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Elias on the pandemic

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Here’s an excerpt from a recent web session with Elias on the pandemic and the range of impacts across the globe … interesting insights.


(Webinar 20200425)

MARIJ: Not too long ago, you talked with a good friend of all of us, Jason, about how different areas in the United States energetically differently were impacted with the virus that is now this mass event. And I, living in Europe, and I know some other people as well, are kind of curious and interested to know if you could give some insight in how some of those differences play out in Europe. Let’s say differences in Madrid, Spain or Milan, Italy or Amsterdam, The Netherlands, or Germany, Berlin, Stockholm, London. Briefly, but maybe just give an indication if you can as [to] how those differences in energetic inclinations would play out for us?

ELIAS: Very well. I would say that energetically, in most areas in the European Union it is not as concentrated, not as intense, let us say, although in some southern parts such as Spain there definitely is a much stronger concentration.  

Now, this is actually an interesting point, because I would say, similar to what I was expressing to all of you previously about history somewhat repeating itself in some capacities, let me express to you, generally speaking the energy in the southern areas of Europe tends to be much more intense and stronger, and therefore when there are certain mass expressions generated, the southern areas of Europe do incorporate a tendency to express that stronger. They also have a tendency to initiate.

Now, let me express to you in this that this could be viewed as somewhat of a natural cycling, in which collectively you move in directions of creating mass expressions, and doing so in relation to viruses, or what you define as pandemics, is not unusual. You have done this throughout your history, and you do it somewhat in a cyclical manner. 

And in that, I would say that contrary to what you may be initially thinking, the southern areas of Europe very frequently are areas that initiate some of these pandemics and initiate these mass events in relation to their considerable passion. (Chuckles) The Latin cultures are very expressive and very passionate, and they do generally initiate these types of actions. That was very obvious in your previous century, almost precisely 100 years prior to now – not quite, but almost – in which you incorporated another pandemic of your Spanish influenza, which was created where? Thus, its name. (Laughs)

In this, I understand that this particular pandemic did not originate in that area, but that area of Europe and in Italy and even some of the southern aspects of France, the mass expression in these areas is generally more intense and more passionate, and therefore they generally will create more dramatically in relation to something such as a virus or participating in a pandemic.

I would say that some areas of England, definitely London, move in a similar direction. Now, not quite for the same reason, but I would say that yes, England also is an area that is likely to express that mass energy more, or more intensely.

I would say in relation to other areas of Europe—Germany, The Netherlands, northern areas of France and most of the middle countries in Europe—I would say that the energy with these countries—all of the Slavic countries—they move in a direction in which they generally will participate, but their participation is much more subdued. It isn’t as extensive. It isn’t as tremendous.

Now, you will find in certain areas that are more depressed, those areas generally will generate more of an expression in relation to something such as a pandemic, such as a mass event in that capacity. Those groups of people will generally express more intensity, and in that, they may be displaying more of the effects of something such as a virus. But that is more associated with their state of being, their mindset, in a manner of speaking, in easily moving in a direction of being victims.

Now, that doesn’t mean ALL of the Eastern European states. Most definitely not, because as they have moved forward, they have also become much stronger and are not as inclined to participate in a mass event in a dramatic capacity. Therefore, you don’t hear a tremendous amount about these states being intensely affected or dramatically being affected.  

The northern areas, even less so. I would say that the northern areas, they generally tend to incorporate an energy and a perception that (chuckles) they are somewhat removed from everything and everyone and don’t necessarily participate very much in mass expressions. Therefore, the more you move northward in Europe, the less affecting the mass expression will likely be. Not that it isn’t at all, but it isn’t as much. 

I would say that it is not difficult to map throughout your world which areas would be more intensely expressing an energy in a dramatic and a traumatic capacity. It is simply a matter of looking at those cultures, looking at their physical area and what the masses generally express in a particular country. If they are more dramatic, if they are more passionate, if they are more overtly expressive, then generally they will participate in a more dramatic manner. If the country is more subdued or they are not as physically expressive, they likely won’t be expressive in a dramatic manner in relation to something such as this type of mass event.

