecting you, and the next moment you are genuinely moving in a direction of appreciating another individual and their behavior and what they do and how you interact with them. 

Now, in any other time framework you wouldn’t necessarily see how those are connected, but they are. The appreciation even in the loss of the death gives way to the recognition of an appreciation of a behavior in another individual that you interact with; that you may have noticed that previously, but you didn’t connect those two factors together; that because something is gone, there is an appreciation of something that isn’t gone. But you wouldn’t have necessarily connected them together previously, but now it is very easy to see how they ARE connected together. 

Or how you are engaging the individual that grooms your yard, and how that flows into an inspiration in your home to be engaging rearranging certain aspects of your home. You wouldn’t connect those two subjects together; one is an individual that is grooming your yard, it has nothing to do with what you do inside your house or in a particular room – but it does, because that individual may have inspired you to be creative in some manner that you weren’t before. 

Everything flows into each other. And I have been expressing the analogy of the stream for many years, and the tree that falls into the stream, or the boulder that falls into the stream, as analogous of you moving in a direction and unexpected actions occur in your life on a daily basis. And what do you do with them? And how do they connect to other actions that are occurring in your life, in your day? Because they do connect, in the day. 

In that, you have this tremendous, tremendous volume of energy now that is available to you, to help you to see all of this interconnectedness, to see what your flow is, how you are that stream, how you flow no matter what – or you don’t, or you stop and start. But the direction in shifting IS to flow no matter what. Regardless of what falls into that stream, that you flow over it or around it or under it, but you keep flowing. And that object that fell into your stream, into your flow, then changes your flow in some manner. It enhances it. Because then you, as you flow around it, you take that experience with you and you use it. And what do you use it for? Do you use it to follow feelings? Or do you use it in a manner that enhances and encourages your creativity, that you then express and THAT flows outward and touches everything else? Or do you follow feelings and use THAT to touch everything else, in manners that you don’t necessarily want? 

This is the reason that flow is so important. And more than that, my friends, the reason that flow is so important isn’t that you would be contributing to your world, but because you want to be satisfied, content and happy. You want to be happy in your lives. You want to be satisfied. You want to be content in your lives. That is ultimately what is so important. You want to live long, you want to be happy, you want to be satisfied in your lives. 

And in that, you can do all of that, but that also is a matter of that flow. And that flow is a matter of that interconnectedness, and the interconnectedness is a matter of that cooperation.

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  1. Thank you my friend, powerful and inspiring. Loving the awareness