Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Elias on Recurring Dreams

 Elias on Recurring Dreams

ALICIA: Okay. I also have had these repeating dreams, although I haven’thad them in a while. It is making me think that I share a focus with my sister where I am somehow a grossly developmentally deformed child and she is my mother? And that in those focuses she is greatly shamed by this birth, and she keeps me somewhat isolated from people in order to deny my existence, and that might explain some bleed-through action that I have with her. She feels terribly responsible for me, and I feel terribly unattractive in comparison to her. 
ELIAS: Yes. You are correct.

ALICIA: What is the purpose when a dream like that keeps repeating? Iassume it’s to call my attention to the fact, to understand that this is a focus, right? But aside from that? Because once I did sort of feel that, I stopped dreaming it.

ELIAS: Correct. Generally speaking, this is what occurs. 

Individuals experience recurring dream imagery for different reasons. It may be that they are presenting to themselves dream imagery concerning another focus that has been somewhat remembered, and in that memory it may be somewhat disturbing, or it may be somewhat frightening to the individual. Therefore, it is purposeful to be examining this type of imagery and acknowledging of it, for in doing so, generally speaking, the imagery discontinues and you discontinue incorporating those types of dreams. 

In this, they ARE generally associated with some experience that the individual generates in this focus, or with some issue that is being experienced within this focus. And in that, you draw that energy to you, to emphasize that particular association or issue that you may be generating in this focus. That obtains your attention, and it motivates you to investigate and to understand what is occurring. 

In this, once you recognize and generate the association of separation between yourself and another focus, and you understand the differences— and also some of the similarities—of your experience or your energies, it allows you to discontinue that intensity or that strength of the association. And generally it can alleviate some of your experiences, in the intensity of them, in this focus also—such as you and your sibling. In recognizing that you have been drawing energy from another focus, and understanding what the experience of that focus is, and knowing that it is not this focus, that allows you to alter your perception somewhat and generate less of an intensity in your experiences now.

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