But there are other factors. If an area is considerably overpopulated, or if it is considerably depressed in relation to economy or in social interaction, then yes, those areas would definitely be more likely to be expressing more trauma. 

Although, the other factor, as I expressed in one of our previous conversations, is looking at those cultures and looking at how they express their daily activity, because remember: the virus is simply the focal point. This is a mass event that isn’t about the virus; it is about self-structuring, self-directing and difference and addressing to those three expressions. And therefore, there are some areas in your world that you would in some capacities generate a judgment that they are depressed areas because they may be economically depressed. They may not be very forwardly expressed socially in your estimations or by the standards of Western cultures, but they may be expressing their culture in manners that are very self-structuring and self-directing, and therefore they wouldn’t necessarily be participating much in such a mass event, and therefore they also wouldn’t necessarily display much in relation to the virus, because the virus is the focal point of this mass event. Therefore, there are people and cultures in surrounding areas to China that aren’t actually (chuckles) and haven’t been expressing much in relation to an affectingness of the virus at all. Some aren’t even aware that there IS a virus. 

Therefore, in that, it is a matter of looking at different areas, looking at different cultures and evaluating how much are these cultures moving in a direction of self-expression. How much are they self-directing? How much are they self-structuring? How well are they moving in relation to difference? This being the reason that the United States is being so tremendously affecting, because they have difficulties in all three of those directions. They aren’t very self-directing, they definitely aren’t self-structuring, and difference is an enormous difficulty and challenge for most individuals in the masses in the United States.  

I would say that there are other countries in which difference is an enormous factor also. I would say that in relation to that, many African countries and Middle Eastern countries incorporate a tremendous difficulty and challenge in relation to difference. And I would say that there are tremendous difficulties in areas such as Japan, in which self- structuring is an enormous challenge and difference is also an enormous challenge. Self-directing is less so.

But you can look at these different expressions throughout your world, and it will give you somewhat of a guideline in relation to why certain areas are expressing much more trauma than other areas, why some people are expressing much more trauma. I would say that Germany and Hungary, The Netherlands, most of the Slavic countries, they have been practicing self-structuring for a significant time framework. Yes, there is a significant workforce, but the manner in which the people are expressing themselves, the information that they give themselves and that they seek out, the direction that they more in generally individually, even in the workforce, they are much more inclined to be more self-directing and more self-structuring.

I would say that some of the central Western European countries have attempted to move in directions of mass expressions in association with difference and genuinely attempting to address that and embrace that, and it has created some significant challenges, and there have been expressions of trauma in relation to that, but pastly. And therefore, there are so many, many, many people that have already experienced that, they have already moved in that direction, they have already given themselves those experiences. Many of which—many in Germany—have experienced that in relation to refugees, and therefore the virus is not actually presenting a significant effect in relation to differences to them, because they have already addressed to that and they have already moved through experiences with that and fear and trauma, and therefore now that is not as significant of a subject. 

Just as I was expressing to many, many, many of YOU that have engaged interaction with myself, because you have been moving in these directions for years, because you have been giving yourself information and you have been addressing to differences and self-directedness, and to a degree even self-structuring, you are not experiencing the trauma in the manner that many, many, many other individuals are, because you have already been moving in these directions. You already have been giving yourselves information. And therefore, in relation to the focal point, the virus, it isn’t affecting you in those types of manners. 

It isn’t that it isn’t affecting you at all; it is bringing to the forefront whatever issues are being expressed, and in that, presenting restructuring, redirecting, definitely looking at subjects of difference – and as I expressed, not only differences between people, but differences in expressions, differences in yourselves. And therefore, that is presenting challenges for most of you, but not trauma. Which is excellent. Which is the point. Which is why I have been offering information to all of you for such a time framework. That was the point and it still is the point, to lessen the degree of trauma as much as possible. And that has been successful.

In this, I would say if you are curious as to different areas in your world that would be more affected or less affected in relation to the mass event, simply look to those cultures and what do they express naturally at this point in relation to those three main factors that the mass event is about.

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